List of "Angel" cards

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This is a list of "Angel" cards. "Angel" is an archetype in the manga.

"Angel" cards

NameJapanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Archlord Kristya (manga)だいてん使クリスティアNormal MonsterLIGHTFairy828002300
Darklord Asmodeus (manga)てん使アスモディウスNormal MonsterDARKFairy830002500
Darklord Desire (manga)てん使ディザイアEffect MonsterDARKFairy1030002800
Darklord Ede Arai (manga)てん使エデ・アーラエEffect MonsterDARKFairy523002000
Darklord Superbia (manga)てん使スペルビアEffect MonsterDARKFairy829002400
Darklord Ukobach (manga)てん使ユコバックNormal MonsterDARKFairy37001000
Fallen Angel of Roses (manga)てん使ローズ・ソーサラーEffect MonsterEARTHPlant724001300
Mighty Angel Virchりょくてん使ヴァーチNormal MonsterFairy622001800
Queen Angel of Roses (manga)りんてん使クイーン・オブ・ローズEffect MonsterEARTHPlant724001300
Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel (manga)だいりんてん使ローザリアンFusion MonsterEARTHPlant829002400
Tellus the Little Angel (manga)しょうてん使テルスEffect Monster3500500
NameJapanese nameCard typeProperty
Angel's Mercyてん使Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Darklord Bewitchingてん使げんわくTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Darklord Descendsてん使こうりんTrap CardNormal Trap Card
Fallen Angel in Darknessやみちたてん使Trap CardNormal Trap Card
Graceful Charity (manga)てん使ほどこSpell Card
Graceful Dice (manga)てん使のサイコロSpell Card