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"Link the Circuit"
"Firewall Dragon" prepares to attack.
"Firewall Dragon" prepares to attack.
EnglishLink the Circuit
Japanese name
Japanese鉄壁てっぺきしゅりゅう ファイアウォール
Base鉄壁の守護竜 ファイアウォール
Furiganaてっぺきのしゅごりゅう ファイアウォール
RōmajiTeppeki no Shugoryū Faiawōru
TranslatedImpregnable Defending Dragon Firewall
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Believe In Magic"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorMasahiro Takada
StoryboardMasahiro Takada
Animation directorAkemi Yokota
Air dates
JapaneseAugust 2, 2017
EnglishOctober 7, 2018
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)

"Link the Circuit", known as "Impregnable Defending Dragon Firewall" in the Japanese version, is the twelfth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on August 2, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on October 7, 2018.

Accompanied by "Firewall Dragon", Playmaker musters every last ounce of his strength to fight against Varis' "Borreload Dragon". Playmaker vows to get revenge for the incident that happened in the past, while Varis plots to eradicate Ai. As the two's beliefs clash, their two dragons also face off against one another!


"Firewall Dragon" activates its effect.

Playmaker and Varis face off; the score stands at Playmaker with 600 LP, controlling the 2800 ATK "Firewall Dragon" and 2600 "Encode Talker", while Varis is still on his full 4000 LP; controlling the 3000 ATK "Borreload Dragon" and two "Magnarokket Dragons" in Defense Position. Playmaker activates the effect of "Firewall Dragon", allowing him to target monsters on the field or in the Graveyard up to the number of monsters that it is co-linked to and return them to the hand. "Firewall Dragon" is currently co-linked with one monster; "Encode Talker", so he can return one card to the hand. He declares "Emergency Escape", and "Firewall Dragon" blasts a burst of electricity from its forehead. Varis muses that he sees, calling it a powerful effect, but monster effects can't target "Borreload Dragon". Ai laments their inability to get rid of "Borreload" since he wants it gone, and Playmaker grimly targets a "Magnarokket Dragon". Varis grins, triumphantly activating the effect of "Magnarokket Dragon" since it was targeted by a Link Monster's effect; destroying it and then sending a monster on the field to the Graveyard. "Magnarokket Dragon" transforms into a blue energy sphere and enters "Borreload Dragon's" cylinder, and he chooses to send "Firewall" to the Graveyard. "Borreload Dragon" fires its cannon-blast, and Playmaker muses that the effect of "Magnarokket Dragon" removes monsters (in the dub, he muses that Varis seems to have a counter for every move he makes, and Ai tells him to interiorly monologue later and act now). Ai tells him not to lose "Firewall", and Playmaker replies that he knows; banishing "Cynet Refresh" from his Graveyard to activate its effect, preventing card effects from affecting his Cyberse Link Monsters until the end of the turn. A blue energy sphere surrounds "Firewall Dragon" and protects it from the blast. Varis notes that Playmaker prevented the destruction of "Firewall", but reminds him that during the End Phase of a turn "Magnarokket Dragon" was destroyed and sent to the Graveyard, he can Special Summon a different "Rokket" monster from his Deck, and he Special Summons "Anesthrokket Dragon" in Defense Position, which gains 300 DEF due to the effect of "Boot Sector Launch", bringing it up to 2500. He ends his turn, much to Ai's relief.

Up above them, Ghost Gal notes that Playmaker managed to destroy "Fire Prison", but he's in bad shape and the next turn will be the decider. In the ruins of the church, Zaizen watches with Blue Angel's comatose body beside him, whispering Playmaker's name and then looking at Blue Angel's motionless form (in the dub, he murmurs her name). Kolter murmurs Yusaku's name as he watches from Café Nom. Ai notes that they have only 600 LP while Varis is undamaged, and they have no cards in their hand, so everything will depend on this next draw (in the dub, he claims that he's come up with a strategy for them to win; just be lucky). Playmaker muses that he's done everything he can in order to battle Varis, and built a Deck to defeat him. For this one moment, he knows that his Deck will respond. Declaring that this is his destiny draw, he announces his turn and draws.

