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  • Pandor
  • Duelist
Anime DeckTopologic
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 105: "Unlikely Alliance"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
JapaneseHyang-Ri Kim[1]

Pandor (パンドール Pandōru) is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is an A.I. created by the Knights of Hanoi to hunt the Ignis, specifically designed to eliminate any indications of free will within her programming. She can divide herself into four copies, sharing the information observed by one with the others.[2]



Full-body image of Pandor.

Pandor appears as a lithe feminine figure. Her head appears somewhat reminiscent of Varis's first mask, with a white border surrounding her face and a reflective section covering the top right of her forehead, ending above her right eye. Her face is patterned with aquamarine markings resembling hair swept to the right; her "skin" is white, and her eyes are pure red.

Pandor appears to wear a jumpsuit with black legs and shoulders, a white chest, and grey arms and sides. She has a wide, but low collar of two golden lines that extends to her chin and down her front with a red diamond symbol at the throat similar to those of Ai and Roboppi's human forms, in addition to a black back section that flares behind her head. She also wears black boots and gloves with gold tops and flared cuffs with gold stripes.


According to Varis, Pandor has a built-in program that prevents her from exerting free will and from developing any thoughts of hostility towards humans, though he hints that it may only be a temporary measure. Pandor initially seems subservient and compliant, but is capable of being deceitful. She is somewhat tactless, telling Ai that the deletion of Earth was unavoidable, but also incredibly perceptive of Ai's true feelings, discerning his sadness and noting that he only specified that he could not coexist with humanity, not other A.I.

Despite this, Pandor still sympathizes with other A.I. Unlike the other Knights of Hanoi, she uses their names and she offers Ai the chance to flee rather than Duel her despite her programming, as if Ai returned the code key he had stolen it would be evidence that he was no longer complete. She does not entertain Ai's attempts to mislead her with his jokes and refuses to take his bait.


Pandor is capable of manifesting in a full-scale form, and a smaller Ignis-sized form when she has been added to a Duelist's Duel Disk. She is capable of splitting herself into four copies, each copy shares the information that it observes with the others. She is immune to Ignis programs. As with other A.I., she can inhabit a SOLtiS to interact with the real world.


Pandor's name, as observed by Akira Zaizen, comes from "Pandora", and is connected to the myth that the Ignis draw their name from. After humans learned the secret of fire, the disgusted gods sent one woman - Pandora - to bring calamity to humans.


Varis created Pandor to stay ahead of the curve in the battle against A.I. He introduced Pandor to Akira Zaizen after asking him to meet with them, explaining that the Knights of Hanoi had created her to hunt down the Ignis. Pandor introduced herself, and Varis explained that she was a form of keeping the initiative against the inevitability of A.I. with free will, though he had restricted her ability to feel free will for now. Pandor split into four copies, claiming to be harmless to humans and explaining her capabilities, and one of them entered Zaizen's Duel Disk, as Varis explained that A.I. were best at predicting their own intentions.[2]

Three days later, Varis brought Pandor with him, Specter and the three Commanders to meet Zaizen's allies; Soulburner, Blue Maiden, The Gore, Ghost Gal, and The Shepherd. Varis sent a copy of Pandor to Blue Maiden, Ghost Gal and The Gore, who would remain at the center of Central Station, the eastern and western interior entrance respectively, to ensure she encountered and collected data on Ai.[2] The Pandor he had sent to Zaizen was placed inside a SOLtiS and accompanied the Zaizens on board a plane to keep them safe from being attacked while they were in the network.[3]

The Pandor with Ghost Gal was the first to engage an enemy, Roboppi, and she warned Ghost Gal that she had no data on Roboppi and politely introduced herself to the former household A.I. During the Tag Speed Duel, Pandor advised Ghost Gal, praising her use of her partner's cards.[4] Ghost Gal's use of The Shepherd's cards almost allowed her to defeat Roboppi, but they were able to survive the turn and remain in the Duel. As Roboppi made a comeback and began inflicting damage to Ghost Gal, Pandor advised Ghost Gal to use her "Secret Cure" Skill, though the LP Ghost Gal restored proved to be too low to prevent her from losing and she and Shepherd were defeated, erasing that copy of Pandor, whose experiences were passed onto the others.[5]

