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Least Favorites[edit]

My Decks[edit]

Real Life Deck(s)[edit]

Decks that I made in real life.

Ben Kei OTK deck[edit]

A heavy modification of my Warrior/Equip. This deck is focused on getting a One Turn Kill with the monster card, Armed Samurai - Ben Kei. To get Ben Kei to maximum power, I added a Scapegoat in this deck. With 4 Sheep Tokens, 3 United We Stands, and 2 Mage Powers, Ben Kei's ATK will reach 20,000 and it will be able to attack 6 times. To counter against opponent's Trap Cards and since I don't use any other trap cards in this deck, I added 3 Royal Decrees to negate all of my opponent's traps, but it case if I want to use traps, I will switch out my 3 Royal Decrees with them from the Side Deck. I have 2 Shooting Star Bow - Ceal in this deck but I will only use one for Ben Kei, giving it an additional attack and the ability to Direct Attack, but I might switch out Shooting Star Bow - Ceal for Infected Mail at times.

And this deck also includes my Extra Deck from my Warriors/Equip Deck but when I decide to make an X-Saber deck, I will move all of my X-Saber Synchro Monsters to that deck. Most of my side deck includes cards from my Warriors/Equip Deck.

Watt Deck[edit]

A deck of Watt cards and a few of other cards. This deck appears to be focused on summoning monsters. I bought a custom Watt deck from Amazon.

Super Starter: Space-Time Showdown[edit]

[Pre-ordered] The TCG starter deck that introduces the Pendulum Monsters. My main purpose of ordering this starter deck was to get an updated dueling mat with Pendulum Zones so I may not keep this starter deck as it is. I might disassemble this deck but I will try it out in real life with my friends first.

My Archived Decks[edit]

Decks that I use to make and use but no longer do. These decks of mine may be disassembled, but I am keeping a list of decks I use to use (when they were last updated), as archive.

Master Deck[edit]

This was my main/standard deck containing powerful monsters. I would use Level 4 Monsters with an ATK of Monster or more as long as it doesn't have a significant negative effect. In addition to high ATK, low level monsters, I would back up with several high DEF low level monsters with a DEF of 2000 or more. Besides those, I would also add effect monsters (strong or not) that have a great or devastating effect that would help me. I wouldn't particularly use too many Tribute Monsters as it could put me at a disadvantage for summoning. However, I would keep about 5 to 7 Tribute Monster cards in my deck.

The cards in my Master Deck may vary since I always improve my Master Deck since it is based on power (but not total strength but towards balance). However, since most of my offensive monsters are very strong, this deck has several weakness to cards that restricts towards high ATK monsters such as "Crush Card Virus", "Deck Devastation Virus", etc.

Warrior/Equip Deck[edit]

A deck full of Warrior-type Monsters and Equip Cards. As of April 19, 2013, I changed this deck into a Ben-Kei OTK deck. With the other X-Saber cards that were in this deck, I might make an X-Saber deck in the future.

Wishlist Decks[edit]

Decks that I would like to make in the future when I get all the cards in the recipe.

Superheavy Samurai[edit]

A deck of Superheavy Samurai monsters, a super defensive archetype of monsters. With its ace monster, Superheavy Samurai Big Benkei, all Superheavy Samurai will be able to attack while in defense position while using their DEF to attack. This deck can potential cause an OTK.

This decklist is based on my Superheavy Samurai deck on YGOPro, but the decklist idea was based on the one here on Yu-Gi-Oh! Wikia, except for Chaos-End Master (this card can summon Big Benkei fast so I don't know why that wasn't in the recommendation at first).

Thunder Dragon[edit]

A non-competitive deck containing Thunder-type and Dragon-type monsters. The signature card in this deck is obviously Thunder Dragon, as well as its fusion Twin-Headed Thunder Dragon. But I have other "Thunder Dragon"-like monsters such as Blue-Eyes White Dragon (and its other forms), Number 91: Thunder Spark Dragon, Super-Electromagnetic Voltech Dragon (added to Side Deck along with some Batterymen), Thunder Sea Horse (it's similar to Thunder Dragon), Slifer the Sky Dragon, Thunder End Dragon, and Wattaildragon.

This is a copy of my Thunder Dragon deck on YGOPro. When I do make this deck, I don't know if I should do it from scratch and keep my current Watt deck, or modify my Watt deck into a Thunder Dragon deck.


A deck of X-Saber and XX-Saber cards. This list is a copy of my X-Saber deck on Dueling Network. But ever since Superheavy Samurai showed up, I've been less focused on creating an X-Saber deck.


A deck of Wight (a.k.a. Skull Servant) and Lightsworn monsters. This list is a copy of my Wightsworns Deck on YGOPro, with the help from this Wiki. The goal of this deck is to get as many Wight monsters in my Graveyard by milling my own deck so I can get King of the Skull Servants, which is the Ace Monster of this deck, to have high ATK points. If a King of the Skull Servants is milled the Graveyard, I can revive it with the effect of Wightprince, Mezuki, or Zombie Master (although I would commonly use Mezuki or Zombie Master's effect than Wightprince since Wightprince will remove Wight monsters from my Graveyard, weakening King of the Skull Servants unless if I can put them back in my Graveyard with Wightmare's effect). I'm using few Spells and Traps (Royal Decree to negate all other Traps and One for One to Special Summon King of the Skull Servants) to increase the chances of getting Wight monsters in the Graveyard with Magical Merchant's effect while keeping some cards in my deck.

Wishlist for the Future[edit]