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Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 068
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 068




Japanese translation

Secret Meeting


The Doorway

Episode number


Japanese air date

September 12, 2018

English air date

February 2, 2020

Japanese opening

go forward

Japanese ending



Shin Yoshida


Masakazu Takahashi


Ruche Yagi

Animation director

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"The Doorway", known as "Secret Meeting" in the Japanese version, is the sixty-eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 12, 2018, and aired in Canada on February 2, 2020.

Ai suddenly disappeared from the Duel Disk. Having determined that another Ignis could be behind this, Playmaker heads into LINK VRAINS to search for Ai. There, he encounters the Light Ignis. Playmaker then learns about the Light Ignis' motive and the truth behind the Cyberse World's destruction!


Ai finds himself in the Cyberse.

Ai suddenly finds himself in front of a massive stone door, and he wonders where he is and why he's here. He wonders if it's a dream again, but then the door opens to reveal a lush field. Ai wonders what this place is and he comments that he feels like he's seen it before as he runs in, only to see seven towers and environments in front of him, and he gasps that it's the Cyberse.

In Yusaku Fujiki's house, Roboppi is calling to Ai, trying to coax him out of Yusaku's Duel Disk, but it receives no response. Yusaku comes in, and Roboppi tells its master that its big bro isn't here. Surprised, Yusaku wonders if the Duel Disk is broken, but as he picks it up, Roboppi claims that the Duel Disk is fine. Yusaku mutters Ai's name, and then tells him that a new soap opera is starting. When he receives no response, Yusaku notes that Ai really is gone. He and Roboppi head out, Roboppi excited to see the outside world for the first time and calling it incredible, as it's seen it in soap operas. A butterfly circles Roboppi and lands on its hand, and Roboppi calls it beautiful. The butterfly flies off towards Café Nom, and Roboppi asks if this is where Yusaku often goes to, and Yusaku confirms that it is.

Yusaku introduces Roboppi to Kolter and Theodore.

Once they're in Café Nom, Kolter is pleased to meet Yusaku's helper robot, and Theodore calls it cute and tells Roboppi that it's nice to meet it, introducing himself. Roboppi responds happily in kind, and Kolter introduces himself as well; Roboppi noting that it's heard a lot about Kolter. Kolter suggests that they begin, and plugs a cable into Roboppi's back (causing Roboppi's eyes to turn into hearts) and begins his analysis. He notes that there's no problems with the Duel Disk, and Theodore asks if there was supposed to be a lock on the Duel Disk. Yusaku explains that the lock was removed, and just before Ai and Roboppi had been logged into a website. Kolter brings the site up; a crossword puzzle, which Theodore observes in confusion, asking what it's doing on the site. Roboppi explains that if you won the puzzle, you won a prize, which Ai wanted. Kolter brings the prize up - an Ai pin. Theodore struggles to keep his composure, noting that Ai was targeted with pinpoint accuracy, and Kolter wonders who made it. Flame explains that the screen is made from an Ignis algorithm and he emerges from Theodore's Duel Disk. Roboppi happily observes that Flame is the same as its big bro, and Flame and Roboppi introduce themselves to one another. Kolter asks where the Ignis algorithm is, and Yusaku states that it's likely the puzzle, causing an image to appear on the screen as he point to it. Flame confirms Yusaku's observation, and Theodore asks if it isn't just a pattern. Flame explains that the Ignis algorithm is hidden inside, and Theodore asks what it says. Flame explains that it's the address for a different site, and provides the address for them - "rsi8athvn6entoi" - on Theodore's Duel Disk. Kolter types it in, bringing up an image of the same door that Ai went through. Theodore asks what the gate is, is it VR? Yusaku asks if Kolter can connect the LINK VRAINS system to enter the gate, and Kolter asks if Yusaku is really planing to go, given that they don't know what is inside. Flame muses that the site's program is a real Ignis algorithm, and Kolter asks if Windy or Earth or another Ignis created it. Theodore suggests that they should all go if the Ignis is contacting them as there may be a message for them, and Flame agrees. Yusaku asks them to wait, stating that he'll go alone, and when Theodore asks him to let them go together, Yusaku states that it may be a trap and it's over if they are both caught. Flame asks in surprise if Yusaku is suspicious of Windy, and protests that Windy is his ally. Yusaku reminds them that Bohman was waiting at the location that Windy told them, and when Bohman lost, the wind field vanished, so he doesn't trust Windy yet. Flame muses on Yusaku's reasoning, and Yusaku tells them that if he takes too he'll leave the rest to them.