The effects of Varis' "Rokkets" are negated.

He's drawn a Continuous Spell Card, "Battle Buffer", and he celebrates the draw, declaring that this will do. He activates the Continuous Spell, explaining that it will allow him to target monsters Varis controls up to the number of co-linked monsters Playmaker controls and negate their effects. With both "Encode Talker" and "Firewall Dragon", Playmaker is able to negate the effects of two monsters; "Anesthrokket Dragon" and "Magnarokket Dragon". Green beams blast from the Spell and strike the two "Rokkets", turning them grey with a green aura. Ai celebrates, declaring that now they can't become "Borreload's" bullets. Ai tells Playmaker to go, and Playmaker orders "Firewall Dragon" to attack "Borreload Dragon". Varis is surprised that Playmaker is attacking despite "Firewall Dragon" having the lower ATK. Playmaker responds with the effect of "Encode Talker", preventing a monster that it points to from being destroyed in battle, and him from taking damage. Varis asks them what they're thinking, and Ai crows that it means their strategy isn't over yet, much to Varis' shock. "Firewall Dragon" glows red as it attacks with "Tempest Terahertz", but the blast explodes harmlessly off "Borreload Dragon". Playmaker activates the other effect of "Encode Talker", increasing the ATK of "Firewall Dragon" by that of "Borreload". "Firewall Dragon" roars as it returns to blue and rises to 5800 ATK. Varis wonders if there's any point to increasing its ATK after it has attacked.

Playmaker's monsters power up.

Ai replies that there is (in the dub, Ai chants, "Varis is confused, Varis is confused!), and Playmaker activates the effect of "Battle Buffer", placing a Battle Buffer Counter on it as his Cyberse Link Monster battled, which increases their ATK by 700. "Encode Talker" powers up to 3300 ATK, while "Firewall Dragon" skyrockets to 6500 ATK. Ai declares that "Encode Talker" now has more ATK than "Borreload Dragon". Varis smiles, musing that this is what they were going for, and Playmaker orders "Encode Talker" to attack "Borreload Dragon" with "Final Encode". "Encode Talker" extends its shield's blade as it lunges forwards, but Varis activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon"; "Enemy Negation", which lowers the ATK and DEF of a monster by 500 once per turn. He can use the effect during Playmaker's turn, and Playmaker can't activate cards or effects in response. Ai gasps "No way!" as "Borreload Dragon" fires a beam of red energy from its mouth, and Varis notes that naturally, he's reducing the ATK of "Encode Talker". The beam hits, throwing "Encode Talker" back and reducing it to 2800 ATK, and then Varis orders "Borreload" to strike back, and it quickly powers up and fires a massive bullet that slams into "Encode Talker", destroying it and reducing Playmaker to 400 LP. Ai screams that "Encode Talker" was destroyed (in the dub, he snarkily asks if Playmaker has tried *not* losing LP), but Playmaker reminds him that the attack allowed him to place a Battle Buffer Counter on "Battle Buffer", increasing the ATK of "Firewall Dragon" again, to 7200. Varis points out that Playmaker's monsters aren't linked anymore, so "Battle Buffer" is unable to seal the effects of his monsters. The auras around "Anesthrokket" and "Magnarokket" fade, and they regain their color.

"Decode Talker" rises to 4500 ATK.

