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"Seize the Wind!"
Playmaker acquires a new monster from the Data Storm using "Storm Access".
Playmaker acquires a new monster from the Data Storm using "Storm Access".
EnglishSeize the Wind!
Japanese name
Japanese風を掴め!Stormストーム Accessアクセス
Base風を掴め!Storm Access
Furigana風を掴め!ストーム アクセス
RōmajiKaze o Tsukame! Sutōmu Akusesu
TranslatedSeize the Wind! Storm Access
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"With The Wind"
Japanese ED"Believe In Magic"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorKimiharu Muto
StoryboardTsukasa Sunaga
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseMay 17, 2017
EnglishSeptember 2, 2018
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Previous"Link into the VRAINS"

"Seize the Wind!", known as "Seize the Wind! Storm Access" is the second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on May 17, 2017, became available with official subtitles via Crunchyroll on June 1, 2017, aired in Canada on September 2, 2018, and became available on Pluto TV on November 22, 2020.

Yusaku managed to capture the mysterious lifeform as he chases after the Knights of Hanoi. In order to defeat them, he logs into the VR Space network, LINK VRAINS, as Playmaker. He commenced a Duel, holding the lifeform as a hostage. However, the lifeform predicted that "Yusaku can't win with his Deck", and performed a certain action...


Varis, with Spectre behind him, and Zaizen both realize that Playmaker managed to capture the Ignis (in the dub, Zaizen wonders why Playmaker has the Ignis). Playmaker rides the strange board on the purple waves of data, commenting on the wind and noting that this is a Speed Duel (in the dub, the Ignis nervously yelps at him to be careful; Playmaker notes that he's never felt such speed). The Ignis in his Duel Disk asks him if he knows the differences between Speed Duels and Master Duels. Playmaker orders the Ignis to tells him them, and the Ignis grumpily comments that Playmaker's pretty bossy towards someone trying to help him. Playmaker shortly reminds the Ignis that he holds him hostage, and the Ignis acquiesces (in the dub, the Ignis asks him to say please, and Playmaker replies that it would please him if the Ignis told him the differences). He explains that in a Speed Duel, the first difference is that the Main Monster Zones and the Spell & Trap Zones are reduced to three. Yusaku recalls mentioning such a ruleset, and he wonders if he already knows how to Speed Duel (the flashback to the real world is cut from the dub). The Ignis further explains that a player starts with four cards in their hand, and has no Main Phase 2 (in the dub, he specifies that it's four cards rather than five, instead of mentioning the Main Phase 2.) Playmaker notes that it sounds like a simplified Master Duel, and the Ignis admits that's the gist of it (in the dub, he snidely adds that it's perfect for Playmaker).

Number 10 rises in front of them on a board of his own, and he chuckles as he gets Playmaker in his sights, noting that the Speed Duel sounds interesting. The Ignis comments that Number 10 seems to know how to Speed Duel as well, and he offers his assistance to Playmaker if he wants it. Playmaker replies that it won't be necessary, and the Ignis reminds him that he's trying to stay alive as well and doesn't want to leave this up to Playmaker, but Playmaker cuts him off, as he's concentrating (in the dub, the Ignis claims to be a Dueling genius and that Playmaker will need him; Playmaker replies that it would be smart if the Ignis stayed quiet). The Ignis grumpily agrees as Playmaker and Number 10 ride past one another, declaring "Speed Duel!"

Number 10 swings around to face the same direction as Playmaker, while the Gore and Blue Angel settle down on top of the buildings to watch; Gore grumbling over how Playmaker is standing out more than him. As Playmaker and Number 10 ride the data, Kolter and Shima watch in the real world with a crowd. Shima asks what kind of Duel this is, and Kolter states that it's a Speed Duel. Shima repeats the name in confusion, and the crowd note that they've heard rumors of such Duels, where players ride upon the wind. Shima is excited by the Speed Duels, while Kolter thinks that they're counting on Yusaku.

