Fur Hire

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Fur Hire
"Rafale", "Dyna", "Sagitta", and "Fandora" in the artwork of "Mayhem Fur Hire"
"Rafale", "Dyna", "Sagitta", and "Fandora" in the artwork of "Mayhem Fur Hire"
  • くうだん
  • 空牙団 (base)
  • くうがだん (ruby)
  • Kūgadan (romanized)
  • Skyfang Brigade (translated)

  • Mercefourrure
  • Furcenary (translated)

  • Fellsöldner
  • Fur Mercenary (translated)

  • Pelliccia Mercenaria
  • Mercenary Fur (translated)

  • 공아단
  • 空牙團 (Hanja)
  • Gong-adan (romanized)

  • de Peluguel
  • Fur Rent (translated)

  • Mascota a Sueldo
  • Hired Pet (translated)


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"Fur Hire" (くうだん Kūgadan, "Skyfang Brigade" in Japanese), is an archetype of monsters with different Types, Attributes and Levels that debuted in Dark Saviors.

Unlike support cards for other archetypes, which uses the text '"[archetype]" card' in their effects, "Fur Hire" support cards use the text 'monster "Fur Hire"' or 'card "Fur Hire"'.



The monsters "Fur Hire" are anthropomorphic animals wearing armor.


Name Creature Occupation/Title
Beat Rabbit Bladesman
Bravo Lizard Fighter
Donpa Fox Marksman
Dyna Bull Hero
Folgo Wolf Justicer
Helmer Salamander Helmsman
Filo Duck Messenger
Rafale Dragon Champion
Recon Fox Scout
Sagitta Raven Sniper
Seal Rat Strategist
Wiz Octopus Sage

Playing style[edit]

The main strategy of the archetype is to swarm the field with as many monsters "Fur Hire" as possible, in order to trigger their effects, which range from card destruction to LP recovery. The archetype basically consists of three groups of monsters:

  • Level 4 or lower monsters "Fur Hire" have an Ignition Effect that allows the player to Special Summon a monster "Fur Hire" from their hand during their Main Phase, plus an additional Trigger Effect that activates if a monster "Fur Hire" is Special Summoned while that monster is face-up on the field.
Fur Hire Level Attribute Type Trigger Effect when a monster "Fur Hire" is Special Summoned
Filo 1 WIND WIND.svg Winged Beast Special Summons a monster "Fur Hire" from your GY in Defense Position, but places that monster on the bottom of the Deck when it leaves the field.
Donpa 2 Beast Destroys a face-up card on the field.
Recon Destroys a Set card on the field.
Beat 3 EARTH EARTH.svg Warrior Adds a monster "Fur Hire" from the Deck to the hand, except another copy of itself.
Helmer WATER WATER.svg Aqua Discards a card "Fur Hire" to draw a card.
Bravo 4 FIRE FIRE.svg Reptile Increases the ATK/DEF of all monsters "Fur Hire" by 500, until the end of the turn.
Seal DARK DARK.svg Beast-Warrior Adds a monster "Fur Hire" from the Graveyard to the hand.
  • The Level 5 or higher monsters have a Trigger Effect that activates when they are Special Summoned and another effect that serves as a protection against the opponent's actions, by either negating their cards/effects or preventing them from targeting other monsters "Fur Hire" with card effects.
Fur Hire Level Attribute Type Trigger Effect when Special Summoned Protective effect
Sagitta 5 WIND WIND.svg Winged Beast Inflicts 500 damage to the opponent for every other different monster "Fur Hire". Prevents other monsters "Fur Hire" from being targeted by an opponent's card effect.
Dyna 6 EARTH EARTH.svg Beast-Warrior Banishes cards from the opponent's Graveyard for every different monster "Fur Hire". Prevents the opponent from attacking other monsters "Fur Hire".
Wiz 7 WATER WATER.svg Spellcaster Increases its owner's LP by 500 for every other different monster "Fur Hire". Discards a card "Fur Hire" to negate the activation of a Spell/Trap Card or effect.
Rafale 8 LIGHT LIGHT.svg Dragon Excavates the top of the Deck and adds 1 excavated monster "Fur Hire" to the hand. Discards a card "Fur Hire" to negate the activation of a monster effect.
Fur Hire Link Attribute Type Trigger Effect when Special Summoned Additional effect
Folgo 3 DARK DARK.svg Beast Special Summon 1 monster "Fur Hire" with a different Type from the 3 monsters used for the Link Summon from the Deck in Defense Position. If a card(s) the opponent controls is destroyed by battle or card effect: Draw 1 card, then if one controls 3 or more monsters "Fur Hire" with different names, draw 2 additional cards.

