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Dr. Genome
Dr. Genome
  • Dr. Genome
  • Male
  • Career
OrganizationKnights of Hanoi
  • Duelist
Anime DeckHelixx
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episode 22: "The Deleted"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Voice actors
  • Takuya Kirimoto[1]
Genome, Dr.

Dr. Genome (ドクター・ゲノム Dokutā Genomu) is a character appearing in the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime, and a high-ranking member of the Knights of Hanoi. He was one of the scientists who worked on the Hanoi Project.



Genome is a pale-skinned man with orange eyes and green hair that stick out in bean-like clumps. He wears large round spectacles with orange frames shaped in a similar manner to his hair. He wears a green jacket over a white shirt, white pants, and orange shoes. When he was younger, his hair was sharper and more organized, his glasses lacked their "horns", and his cheeks less dimpled. He wore a lab coat over a charcoal shirt.

In LINK VRAINS, Genome's hair spikes up and gains a darker green underlayer. He exchanges his spectacles for a steel eyepiece similar to that worn by Faust and Baira, with a small red lens over his eye that is surrounded by two gold lines, has a diamond shaped portion over his nose set with a green gem, and four fin-like portions each with a gold line in the center. He dresses similarly to Faust, with a white trench coat that is cut back from the style of his fellow Knights that is lined with turquoise and dark blue and has dark blue cords holding it closed over his chest, a white shirt with a black fastening strip down the center, white flared military pants, and calf-length white boots with turquoise cuffs. When he uses his Skill, the gold lines on his eyepiece light up.


Genome, as his name would indicate, is obsessed with DNA and believes that it influences an individual's Dueling. As such, he is doubtful that someone can change their strategies nor fight their fate. He expressed a desire to study Playmaker's DNA and that of Grim Gore. Though disrespecting to his opponents, claims that he and his organization are people of honor, and as promised he gives the cure to McKendrick Kellenbocker's Deleted virus to Gore after being defeated. As with many of the Knights of Hanoi, he is somewhat sadistic, with a constant sneer on his face.



A younger Genome working with Aso, Clarissa and Kiyoshi Kogami on the Ignis project.

Genome aided Kiyoshi Kogami with his Ignis project, alongside Aso and Clarissa Turner.[2] After Kogami's death, the three helped Kogami's son, Ryoken form the Knights of Hanoi to avenge Kogami's death and prevent the Ignis from destroying humans.[3] He participated in the attack on the Cyberse alongside his fellow Knights.[4]

Tower of Hanoi[edit]

After Varis and Dr. Kogami planted the seed of the Tower of Hanoi, Genome began attempting to track down Playmaker using the little information they could find on him. He targeted individuals with both hacking and Dueling experience that owned older models of Duel Disk, infecting them with Baira's Deleted virus. One victim was McKendrick Kellenbocker, and after Genome infected him, he encountered McKendrick's friend, The Gore. Observing that The Gore was a Celebrity Duelist, Genome introduced himself and explained what he had done to McKendrick. He offered the cure to The Gore if he joined the Knights of Hanoi to hunt down Playmaker, but The Gore refused. Genome departed, telling The Gore to tell Playmaker to surrender to free the Deleted.

Playmaker later appeared in LINK VRAINS, defeating several Knights. Genome arrived, seeing through "Playmaker's" disguise and The Gore unmasked himself. Genome believed The Gore had come to join them, but Gore challenged Genome to a Duel for the removal program. He claimed to know Playmaker's identity, and though Genome doubted his claim, he agreed to the Duel, conjuring a Data Gale to allow them to Speed Duel.[1]

