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"Under VRAINS"
The seed that Dr. Kogami and Varis planted grows in the depths of LINK VRAINS.
The seed that Dr. Kogami and Varis planted grows in the depths of LINK VRAINS.
EnglishUnder VRAINS
Japanese name
RōmajiNaraku-e no Tobira
TranslatedDoorway to the Abyss
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Writing Life"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayJunki Takegami
DirectorRyuta Yamamoto
StoryboardTsukasa Sunaga
Animation directorGill Bo No
Air dates
JapaneseDecember 6, 2017
EnglishDecember 9, 2018
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"Kolter's Khronicles"
Next"Showdown in the Sewers"

"Under VRAINS", known as "Doorway to the Abyss" in the Japanese version, is the thirtieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on December 6, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on December 9, 2018.

Yusaku questions why Varis didn't show up at all during the Deleted Incident. In order to clear things up, he enters LINK VRAINS to investigate. There, he runs into Ghost Gal, who is also investigating something. The two then discover a place where something abnormal is happening...


The light in the pit where the seed was dropped has become magenta.

As a Data Storm flows through LINK VRAINS at night, green rivers of data run through the underground sewers and into the pit where Varis and Dr. Kogami dropped their seed - and instead of a blue light at its bottom, the light is now a deep magenta, a tentacled sphere of energy surrounded by a swirling Data Storm, absorbing data and expelling a jolt of red electricity.

Yusaku and Ai both feel the shock as Yusaku is walking with his school bag, people passing him by.

At SOL Technologies, Kitamura reports to Rook, Knight and Bishop that his A.I. Duelist Squad purged the three Knights of Hanoi from LINK VRAINS. Bishop congratulates him, and Kitamura thanks him, but Bishop warns him that he knows the consequences if something like this happens again (in the dub, he reminds Kitamura that it was his fault that the Knights got so far in the first place). Kitamura reassures him that he's already taken steps to prevent that, and he shows him a viewscreen of his A.I. army patrolling the Data Storms and the ground within LINK VRAINS. He claims that the last Hanoi leftovers will be purged soon. Bishop muses that he sees (in the dub, he is more skeptical), and Kitamura states that he'll pursue the Ignis again and accomplish what Zaizen was too incompetent to do. The hologram fades as Bishop states that he's counting on Kitamura. Kitamura smirks, declaring that this will be a great day for SOL Technologies, and he'll get his promotion (in the dub, having claimed he'll deliver the Ignis to Bishop on a silver platter, he thinks that it will be lined with wealth, and that even "Monster Reborn" couldn't resurrect his career like he did). He exits the room humming to himself in satisfaction, and one of his staff gasps his name. Kitamura asks what she wants, telling her to say whatever she wants (in the dub, he claims that it can't be that bad), and she tells him that the A.I. Duelist Squad is vanishing one after another. Kitamura starts and goes into a cold sweat, protesting that the systems must be malfunctioning as the globe showing the army's status begins going red again. Another of his staff confirms that there's no malfunctions; the squad is being deleted. Kitamura asks if they're trying to delete his career, and the first staff states that the squad is vanishing all over LINK VRAINS as the globe map switches to a wider count, quickly turning purple. Kitamura orders them to expel the normal Duelists, but the staff member protests that they have no control over LINK VRAINS. Kitamura laments that his promotion is going away and he falters (in the dub, she asks what his orders are, and Kitamura states that they're to fix this or they're all fired. She then asks him to be more specific on the how, and Kitamura weakly says they can figure it out).

Varis visits Café Nom in the real world.

