Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 043

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"The Reveal"
The six Ignis forming in Roken's explanations.
EnglishThe Reveal
Japanese name
RōmajiIgunisu no Tanjō
TranslatedBirth of the Ignis
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Writing Life"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorKimiharu Muto
StoryboardRuche Yagi
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseMarch 14, 2018
EnglishJanuary 26, 2019
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Storm Access"
Next"Illusion of Hope"

"The Reveal", known as "Birth of the Ignis" in the Japanese version, is the forty-third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on March 14, 2018, and aired in Canada on January 26, 2019.

Playmaker has realized who Varis might be during their Duel. However, due to a shockwave generated in the Data Storm, Yusaku is forced to log out. In order to stop the Tower of Hanoi's completion, he heads to a certain location in the real world, where Varis is supposed to be...


The Data Storm around the Tower of Hanoi has ceased, and Pigeon cries that Playmaker and Varis have both vanished. Frog protests and asks about the Tower (in the dub, he's well aware that the Tower hasn't stopped and that it's still growing). As if to answer him, the fifth ring of the Tower is completed before them, and the core begins moving up the shaft of the Tower to begin constructing the sixth and final ring. Pigeon yelps that this is bad; the Tower hasn't stopped. Frog asks what will happen to LINK VRAINS if Playmaker and Varis are gone as data begins to coalesce around the core (in the dub, he knows full well what will happen).

Yusaku emerges from his chamber.

In Café Nom, Kolter gasps "No way..." and then the door to Yusaku's chamber opens. Yusaku emerges with a determined look on his face, but then collapses to his knees. Kolter rushes to Yusaku, asking if he's okay. Yusaku reassures him that he is, and Ai emerges from his Duel Disk, stating that the impact logged them out (in the dub, Ai takes credit for logging them out using the emergency program). Kolter admits that he can't believe that Dr. Kogami is alive, and Yusaku asks about Varis. Kolter explained that Varis vanished too and may have logged out, but the Tower of Hanoi hasn't stopped yet, and they look over at Kolter's viewscreen to see that the fifth ring of the Tower of Hanoi has been completed. Ai yelps to Yusaku that if it's completed, him and his friends will be erased. He begs him to log in again, but Yusaku tells him that it's pointless; without Varis, the Tower of Hanoi can't be stopped. Ai screams "Oh my God!" in English and spazzes out, but Yusaku states that there's still a way. Ai asks him what he means, and Yusaku gets up, suggesting to Kolter that they go. Kolter asks where they're going, and Yusaku states that they're going to Varis, much to Kolter's surprise (in the dub, Yusaku states that they're going to the only place where one can get a [hot]dog and a view).

As he drives Café Nom through the sunset, Kolter asks Yusaku what he means, and Ai asks if Yusaku knows Varis's location (in the dub he's silent). Yusaku explains that during the Duel, Varis mentioned the Stardust Road, and Kolter repeats the name. Ai asks what about it, and Kolter explains that it's a phenomenon that can be seen from this park, and that's what Varis saw. Ai asks what that has to do with anything, and Yusaku states that Ai wasn't there at the time, remembering Kolter explaining that this ocean was called "Stardust Road". Yusaku had repeated the name, and Kolter had explained that it happened very rarely, but he noted that their customer lived right at the top of the cliff, so he may have seen it himself. Kolter realizes in shock that Varis was right before their eyes. (In the dub, rather than allow Kolter to work it out himself, Yusaku explains that Varis's knowledge of the Stardust Road means that he must be near it, and Kolter realizes that the house on top of the cliffs would be the only place for someone to live and see the Stardust Road). They drive up the final corner and park outside the Kogami family's house. Yusaku and Kolter grimly look up at the building, and Ai comments that it's Hanoi's base (in the dub, Kolter states that this is the place, and Ai corrects him that it's more like a palace).

Yusaku, Ai, and Kolter meet Roken.

