List of "Alchemy Beast" cards

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This is a list of "Alchemy Beast" cards. "Alchemy Beast" is an archetype in the anime.

"Alchemy Beast" cards

NameJapanese namePrimary typeSecondary typeAttributeTypeLevel/
Alchemy Beast - Aretos the TinれんきんじゅうすずのアエトスEffect MonsterWINDRock3500500
Alchemy Beast - Ekenas the MercuryれんきんじゅうすいぎんのエケネイスEffect MonsterWATERRock3500500
Alchemy Beast - Leon the LeadれんきんじゅうなまりのレオーンEffect MonsterEARTHRock3500500
Alchemy Beast - Moonface the SilverれんきんじゅうぎんのムーンフェイスEffect MonsterDARKRock3500500
Alchemy Beast - Ouroboros the BronzeれんきんじゅうどうのウロボロスEffect MonsterLIGHTRock3500500
Alchemy Beast - Salamandra the SteelれんきんじゅうてつのサラマンドラEffect MonsterFIRERock3500500