Emma notes that Playmaker is out of monsters that can attack, and if Varis uses the effect of "Magnarokket Dragon" to send "Firewall Dragon" to the GY in the next turn, he'll have no way to stop Varis from attacking. Varis comments that it seems their match is over, seeing as Playmaker can't attack anymore. Playmaker asks him if he's sure about that, much to his surprise, and Ai asks if Playmaker is going to go for it (in the dub, Varis celebrates countering all his moves and asks how it feels to be such a failure; Playmaker asks Varis why he doesn't tell him that, and AI asks if Playmaker can back up that comment). Playmaker explains that since "Borreload Dragon" activated its effect, he doesn't have to worry about the effect of "Magnarokket". This is his only chance to defeat him. Ai tells him not to mess up, and Playmaker retorts that Ai doesn't have to tell him that. He banishes "Recoded Alive" from his Graveyard to activate its effect, and Varis is shocked that Playmaker is playing a Trap Card from his Graveyard. Playmaker tells "Decode Talker" to resurrect, and he explains that it gains 500 ATK for every monster that it points to, and it points to one - "Borreload Dragon". Varis smiles as "Decode Talker" powers up to 2800 ATK with "Power Integration", and Ai adds that there's more; due to the Field Spell Card, "Cynet Universe", "Decode Talker" gains more ATK. "Decode Talker" rises to 3100 ATK, and then Playmaker adds that the effect of "Battle Buffer" will also increase the ATK of "Decode Talker" by 700 for each of its Battle Buffer Counters for a total of 1400 more ATK, and "Decode Talker" rises to 4500 ATK. Ai cheers that it'll work this time, and Playmaker orders "Decode Talker" to attack "Borreload Dragon" with "Decode Destruction".

"Decode Talker" is sent to the Graveyard.

Varis warns them that he won't let them, activating a Trap Card, "Borrel Cooling". He Tributes a "Rokket" monster, "Anesthrokket", to equip it to "Borreload Dragon". "Borreload Dragon" then gains the effect to target a monster on the field and prevent it from being destroyed by battle or card effects. He activates the effect now, and purple flames surround "Borreload Dragon" as he targets "Magnarokket Dragon". Then he activates the effect of "Magnarokket Dragon" as the effect of a Link Monster targeted it, destroying it to send a monster on the field to the Graveyard, and he targets "Decode Talker". A Graveyard portal opens in the sky, dragging "Decode Talker" inside it, and Varis smiles, claiming that it's really over this time. Playmaker may have the powered-up "Firewall Dragon" on his field, but it's already attacked, and Playmaker has no cards in his hand and only 400 LP, so he'll lose on Varis' next turn.

Playmaker responds that he won't lose because he has three reasons why he must defeat Varis. First, to uncover the truth about what happened ten years ago, a statement that shocks Varis. Second, to regain the time that he lost, and third, to save the one who saved him. In utter shock, Varis whispers "Ten years ago... three things..." Is Playmaker the one from that incident ten years ago? Playmaker replies that that's right; he is the emissary of revenge.

Ghost Gal and Zaizen are both surprised by the mention of an incident ten years ago, and Varis' father gasps that it can't be, admitting that if it's true, then fate is terrifying (in the dub, he comments that destiny never ceases to surprise). Spectre silently logs in behind him as Varis' father turns to him. Kolter watches grimly, and Varis calls Playmaker a fool for helping SOL Technologies without knowing the truth (in the dub, he clarifies that Playmaker should hate SOL Technologies, not the Knights). Zaizen is shocked to learn that SOL Technologies are involved, and Ghost Gal wonders if she's overheard something very interesting and giggles. Playmaker declares that there's only one thing he has to do; crush the Knights of Hanoi and learn everything (in the dub, Playmaker snaps that their attempts to deceive him won't work). Varis flinches back in anger.

Varis is defeated by Playmaker.

He activates the effect of "Parallel Port Armor" from his Graveyard, banishing it and two Link Monsters from his Graveyard - "Decode Talker" and "Encode Talker" - to allow a Link Monster he controls to attack twice this turn. Varis gasps in horror as he realizes that "Firewall Dragon" can attack again. Ai tells Playmaker to go, and Playmaker orders "Firewall Dragon" to attack "Borreload Dragon" with "Tempest Terahertz". As "Firewall Dragon" powers up and blasts its attack at "Borreload", Ai claims that even if "Borreload Dragon" isn't destroyed, Varis will still take damage (in the dub, he does not claim this). The attack hits, causing "Borreload Dragon" to vanish behind a cloud of smoke, and blasting Varis into the rock and leaving a massive crater behind as his LP falls from 4000 to zero in an instant. Ghost Girl cheers that Playmaker won, and Kolter congratulates Yusaku, as Zaizen happily realizes what this means.