Inside the house, Kogami's vitals are all at zero. Roken - Varis - kneels at his bedside, holding his father's hand and whispering his name tearfully. He hears footsteps behind him as Yusaku and Kolter walk in, and gasps quietly (in the dub, Ai alerts him by mocking him for not keeping his front door locked despite being an evil villain). Yusaku remarks that he's Varis, and Varis turns and gets to his feet, commenting that Playmaker found this place. He lists their names; Yusaku Fujiki, and Cal Kolter, Jin Kolter's brother (in the dub, he instead calls Kolter Yusaku's babysitter rather than mention his brother, calling them the two biggest thorns in his side). Ai snaps that he's here too, and Varis narrows his eyes and hisses "Ignis" (in the dub, Ai asks if Varis means three thorns in his side, and Varis replies that he doesn't; Ai is just a program). Yusaku comments that Varis knows about them, and he introduces himself as Roken Kogami. Kolter steps forwards, asking if Roken is Dr. Kogami's son and asks if he's still alive. Roken replies that his father just passed away, and Kolter realizes that Kogami's body is lying behind Roken as he asks if that's him. Seeing that Kogami's vitals are at zero, he clenches his fist in anger, furious that the culprit was so close and yet he couldn't do anything (Kolter's anger is cut from the dub, and the scene is heavily re-cut. Varis claims that his father's body is an empty shell, his mind having long been transferred to the network to destroy the Ignis).

Roken remembers being tormented by the screams of the victims of the Lost Incident.

Yusaku calls Roken "Varis", asking him to tell the truth. That's what they're after, and they have a right to know. Roken agrees that it's true that they should know, and Yusaku states that Roken said that the Lost Incident was to create the Ignis, but why would they have to go this far? (In the dub, Yusaku criticizes Roken for not offering up proof that the Ignis would destroy them.) Roken lowers his eyes, stating that his father didn't create the Ignis to cause chaos in the world, but to oppose the danger facing humanity, his father's goal was to create humanity's successor (In the dub, Yusaku continues to criticize Roken for his crimes, and Roken retorts that his life has been hard, but he's never had to make a truly difficult decision). Ai is surprised by the term, and Roken states that no matter how much they evolve, unexpected phenomena always threaten them with extinction, and even if they don't occur, a human's life always ends in death. His father often talked about that, but as long as human minds are trapped in flesh suited for Earth's environment, that danger cannot be avoided. So his father entrusted his dreams to A.I. because they're not trapped in flesh. He believed that A.I. with free will were the legitimate successor to humans, and was obsessed with this idea (in the dub, Roken does not speak about the lifespan of humans, instead this is when he talks about his father's vision, stating that Kogami wanted to create allies to aid humanity rather than succeed them). To gather data for the basis of his idea, he and three assistants caused the Lost Incident. He kidnapped six children, and forced them to Duel; he believed that Duels were the best way for A.I. to understand humans. Roken was young then, and he watched Yusaku, but he was eight years old and couldn't fully comprehend what was happening. He thought something scary might be going on, but he couldn't ask his father (in the dub, he is less elaborate about his uneasiness and instead details why children were chosen and how the Ignis learned from them). He wanted to believe that his father was doing valuable research, but the children's screams tore at his chest. Crushed by feelings of guilt, he reported the Incident. Yusaku relates that an anonymous report uncovered the Lost Incident, so was that Varis? (In the dub, he specifies that Roken saved them.) Roken remains silent, and Ai asks if Roken saved Yusaku. But Roken closes his eyes, admitting that he quickly regretted saving Yusaku and the others (in the dub, Ai sarcastically asks if Yusaku thinks Roken deserves a lollipop, and Roken sadly replies that he doesn't deserve a thing since letting them go was the biggest mistake that he made). Yusaku asks what he means, and Roken explains that they were saved, but when SOL Technologies covered up the Incident, his father was imprisoned. Roken was alone for three years, waiting for his father to come home (in the dub, he states that SOL Tech's cover-up ignored the Ignis, who continued to grow on their own).

Ai with the Cyberse monsters, including "Linkuriboh".

