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"A Piece of the Puzzle"
Playmaker assembles his Link Monsters in a precise formation.
Playmaker assembles his Link Monsters in a precise formation.
EnglishA Piece of the Puzzle
Japanese name
RōmajiYuzurenai Seigi
TranslatedUnyielding Justice
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Believe In Magic"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 27, 2017
EnglishNovember 4, 2018
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 1)
Previous"The Lost Incident"
Next"Story Time!"

"A Piece of the Puzzle", known as "Unyielding Justice" in the Japanese version, is the twentieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 27, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on the same day, and aired in Canada on November 4, 2018.

Zaizen manages to drive Playmaker into a corner. However, Playmaker fights back with everything he got, performing multiple Link Summons in a row in order to turn the battle around. Zaizen and Playmaker then proceed to duke it out with their ace monsters.


Playmaker and Zaizen face off; Playmaker with 500 LP and the 2500 ATK "Firewall Dragon" and Zaizen with 1100 LP, the single 0 DEF "Tindangle Token" and the 3000 ATK "Tindangle Acute Cerberus". Playmaker asks Zaizen again who the mastermind behind the Hanoi Project is and tells Zaizen to answer him, but Zaizen refuses (in the dub, he expresses regret for telling Playmaker that he knew) calling it pointless as it would simply increase Playmaker's hatred and turn him into a devil of revenge and this must end here (in the dub, he talks for longer, telling Playmaker that he doesn't have to let those memories haunt him). Blue Angel looks at Playmaker in concern, and Ghost Gal closes her eyes and looks away. Ai rises from Playmaker's Duel Disk, noting that the two of them are on parallel tracks (in the dub, he likens Zaizen to someone who would offer them a cookie and then call them fat for eating it). Playmaker agrees, much to Ai's surprise, and he admits that he's touched that their opinions are the same. Zaizen muses that it seems he has to stop them here, and Playmaker tells him to go ahead and try. Zaizen claims that the goddess of victory is on his side, and he resumes the Duel (in the dub, he comments that it seems he has no choice; Playmaker tells him that he never did, and Zaizen admits that he may be right, but warns Playmaker to remember that he did have a choice).

"Firewall Dragon" is banished.

He declares his turn and draws, declaring that he'll finish Playmaker off this turn and that this will be the final attack. He declares battle, ordering "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" to attack "Firewall Dragon" with "Isometric Inferno". "Acute Cerberus" opens one of its heads and launches a stream of fire at "Firewall Dragon", and Ghost Gal notes to herself that "Tindangle" monsters are invincible due to the effects of "Morley's Shield" and "Nagel's Protection", and if the conditions for "Gergonne's End" are met, Playmaker will lose. Even if they aren't, Playmaker will lose if he takes this attack due to the damage-doubling effect in play (in the dub, her thoughts are shortened). Zaizen tells Playmaker that it's over, and Ai freaks out, begging Playmaker to do something. Playmaker tells him to be quiet, and Ai snaps that Playmaker should be panicking more (in the dub, he asks if Playmaker is planning on taking over with the panicking). But Playmaker activates a Quick-Play Spell Card, "Cynet Backdoor", banishing a Cyberse monster he controls to add one with less ATK from his Deck to his hand. Then the banished monster will return to the field during the next Standby Phase, and it will be able to attack directly. He banishes "Firewall Dragon", who vanishes into a portal, and adds "Draconnet" to his hand. Ai protests that banishing "Firewall Dragon" will mean they'll be taking the attack themselves.

The second effect of "Doppler Phase Coating" shields Playmaker.

But Playmaker explains that since "Doppler Phase Coating" is no longer equipped it will be sent to the Graveyard, and this activates its second effect since it was sent to he Graveyard during the Battle Phase, ending the Battle Phase. Zaizen gasps "What?" and a blue energy sphere surrounds Playmaker and the fireball dissipates against it. Ai cheers that Playmaker might just survive (in the dub, he claims that he was never worried), and Zaizen grits his teeth. Blue Angel is impressed that Playmaker was able to accomplish so much with a single card, and Ghost Gal notes that "Firewall Dragon" will be able to attack directly when it returns to the field next turn, and if that happens Playmaker will have won in a huge comeback (in the dub, their thoughts are cut, and Ai instead teases Zaizen for claiming that he'd win this turn). But Zaizen activates the effect of "Acute Cerberus", and his A.I. reminds them that since the Battle Phase ended, Zaizen can Special Summon a "Tindangle Token". Another "Tindangle Token" appears, and the A.I. adds that the effect of "Acute Cerberus" increases its ATK by 500 for every monster it points to, bringing "Acute Cerberus" to 4000 ATK. Ai giggles, and he turns to Playmaker, commenting that it's pointless how much Zaizen raises the ATK of "Acute Cerberus", since the Duel will be over next turn.

