Fur Hire

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Fur Hire
"Rafale", "Dyna", "Sagitta", and "Fandora" in the artwork of "Mayhem Fur Hire"
"Rafale", "Dyna", "Sagitta", and "Fandora" in the artwork of "Mayhem Fur Hire"
  • くうだん
  • 空牙団 (base)
  • くうがだん (ruby)
  • Kūgadan (romanized)
  • Skyfang Brigade (translated)
  • Mercefourrure
  • Furcenary (translated)
  • Fellsöldner
  • Fur Mercenary (translated)
  • Pelliccia Mercenaria
  • Mercenary Fur (translated)
  • 공아단
  • 空牙團 (Hanja)
  • Gong-adan (romanized)
  • de Peluguel
  • Fur Rent (translated)
  • Mascota a Sueldo
  • Hired Pet (translated)

"Fur Hire" (くうだん Kūgadan, "Skyfang Brigade" in Japanese), is an archetype of monsters with different Types, Attributes and Levels that debuted in Dark Saviors.

Unlike support cards for other archetypes, which uses the text '"[archetype]" card' in their effects, "Fur Hire" support cards use the text 'monster "Fur Hire"' or 'card "Fur Hire"'.



The monsters "Fur Hire" are anthropomorphic animals wearing armor.


Name Creature Occupation/Title
Beat Rabbit Bladesman
Bravo Lizard Fighter
Donpa Fox Marksman
Dyna Tiger Hero
Folgo Wolf Justicer
Helmer Salamander Helmsman
Filo Duck Messenger
Rafale Dragon Champion
Recon Fox Scout
Sagitta Secretary bird Sniper
Seal Rat Strategist
Wiz Octopus Sage

Playing style[edit]

For clarity's sake, this section uses the standard "'[archetype]' card" PSCT word order instead of the stylized "card 'Fur Hire'" used on the official cards.

The "Fur Hire" archetype is a generally beatdown-styled deck, focusing on swarming the field with the shared effects of the low-Level "Fur Hire" monsters, in order to trigger beneficial effects from the Special Summoning, and use the swarmed monsters to perform Link Summoning plays. The archetype consists of two groups of Main Deck monsters and 1 Link Monster:

  • The low-Level (Level 1-4) "Fur Hire" monsters each have an Ignition Effect that Special Summons a dfferent "Fur Hire" monster from the hand, plus an additional Trigger Effect that activates if a "Fur Hire" monster is Special Summoned while that monster is face-up on the field.
Fur Hire Level Attribute Type Trigger Effect when a "Fur Hire" monster is Special Summoned
Filo 1 WIND WIND.svg Winged Beast Special Summon a "Fur Hire" monster from GY in Defense. (Place that monster on the bottom of the Deck when it leaves the field)
Donpa 2 Beast Destroy a face-up card.
Recon Destroy a Set card.
Beat 3 EARTH EARTH.svg Warrior Add a "Fur Hire" monster from Deck to hand, except another copy of itself.
Helmer WATER WATER.svg Aqua Discard a "Fur Hire" card to draw a card.
Bravo 4 FIRE FIRE.svg Reptile All "Fur Hire" monsters gain 500 ATK/DEF this turn.
Seal DARK DARK.svg Beast-Warrior Add a "Fur Hire" monster from GY to hand.
  • The high-Level (Level 5-8) "Fur Hire" monsters have a Trigger Effect that activates when they are Special Summoned, and a second protective effect that either works as a Continuous Effect or a Quick Effect negation.
Fur Hire Level Attribute Type Trigger Effect when Special Summoned Protective effect
Sagitta 5 WIND WIND.svg Winged Beast Inflict 500 damage to the opponent for every other different "Fur Hire" monster. The opponent cannot target other "Fur Hire" monsters with card effects.
Dyna 6 EARTH EARTH.svg Beast-Warrior Banish cards from the opponent's GY, up to the number of different "Fur Hire" monsters. The opponent cannot attack other "Fur Hire" monsters.
Wiz 7 WATER WATER.svg Spellcaster Increases its owner's LP by 500 for every other different "Fur Hire" monster. Discard a "Fur Hire" card to negate the activation of a Spell/Trap Card or effect.
Rafale 8 LIGHT LIGHT.svg Dragon Excavates the top of the Deck, up to the number of other different "Fur Hire" monsters, and add 1 excavated "Fur Hire" monster to hand. Discard a "Fur Hire" card to negate the activation of a monster effect.
Fur Hire Link Attribute Type Trigger Effect when Special Summoned Additional effect
Folgo 3 DARK DARK.svg Beast Special Summon 1 "Fur Hire" monster with a different Type from the 3 monsters used for the Link Summon from the Deck in Defense Position. If a card(s) the opponent controls is destroyed by battle or card effect: Draw 1 card, then if the player controls 3 or more different "Fur Hire" monsters, draw 2 more cards.