The optimal turn any "Fur Hire" player will aim for is to summon as many monsters as possible. The summon chain normally starts with a low-level "Fur Hire" monster, all of which have the effect of Special Summoning another "Fur Hire" monster from the deck, as long as a monster with the same name did not activate this effect previously in that turn. Therefore, any "Fur Hire" deck will try to play as many of its archetypal monsters as possible to try to get enough variety and to make the summon chain longer. Due to their secondary effects, which trigger once per turn when a "Fur Hire" monster is played, certain members of the archetype are more welcome to start this chain than others. The number one playstarter in "Fur Hire" is undoubtably "Beat, Bladesman Fur Hire": Start by Normal Summoning him, then proceed the summon chain with any other "Fur Hire" monster and search a member of the archetype because of "Beat's" effect. The searched card can be any sort of in-archetype problem solver like "Donpa, Marksman Fur Hire" or "Recon, Scout Fur Hire" or can be one of the bigger monsters like "Rafale, Champion Fur Hire" or "Wiz, Sage Fur Hire", both helpful cards due to their high stats and negation abilities. Both of the bigger monsters will also trigger their secondary effects upon summon, which takes form of relatively unhelpful LP gain in case of "Wiz" and an extremely helpful excavation and draw effect by "Rafale".

Since "Beat" is incredibly useful for the archetype and the deck as a whole, "Reinforcement of the Army" is run regularly to heighten the chances of getting "Beat" early on, even though there aren't any other targets for the Spell.

Another helpful starter is "Filo, Messenger Fur Hire". While relatively unimpressive on her own, she can help get some nice boards build. Paired with "Helmer, Helmsman Fur Hire" the potential card loss from "Helmer" can be used as setup to revive the ditched card with "Filo". "Filo" is the only monster in "Fur Hire" archetype with a level of 1, which makes her an optimal target for "One for One": Discard any "Fur Hire" monster you want to Special Summon afterwards via "Filo", Special Summon "Filo" from the deck, either Normal Summon or Special Summon (via Filo's effect) another "Fur Hire" monster and then revive the "cost" for "One for One" with "Filo's" secondary effect.

The aforementioned duo "Donpa" and "Recon" can be built into any summon chain to get rid of pesky cards; "Donpa" takes care of anything that is face-up, while "Recon" destroys stuff while it is face-down. Recovery is found in "Seal, Strategist Fur Hire", who fetches back cards from the GY to the hand with his secondary effect. Both "Sagitta, Maverick Fur Hire" and "Dyna, Hero Fur Hire" protect other "Fur Hires" from either battle or card effects and, like "Rafale" and "Wiz", they both have secondary effects in form of a respectable burn effect (Sagitta) and Grayeyard manipulation (Dyna). Finally, "Bravo, Fighter Fur Hire" increases the ATK and DEF of all "Fur Hires" by 500, potentially giving your assembled board a nice amount of extra fighting power.