Number 10 declares that he'll be taking the first turn, and he swipes his hand in front of himself, causing his hand to materialize in front of him. His hand contains two copies of "Hack Worm", "Cracking Dragon" and "Air Cracking Storm", and he calls it the perfect hand; it will allow him to go all out from the start. He swipes his hand over one of his cards, Special Summoning "Hack Worm", which appears from a hexagonal portal, explaining that he can Special Summon it from his hand when his opponent doesn't control any monsters. Playmaker notes its 400 ATK, and he comments that Number 10 is planning to bring out a high-Level monster, isn't he? Number 10 agrees that he is, and he Special Summons another "Hack Worm". The Ignis yelps that this is bad; that thing from before might be coming out soon (in the dub, he's more general in his fears). Number 10 thinks that it's time to bring out his most powerful monster that Master Varis gave him, and he materializes the "Cracking Dragon" card in his hand. He tells Playmaker that his act as the hero is over, and he Tributes his two "Hack Worms" to Tribute Summon "Cracking Dragon", which appears with 3000 ATK. Number 10 ends his turn, and the Ignis laments that the monster has already appeared. Playmaker looks at his hand, containing "Three Strikes Barrier", "Cyberse Beacon", "Effect Cowl" and "Salvagent Driver", which he holds physically, and muses that Number 10 brought out a 3000 ATK monster on his first turn, and he wonders what he should do.

The Ignis yells at him to get his attention, and Playmaker tells the Ignis to shut up, but the Ignis tells him to look out in front of him (in the dub, he comments, "Oh, so you wanna crash?"). Playmaker looks up to see that he's headed straight for a building, and he swerves onto a different wave of data. Number 10 takes another data wave, but "Cracking Dragon" flies right through the building, shattering it into data fragments. As Playmaker and Number 10 steady themselves, the Ignis tells Playmaker not to let his guard down. There are other obstacles in Speed Duels, and if he takes too much damage in LINK VRAINS, he'll experience a flashback when he wakes up in the real world and take mental damage. Playmaker notes that the Ignis said that his Deck couldn't beat the monster and that he seems familiar with it (in the dub, Playmaker affirms that he has to win, and the Ignis wishes him good luck beating "Cracking Dragon"). The Ignis is pleased that Playmaker understands, and Playmaker thinks that the only way out of this situation is to bet on this single draw. He places his fingers on his Deck, and the glowing lines on his bodysuit intensify as he declares his turn and draws.

Zaizen is shocked to see Playmaker Summon a Cyberse-Type monster.

He's drawn "Cyberse Wizard", and he thinks that this will do the trick. The Ignis tells Playmaker to be careful, and he replies that he knows (in the dub, he asks what Playmaker drew, and Playmaker tells him to quiet down). He Sets two cards and then he Summons "Cyberse Wizard", who appears with 1800 ATK. Zaizen recognizes the monster to be a Cyberse-Type monster, and wonders how Playmaker can have one (in the dub, he notes that they haven't been seen in ages). Varis is furious that someone could have a Cyberse monster after all the time they spent trying to eliminate them. The watching crowd are stunned by the Cyberse monster as well, having never heard of such a Type before. Number 10 comments that he didn't expect Playmaker to use a Cyberse monster, but it's still powerless before "Cracking Dragon". He activates the effect of "Cracking Dragon" since a monster was Normal or Special Summoned during his turn, reducing that monster's ATK by 200 times its Level and inflicting that lost ATK to Playmaker as damage. Declaring "Crack Fall" as a screen explaining the damage appears beside Playmaker, Number 10 has "Cracking Dragon" blast a burst of green energy at Playmaker, reducing the ATK of "Cyberse Wizard" to 1000 and Playmaker to 3200 LP. Despite the lowering of the ATK of "Cyberse Wizard", Playmaker activates its own effect, and as "Cyberse Wizard" materializes his staff in his hands, he explains that once per turn he can change one of his opponent's monsters to Defense Position, declaring "Cyberse Algorithm!" "Cyberse Wizard" materializes mystical symbols at the head of his staff and blasts blue light at "Cracking Dragon", causing it to lower its head as it switches to Defense Position with a DEF of 0. As Number 10 gapes in shock at his monster, Playmaker adds that on a turn where "Cyberse Wizard" uses its effect, Cyberse monsters inflict piercing battle damage (in the dub, he clarifies how this works). Declaring his Battle Phase, Playmaker orders "Cyberse Magician" to attack "Cracking Dragon" with "Illusion Spike", and "Cyberse Wizard" radiates a blast of blue lightning from its staff. The attack causes "Cracking Dragon" to vanish behind a cloud of smoke, and Shima cheers that Playmaker destroyed Hanoi's Dragon.