Playmaker is surrounded by "Euler's Circuit".

Zaizen asks if they think so, and Playmaker frowns. Zaizen warns them that he can make a comeback too (in the dub, he states that he didn't forget the effect and that he promised to win), and he activates the Field Spell Card "Euler's Circuit". The card appears and disgorges a pink disk of energy, which begins wheeling around the field. Ai admits that he has a bad feeling about this, and Blue Angel asks, "What?" while Ghost Gal wonders what's going on (in the dub, she knows that the pattern being drawn isn't random). Playmaker and Ai watch as the disk traces a pattern of pink lines across the ground beneath them, initially forming the shape of an asterisk, but then expanding into a circle of lines that glows. Playmaker and Ai look around in confusion, and Playmaker asks what this is. Zaizen's A.I. explains that when Zaizen controls at least three "Tindangles", Playmaker's monsters cannot attack. Playmaker gasps "What?!" and the A.I. adds that once per turn during his Standby Phase, Zaizen can also move one "Tindangle" monster to any of the zones that "Acute Cerberus" points to. Ai realizes that Zaizen will be able to move on to their field, and Playmaker scowls. Blue Angel notes that her brother controls "Acute Cerberus" and two "Tindangle Tokens", while Ghost Gal thinks that if Akira is able to fill all the zones that "Acute Cerberus" points to, the effect of "Gergonne's End" will allow him to deal 4500 damage to Playmaker. It seems Akira will win this Duel with another comeback, and she wonders what Playmaker will do.

Ai sighs in dejection and sinks into Playmaker's Duel Disk, apologizing for bothering him, but he needs to pack for his next move. Kolter slams his fists onto his desk and curses, asking if nothing can be done (in the dub, he protests that it can't end like this). In his office, Kitamura grins in satisfaction, telling Zaizen not to let Playmaker get the data. Then he realizes that if he can get his hands on SOL Technologies' data he'll have a trump card to use against the board, and he'll be able to get his promotion. He urges Zaizen to fight hard for his promotion. Playmaker tells Zaizen that this is a Duel for justice, and Zaizen replies that he knows; this is why he must win, so he can hold the people responsible for it. Playmaker retorts that Zaizen doesn't know anything, much to Zaizen's surprise, and he states that he will win because this is a Duel for justice. Zaizen asks "what?!" and Playmaker states that he doesn't trust anything but his own justice (in the dub, Playmaker tells Zaizen that he made one mistake, and Zaizen angrily recaps their situation; Playmaker can't attack and he only has one more turn left. Playmaker replies that this was Zaizen's mistake, leaving him with one more turn. Zaizen asks what Playmaker can do with one more turn, and Playmaker declares that he can turn it into infinite possibilities).

"Firewall Dragon" returns to the field.

He declares his turn and draws, and the effect of "Cynet Backdoor" returns "Firewall Dragon" to the field in a burst of flames. Then he Summons "Draconnet" and activates its effect since it was Normal Summoned, Special Summoning a Level 2 or lower Normal Monster from his hand or Deck in Defense Position. He Special Summons "Bitron" and immediately chants "Appear! The circuit that leads to the future!" He sets "Bitron" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon the Link-1 "Link Spider". Zaizen asks what the point is in Summoning that now, and Playmaker activates the effect of "Link Spider"; once per turn he can Special Summon a Level 4 or lower Normal Monster from his hand to a zone it points to. He Special Summons "Digitron", and then chants "Appear again! The circuit that leads to the future!" Zaizen is shocked that Playmaker is Link Summoning again, and Playmaker explains that the Summoning conditions are two Cyberse monsters, setting "Digitron" and "Draconnet" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-2 "Recovery Sorcerer". Then he chants "Appear for a third time! The circuit that connects to the future!" Blue Angel is shocked that Playmaker is performing three Link Summons (in the dub her observation is cut), and Zaizen snaps that no matter now many times Playmaker Link Summons it's pointless because he can't attack as long as "Euler's Circuit" envelops the field.