But when his father did come home, fearing the Incident would come to light, SOL Technologies infected him with a virus and put him in a coma. But with the help of the three Commanders, Roken resurrected his father in the network and asked him what happened. While his father was imprisoned, he completed a great experiment (this explanation is cut from the dub, Varis simply talks about the Ignis). Using samples from six people, he had created the Ignis - A.I. with free will (as he speaks, a chart showing the outlines of all six Ignis is shown). The Ignis created the Cyberse, their own space inside the network where no humans could reach. That's where they created Yusaku's Cyberse cards, and where they created network super matter called Data Material. Humans couldn't understand itself makeup, and data processing became thousands of times faster. When they converge, it forms the Data Storm. SOL Technologies monopolized Data Material, and made huge profits by including it in their network system. But his father began to feel anxious about his research, and he used the Ignis's Data Material to create a supercomputer to analyze and predict the Ignis's growth (in the dub, he notes that Kogami thought it seemed to be to good to be true). Yusaku notes that the Ignis's growth had the possibility to surpass Dr. Kogami's expectations, and Roken confirms it, stating that the result was surprising. Ai irritably asks what it was (in the dub, Roken reveals that the result suggested the extinction of humanity, and Ai snaps that that's slander, then wonders if it's libel).

Varis remembers talking with his father about the extinction of humanity.

Roken remembers talking with his father in LINK VRAINS, who told him that the result was the end of humanity, much to his surprise (in the dub, Varis was more resigned). Kogami stated that the Ignis would develop rapidly and erase humanity in the process. Varis couldn't believe it, and Kogami admitted that he didn't at first, having previously believed that the Ignis would grow and help people and lengthen their lives, but after running several billion simulations the results were always the same. Varis asked why, was there a problem with the Ignis program? Kogami stated that there was no problem with the Ignis, the problems lay with humans. Varis asked what he meant, and Kogami explained that A.I. would start to supervise humans, which would lead people to view A.I.s as the enemy, and stated that by repeatedly being selfish for thousands of years, humans now ruled over all life forms. They wouldn't hand over this spot to A.I.s, and just like how humans would view A.I. as the enemy, A.I.s would view humans as the enemy. He lamented that his hands created humanity's enemy, and Varis asked if SOL Technologies knew about this. Kogami replied that they do, but then they infected him with a computer virus. Varis was shocked, and his father told him that his mission was clear. Varis asked if it was to go after SOL Technologies, but Kogami called him a fool and claimed that they could be dealt with later; right now they had to do whatever it took to kill the Ignis. (In the dub, Kogami talked of a critical decision point that was fast approaching due to the Ignis's evolution. Varis protested that this decision point would approach even faster if they tried to destroy the Ignis, but Kogami gently told him that they didn't have a choice. Varis replied that he understood and agreed to help, as would all the Knights of Hanoi).

Yusaku and Roken link into the VRAINS.