Dr. Genome knew that The Gore's tactic was to let his opponent gain the upper hand and then make a counterattack, like an entertainment style, which Gore confirmed. Genome summoned the powerful "Helixx Marmotroll", a turn that disappointed The Gore, who swiftly Link Summoned "Gouki Thunder Ogre". He used the monsters he used as materials to search his Deck for more "Gouki" cards, which Genome claimed to have anticipated anticipated. Gore equipped "Gouki Thunder Ogre" with "Gouki Dark Mask", and donned a mask himself, declaring that he would fight as a heel, dubbing himself "Grim Gore" and his monster "Dark Thunder Ogre". In addition, using "Gouki Poison Mist", Grim Gore spat out a purple liquid into Genome's face to damage him, then summoned "Gouki Riscorpio", destroying it to power-up "Dark Thunder Ogre" and damage Genome via the effect of "Dark Mask". Genome expressed a wish to sample Grim Gore's DNA and combine it with Playmaker's to create more powerful DNA, and Grim Gore responded by using his "Pain and Gain" Skill to revive "Gouki Riscorpio" and repeat his tactic, destroying "Riscorpio", inflicting effect damage to Genome, and boosting "Dark Thunder Ogre's" ATK to 3000, allowing it to destroy "Helixx Marmotroll", though the latter's effect protected Genome's LP from the battle damage. Grim Gore claimed he had evolved after his defeat against Playmaker and changed his battling style to a dark, heel one, that would do anything to win. Genome ignored this story, believing that Grim Gore's destiny was preordained by his DNA as it could not be changed. Resurrecting two of his "Helixx Mamortroll" with "Graveyard Incubation", Genome Link Summoned "Helixx Gothiclone", and had it attack "Dark Thunder Ogre". Both monsters could not be destroyed, and fell to the ground in a double knockout. Genome recalled that this had happened in The Gore's Duel against Playmaker as he used the effect of "Gothiclone", Genome Tributed "Helixx Dreadrat" and inflict its ATK to Grim Gore.[3]

Grim Gore swore to crush Genome for his belief that one's DNA imposed such limits, bringing out "Riscorpio" and "Gouki Twistcobra", then using the effect of "Twistcobra" to boost the ATK of "Dark Thunder Ogre" by Tributing "Riscorpio", and activating "Gouki Serpent Splash" to inflict the difference in ATK to Genome. Genome was able to counter it and Summon a "Helixx Token" with his "Regeneration Cure", then Link Summon "Helixx Necro Darwin" on his next turn. He destroyed "Twistcobra", which triggered Grim Gore's combo again, but this time Genome was protected from the combo by the effect of "Necro Darwin" that also doubled its ATK. "Gothiclone" clashed with "Dark Thunder Ogre" again, then Tributed "Necro Darwin" to inflict its increased ATK to Grime Gore. Grim Gore was blasted off his Duel Board, but saved himself by discarding "Gouki Octostretch" to halve the damage.[3]

Gore obtains the virus-removal program before Genome disappears.

Grim Gore climbed back on his Duel Board, but Genome revived "Necro Darwin" to active his "Minus Mitosis" Skill, cutting Grim Gore's LP and the ATK of "Dark Thunder Ogre" ATK in half and blasting Grim Gore through a wall with 100 LP left, barely able to stand on his Duel Board. As Gore's AI reminded him of Genome's tactics and explained that his odds of winning were low, Playmaker logged into LINK VRAINS. Genome asked if Playmaker had come to assist Gore, but Playmaker denied having come to help Grim Gore, claiming that he had come to mock him when he lost. Grim Gore's mask dissolved as The Gore used "Gouki Face Turn" to destroy "Gouki Dark Mask" and revive "Gouki Suprex", using it and "Thunder Ogre" to Link Summon "Gouki The Master Ogre". Gore revived "Twistcobra" and "Riscorpio", then returned them to his hand with the effect of "Master Gore" to negate Genome's "Hellix" monsters' effects, allowing "Master Ogre" to freely attack them, defeating Genome. Gore cheered for his victory, claiming the removal program from Genome. Genome was unamused by Gore's evolution, but Gore stated that it was only to amuse the crowd,as he was the number one entertainer. Genome swore Gore would regret defeating him before disappearing.[5]

After his defeat, Genome fell into a coma. He was restored following Varis's loss to Playmaker during their second Master Duel.

Lost Ignis[edit]

Genome, Spectre, and Aso aided Ryoken in releasing Clarissa from prison, wiping their patterns from the security cameras and walking right into the prison from their boat.[6]

Ignis War[edit]

Genome joined the other Knights of Hanoi in destroying Windy's fabricated Cyberse, defeating an Echo, while Varis rescued Playmaker and Ai from Lightning and Windy.[7]


Genome plays a "Helixx" Deck. His strategy involves summoning high Level monsters without Tribute and using them for Link Summons, while also focusing on defensive effects, including damage prevention.



Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
George Gore/The Gore 23-24 Lose
Echo 69 Win


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