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  • Kenchi
Japanese translatedKenmochi
  • Male
  • Career
OccupationBounty hunter[1]
  • Duelist
Anime DeckGouki[2]
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 47: "LINK VRAINS 2.0"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
EnglishBarrett Leddy
JapaneseYusuke Tonozaki

Kenchi, known as Kenmochi in the Japanese version, is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. He works alongside George Gore and Yozaka as a Bounty Hunter for SOL Technologies, attempting to capture Playmaker.



Kenchi is a fair-skinned young man with hazel eyes and a light pink afro. He wears the same uniform as Gore and Yozaka; he wears a green visor with a thin black lens. He wears a form-fitting forest green leotard with blue shoulderpads that is belted at the cuffs under teal torso armor fastened with straps over the shoulders and the SOL Technologies logo over his heart, which is decorated at the torso with a blue plate. He also wears sand green leggings, and olive green boots and gloves with grey soles and hands that are lined by red.

During Are you ready? and when he visited Gore in the hospital, Kenchi wore more casual clothes; a tight navy shirt with a plunging neck, a burgundy sleeveless vest with burnt orange piping, lighter blue jeans held up with a brown belt, and a black choker and black finger-less gloves.



Kenchi formed a bounty hunting team with George Gore and Yozaka. They were hired by SOL Technologies to hunt Playmaker. They were briefed by Akira Zaizen and awaited the arrival of the final hunter, The Shepherd.[1] When Shepherd arrived, he argued with Gore. The team tracked down Playmaker, with Gore aiming to Duel him.[3] Gore had Kenchi and Yozaka flank Playmaker to prevent his escape. They were both hit by a trap ordered by Zaizen, which Playmaker and his ally Soulburner avoided, leaving Gore on his own.[4]

Playmaker and Soulburner logged into LINK VRAINS again, and Kenchi and Yozaka wasted little time in pursuing Playmaker.[5] Playmaker's Ignis unleashed a Data Storm that logged Yozaka out, forcing Kenchi to face him alone. Kenchi quickly Link Summoned "Gouki The Blade Ogre" and powered it up by Summoning "Gouki" monsters to the zones it pointed to. Playmaker quickly Summoned two monsters with over 2000 ATK, but then used them to Link Summon the 1600 ATK "Pentestag", and then Summoned the 0 ATK "Link Infra-Flier", confusing Kenchi. Playmaker then equipped "Pentestag" with "Cyberse Annihilation", causing Kenchi to believe he was aiming for a Double KO. Instead, Playmaker attacked "Gouki Riscorpio", defeating Kenchi with the combination of piercing battle damage and the effect of "Cyberse Annihilation", logging Kenchi out.[2]

Kenchi, Yozaka and The Shepherd were sent to investigate a new Ignis, though they were unable to get hold of Gore. They arrived in a new world and were set upon by dozens of Bits and Boots.[6]


After Gore fell into a coma due to the stress of his A.I. Dueling Chip when Playmaker defeated him, Kenchi and Yozaka visited him in the hospital, and they were present alongside Gore's former manager and the children and owner of the orphanage when Gore awoke from his coma.[7]


Kenchi plays a "Gouki" Deck. His strategies are greatly offensive, focusing on powering up "Gouki The Blade Ogre". In the dub, Ai hypothesizes that Gore gave Kenchi his old "Gouki" Deck.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yusaku Fujiki/Playmaker 62 Lose


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  1. The second copy is discarded to Special Summon "Gouki Headbatt". The third copy added to his hand in episode 62.
  2. This card is added to his hand in episode 62.