With the release of "Soul Fusion", the "Fur Hire" archetype received its first and only Extra Deck monster named "Folgo, Justice Fur Hire". "Folgo" is absolutely incredible for a number of reasons and at some point of the summon chain, the "Fur Hire" player will have to consider playing him. Upon being summoned, he can Special Summon a "Fur Hire" monster, if it doesn't share a type with the materials used for the Link Summon. Furthermore, if a card your opponent controls is destroyed via battle or card effect, you can draw 1 card, and 2 additional cards, if you control three or more different names of "Fur Hire" monsters (Folgo included). This package of effects often allows you to control six monsters while still having enough cards in hand to recover if necessary. Since he is a Link monster, he unlocks two of your Main Monster Zones for various options from the Extra Deck and while he has the drawback of not being useable as Link Material himself, he doesn't require any "Fur Hire" monster for his summon; instead, he can use any monster, as long as the three materials do not share a type amongst each other. This allows for a number of ways in which "Folgo" can get summoned with relative ease: "Sky Striker Mecha - Hornet Drones" and "Sky Striker Ace - Kagari" can be used to gain two monsters for "Folgo's" summon, and feature types that should allow the third summon to go into "Folgo" easily: The in "Fur Hire" relatively rare Warrior-type and the in "Fur Hire" non-existent Machine-type. "Scapegoat" can also be used to summon "Folgo" without any other (Non-Extra Deck) cards involved: Activate "Scapegoat" at the end of your opponent's turn, use two of the tokens to summon "Reprodocus" during your turn (make sure that "Reprodocus'" Link arrow points to one of the tokens), change the type of monsters "Reprodocus" points to into anything but Dinosaur or Beast and you will end up with one Beast-type token, one (...)-type token and "Reprodocus", which is a Dinosaur, three monsters with different types that qualify for the usage as Link material for "Folgo". "Instant Fusion" can be another way to get different monster types on the field since it can be used for the Summon of older monsters such as "Kaminari Attack" or "Charubin the Fire Knight", both having types no other "Fur Hire" monster has, and is even helpful outside of summoning "Folgo" with Summoning targets like "Thousand-Eyes Restrict".

While the sizeable amount of monsters that is summoned in this deck can simply be used for Beatdown purposes, they can also be used for Extra Deck plays. Fusion, Synchro and Xyz Spam are all possible options but due to the reliance on certain cards in the first two optionsand a lot of different levels hindering the last option, "Fur Hire" is probably best used of extensive Link Summoning: Any one of the Link-4 "Borrel" monsters can be summoned and "Saryuja Skull Dread" also gets a lot of different monsters for maximum effectiveness.

One of the biggest weaknesses this deck has is its vulnerability to negation effects: Without any outs, the turn of the "Fur Hire" player potentially stops when the Normal Summon is negated. In addition to that, any effect negation will take care of this deck afterwards, since your Special Summon effects are almost all monster-based. A "Fur Hire" player can decide to ignore this fact and take the risk of being stalled by one negation and suffer an OTK afterwards. If you dislike the idea of running the deck that way, there are options to consider: "One for One" was mentioned in combination with "Filo" already and allows you another chance to activate the Special Summon effect. "Reasoning" is an immensely powerful choice in "Fur Hire", since the deck features levels from 1 to 8, increasing the summoning chance by a lot. "Mayhem Fur Hire", while normally used on the opponent's turn to trigger the "Fur Hire" effects, can also be used as a sub-optimal "Monster Reborn" (which also qualifies for this list) during your own turn. And finally, as more of a gimmicky choice, "Parry Knights" can bring some recovery during the opponent's turn and might catch the opponent off-guard.

One variant of "Fur Hire" that proves to be successful aside from the normal version is a Full-Monster "Fur Hire" deck. Since they are already relatively reliant on the Extra Deck to solve certain issues but bring extensive swarming capabilities due to their monster line-up, the choice to play a minimum of Spell/Trap cards is not so far off. Simply run more copies of the archetypal monsters, and add any handtraps that you deem helpful, as well as cards like the aforementioned "Parry Knights" and "Dinowrestler Pankratops" into the mix. The only Spell Cards necessary in such a build focus on draw power and come in form of either "Sekka's Light" or "The Big Cattle Drive".

Recommended cards[edit]



  • The "Fur Hire" archetype desperately needs its Normal Summon to swarm the field via summoning chain, therefore any card that can negate it will severely cripple the "Fur Hire" strategy, if the player does not play any other cards to Special Summon a chain starter.
  • Aside from the Normal Summon to play the first monster, any other of the monster summons the "Fur Hires" use is Special Summoning, making cards like "Fossil Dyna Pachycephalo", "Vanity's Emptiness" or "Vanity's Fiend" effective against a large portion of the deck.
  • Cards like "Rivalry of Warlords", "Gozen Match" and "Unification" can prevent monsters "Fur Hire" from swarming the field, since they use all sorts of Attributes and Types.
  • Monsters "Fur Hire" also heavily depend on their monster effects, making cards like "Skill Drain" or "Effect Veiler" very effective against the Deck.
  • "Fur Hire" only has targeting destruction effects (outside of the mediocre "Fandora, the Flying Furtress") and is forced to use the Extra Deck for any sort of non-targeting and/or non-destruction removal.