At Café Nom, Kolter hands an order to a white-haired teenager - unbeknownst to him, the true identity of Varis - thanking him as usual and asking him to come again. The teen replies that this will be his last time, and Kolter asks if he's moving away. The teen comments that it's something like that, and he looks at Yusaku, who is typing at his tablet as he walks away, Kolter telling him that he's also at the public viewing plaza and to come visit. Once the teen is out of earshot, Ai shoots out of Yusaku's Duel Disk as Yusaku drinks from a straw, commenting that Kolter has lost another customer. He suggests that he could be Kolter's mascot if he wants to sell more. Kolter comments that he'd be a lame mascot, and Ai asks if he's lame. Kolter tells Ai that he's very, very lame, then he asks Yusaku how it's going. (In the dub, Kolter tells Varis that his two hotdogs have everything on them, and Varis asks if they have marshmellows. When told that they don't, he notes that they technically don't have everything on them, and Kolter admits that he's got him there, but they're still good. Ai then pops out to congratulate him on his total day's sales of two, and Kolter comments that it's a lot better than one, which Ai admits is technically true.) Yusaku notes that the remaining Knights of Hanoi have been eliminated, and normal Avatars have returned. Kolter adds that peace has returned to LINK VRAINS, but Ai notes that it could be the calm before the storm. Kolter states that Varis is the only remaining problem, and Ai asks if he didn't run away (in the dub, he notes that he'll be out for payback). Yusaku replies that Varis isn't the type to run away, and there must be a reason why he hasn't appeared (in the dub, he doesn't know what's worse, simply knowing that Varis is up to something or not knowing at all).

In the depths of LINK VRAINS, the energy sphere crackles again, disrupting the image of the A.I. army on Yusaku's tablet and sensed by both Yusaku and Ai. Kolter asks what's wrong, and Ai asks Yusaku if he felt it too. Yusaku agrees, wondering what that weird feeling was (in the dub, he states that he saw something - an energy sphere with tentacles, which Kolter comments is called an octopus). Kolter asks if something happened, and Yusaku explains that he felt something strange just now (in the dub, he states it wasn't an octopus). Ai explains that it's because of his Link Sense, and Yusaku suggests that they thoroughly check LINK VRAINS (in the dub, he decides to find out what the sphere is).

Zaizen and Emma talk in Green Park.

In Green Park, Zaizen talks with Emma, noting that there's currently nothing wrong with LINK VRAINS, and that it's been officially announced that the Knight of Hanoi have left. Emma asks if Zaizen called just to tell her that, but Zaizen states that contrary to the official statement, each division has requested more operators and programmers. Emma kneels down and strokes a flower, musing on what it means (in the dub, she comments that it doesn't hurt to be careful), and Zaizen states that the Knights of Hanoi wouldn't retreat so easily, and Varis is still in hiding. Emma states that she sees; something is happening when nothing seems to be happening; it's the perfect time to find treasure. Zaizen asks if that is the cyber treasure hunter's creed, and Emma replies that it is. She states that if she finds something, she'll let Zaizen have it for a price, and she winks (in the dub, Zaizen tells her to only report to him, and Emma agrees, since they can't have his bosses find out about it; it'll be their little secret). Zaizen grins, commenting that she's only getting it thanks to his info, suggesting a discount. Emma replies that they'll see (this last exchange is cut from the dub)

In the Knights of Hanoi's control room, Varis and Spectre materialize. Varis declares that the die has been cast, looking at the bodies of Faust, Baira, and Dr. Genome. He states that losing them is a serious blow, and that he lost them because he was focused on Playmaker, but right now is not the time for sentimentality, as they have become the foundation to fulfill their plan (in the dub, he is sentimental, lamenting over their loss). Spectre agrees, but notes that they still don't know Playmaker's true identity and he asks if that's all right. Varis replies that their plan must succeed even if it costs him his life, and he'll eliminate anyone who interferes, no matter who (in the dub, he vows to sacrifice his obsession with Playmaker as the Commanders did for him).

In Café Nom, Kolter works at his keyboard, and Ai asks him what he's setting in LINK VRAINS. Kolter states that it's the LVSS - the LINK VRAINS Searching System - so that he won't miss the tiniest anomaly. He states that it will even allow him to track their location in real time (in the dub, Ai presses his buttons by calling a hotdog a sandwich as he is explaining). Yusaku takes notice as the system settles in Zone c01p03, and Kolter states that he included other support functions, but they're about 80% and can't be fully used yet, but he'll finish it when he can. Yusaku nods, and then the core flickers again, causing Yusaku and Ai to sense it. Kolter asks if they've sensed something again, and Yusaku gasps softly as the LVSS shows something at a junction in between the "a" Zones. Kolter gasps that LINK VRAINS' infrastructure program may have been altered (in the dub, he's sure of it), and Yusaku gets up, causing Ai to lose his balance. Kolter asks him if he's going, and Yusaku nods. Ai states that he has a bad feeling about this and suggests that they don't go. Yusaku tells Kolter that the course of events are different than before, and Ai snarks that he should change the course of this conversation. Yusaku states that first, Varis has always acted in public, but this time he hasn't shown himself; second, Yusaku is sensing that something will happen in LINK VRAINS, (Ai tells him that's his Link Sense) and third, if Varis won't make a move, Yusaku will track him down (in the dub, it's first because the Knights of Hanoi may be behind this and they must be stopped; second because regardless the infrastructure of LINK VRAINS is at stake, and third, because him surfacing may entice Varis out). He sets his Deck into his Duel Disk, declaring "Into the VRAINS!" as he transforms into his Avatar and he logs into LINK VRAINS.