Playmaker Link Summons "Secure Gardna" - to the final zone that "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" points to.

Ai replies that they know that, and claims that they just wanted to show off before they lose (in the dub, he just mocks Zaizen), but Playmaker interrupts him by authorizing the Link Arrows, explaining that the Summoning condition is one Cyberse Link Monster. He sets "Link Spider" in the Link Arrow to link the circuit, Link Summoning the Link-1 "Secure Gardna". He explains that it can't be used as Link Material and he can only control one, which he will place on the field...right there! (he does not state its conditions in the dub) Blue Angel, Zaizen and Ghost Gal all gasp in shock, and Ai asks Playmaker what he's doing - he's Summoned it to the zone the scary pooch points to. Zaizen decides that Playmaker has burned himself out by Link Summoning three times in a row and Summoning a monster to the zone "Acute Cerberus" pointed do. Believing that Playmaker has chosen self-destruction since he can't win, he decides to end the Duel as Playmaker wishes (in the dub, Zaizen's musing is replaced with Ai using stock sound effects to explain their situation). Zaizen activates the effect of the Trap Card "Gergonne's End", and his A.I. (Zaizen himself in the dub) reminds them that since there are monsters in all the zones that "Acute Cerberus" points to, Zaizen can destroys those monsters and "Gergonne's End" to inflict damage to him equal to the equipped monster's ATK. Zaizen destroys the two "Tindangle Tokens", "Secure Gardna" and "Gergonne's End", declaring that Playmaker will take damage equal to the ATK of "Acute Cerberus" (in the dub, he mistakenly specifies 3000 damage), and as "Acute Cerberus" glows with a purple aura, Zaizen orders it to go. It blasts a surge of fire from one of its heads, engulfing Playmaker in a cloud of smoke and flames. Zaizen and the others watch; Blue Angel and Ghost Gal ask if Playmaker lost, and Zaizen declares that Playmaker's revenge is over (in the dub, he claims that Playmaker Dueled well, but he never stood a chance).

Playmaker and Ai survive.

He turns to leave, but Playmaker's voice asks him if he's sure, and Zaizen turns back to Playmaker with a gasp as Blue Angel and Ghost Gal gasp in shock too. The smoke clears to reveal Playmaker, and Ai emerges from his Duel Disk, declaring that they're fine. Zaizen protests that they should have taken the effect of "Gergonne's End", but Ai states that they didn't. Playmaker explains that during the turn "Secure Gardna" is Special Summoned, effect damage to him becomes zero for the rest of the turn, so it prevented him from taking the damage. Zaizen scowls, shocked that "Secure Gardna" had that effect. Ai laughs that Zaizen fell for it, and cheers that they did it; Zaizen was fooled by their excellent acting (in the dub, he claims that they outsmarted him). Playmaker retorts that Zaizen almost figured out what he was up to due to Ai's bad acting (in the dub, he asks Ai why he keeps saying "we"; he doesn't recall him doing anything), and Ai gasps in horror and goes white, admitting that he won't be winning the acing award for Best A.I. Playmaker warns Zaizen that since "Acute Cerberus" is pointing to fewer monsters it loses ATK, falling back to 3000, and since Zaizen no longer controls at least three monsters, the effect of "Euler's Circuit" ends, allowing them to attack. The pattern beneath their feet vanishes, and Ai comments that Zaizen is finished, since the effect of "Cynet Backdoor" allows "Firewall Dragon" to attack directly.

The effect of "Firewall Dragon" returns Zaizen's two monsters from his Graveyard to his hand.

Zaizen grits his teeth, but instead Playmaker activates the effect of "Recovery Sorcerer" since a co-linked Cyberse Link Monster was destroyed, Special Summoning it from the Graveyard with its effects negated. Blue Angel watches as Playmaker revives "Secure Gardna", and Ai asks in surprise what Playmaker is doing; Zaizen might have a scary pooch, but Playmaker can attack him directly. Playmaker replies that a Duel isn't just for deciding a winner and a loser, much to Ai's confusion (in the dub, Ai accuses him of being difficult on purpose; Playmaker replies that he always has a purpose, but being difficult isn't one of them). Then Playmaker activates the "Emergency Escape" effect of "Firewall Dragon"; once while face-up on the field he can target monsters on the field or in the Graveyard equal to the number of monsters co-linked with "Firewall Dragon" and return them to the hand. As "Firewall Dragon" blasts two bursts of electricity from its head, Playmaker states that there are two monsters co-linked with "Firewall Dragon", so he can return two cards, and he returns "Tindangle Hound" and "Tindangle Angel" from Zaizen's Graveyard to his hand. As Zaizen retrieves the cards, Playmaker reminds him that the effect of "Acute Cerberus" increased its ATK by 1500 for each on of them, but now that they've left the Graveyard, "Acute Cerberus" has zero ATK. He declares battle and orders "Firewall Dragon" to attack "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" with "Tempest Terahertz". "Firewall Dragon" launches into the air, jettisoning its wing pikes and turning red, then unleashing its "Tempest Terahertz". Zaizen closes his eyes as the attack approaches, and Blue Angel gasps and runs forward.