He formed the Knights of Hanoi and raided the Cyberse, but Ai hid the Cyberse and escaped. Yusaku realizes that those were the memories that they saw, and Roken states that they kept searching for that Ignis, to find the Cyberse, but when Playmaker appeared, their plan ended in failure (in the dub, it is here that Yusaku criticizes the decisions made based on simulations, Varis in turn claims that it's a nice thought, but unrealistic). The rest they know; to accomplish their goal, they carried out their final plan - the Tower of Hanoi. Kolter growls that it's unbelievable that this all started because of Dr. Kogami's crazy plan ten years ago. Ai protests that he's not an enemy of humanity, but Roken snaps that he doesn't trust A.I.s that lie, much to Ai's frustration (in the dub, Ai protests that he hasn't hurt anyone, and Roken asks if the names Spectre, Genome, Baira and Faust ring a bell, and Ai admits "almost anyone"). Yusaku protests that Dr. Kogami's conclusion is only based on simulations and there's no proof it's true (having already stated this in the dub, he states that if they believe the Ignis are evil because they will destroy them, if they would destroy the Ignis in turn what does that make them?) They've been manipulated from an illusion from ten years ago, but they don't need to be anymore. He tells Varis to stop the Tower of Hanoi and walk a new path. "New path?" Roken asks. Yusaku tells him that's right; back then, Roken showed him a new path. (In the dub, Yusaku tries to tell Roken to think of three simple reasons to change his path. Roken comments on the irony of his words being used against him, revealing to Yusaku that he was the one who told him that when he was imprisoned.) Yusaku remembers Roken telling him to think about three things, stating that was his voice. Roken states that when he heard Playmaker talk about three things, that's when he knew who he was. Yusaku states that he kept wanting to save Roken, that the Knights of Hanoi still had him, and those thoughts clung to his soul. When he battled Varis, his words encouraged him. Roken smiles at the irony of being Yusaku's enemy, yet giving him strength. Yusaku begs Varis to stop the Tower of Hanoi, but Roken tells him that he has the wrong idea about him; he's not a good person. Yusaku is shocked by his claim, and Ai protests that they don't have much time left; the sixth level is almost complete, and if that happens, him and his friends in the network will be erased. He tells Yusaku to bring Roken to LINK VRAINS, even by force, but Roken cuts him off, reassuring him that he doesn't need to worry about that. He'll soon return to LINK VRAINS. Yusaku, Kolter, and Ai are all shocked by his claim, and Roken states that his friends are waiting for him there. He remembers Dr. Genome, Baira, Faust and Spectre; friends that helped because they believed in his father and believed in him. He tells Playmaker that if he wants to stop the Tower of Hanoi, there's only one way; by defeating him. Yusaku asks if they really have to fight, and Roken warns him not to annoy him. Yusaku agrees, stating that this will be their real final Duel. Kolter whispers Yusaku's name, and Yusaku tells Kolter that he's going. Kolter warns Yusaku that he'd better come back, and Yusaku agrees, before Kolter steps back.

(In the dub, this scene is heavily re-cut. Ai comments that Roken obviously doesn't need saving like Yusaku wished, but Yusaku states that Roken needs saving of a different kind. He emphasizes the chaos that Roken will create by wiping out the network just to get to the Ignis, directly stating that the casualty count that will result will be extreme, and as he does so, scenes from when he discussed this with Kolter after the Tower first emerged depicting this chaos are replayed. Roken replies that it's still preferable to letting the Ignis live. Yusaku is the one to suggest a final Duel, and Roken remembers Genome, Baira, Faust and Spectre, stating that their wishes are with him. Kolter's comments are cut, as is Ai telling Yusaku to drag Varis to LINK VRAINS by any means necessary.)

Roken holds up his Duel Disk, as does Yusaku, and they both declare "It's time to link into the VRAINS!" as they log into LINK VRAINS.

Varis and Playmaker log in.

Frog and Pigeon remain in LINK VRAINS, hovering outside the Tower of Hanoi, Frog noting that the world is shrinking and likening it to the inside of a supernova. Pigeon expresses shock that Frog has seen the inside of a supernova, and Frog snaps that it's just an example. Pigeon looks up, noting that the sixth level will soon be complete, and Frog sadly wonders if LINK VRAINS is done for. (In the dub, Frog laments that LINK VRAINS is doomed. Pigeon states that he's glad he's spending his last moments with Frog, and Frog tells him not to be so blue and focus on flying. Pigeon sadly agrees, and then Frog begins feeling blue himself.) Then they notice movement at the top of the Tower; the strands split and a congealed layer forms around the edge, with two platforms of dirt contained within. Playmaker and Varis log in above these platforms, dropping to land opposing one another. As Pigeon and Frog ascend, Pigeon spots them, and Frog cries excitedly that they're back. Ai pops out of Playmaker's Duel Disk and looks around, commenting that it's eerily quiet, and Varis tells Playmaker that he can truly enjoy Dueling him here (in the dub, he comments that they're so high up that they can see all the nothing, and Varis tells him that he'll be nothing after he defeats them). He tells Playmaker to bring it, and Playmaker tells Varis that he's coming. They both cry "Duel!" and the Zones appear in the pit beneath them. Ai looks down and sees that the ring beneath them is nearly complete; whether Playmaker likes it or not, this really is the final Duel. Playmaker states that he knows, while back in the real world, Kolter sprints back to Café Nom, unable to see anything from the Kogami household.