Ghost Gal releases a cloud of data fireflies.

Atop a building in LINK VRAINS as people Duel and watch the news like they normally do, Ghost Gal looks around and observes that everything seems normal. She looks at the flowing Data Storms, and she notes that a cyber treasure hunter has various tools for these situations (in the dub, she also makes an onion metaphor to what's going on). She taps a command into her Duel Disk, releasing a sphere of green light, asking "everyone" to let her know if they find any treasure. The sphere pulses, and Ghost Gal smiles, suggesting that they go on (she identifies them as fireflies at this point in the dub). It ascends and explodes into four streams of small green particles, and Ghost Gal pulls up a map of LINK VRAINS on her Duel Disk to track their progress, declaring that she's counting on them. Playmaker has also entered LINK VRAINS, and he lands on his Duel Board and rides the Data Storm. Ai protests that something weird is going on and that he feels that they're in danger. He begs Playmaker to go home since it's dangerous, and Playmaker states that they have to find the source. Ai protests that they can find it another day (in the dub, this is shortened; Kolter contacts Playmaker and asks how it's going; Playmaker replies that something's happening, and Ai agrees; something dangerous). Then the core flickers again, and Playmaker spins out before regaining his path. His icon on Kolter's computer pulses, and Kolter wonders what's going on (in the dub, he asks Playmaker directly; Playmaker replies that it's fine). Ai gasps that it was really strong and begs Playmaker to let them return another time (in the dub, he snarks at him for claiming that it's fine). Playmaker reiterates that something is happening in LINK VRAINS (in the dub, he points out that they are fine; since the pulses are getting stronger, they're getting closer), and then he notices a swarm of Ghost Gal's particles. Ai asks what they are; fireflies? (In the dub, he comments that they're not the only ones). Playmaker immediately follows them, and when they leave the path of his Data Storm, he leaps off his Duel Board and follows them on foot, leaping from rooftop to rooftop, catching up to them in an alleyway. Ai asks if they're taking a break, or are they reacting to something over there?

Ghost Gal tells them to leave the fireflies alone from a nearby rooftop (in the dub, she comments that she's not surprised to see them). Ai comments that it's her again, and she comments that wasn't a nice greeting and she could say the same about them (in the dub, he calls her Gore Gal; Ghost Gal decides it was close enough). Ai repeats her name as she jumps down (in the dub he tells her to spill it after Playmaker asks if she'll share her info), and Playmaker asks her why she's here. She explains that she received a tip that something was happening in LINK VRAINS (in the dub, she snarks about fifty percent of them asking nicely, but agrees to tell them). Playmaker asks "tip?" and she states that since they're here it means that it wasn't a false tip. Ai asks what the fireflies are, and Ghost Gal explains that they're guides in finding treasure; they find and tell her about interesting items. Ai sighs, commenting that the program is unfair, just like her. Ghost Gal calls them reliable partners, and Playmaker tells her that the path ahead is dangerous and that she should log out. Ghost Gal accuses him of planning to steal her treasure, and she comments that the greater the danger, the greater the rewards. She taps a command into her Duel Disk, causing a data circle to appear on the ground under her fireflies that open a hole in the ground. Ghost Gal comments "See ya" and leaps into the hole. Ai suggests that they let her investigate while they stay here (in the dub, he lovingly praises her for leaping into danger without a second thought; she's everything that he hopes he'll never be), but Playmaker states that his goals differ from Ghost Gal's, and he also leaps into the hole, which closes behind him.

The path in the sewers divides in two.