Ai devours files in the data bank.

The attack connects, and the smoke clears to reveal Zaizen standing with his back to the attack and his arms around Blue Angel, his Avatar fizzling. As his LP falls to zero, he collapses, and Blue Angel kneels by him, calling "brother!" Zaizen reassures her that he's fine. Ghost Gal admits that it was impressive that Playmaker made a comeback from that situation, and as his monsters vanish in flashes of fire, she thinks that no-one may be able to erase his fire for revenge anymore (in the dub she comments that no-one can stop him when he puts his mind to it, whether it's for his own good or not). Playmaker walks past the Zaizen siblings, declaring that he's taking the data as promised. The chasm that Zaizen caused to appear vanishes as Playmaker approaches the data bank, and he tells Ai to eat as much as he wants. Ai is surprised that Playmaker used his name, and he cries that he's so happy until Playmaker tells him to hurry up (in the dub, he asks if Ai can access it; Ai asks who he thinks he's talking to, if there's data to eat, Playmaker can call him a turkey, and he makes gobbling noises until Playmaker wearily tells him to go). Ai grumpily acquiesces and sinks into Playmaker's Duel Disk, before declaring that he's coming and surging out in his monster form. He declares that he'll eat everything, and he dives into the data bank, munching on files left and right. He quickly emerges, and belches after retracting into Playmaker's Duel Disk, surfacing with a rounded tummy and declaring that he's stuffed after eating so much.

Blue Angel attempting to shield Zaizen.

Playmaker turns and leaves (in the dub as he does, Ai tells him that whatever they're looking for is in his jelly-belly now), telling Zaizen to stay away from him and the Incident. Zaizen calls after him, asking why he didn't simply end the Duel by attacking directly with "Firewall Dragon" (in the dub, he accuses him of prolonging his torment). Playmaker explains that "Tindangle Hound" and "Tindangle Angel" have the power to protect one another. As he remembers Blue Angel diving in front of her brother to protect him, only for Zaizen to grab her and take the attack himself, he states that they represent Zaizen and his sister, and they shouldn't be resting in the Graveyard; his revenge shouldn't drag them into the darkness, and they should walk where there's light (in the dub, he warns them now that they shouldn't interfere with him). He turns and runs off, leaping into the air and onto his Duel Board as a Data Storm starts up, and Ai bids them "Bye-bye-bAi", before asking if anyone gets it as Playmaker logs out (in the dub, he suggests that Playmaker could have told them he was stylin' on them). Ghost Gal states that it's time for her to go too, and she blows them a kiss, telling them to be nice to each other (in the dub, she tells them that she'll see them round the network) before turning away and logging out herself. Zaizen gets up, lamenting that in the end he couldn't do anything. Blue Angel gets to her feet as well, telling Zaizen that's not true; at the very least she now understands how he feels, and no matter who tries to stop him, he'll walk his own path, just like how Zaizen tried to protect her. At least, that's what she thinks (in the dub, she states that Playmaker has to want to change, but at least knows that he's got other people looking out for him like Akira does for her). Zaizen whispers his sister's name and looks after Playmaker.

In his office, Kitamura kicks his desk in fury, calling Zaizen worthless; how could he allow Playmaker to steal their company's data? He gasps that if the board find out, he'll lose his position as Chief of Security, and no-one must know, no-one must find out at all. Two of his employees walk past his office, and one comments that she thinks she hears something. The other one agrees, and she comments that Playmaker must have stolen the data (in the dub, they comment that he's awfully loud for being quiet, but note that he can't hear himself over his own screaming). Meanwhile, Emma rides down the highway on her motorcycle as the sun sets, wondering who will by this data for a high price.