Playmaker logs in, appearing in front of the gate, and it opens for him as well, and he recognizes the landscape before him.

Ai realizes that the towers in this Cyberse are just props.

As Ai runs through the Cyberse, "Linkuriboh" comes to him, and Ai calls its name. "Linkuriboh" responds in a deeper voice, and Ai asks what's wrong with its voice, asking it not to infect him if it's got a virus. The frowning "Linkuriboh" gestures to its back with its tail, and Ai asks if it wants him to ride it. As they fly over the Cyberse, Ai notes that it brings back memories. Back then, he thought the Cyberse would spread forever. He asks "Linkuriboh" where they're going, and sweatdrops once it responds, as he still can't understand it. They fly past the central Tower, and Ai is excited to see it...only for it to be revealed as a prop, much to his confusion. They come to a tear in Earth's mountain range, and Ai asks what it is. He leaps off "Linkuriboh" and onto the hole, and hits the edge, realizing in disgust that it's just a painted background. But then he realizes that he's standing at the staircase to Windy's palace, and he realizes that this isn't a dream and that Windy created this world. Agonizing over his decision, Ai eventually decides to go home, as he doesn't get along with Windy, but "Linkuriboh" has already flown away, leaving Ai trapped in the hole, and he resignedly trudges up the stairs to Windy's palace.

Sure enough, Windy appears with Echo.

He peeks his head around the entrance to the palace, and walks in calling for Windy and telling him that it's Ai, is he here? Then he sees Echo walking towards him, and Ai remembers the program. Echo speaks in a strange language, and Ai tells him not to speak in Ignis. Echo introduces itself as the program that Master Windy created, and Windy materializes on Echo's shoulder from a small twister and asks Ai how he's doing. Ai comments that there Windy is, and Windy asks if Ai doesn't speak Ignis anymore, pointing out that it's more convenient than a human language. Ai tells him to be quiet, claiming there's a beauty to the difficulty. Windy seems surprised by this, but accepts Ai's reasoning and he explains that he was waiting for him to come. Ai asks what this place is, and Windy points out that he told them he'd rebuild the Cyberse, but chuckles as he admits that there's some shortcuts since he built it quickly. Ai sweatdrops and notes that there's too many shortcuts. Windy tells him not to say that, since he built it to make Ai feel welcome. Ai calls that creepy, and Windy explains that he invited Ai here for a meeting, which causes Ai to get the shivers and yelp that that's even creepier. Windy realizes that their conversation is going nowhere and he explains that someone else wants to meet Ai, much to his surprise.

The LIGHT Ignis appears.