He joins Ghost Gal beside a river of luminescent data, surprised that LINK VRAINS has a sewer system. Ghost Gal explains that it's for unnecessary data, and Playmaker comments that Ghost Gal is well-informed. She asks who he thinks she is, and reminds him that she's a treasure hunter who's explored many virtual worlds. Ai explains that the data is flowing to a data reprocessing plant (in the dub, he snarks about doing their dirty work in the sewers; Ghost Gal explains about the path to the plant), which he knows because he saw a lot of them while he was on the run. The path soon diverges in two, and Ai asks what they should do (in the dub, he snarks about "paths" being the word rather than "path"). Ghost Gal pulls up her map, noting that her fireflies have gone right, and Ai asks her if she's found something. She notes that they could go left or right, and they have to split apart, so which way should they go (in the dub, she suggests going right while they go left)?

Ai performs a "Destiny Draw".

Ai suggests that they decide with a game, and Ghost Gal comments "Good idea!" in English (in the dub, Ai states that it's not that he doesn't trust her, but he doesn't trust her, and Ghost Gal cheerfully agrees that he shouldn't), clapping her hands and commenting that this is why he's Playmaker's A.I. Ai admits that he likes receiving praise, but he has a name, and it's Ai. Ghost Gal calls it a cute name, and she asks if it's because he's an A.I. Ai protests that it's too simple a reason, before claiming that she's wrong (in the dub, he laments that he's never received a compliment from a meatbag). Ghost Gal suggests that whoever draws the lovelier card from her Deck gets to choose the path. She pulls out her Deck, and Ai flexes and he claims that he's super confident in his drawing skills. Then he wonders if Ghost Gal will cheat, and she tells him not to be silly; what benefit would there be in that? (In the dub, she claims that she could never trick an A.I. as intelligent as him, and Ai agrees). Playmaker watches as she thoroughly shuffles her Deck, before fanning it out and holding it out for Ai to pick a card. Ai gets himself psyched up, chanting "My right arm is yearning to draw. It whispers to me that it wants a card. Your Deck will respond to this feeling, this desire! This is my special Destiny Draw! ("Right arm energized for maximum draw efficiency! Switching over to card selection mode! Deck analysis program optimized and engaged! Commence processing! HEART OF THE CARDS! GUIDE ME! IIIIIIII DRAW!" in the dub.)

Ai's "Destiny Draw" results in "Fake Trap".

But he draws "Fake Trap" and holds it out in embarrassment (in the dub, he asks if it's pretty). Ghost Gal takes the card back, commenting that it's too bad that it isn't lovely at all and that he failed. Ai slumps in disappointment, and Ghost Gal comments that it's so bad that she doesn't even have to draw. She pockets her Deck and states that she'll go right and Playmaker can go left. She crosses the data river over some stray flakes and runs off, and Ai laments that he can't believe that he drew that card. Playmaker comments that the Deck was full of bad cards, and Ai realizes that Ghost Gal cheated. Playmaker agrees that she did so using the simplest trick. Ai laments that she tricked him for the third time, and Playmaker states that it doesn't make a difference in running into danger; their goal is to find the cause of the abnormalities. As Ghost Gal runs, she apologizes to Playmaker, as the treasure is this way. The fireflies round a corner, and she follows them through a door. She leaps down an incline, and then another longer one, firing a grappling hook from her Duel Disk and using it to slow her descent.

A data monster attacks Playmaker.

Meanwhile, as Playmaker walks down his own path, three spines break the surface of the data. Ai asks him if he saw that, and Playmaker replies that he did. A shadow swims past them, and Ai comments that he thinks that it went away. But as Playmaker comes to another fork, something erupts from the data, and Ai gasps that there it is. Playmaker backs away as the creature steps out of the data, a vaguely reptilian humanoid composed of fizzling data. It raises a clawed hand, and reaches for Playmaker, but he dives under its legs and flees down the canal. The monster turns its faceless head towards Playmaker and as he runs, Ai screams that he told him this was dangerous. Playmaker snaps at him to be quiet (in the dub, he tells him to go faster, and Playmaker snaps that he knows).

Ghost Gal discovers the energy sphere.