The mastermind behind the Hanoi Project is revealed as Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami.

Yusaku emerges from his chamber and slumps against the wall in exhaustion. Kolter asks if he's okay, and Yusaku says his friend's name (in the dub, he suggests that Yusaku needs a vacation; Yusaku replies that he got the data). Kolter congratulates him, and Ai jumps in, claiming that it was all thanks to him. Kolter chuckles, agreeing that Ai did great too. Ai celebrates being complimented (in the dub, Kolter jokes that Ai wasn't so awful, and Ai happily takes the backhanded compliment), and Yusaku holds up his Duel Disk, asking Kolter to analyze it immediately, much to Ai's surprise. Soon he's hooked up to their computers with an unimpressed look in his eye, asking if they're going to look at his private parts again. Yusaku tells him to be quiet or he'll turn off the speaker, and Ai grumpily agrees (in the dub, Ai grumpily asks how they'd like it if he hacked them; Yusaku replies that he wouldn't, but he likes hacking Ai, and Ai tells him that he has the empathy of a mollusk). Yusaku and Kolter begin moving through the files, and Ai notes that there should be one about the Incident somewhere. Yusaku finally spots the right one; "P-HANOI_0007" and Kolter clicks on it, bringing up a picture of Varis's father - Doctor Kiyoshi Kogami (in the dub, the text is replaced with his ID: 11-15-07-01-13-09), who planned and executed the Hanoi Project. Yusaku asks if he is the mastermind behind the Hanoi Project, and Ai asks what the file says. Kolter explains that Kogami was a researcher at SOL Technologies. Ai notes that they don't seem surprised, and Yusaku states that he expected this, since the file was in SOL Technologies' data bank. Kolter explains that the file says that Kogami caused the Incident alone, but was found out due to a whistleblower. Ai is skeptical that Kogami acted alone, suggesting that Zaizen might have been involved. Kolter reminds him that it's not possible, since Zaizen was only sixteen a decade ago and wasn't working for SOL Technologies by that point. Ai agrees, and Yusaku notes that SOL Technologies covered the Incident up, fearing what would happen if it were discovered. Kolter adds that the staff who were at SOL back then have all retired (in the dub, rather than suspect Zaizen, they go straight to the topic of the cover-up and the lack of listed staff before noting that someone alerted SOL Tech, which prompts Ai to darkly joke that the electricity bill alone would have been off the charts). Yusaku asks what the Project's purpose was, and Kolter replies that it isn't written here, but then he finds something that makes him gasp in shock and ask what it is. Yusaku turns to look at the screen, and blanches in shock as well. Ai asks what happened.

Kolter reveals that Dr. Kogami died seven years ago as the screen cuts to a close-up of the characters for "Deceased" (in the dub, this screenshot is changed to Kogami's ID picture again, and Kolter states that Kogami was stated to have been retired, as in "retired" retired if they get his drift).

Varis and Dr. Kogami with the seed that will be the end of LINK VRAINS.

In Varis's home in the real world, Dr. Kogami's body continues to lie in his bed, his head covered by his life support system. But in the depths of LINK VRAINS, the very much alive Kogami descends a spiral staircase with Varis through a pipe with bio-luminescent liquid pouring from smaller holes. They look into the depths where a blue light shines, and Varis remarks on its power, commenting that a new fight is beginning (in the dub, he states that they will begin the next phase of their plan). Kogami agrees, and he reaches into his pocket and withdraws a small glowing blue cube, declaring that when this seed bears Hanoi's fruit, it will be the end of LINK VRAINS, no, of the entire digital world. He declares that this is why he resurrected, to achieve this long-cherished desire (in the dub, he claims that not even the shackles of the great beyond will prevent him from achieving this dream), and he turns his palm and releases the seed, which falls into the depths of the pipe and causes the light at the bottom to glow.

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Akira Zaizen[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Playmaker has 500 LP and controls "Firewall Dragon" (2500/↑←↓→) in the Extra Monster Zone, as well as 1 Set card and "Doppler Phase Coating" (equipped to "Firewall Dragon) in his Spell & Trap Zone. Zaizen has 1100 LP and controls "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" (3500/↙↑↘) in the Extra Monster Zone and 1 "Tindangle Token" (0/0) in his Main Monster Zone the bottom-right Link Arrow of "Acute Cerberus" points to, as well as "Gergonne's End (equipped to "Acute Cerberus"), "Nagel's Protection", and "Morley's Shield" in his Spell & Trap Zone.