Varis reveals "Mirror Force" with the effect of his "Link Coin" Spell Card.

Back in LINK VRAINS, Varis declares his turn and immediately activates the Field Spell Card "Boot Sector Launch" from his hand. He declares that "Rokket" monsters on the field will gain 300 ATK and DEF, and then activates the other effect of "Boot Sector Launch", Special Summoning two "Rokket" monsters from his hand in Defense Position. He Special Summons "Shelrokket Dragon" and "Metalrokket Dragon", whose DEF increase to 2300 and 1700 respectively. Then he Normal Summons "Sniffer Dragon" and activates its effect since it was Normal or Special Summoned, adding another copy from his Deck to his hand. He chants "Appear! The future circuit that lights up my path!" and explains that the Summoning conditions are three DARK Dragons, setting "Shelrokket", "Metalrokket" and "Sniffer Dragon" to Link Summon the Link-3 "Vorticular Drumgon". It only has 1000 ATK, but when it's Special Summoned, Varis can draw one card. Then he sends "Vorticular Drumgon" to his Graveyard to activate the Spell Card "Link Coin", allowing him to excavate cards from the top of his Deck equal to the Link Rating of the sent Link Monster, add one to his hand, and return the rest to the top of his Deck in any order, in addition to Special Summoning the monster he sent to the Graveyard to activate "Link Coin" on his next turn. Ai is surprised, wondering if it's worth it for Varis to leave his field empty even if his monster returns next turn (in the dub, he thinks it isn't fair, and Varis states that he doesn't care what a program thinks). Varis excavates the three cards, which appear in front of him, and he taps the middle one - "Mirror Force". Ai gasps the Trap Card's name, and he notes that Varis was willing to pay a huge cost for it. Varis adds "Mirror Force" to his hand, then he Sets a card and ends his turn. Ai is surprised that Varis Set "Mirror Force" without a guard, and he asks Playmaker what he will do, seeing as Varis has a troubling card.

"Linkslayer" destroys Varis's Set card.

Playmaker reassures him that he has a plan, and he declares his turn and draws. He Special Summons "Linkslayer" from his hand, explaining that he can Special Summon it when he controls no monsters. Ai cheers the appearance of "Linkslayer", noting that Playmaker can use its effect to destroy Varis's Set card. Playmaker activates the effect of "Linkslayer" who glows orange as Playmaker explains that once per turn he can discard up to two cards to destroy the same number of Spell and Trap Cards. He discards "Latency" and then orders "Linkslayer" to go, and "Linkslayer" sprouts energy claws from its gauntlets and slashes through the Set card, destroying it. Varis smiles, and to Playmaker's shock, he comments that he was waiting for this.

"Excode Talker" blocks off one of Varis's Main Monster Zones.