Ai takes revenge on Varis.

As "Firewall Dragon" and "Borreload Dragon" vanish, Varis struggles to his knees with a look of utter fury on his face, and Playmaker warns him that he'll be taking the information that Varis promised him. Ai claims that he'll eat it up, and he glows on the surface of Playmaker's Duel Disk. Playmaker watches in shock as Ai emerges in his monstrous form, but even larger than before, and he lunges towards Varis with a snarl as Varis gets to his feet. Varis jumps backwards, but his right arm remains outstretched...and Ai chomps down, severing his arm, causing an explosion of data. Data fragments spark from the wound as Varis backs away, and Ai screams that he'll eat up everything. He lunges for Varis again, and Varis braces himself, gritting his teeth as he clutches his stump...

Varis flees the scene.

And then a lightning bolt strikes from the ceiling of LINK VRAINS, smashing into Ai and causing him to cry out in pain. Playmaker cries, "What?!" and Varis gasps, "Father!" A green beam of light shines on Varis, causing him to rise into the air. Playmaker shields himself from the glare, noting that this must be interference from the outside, and he tells Ai to return. Ai curses, and he withdraws back into Playmaker's Duel Disk. He angrily asks if Varis is trying to escape, but Varis simply replies that he keeps his promises. He throws a glowing blue card to Playmaker, telling him to take it, and the card inserts itself into Playmaker's Deck. Varis explains that it's the removal program, and he warns Playmaker that the winds didn't blow for him today, but as long as Playmaker has that AI, this Duel is only the start. They will meet again.

Playmaker uses the virus-removal program on Blue Angel.

Varis vanishes, and Ai laments his getaway, while Playmaker mutters his name. The rocks in the Data Storm fizzle into data. The Data Storm destroys a few more buildings before finally vanishing as Zaizen watches. He turns to see Playmaker approaching, and Ghost Gal transports in behind him as Zaizen gasps Playmaker's name. Playmaker explains that this is the removal program, and he holds his hand over Blue Angel's body. His hand glows blue as the card appears in it, and data streams from it into Blue Angel's body. LINK VRAINS shines brightly, and Blue Angel smiles in content before vanishing. Zaizen desperately asks where Skye is, and Ghost Gal reassures him that she was able to log out. Zaizen realizes what this means, and Ghost Gal nods, telling him to go to her. Zaizen happily agrees, and he turns to Playmaker to thank him, but Playmaker is already walking away, and as Ghost Gal asks him if he's already leaving, he logs out. Ghost Gal comments on Playmaker's cool attitude (in the dub, she comments that he's not about long or short goodbyes, and bids him goodbye) while Zaizen mentally thanks him.

Skye wakes up from her coma.

Zaizen runs out of SOL Technologies, and to his surprise he finds his chauffeur, Nathaniel, waiting for him. He asks what he's doing here, and Nathaniel replies that he received an anonymous tip (in the dub, he notes in response to Zaizen asking how he knew he was her that he's always here). He asks Zaizen to get in; he'll take him to his sister. Zaizen muses that it must have been Emma's doing. In Café Nom, Yusaku weakly walks out of his VR pod, and Kolter catches him, asking if he's okay. Yusaku reassures him that he is, and he asks how Skye is. At the hospital, Zaizen desperately runs through the hospital and into Skye's room, calling her name. Her eyelids stir, and she opens her eyes, whispering "big brother..." Zaizen cries her name in relief, and Skye apologizes. He reassures her that she doesn't have to say anything; just rest. Skye smiles and closes her eyes, and tears begin to hit her pillow as Zaizen whispers, "Thank goodness..." Tears of joy run down his face as he looks down at his sister with a tender smile, and Skye smiles back at him (in the dub, Zaizen jokingly tells Skye not to tell anyone that she saw him like this).

