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  • Pandor
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 105: "Intercept"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
JapaneseHyang-Ri Kim[1]

Pandor (パンドール Pandōru) is a character from the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. She is an A.I. created by the Knights of Hanoi to hunt the Ignis, specifically designed to eliminate any indications of free will within her programming. She can divide herself into four copies, sharing the information observed by one with the others.[2]



Full-body image of Pandor.

Pandor appears as a lithe feminine figure. Her head appears somewhat reminiscent of Varis's first mask, with a white border surrounding her face and a reflective section covering the top right of her forehead, ending above her right eye. Her face is patterned with aquamarine markings resembling hair swept to the right; her "skin" is white, and her eyes are pure red.

Pandor appears to wear a jumpsuit with black legs and shoulders, a white chest, and grey arms and sides. She has a wide, but low collar of two golden lines that extends to her chin and down her front with a red diamond symbol at the throat similar to those of Ai and Roboppi's human forms, in addition to a black back section that flares behind her head. She also wears black boots and gloves with gold tops and flared cuffs with gold stripes.


According to Varis, Pandor has a built-in program that prevents her from exerting free will and from developing any thoughts of hostility towards humans, though he hints that it may only be a temporary measure. Pandor initially seems subservient and compliant, but is capable of being deceitful. She is somewhat tactless, telling Ai that the deletion of Earth was unavoidable.


Pandor is capable of manifesting in a full-scale form, and a smaller Ignis-sized form when she has been added to a Duelist's Duel Disk. She is capable of splitting herself into four copies, each copy shares the information that it observes with the others. She is immune to Ignis programs.


Pandor's name, as observed by Akira Zaizen, comes from "Pandora", and is connected to the myth that the Ignis draw their name from. After humans learned the secret of fire, the disgusted gods sent one woman - Pandora - to bring calamity to humans.


Varis introduced Pandor to Akira Zaizen after asking him to meet with them, explaining that the Knights of Hanoi had created her to hunt down the Ignis. Pandor introduced herself, and Varis explained that she was a form of keeping the initiative against the inevitability of A.I. with free will, though he had restricted her ability to feel free will for now. Pandor split into four copies, claiming to be harmless to humans and explaining her capabilities, and one of them entered Zaizen's Duel Disk, as Varis explained that A.I. were best at predicting their own intentions.


Pandor uses a "Topologic" Deck, incorporating the "Topologina" archetype. Her main strategy is to swarm the field with Topologina monsters in order to Link Summon the "Topologic" Link Monsters, allowing her to clear the opponent's field in order to attack them directly.



Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Ai 108-109 Lose


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