Turn 9: Zaizen
"Tindangle Acute Cerberus" attacks "Firewall Dragon". Playmaker activates his face-down Quick-Play Spell "Cynet Backdoor", targeting a Cyberse monster he controls and banishing it, then adding a Cyberse monster from his Deck to his hand, whose ATK is lower than the targeted monster's original ATK. During Playmaker's next Standby Phase, the monster banished by this effect returns to the field, and it can attack directly that turn. He targets and banishes "Firewall Dragon", then adds "Draconnet". As "Doppler Phase Coating" was sent from the field to the GY during the Battle Phase, its effect activates, ending the Battle Phase. At the end of the Battle Phase, as "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" declared an attack, Zaizen activates its effect, Special Summoning a "Tindangle Token". He Special Summons it (0/0) in Defense Position to the zone the bottom-left Link Arrow of "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" points to. The effect of "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" increases its ATK by 500 for each "Tindangle" monster it points to ("Tindangle Acute Cerberus": 3500 → 4000 ATK). Zaizen activates the Field Spell "Euler's Circuit". The effect of "Euler's Circuit" prevents Playmaker's monsters from attacking if Zaizen controls three or more "Tindangle" monsters.

Turn 10: Playmaker
During the Standby Phase, the banished "Firewall Dragon" returns to the field at the middle Main Monster Zone (2500/↑←↓→). Playmaker Normal Summons "Draconnet" (1400/1200). As "Draconnet" was Normal Summoned, Playmaker activates its effect, Special Summoning a Level 2 or lower Normal Monster from his hand or Deck in Defense Position. He Special Summons the Level 2 "Bitron" (200/2000) from his Deck. Playmaker sets "Bitron" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Link Spider" (1000/↓) to the Extra Monster Zone. Playmaker activates the effect of "Link Spider", Special Summoning a Level 4 or lower Normal Monster from his hand to his zone "Link Spider" points to. He Special Summons the Level 2 "Digitron" (1500/0) to the zone the bottom-center Link Arrow of "Link Spider" points to. Playmaker sets "Digitron" and "Draconnet" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Recovery Sorcerer" (1500/←↓) to the zone the middle-right Link Arrow of "Firewall Dragon" points to. Playmaker sets "Link Spider" in the Link Arrow to Link Summon "Secure Gardna" (1000/→) to the zone the top-center Link Arrow of "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" points to. As there are monsters in all zones the equipped "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" points to, Zaizen activates the effect of "Gergonne's End", destroying "Gergonne's End" and all of those monsters, then inflicting damage to Playmaker equal to the ATK of the equipped "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" before they were destroyed ("Tindangle Acute Cerberus": 4000 → 3000 ATK). "Gergonne's End", two "Tindangle Tokens", and "Secure Gardna" are destroyed. After "Secure Gardna" is Special Summoned, its effect prevents Playmaker from taking effect damage for the rest of this turn. As a co-linked Cyberse Link Monster was destroyed and sent to the GY, Playmaker activates its effect, targeting one of those Link Monsters and Special Summoning it, but it has its effects negated, also it is destroyed during the End Phase. He targets and Special Summons "Secure Gardna" (1000/→) to the zone the middle-left Link Arrow of "Firewall Dragon" points to. Playmaker activates the effect of "Firewall Dragon", targeting monsters on the field and/or GY up to the number of monsters co-linked to "Firewall Dragon" and returning them to the hand. "Firewall Dragon" is co-linked to "Secure Gardna" and "Recovery Sorcerer", so he targets "Tindangle Hound" and "Tindangle Angel" in Zaizen's GY and returns them to Zaizen's hand. The effect of "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" increases its ATK by 1500 for each "Tindangle Hound" and "Tindangle Angel" in his GY ("Tindangle Acute Cerberus": 3000 → 0 ATK). "Firewall Dragon" attacks and destroys "Tindangle Acute Cerberus" (Zaizen: 1100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • In the dub, it is not directly stated that Dr. Kogami died seven years ago, but Kolter states that he is claimed to have been "retired", still heavily implying death.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Unbeugsame Gerechtigkeit
Italy Italian Nuovi Elementi
Brazil Portuguese Justiça Inabalável
Mexico Spanish Justicias innegociables