List of Yokai-Type support cards

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This is a list of Yokai-Type support cards.

Yokai-Type support cards

NameJapanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Daidara-Bocchi (manga)ダイダラボッチEffect MonsterYokai1029002500
Fire WagonしゃEffect MonsterYokai8?1000
Gozuki (manga)Effect MonsterYokai41700800
Long-Tailed Black HorseながこくEffect MonsterYokai41400800
Mezuki (manga)Effect MonsterYokai41700800
Nine-Tailed Fox (manga)きゅうきつねEffect MonsterFIREYokai622002000
NameJapanese nameCard typeProperty
Enma's Judgment (manga)えんさばTrap CardCounter Trap Card
Fate of the LivingせいじゃまつTrap CardContinuous Trap Card
Ghostly ReinforcementsようえんぐんTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Haunted Shrine (manga)もののけのくうほこらTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Night of One Hundred HorrorsひゃっこうTrap CardNormal Trap Card
PhantasmagoriaかいかいSpell CardContinuous Spell Card
Saber of Malice怨念おんねん小太刀こだちSpell CardEquip Spell Card
Spirits Restもののけの安息あんそくSpell CardNormal Spell Card
Vindictive Spirits怨霊おんりょう執念しゅうねんTrap CardNormal Trap Card