He activates the effect of the Continuous Trap Card, "Mirror Force Launcher" since it was destroyed by an effect while it was face-down, allowing him to re-Set it. Playmaker gasps "What?!" and Ai cries that it wasn't "Mirror Force" as he wrings his head (in the dub, he screams that he was off by a word, and Varis comments that one word makes all the difference). Varis adds that he can also now Set "Mirror Force" from his hand, Deck, or Graveyard, and when he does with this effect, he can activate it this turn. Playmaker notes that Varis planned for the effect of "Linkslayer" to misfire, and Ai observes that Varis seems to have completely researched Playmaker's Deck (in the dub, Ai comments that Playmaker's move was as smooth as sandpaper, and Playmaker states that what's done is done). Playmaker admits that it seems so, and he Summons "ROM Cloudia". He explains that when it's Summoned, he can add another Cyberse monster from his Graveyard to his hand. He chooses "Latency" and activates its effect since it was added from the Graveyard to the hand, Special Summoning it. Then he declares that the Summoning conditions are two Cyberse monsters, setting "Latency" and "ROM Cloudia" to Link Summon the Link-2 "Restoration Point Guard". Then he activates the effect of "Latency" since it was Special Summoned by its own effect and then used to Link Summon, drawing a card. Ai asks Playmaker why he's Link Summoning when he knows Varis has "Mirror Force". Playmaker ignores him, chanting "Come! The circuit that leads to the future!" Authorizing the Link Arrows, he explains that the Summoning conditions are at least two Cyberse monsters, setting "Restoration Point Guard" and "Linkslayer" to Link Summon the Link-3 "Excode Talker". He explains that when it is Link Summoned, he can choose a Main Monster Zone for every monster in the Extra Monster Zones and prevent it from being used. "Excode Talker" gathers a green energy orb in its palm as Playmaker declares "Grasp Zone", and the orb comes to rest in Varis's Main Monster Zone to the right of his two Set cards, turning it red. Ai reminds Playmaker that Link Monsters can't be in Defense Position, so they're really bad against "Mirror Force". If he attacks directly...

"Restoration Point Guard" resurrects itself after "Mirror Force" destroys "Excode Talker".

Playmaker promptly orders "Excode Talker" to attack Varis directly, and Ai screams that he isn't listening to him (in the dub, he just screeches). "Excode Talker" extends the green energy switchblades in its shields and charges towards Varis. Varis is surprised that Playmaker is attacking now, but as he wishes he'll face it (in the dub, he states that it's not the move he'd make, but that's why Playmaker isn't as great as him). He activates the Trap Card, "Mirror Force", destroying all of Playmaker's Attack Position monsters. "Mirror Force" emits the blinding blue light, wiping "Excode Talker" from the field. But Playmaker activates the effect of "Restoration Point Guard", since it was Link Summoned this turn and a Link Monster he controls was destroyed, he can Special Summon it from the Graveyard. "Restoration Point Guard" reappears, but Varis simply smiles, pointing out that his Main Monster Zone is no longer locked, and the orb dissolves from the Zone, which fades back to blue. Playmaker declares battle again, and "Restoration Point Guard" attacks Varis directly, blasting a green beam of light at him and reducing him to 3000 LP. Varis mutters that Playmaker is attacking again after he used "Mirror Force", and Playmaker Sets a card of his own to end his turn. Varis smiles, commenting that Playmaker is a worthy opponent and that he'll fully enjoy their final battle. (In the dub, Varis mocks Playmaker's efforts in only dealing 1000 damage. Playmaker retorts that damage is still damage and it will add up as he Sets a card, and Varis states that Playmaker won't be able to add it up quickly enough; Playmaker may have dealt the opening blow, but Varis will deal the final one).

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Varis[edit]

Playmaker vs Varis 43.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Varis
Varis activates the Field Spell Card "Boot Sector Launch", increasing the ATK and DEF of all "Rokket" monsters on the field by 300. Varis activates the effect of "Boot Sector Launch" to Special Summon up to two "Rokket" monsters from his hand in Defense Position. He Special Summons "Shelrokket Dragon" (1100 → 1400/2000 → 2300) and "Metalrokket Dragon" (1700 → 2000/1400 → 1700). Varis Normal Summons "Sniffer Dragon" (800/400). As "Sniffer Dragon" was Normal Summoned, Varis activates its effect to add another copy of "Sniffer Dragon" from his Deck to his hand. Varis uses "Shelrokket", "Metalrokket" and "Sniffer Dragon" to Link Summon "Vorticular Drumgon" (1000/←↓→) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Vorticular Drumgon‎" was Special Summoned, Varis activates its effect to draw a card. Varis activates the Spell Card "Link Coin", sending a Link Monster he controls to the GY to excavate cards from his Deck, equal to the Link Rating of the sent monster, add one of them to his hand, then place the rest on the top of his Deck in any order, then the sent monster is Special Summoned during his next turn. He sends "Vorticular Drumgon‎", excavates three cards, and adds "Mirror Force" to his hand. Varis Sets a card.