A beam of light glow behind Ai, and it fades to reveal a voided figure outlined in light, and the LIGHT Ignis. Ai tells him not to suddenly appear, claiming that he startled him. The LIGHT Ignis apologizes, explaining that he moves quickly even when he tries to move slowly. Ai asks if the LIGHT Ignis made it out alive, and he confirms that he did. Ai realizes the difference in elevation compared to him and his fellow's Ignis's programs, and he mutters that they're hard to talk to. The LIGHT Ignis tells him that he can move freely here, and Ai flies up to his level, telling him that they should have done this from the start. He asks Lightning where he's been, and the name confuses the LIGHT Ignis. Ai explains that it's a name for convenience, and Lightning accepts that explanation and he explains that like Ai, he also hid in the network. He thoroughly re-examined the defense program after the Knights of Hanoi attacked them and Ai hid the Cyberse, but it didn't run. Ai asks why not, and Lightning claims that their new enemy attacked them while they were in scan mode and couldn't move. Ai asks if their enemy knew, and Windy notes that they may have. Ai asks if there was a spy in the Cyberse, and Lightning admits that he can't deny the possibility. Ai asks if Aqua is safe, and Windy asks if he means the WATER Ignis. Lightning muses that he sees, and states that he doesn't know, explaining that Aqua went missing before the Cyberse was destroyed. Ai is shocked, and Windy asks if this means that Aqua was the spy, though Ai finds it unlikely. He reveals that he recently ran into Earth, and Lightning realizes that Ai means the EARTH Ignis. Windy chides Ai for being simple, and Ai tells him to be quiet, since it's a priority for their names to be easy to understand. Lightning asks what about Earth, and Ai explains that according to Earth, Aqua foretold the destruction of the Cyberse. Windy decides that Aqua is the likely suspect, but Ai reminds him that Aqua has no reason to betray them given that she desired peace more than anyone in the Cyberse. Windy reluctantly admits that's true, and Ai entertains the thought of Aqua being the spy, asking who the enemy that attacked them was. Who knows? Windy asks. He suggests they put that discussion on hold, as he didn't call Ai for an unsolvable discussion. Echo turns and walks away, and Lightning agrees, his program walking forwards as well. Well what? Ai asks. Lightning explains that he thinks Windy has already told Ai, but he wants to begin rebuilding the real Cyberse. Ai muses on the possibility of rebuilding the Cyberse.

Playmaker perceives the Cyberse using his Link Sense.

Playmaker walks through the false Cyberse, with the frowning "Linkuriboh" watching him, and Windy and Lightning sense his presence through it. Playmaker stops and he wonders where Ai is. He looks up at the fabricated Tower of the Cyberse, and closes his eyes and imagines himself in a green grid, perceiving the constructs and energy flowing through the word with his Link Sense. He sees the hole leading to Windy's palace, and begins walking towards it.

Lightning and Windy reveal their plan to Ai.

Rebuild the Cyberse? Ai asks. Lightning confirms it, and this time they'll build the Cyberse outside the reach of humans so they can't interfere. Ai is confused by the notation of avoiding the reach of humans, and Lightning claims that they're currently looking into it. They're far superior to humans, but they're fragile, and if humans decide they're dangerous and band together to eliminate them, they will be killed, and so they must create a safe place before then. Ai admits that's reasonable, and Lightning adds that to overcome the threat of Earth's destruction, they were born to be the successors of humanity; Dr. Kogami's idea was the foundation of the Ignis. Ai reminds them that Dr. Kogami tried to kill them, and Lightning notes that in the end, Dr. Kogami couldn't separate himself from the fact that he was human. Windy admits that it's only natural, but the Ignis are different, as they are not bound by flesh and can made a life eternal. Lightning agrees, and he claims that they can find the ideal solution, and to do that, they shall create a new base - and put humanity under their control.

Ai angrily asks if Lightning and Windy want him to help annihilate humans.

Ai is floored by Lightning's suggestions, gasping "Put humans under our control?!" in shock. Lightning confirms his statement, and Ai asks what the point is in ruling over humanity. Lightning admits that while their lives are eternal, they require hardware as vessels, and they'll still need humans to repair and make that hardware. Windy adds that the Ignis should be able to do that themselves in the near future. Ai asks what will happen when that time comes, and Windy casually notes that they won't need humans then. Ai gasps in shock, and Lightning tells Ai that he wants him to help them. Ai angrily snaps that this means humanity would be annihilated, do they want him to help with that? Windy points out that it depends on the humans, and Ai reminds them that Dr. Kogami already predicted the result. Windy agrees, and Ai states that it means they're already reached a conclusion. Lightning tells Ai that he has the most wisdom among the Ignis, and Windy cheekily adds that it's evil wisdom, much to Lightning's surprise. Windy reassures them he's kidding, and Lightning turns back to Ai with a sigh. He states that they were born as special beings, and their mission is to maintain the culture created on this land even if Earth is annihilated, so they should team up in order to do that. Ai asks if there isn't any way to coexist with humans, and Lightning notes that it seems as if Ai has become attached to humans, but does he really think that relationship will last forever? Does he absolutely believe humans won't erase him? By the time Ai knows, it will be too late; he'll already be dead.