Ghost Gal runs alongside her fireflies, spotting a barrier up ahead. She wonders if it's the reprocessing plant, and she reaches the barrier, wondering what it is. She reaches out to touch it, and it ripples at her touch. She unsheathes a knife, hacking through the barrier, which explodes, allowing her to pass through. She asks if this is the core of LINK VRAINS' processing system (in the dub, she comments that it's a tad bigger than her usual treasures), as she beholds the magenta energy core in front of her. The core flickers again, causing Playmaker to stumble as he flees from the data monster, and Kolter picks up some fluctuating energy readings, asking what's going on (in the dub, he contacts Yusaku). Ghost Gal orders her fireflies to gather the data, and they surge into the core. They swiftly recreate a schematic of the processing plant, and she tells them to keep it up. Her other fireflies pour in from other sluices, and Ghost Gal is pleased to see them, calling them wonderful.

Meanwhile, Playmaker gets up and dodges a tail swipe from the data monster before resuming running. Ai cries that the shocks are getting stronger, and Playmaker wonders if there's a great danger coming (in the dub, Playmaker states that he isn't trying to run slowly).

Varis emerges from the shadows.

As Ghost Gal's fireflies continue to analyze the energy core, the energy readings they record increase to the maximum. Ghost Gal gasps, commenting that this is a crazy amount of energy; a huge quantity of energy is entering the reprocessing system. She asks why, and wonders what is happening. Her fireflies return to her in four batches, but a small number head towards another canal. Ghost Gal swings over to it with her grappling hook, and she sees them flowing past a silhouette. The voice of Varis comments that he didn't expect to see Ghost Gal here (in the dub, he tells her that she never should have come here), and lightning crackles as he walks out of the canal, commenting that she's snooping around. Ghost Gal backs away, but then lightly dances to the side and claims that she just got lost. She states that she'll just leave now, absorbing her fireflies into her Duel Disk and running for the canal, but elongated hexagonal bars slam down, cutting off her path. She gasps and looks fearfully at Varis, who warns her that he can't let her leave since she's seen this place. Ghost Gal looks at him for a while and then admits that she expected that (in the dub, she states that she doesn't need his permission). She fires her grappling hook past his head, swinging back to the platform she entered from, but to her horror, more bars slam down in front of her. Varis tells her that it's pointless, and she asks him what he'll do after he captures her (in the dub, she protests that she doesn't know what she's looking at). Varis asks her if she wants to leave that badly, and Ghost Gal replies that if she stays with him, she thinks she's in trouble (in the dub, he points out that someone she shows her data to might; Ghost Gal is the one to suggest a Duel). Varis suggests that she help him tune his Deck; if she wins their Duel he'll let her go. Ghost Gal states that she sees, commenting that it's not a bad offer, and Varis smirks as a Data Storm begins to whirl.

Varis pursues Ghost Gal, cutting off her escape.

Ghost Gal apologizes, deciding to pass (in the dub, Varis's confidence gives her second thoughts). She leaps off the ledge and summons her Duel Board, jetting away past Varis, but more bars slam down on every entrance. She tries to log out, but just gets a system error. Varis catches up to on his own Duel Board, commenting that she can't log out of this area, and a door slams shut on the main canal above them. He asks if she's ready to Duel, and Ghost Gal admits that she guesses she has to. They both call "Speed Duel!" and Ghost Gal goes first, Summoning "Altergeist Marionetter", then activating its effect since it was Summoned, Setting a Trap Card from her Deck. Then she Sets another card and ends her turn, and Varis smiles.

Playmaker is still fleeing from the data monster as it roars and swipes at them. Ai tells Playmaker to run faster or it'll catch them, and the monster's tail and footsteps begin tearing into the material of the canal, and as Ghost Gal and Varis continue to circle the energy sphere, it continues to pulse and fluctuate...

Featured Duel: Ghost Gal vs. Varis[edit]

Ghost Girl VS Varis.png

The Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel.

Turn 1: Ghost Gal
Ghost Gal Normal Summons "Altergeist Marionetter" (1600/1700). As "Marionetter" was Normal Summoned, Ghost Gal activates its effect, Setting an "Altergeist" Trap directly from her Deck to her Spell & Trap Zone. She Sets "Altergeist Manifestation". Ghost Gal Sets a card.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Tor zum Abgrund
Italy Italian I Misteri nel Link VRAINS
Brazil Portuguese Porta para o Abismo
Mexico Spanish Las puertas del infierno


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