Back in Café Nom, Kolter smiles and he reassures Yusaku that Skye is okay. He looks over as Ai grumpily comments that Yusaku has fallen asleep, and he calls him lazy (in the dub, adding that Yusaku's journey is just getting started despite this happy ending). Kolter smiles, commenting that heroes deserve rest. Ai asks if Kolter really thinks that Yusaku is a hero, and he claims that a hero is someone like him; smart, and wonderful, and cool (in the dub, he asks why someone doesn't give him a hand, and promptly gets grabbed by Kolter). He's cut off as Kolter grabs Yusaku's Duel Disk and brings it over, and he asks what Kolter's doing. Kolter explains that he's going to analyze the program that Ai ate. He begins typing, and Ai incredulously asks if Kolter is looking at his private parts before calling him a pervert. Kolter points out that he doesn't technically need to do this if Ai tells him which program he ate. Ai thinks for a bit, trying to come up with an answer, and Kolter comments that it was pointless to ask. Ai sweatdrops, protesting that Kolter is no fun (in the dub, Ai asks him not to open a folder called "Binary Bays". Kolter comments that now he really wants find that file, and Ai protests that it's not wrong to have a thing for elegant coating while the value strings are aligned in the right order, before he sweatdrops, commenting that he's said too much).

Varis talks with his father.

In the Knights of Hanoi's control room, Varis transports back in, clutching his shoulder. His father teleports in as well, much to his surprise, and he asks if Varis let his guard down, commenting that it's not like him, or was he shaken by Playmaker mentioning that incident from ten years ago. Varis apologizes, and his arm reforms out of red data fragments. He promises that he will defeat Playmaker next time, but his father reassures him that it's all right, as he was able to gather useful data from the Duel. But if they can't acquire that Ignis, then they'll have to proceed with their final plan (in the dub, Varis' father is harsher on him). He states that he'll begin making preparations, and Varis replies that he understands, bowing to his father, who disappears. Varis muses on Playmaker's "three reasons" speech pattern, and he wonders if Playmaker is really...(his musings are cut from the dub).

At SOL Technologies, Bishop comments that Zaizen learned something that he shouldn't have. Knight agrees that it's dangerous to keep him in his current position before he becomes too curious. Rook asks about his successor, and Knight suggests Kitamura due to his ambition; if they offer him a promotion, then he'll happily accept it. Rook wryly comments that Kitamura is predictable, and those kinds of pieces are good pieces.

Yusaku dreams about his Duel with Varis; remembering Varis explaining to him that the Ignis aren't regular A.I., unlike previous attempts to create programs which lacked a certain quality to be considered life-forms. Yusaku wakes up with a gasp (gasping "free will" in the dub, as he dreamt about that in the dub) and Kolter notes that Yusaku is awake, and he states that he's almost finished analyzing Ai's data. Yusaku asks if he's learned anything, and Kolter comments that Yusaku is also curious about what Varis said (in the dub, he asks if Kolter believes what Varis said, and Kolter notes that it's odd for Yusaku to be doubting himself now after seeming so sure before). Yusaku recalls Varis telling him that Ignis were A.I. with free will (in the dub, Varis had been talking about how the Knights of Hanoi were in the right). Yusaku hadn't believed it, retorting that a program couldn't have free will. He muses on the concept of A.I. with free will, commenting that Varis claimed that free will equals life, so Ai (who is currently snoozing on the table) must actually be alive, which is why the Knights of Hanoi desperately want him. Kolter asks how Yusaku can prove that Ai is alive, since it's not like he has a beating hear or anything. Ai grumpily asks what they're talking about, and Kolter explains that they're discussing whether or not he is alive. Ai muses that he sees; this must have been what Varis was talking about when he was asleep. Ai claims that of course he's alive, and he rotates his eye to prove it. Yusaku asks him if he can prove it, but Ai claims that he'll learn soon enough.