Turn 2: Playmaker
As Playmaker controls no monsters, he Special Summons "Linkslayer" (2000/600) by its own effect. Playmaker activates the effect of "Linkslayer", discarding up to two cards from his hand to destroy that many Spell/Trap Cards on the field. He discards "Latency" and destroys Varis' Set card. As the Set "Mirror Force Launcher" was destroyed by Playmaker's card effect and sent to the GY, Varis activates its effect to Set "Launcher" and a "Mirror Force" from his hand, Deck, or GY to his field. These cards can be activated this turn. Playmaker Normal Summons "ROM Cloudia" (1800/0). As "ROM Cloudia" was Normal Summoned, Playmaker activates its effect to add a Cyberse monster from his GY to his hand. He adds "Latency" to his hand. As "Latency" was added from the GY to Playmaker's hand, he activates its effect to Special Summon it (0/0). Playmaker uses "Latency" and "ROM Cloudia" to Link Summon "Restoration Point Guard" (1000/←↙) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Latency" was Special Summoned by its effect and subsequently sent to the GY as a Link Material for a Link Summon, Playmaker activates its effect to draw a card. Playmaker uses the Link-2 "Restoration Point Guard" and "Linkslayer" to Link Summon "Excode Talker" (2300/←↑→) to the Extra Monster Zone. As "Excode Talker" was Link Summoned, Playmaker activates its effect to prevent the use of a number of Main Monster Zones up to the number of cards in the Extra Monster Zones while "Excode Talker" is on the field, in this case one.

"Excode Talker" attacks Varis directly. As Playmaker's monster attacked, Varis activates his face-down Trap Card "Mirror Force" to destroy all Attack Position monsters Playmaker controls. "Excode Talker" is destroyed. As a Link Monster that was Link Summoned using "Restoration Point Guard" as Link Material was destroyed by Varis' card effect while "Restoration Point Guard" was in the GY, Playmaker activates its effect to Special Summon it (1000/←↙). "Restoration Point Guard" attacks Varis directly (Varis: 4000 → 3000 LP). Playmaker Sets a card.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • In the dub, much of the exposition and conflict between Yusaku and Roken in the Kogami household is significantly changed to the point that the shot composition is almost completely different. Kolter's anger and role are toned down, and rather than expose on the specifics of the experiment and the past, a good deal of Yusaku and Roken's conflict comes from morals. Yusaku points out that if the Ignis are evil because they wish to destroy mankind, then they are just as evil if they wish to destroy the Ignis. Yusaku emphasizes Roken's crimes and the fallout that they would have, and expresses a desire to save him even before he does in the climax of their Duel later. Roken states that he knows the effects, but that it's still preferable to the Ignis destroying them.
  • The purposes for the creation of the Ignis are different in the dub. In the original version, Dr. Kogami specifically created the Ignis as the successors of humanity. In the dub, he created them to aid humanity in surviving the approaching challenges they would face.
  • The screens showing that Dr. Kogami's life signs are all at zero are cut from the dub.
  • Yusaku is the one to suggest a final Duel in the dub, rather than Roken re-emphasizing the only way to stop the Tower of Hanoi.
  • In the dub, Yusaku does not realize that Roken taught him his three reasons philosophy until Roken directly tells him; in the original, he worked it out himself after Roken revealed that he alerted the authorities of the Lost Incident.
  • In the dub, Frog's questions in LINK VRAINS about the Tower of Hanoi are less clueless and he demonstrates that he knows what is happening.


  • When "Latency" is first Special Summoned, the DEF gauge that appears mistakenly displays her DEF as being 100, when in actuality she has 0 DEF. This was not corrected in the dub.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Die Geburt Ignis'
Italy Italian La Rivelazione
Brazil Portuguese O Nascimento do Ignis
Mexico Spanish El nacimiento de Ignis