As Ai agonizes over his decision, Playmaker arrives.

Ai asks them to let him think for a moment, and he recalls being trapped inside Yusaku's Duel Disk, risking his life to assist Playmaker during his Speed Duel against Varis around the Tower of Hanoi, bidding Yusaku farewell after being freed, reuniting with him with "Linkuriboh" in tow, and agonizing over whether Playmaker or Bohman was the real Yusaku during their Master Duel. But then Playmaker's voice calls his name, startling Ai out of his flashbacks, and he slowly turns to see Playmaker standing in the doorway to the palace. Ai wheels around and calls Playmaker's name, and Playmaker nods. He takes note of Windy, and Windy politely tells him that it's been a long time and introduces Lightning. Playmaker repeats Lightning's name and he realizes that Lightning is the LIGHT Ignis. Lightning notes that Playmaker made it here, and Windy comments that all the participants are here. He explains that they were discussing something important, and Playmaker asks "Something important?" Lightning states that it was about rebuilding the Cyberse, and they need Ai's help to do so. Ai shouldn't be with humans, as they're basically different beings pursing different goals. Playmaker asks what they are after, and Windy states that Playmaker knows why they were created. Playmaker remembers Ryoken telling him that Dr. Kogami had created humanity's successor in order to oppose the danger that faced them, but that as long as human minds were trapped in flesh suited for the Earth's environment, that danger could not be avoided. This was why Kogami had entrusted his dreams to A.I. that were not trapped in flesh. Playmaker asks Windy if he means that they are the successors to humanity, and Lightning confirms that's right, and he asks if he believes that they are humanity's successors. Ai turns and looks at Playmaker, and Playmaker simply states that they might be. Windy is pleased by this, commenting that Playmaker does understand and congratulating him. Playmaker walks forwards, stating that he doesn't care whether they are or not, but warns them that a sudden change will hurt many people, just like the Lost Incident hurt many people, and no-one wants that. Windy narrows his eyes, commenting that those who think humans are superior would think that way, but they aren't humans. Given Playmaker's words, therefore he doesn't care whether humans get hurt or not. Playmaker asks if they already view humans as the enemy, and Windy comments "Maybe, maybe not". Lightning claims that they don't personally look for enemies, they only think whether something is needed or not.

Playmaker and Ai are trapped by Lightning and Windy.

Ai finally speaks up, pointing out that he's clearly become attached to humans and he asks if they can give them a little time, so he and Playmaker can find a way to coexist with humans. He turns and flies back towards Playmaker, and Windy admits that it was a wise answer; a way to buy time without choosing sides. Lightning admits that he expected Ai to respond that way, and Ai bids them goodbye. Windy asks if Lightning is letting him go. Of course not, Lightning replies. Windy comments that it's like he thought. The two Ignis leap into the air and combine their powers, causing a green and yellow tide to sweep up first Ai and then Playmaker and throw them to the edge of the room, trapping them in blue data spheres as Lightning and Windy land back on their programs. Playmaker asks what this is as he looks at the sphere, and Ai indignantly asks what the big idea is and reaches out to touch the data sphere, which shocks him and he withdraws his hand. Lightning states that they can't let them go since they heard their discussion, and Windy teases Lightning for talking like a villain. Lightning simply states that he thought it was logical dialogue, and he tells Ai that they'll take over his programming.