Yusaku and Kolter are unimpressed by Ai's body.

An image flashes up on the screen, depicting a fuzzy figure. Kolter asks if it's image data, and he calls the program incomprehensible and notes that it can't be analyzed. Ai begins to explain why, but then he asks if they want him to tell them, since he's already finished analyzing it. Yusaku tells him not to be arrogant, or he'll disassemble his program. Ai cheekily tells him not to be impatient, and he admits that he doesn't know if he should show this to humans, but they're special, so they should thank him (in the dub, he informs them that this is his true form now). With that, the image of his eye vanishes from the surface of Yusaku's Duel Disk, and then it glows with a golden light. The surface begins to bubble, and arms and legs begin to emerge; a black being with purple markings on his skin. A pair or orange eyes snap open, and Ai, his body restored for the first time in five years, throws out his arms and asks how this is; this is his true form. He retrieved his body's program from the Knights of Hanoi...and he's tiny, barely a third of the length of a person's arm. Ai comments that he's cute and cool, right? He claims that he's powerful and invincible, and he asks how they like it. Yusaku asks if this is it, and Kolter asks if he remembers anything else. Ai thinks for a moment, and then admits that the program that he ate only contained his body.

Kolter and Yusaku immediately turn away from Ai and begin typing, much to his shock. Kolter suggests that they recheck and see if they overlooked anything, and Yusaku agrees. Ai protests at their lack of reaction after seeing his body, like surprise or happiness, and he begs them to look at them more in the dub, he asks what will impress them if ten fingers and free will won't, and Yusaku suggests silence. Ai grumpily admits, "Ai should have seen that coming", and tries to explain his joke, but gets no response).

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Varis[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Playmaker has 600 LP and controls "Firewall Dragon" (2800/↑←↓→) in the Extra Monster Zone and "Encode Talker" (2600/↑↓↘) in the Main Monster Zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Firewall Dragon" points to, so that they are co-linked, as well as "Cynet Universe" in his Field Zone and 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Varis has 4000 LP and controls "Borreload Dragon" (3000/←↙↘→) in the Extra Monster Zone and 2 copies of "Magnarokket Dragon" (2100/1500), both in Defense Position, as well as "Boot Sector Launch" in his Field Zone.

Turn 7: Varis
Playmaker activates the effect of "Firewall Dragon", targeting monsters on the field and/or GY up to the number of monsters co-linked to "Firewall Dragon" and returning them to the hand. "Firewall Dragon" is co-linked to 1 monster: "Encode Talker". The effect of "Borreload Dragon" prevents either player from targeting it with monster effects. Playmaker targets "Magnarokket Dragon". As a Link Monster's effect is activated that targets the face-up "Magnarokket" on the field, Varis activates its effect, destroying it, then sending a monster on the field to the GY. As Varis' monster activated its effect, Playmaker activates the effect of "Cynet Refresh" in his GY, banishing it to prevent Cyberse Link Monsters he currently controls from being affected by other card effects until the end of this turn. The effect of "Magnarokket" resolves, but "Firewall Dragon" and "Encode Talker" are unaffected by other card effects. During the End Phase, as "Magnarokket" is in the GY because it was destroyed on the field by battle or card effect and sent there this turn, Varis activates its effect, Special Summoning a different "Rokket" monster from his Deck. He Special Summons "Anesthrokket Dragon" (0/2200) in Defense Position. The effect of "Boot Sector Launch" increases the ATK/DEF of all "Rokket" monsters on the field by 300 ("Anesthrokket" 0/2200 → 300/2500).