Each low-Level "Fur Hire" monster can Special Summon 1 different "Fur Hire" monster from hand, allowing a single low-Level "Fur Hire" monster to start a "summon chain" of low-Level "Fur Hire" monsters as each of them summons each other out, rapidly swarming the field from hand. The summoning effect can summon the high-Level "Fur Hire" monsters, but high-Level "Fur Hire" monstesr lack this effect, meaning that they are usually summoned last in a "Fur Hire" summoning chain.

The individual effects of the low-Level "Fur Hire" monsters, triggered when another "Fur Hire" monster is summoned while they're already on the field, means that the "Fur Hire" monsters with desired Trigger Effects must be summoned earlier in the summon chain. The most important low-Level "Fur Hire" monster is "Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire", whose trigger effect searches a "Fur Hire" monster, which extends the "Fur Hire" summon chain further and increases the deck's consistency.

Another important low-Level monster is "Filo, Messenger Fur Hire", whose trigger effect revives a "Fur Hire" monster from Graveyard, providing resource recovery and further board swarming. Other valuable low-Level "Fur Hire" monsters include "Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire" and "Recon, Scout Fur Hire", who destroys opposing face-up and face-down cards, and "Seal, Strategist Fur Hire", who adds a "Fur Hire" monster from GY to hand. The rest of the low-Level "Fur Hire" monsters, "Helmer, Helmsman Fur Hire" and "Bravo, Fighter Fur Hire", have highly situational discard and draw and temporary stat boost effects.

"Folgo, Justice Fur Hire" is the archetype's sole Extra Deck monster, a Link 3 monster that requires 3 monsters with different Types as Link Materials. When summoned, "Folgo" Special Summons a "Fur Hire" monster from the Deck with a different Type from its Link Materials, which expands the board with more diverse "Fur Hire" monsters. "Folgo"'s other effect is that once per turn, if an enemy card is destroyed by battle or card effect, the player can draw 1 card, and then draw 2 more cards if the player controls three or more different "Fur Hire" monsters (including "Folgo"), providing a massive boost in card advantage. Summoning "Folgo" is reasonably easy within the "Fur Hire" archetype due to its diverse array of monster Types. However, because he doesn't actually require any "Fur Hire" monsters for his summon, it is possible to turbo out "Folgo" with dedicated non-"Fur Hire" engines.

The archetype's swarming capability naturally lends it to Link Summoning plays, and the archetype can easily make staple Link Monsters such as the "Knightmare" monsters, the "Borrel" monsters, "Accesscode Talker", and "Saryuja Skull Dread".

The archetype is dependent on its Normal Summon and its monster effects for its swarming summon chain, making it quite fragile and susceptible to Normal Summon negates and monster effect negates. As such, it is a good idea to include Special Summoning Spell Cards as additional extenders and backup plays. Examples include "One for One" (for "Filo"), "Reasoning", the in-archetype but unsearchable "Mayhem Fur Hire", and "Monster Reborn".

Most "Fur Hire" Decks play a high number and a high variety of archetypal monsters to increase the likelihood of drawing multiple different "Fur Hire" monsters in the initial 5-card hand, enabling an easy swarming summon chain.

Since the archetype only needs its monsters to swarm the field, benefits from having high "Fur Hire" monster quantity and diversity in the deck, and can utilize an Extra Deck Link toolbox, it is possible to make a pure monster "Fur Hire" deck, filling up its free spaces with staple monsters such as "Dinowrestler Pankratops", hand traps like the Yo-kai Girls, and monster mash support/synergy cards like "Sekka's Light" or "The Big Cattle Drive".

Recommended cards[edit]


  • The "Fur Hire" archetype desperately needs its Normal Summon to swarm the field via summoning chain, therefore any card that can negate it will severely cripple the "Fur Hire" strategy, if the player does not play any other cards to Special Summon a chain starter.
  • Aside from the Normal Summon to play the first monster, any other of the monster summons the "Fur Hires" use is Special Summoning, making cards like "Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo", "Vanity's Emptiness" or "Vanity's Fiend" effective against a large portion of the deck.
  • Cards like "Rivalry of Warlords", "Gozen Match" and "Unification" can prevent "Fur Hire" monsters from swarming the field, since they use all sorts of Attributes and Types.
  • "Fur Hire" monsters also heavily depend on their monster effects, making cards like "Skill Drain" or "Effect Veiler" very effective against the Deck.
  • "Fur Hire" only has targeting destruction effects (outside of the mediocre "Fandora, the Flying Furtress") and is forced to use the Extra Deck for any sort of non-targeting and/or non-destruction removal.