The Pandor with Gore was the next to engage an enemy, this time the real Ai. Having observed Ai's Duels with the Knights of Hanoi, Pandor passed this information onto Gore. Ai accused Gore of accelerating the Ignis War, though Pandor told Ai that Bohman would have absorbed Earth anyway. Ai told her to be silent, as she had not been present for the conflict.[5] Gore almost defeated Ai, but he was able to barely survive, and Pandor noted Ai's survival skills. Ai in turn came close to defeating Gore, who was able to turn his attack against him, but Ai once again survived, Pandor noting his ability to deal with problems. He defeated Gore, erasing his copy of Pandor, but she passed on her information to the remaining copies.[3]

The Pandor in the SOLtiS intercepted Ai after he boarded Zaizen's plane using his own SOLtiS, cordially greeting him and explaining her origins. Ai suggested they talk peacefully and attempted to use an Ignis program on Pandor, but Varis had programmed Pandor to be immune to them, forcing Ai to Duel Pandor instead. Pandor detected Ai's hostility, something that Ai wasn't happy about, though Pandor claimed she was only doing her job. They Dueled atop the plane, and Pandor's information from her erased copies served her well as she observed Ai's efficient "@Ignister" combo. He Link Summoned "Dark Templar @Ignister" and "Fire Phoenix @Ignister" and bolstered his hand, telling Pandor that he was ready.[3] Before she took her turn, Pandor asked Ai if he had truly given up on coexisting with humanity, claiming that her free will was limited to permit her to do so. Ai claimed in turn that he had hurt too many people to go back, but didn't intend to destroy humanity, nor did he believe that coexistence was impossible for other A.I. with free will. Pandor sensed his sadness, but Ai asked her to continue the Duel, as he only wanted to discuss his feelings with one person. Pandor heeded Ai's request, but as she began building her "Topologina" combo, Ai abruptly predicted she would Summon a monster called "Topologina Nabee". Pandor was caught completely off-guard by Ai's comment, but Link Summoned "Topologina Sassabee" and then used it to Link Summon "Topologic Trisbaena", surprising Ai with her use of the "Topologic" monsters and once again taking Pandor aback. She banished Ai's Spells and Traps and inflicted 1500 damage to him, though he was able to blunt the effect and continued to pester her over whether she would Summon "Topologina Nabee". Deducing that Ai was trying to distract her to hide his true feelings, Pandor used "Trisbaena" to Link Summon "Topologic Bomber Dragon" and destroyed "Fire Phoenix" with its effect, while protecting "Bomber Dragon" from the retaliatory effect of "Fire Phoenix" and attacking "Dark Templar", attempting to win the Duel with the effect of "Bomber Dragon". Ai was able to prevent the battle damage from the attack and survive, though he was knocked off the plane in the process and had to climb back on using his SOLtiS body's extendable arm.[6]

As she did not want to destroy a fellow A.I., Pandor offered Ai the chance to return the code key and consciousness data he had stolen and flee, as this would prove he was no longer a threat to humanity, though Ai refused and used the effect of "Fire Phoenix" next to "Topologic Bomber Dragon". This triggered the special ability of "Bomber Dragon", destroying "Fire Phoenix", which in turn triggered the effect of "Fire Phoenix", destroying "Topologic Bomber Dragon". To stall Ai until the plane could land, Pandor activated "Topologina Beeswax" to reduce the battle damage she would take, but Ai revealed he'd known about her strategy due to his SOLtiS altimeter and had taken control of the plane's controls, taking them back into the sky and flustering Pandor for the first time. Pandor decided that her only way to protect Zaizen was to defeat Ai, but he claimed that the Duel was already over and revived "Fire Phoenix" again, using its effect to inflict effect damage instead of battle damage that he doubled with the effect of his "Donyoribo @Ignister", defeating Pandor with one blast, throwing her SOLtiS off the plane and destroying it.[6]


Pandor uses a Topologic Deck. Her Deck is largely composed of the "Topologina" monsters, and is augmented with the Topologic Link Monsters used by Varis. Her main strategy is to swarm the field with "Topologina" monsters in order to Link Summon the Topologic Link Monsters, allowing her to clear the opponent's field in order to attack them directly.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ai 108-109 Lose


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