Turn 8: Playmaker
Playmaker draws and subsequently activates the Continuous Spell Card "Battle Buffer", targeting monsters Varis controls, up to the number of co-linked monsters Playmaker controls and preventing those monsters from activating their effects while Playmaker controls co-linked monsters, also "Battle Buffer" is destroyed during the End Phase of this turn. Playmaker controls the co-linked "Encode Talker" and "Firewall Dragon", so he targets "Magnarokket" and "Anesthrokket". "Firewall Dragon" attacks "Borreload Dragon". Before damage calculation, as Playmaker's monster "Encode Talker" points to battled Varis' monster with higher ATK than it, Playmaker activates its effect, making that monster unable to be destroyed by that battle, also Playmaker takes no battle damage from that battle, then after that damage calculation, either "Encode Talker" or a monster it points to gains ATK equal to the ATK of Varis' monster that battled, until the end of this turn. The attack continues and "Firewall Dragon" is not destroyed. After damage calculation, "Firewall Dragon" gains ATK equal to that of "Borreload Dragon" ("Firewall Dragon": 2800 → 5800 ATK). After damage calculation, as Playmaker's Cyberse Link Monster battled, the effect of "Battle Buffer" activates, placing a Battle Buffer Counter on it ("Battle Buffer": 0 → 1 Battle Buffer Counter). The effect of "Battle Buffer" increases the ATK of all Cyberse Link Monsters Playmaker controls by 700 for each Battle Buffer Counter on it ("Encode Talker": 2600 → 3300 ATK, "Firewall Dragon": 5800 → 6500 ATK). "Encode Talker" attacks "Borreload Dragon". Varis activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon", targeting a face-up monster on the field and decreasing its ATK/DEF by 500. He targets "Encode Talker" ("Encode Talker": 3300 → 2800 ATK). The attack continues and "Encode Talker" is destroyed (Playmaker: 600 → 400 LP). After damage calculation, as Playmaker's Cyberse Link Monster battled, the effect of "Battle Buffer" activates, placing a Battle Buffer Counter on it ("Battle Buffer": 1 → 2 Battle Buffer Counter, "Firewall Dragon": 6500 → 7200 ATK). As Playmaker no longer controls any co-linked monsters, the effects of "Magnarokket" and "Anesthrokket" are no longer negated.

As Playmaker controls no monsters in the Extra Monster Zone, he activates the effect of "Recoded Alive" in his GY, banishing it, then targeting one of his banished "Code Talker" monsters to Special Summon it. He targets and Special Summons "Decode Talker" (2300 → 2600 → 4000/↙↑↘) such that its top-center Link Arrow points to "Borreload Dragon" ("Decode Talker": 4000 → 4500 ATK). "Decode Talker" attacks "Borreload Dragon". Varis activates his face-down Trap "Borrel Cooling", Tributing a Level 3 or lower "Rokket" monster, then targeting a "Borrel" Link Monster he controls to equip "Borrel Cooling" to it. He Tributes the Level 1 "Anesthrokket", then targets and equips "Borreload Dragon" with "Borrel Cooling". As "Borrel Cooling" is equipped to a monster by its effect, its effect makes the equipped "Borreload Dragon" gain an effect. Varis activates the effect of "Borreload Dragon" gained from "Borrel Cooling", targeting a monster he controls and preventing it from being destroyed by battle or card effects this turn. He targets "Magnarokket". As a Link Monster's effect is activated that targets the face-up "Magnarokket" on the field, Varis activates its effect, destroying it, then sending a monster on the field to the GY. He sends "Decode Talker". Playmaker activates the effect of "Parallel Port Armor" in his GY, banishing it and two Link Monsters from his GY, then targeting a Link Monster he controls to allow it to make a second attack during each Battle Phase this turn. He banishes "Parallel Port Armor", "Decode Talker", and "Encode Talker", then targets "Firewall Dragon". "Firewall Dragon" attacks and destroys "Borreload Dragon" (Varis: 4000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Unüberwindbarer Schutzdrache Firewall!
Italy Italian I Misteri del Passato
Brazil Portuguese Firewall, o Dragão da Defesa Insuperável!
Mexico Spanish El dragón defensivo inexpugnable, Firewall