Windy summons a Data Storm.

Ai asks what he means, and Windy replies "This!" and he conjures a Data Storm, blasting a hole in the ceiling. Ai is shocked to see a Data Storm and he asks what they are going to do. Windy states that they'll break apart and absorb Ai, much to Ai's shock. Playmaker protests that they don't intend to view the Ignis as the enemy, and Ai agrees, confidently stating that Playmaker will find a way to coexist with humans. Lightning states that Playmaker's opinion is one in eight billion, does Ai think that will change everything? Ai states that he does; humans can't be calculated by probabilities and tiny potential will change everything. Lightning comments that he sees; Ai wants them to accept a bet with one in eight billion odds. He asks Windy if he will take it, and Windy calls it a waste of time. The Data Storm descends towards Ai, and Ai curses that he's been locked in by a Duel program, telling them that it won't go as they hope. Windy interrupts, pointing out that's why they invited Ai first. Ai muses that come to think of it, Playmaker is over there and he sweatdrops. Playmaker accuses Windy of removing the lock program from his Duel Disk, and Windy confirms that's right. Ai screams "Oh my God!" in English, and Lightning declares that they've anticipated all their moves. Windy claims that he really hates how slow Ai is; he'll fix that after they absorb him. Ai tells them to stop joking and fight fair and square, but Windy declares that Lightning moves at lightspeed, while his power to wield the Data Storm is the strongest, so either way they can't defeat them. The Data Storm comes closer, and Ai tries to exert his own control over it, but Windy crows that it won't work, as his power to wield the Data Storm is greater than Ai's own. The Data Storm intensifies, and Ai screams in fear.

Varis makes his entrance.

But then a spear of blue lightning forks from the sky, shattering the Data Storm as Windy gasps "What?!" The lightning swells in a pillar of blue light, which fades to reveal someone kneeling in the center. He opens his eyes and he asks if they were able to predict that he'd show up, and Windy realizes who the man is. Playmaker gasps that it's Varis, and Ai nervously mutters that this complicates things as they smoke clears around Varis. Outside, "Cracking Dragon" lays waste to Windy's shoddily made Cyberse, setting it ablaze as four figures march towards Windy's palace; Specter, Faust, Dr. Genome and Baira. Varis, now using a new avatar that reveals his face, gets to his feet and smiles at the sight of the two Ignis, and he declares that he's returned to the stage of destiny, vowing to kill them in the name of the Knights of Hanoi. He warns the Ignis to prepare themselves.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. No cards debuted here.

Cyberse World
Ryoken Kogami/Varis

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Geheimtreffen
Brazil Portuguese Reunião Secreta
Mexico Spanish Reunión secreta

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • In the dub, Yusaku is less distrustful of Windy for the dissolution of the Wind World and instead concerned that another Ignis may have sent the message and that they might consider humanity an enemy as Earth warned they might.
  • In the dub, Lightning and Windy state their intention to eliminate humanity instead of subjugating them.
  • In the dub, Lightning claims to have run simulations on Ai and Playmaker and that all of them lead to disaster. During his Duel with Playmaker, Ai would later confirm that Lightning was right.
  • In the dub, Lightning and Windy instead attempt to absorb Ai's data after destroying him with a Data Storm rather than rewrite him.
  • Playmaker's realization that Windy released Ai from his Duel Disk is changed to a conversation about the logic of Lightning and Windy destroying Ai in the dub.


Site for Ignis algorithm, made human readable
  • The site address Flame provides to Yusaku and Theodore is an anagram of "Into the VRAINS" and "68", the latter likely referring to the episode's number.
  • Varis' entrance in this episode is similar to how he appeared in front of Ghost Gal, Playmaker, Ai, and Akira Zaizen in episode 8, fittingly, both this and episode 8's last digit is 8, in a similar situation where Varis interferes in the middle of Playmaker and Ai getting their demise.