"Cracking Dragon" is unharmed.

But the smoke clears to reveal that "Cracking Dragon" is unharmed (prompting Shima to comment, "Or...maybe not" in the dub), and Number 10 comments that it's too bad; "Cracking Dragon" cannot be destroyed by monsters who have a lower Level than its own. His LP falls to 3000 from the attack, and the Ignis is shocked that "Cracking Dragon" had that effect, noting that the enemy seems to have evolved too. Playmaker swings back to face the direction he's travelling, commenting that this explains it, much to the Ignis's surprise, as Playmaker doesn't seem surprised himself. Playmaker explains that Number 10 didn't seem at all worried when he used the effect of "Cyberse Wizard", so he figured that he had something planned. The Ignis comments that Playmaker doesn't even let his opponent's slightest reactions pass by him (In the dub, the Ignis asks Playmaker how he could tell; half of Number 10 's face is covered). Playmaker ends his turn, noting that this ends the effect of "Cracking Dragon", restoring the ATK of "Cyberse Wizard". Shima is shocked at the idea of a 3000 ATK monster that can't be destroyed by monsters lower than Level 8 (in the dub, he mistakenly attributes this to Level 9) and protests that it's way too much of an advantage. Kolter thinks that Yusaku has to do something about this (in the dub, Kolter remains silent, and Shima calls the Hanoi a bunch of cheaters).

Number 10 declares his turn, and he notes that it looks like the Duel will be decided here. He activates his Skill, much to Playmaker's surprise. The Ignis sheepishly mentions that he left that part out, and Playmaker is annoyed that the Ignis knew about Skills and didn't tell him. The Ignis protests that Playmaker told him to keep his explanations short, and Playmaker warns him that he'd better start thinking about his future (in the dub, the Ignis claims that he would have told Playmaker if he wasn't so rude; Playmaker reminds him that he can erase him whenever he wants). The Ignis huffs that he already is, and he explains that in Speed Duels there's a special rule that a player can only use once; a Skill. They can let you draw a card, increase your LP, or increase a monster's ATK for example; there are plenty of different effects (he claims to know them all in the dub). A glowing white and red ring of energy appears around Number 10's wrist as he draws from it, and he declares his Skill Double Draw, drawing two cards instead of one, much to Playmaker and the Ignis's shock. The Ignis protests that he's never heard of that Skill before, and theorizes that it's a program that Hanoi hacked for themselves. Number 10 brings up his now three-card hand, commenting that now his strategy is a step closer to perfection. He activates the Spell Card, "DDoS Attack", sending the other two copies from his Deck to his Graveyard, dealing 100 damage for each card sent times the Level of a Machine monster he controls. A screen pops up beside Playmaker, detailing the damage he'll take from the effect, and the card image blasts a stream of red energy at him - blasting him off his board.

Playmaker falls through the air, his LP falling to 1600 and the cards in his hand dematerializing (in the dub the Ignis screams that he's too beautiful to go splat). Shima and Kolter gasp in shock, but Blue Angel draws a whip of blue energy from her wrist and cracks it, hitting Playmaker's board towards him. Playmaker sees the board coming, and he manages to right himself and climb astride it again, rising into the data waves. Blue Angel lands on a nearby building, dematerializing her whip and commenting with a smile that now she and Playmaker are even. The watching crowd gasps in a amazement at the save, and Shima cheers Playmaker on, telling him not to lose to Hanoi and to protect LINK VRAINS. The Ignis warns Playmaker that he told him not to let his guard down; if he takes the damage of falling from this height, then his real body will die. Number 10 comments that Playmaker barely survived that one, and he's quite lucky, but Playmaker is too busy watching in shock as the edges of a purple tornado flicker around the edge of a building up ahead.

The eye of the Data Storm twists in the center of the buildings.

The Ignis explains that the Data Storm is becoming unstable, and Playmaker asks if that means it's dangerous. The Ignis muses on what is inside the storm, and Number 10 smiles. As Playmaker watches the Data Storm, Number 10 Sets a card (telling Playmaker to worry about him rather than the Storm in the dub), and switches "Cracking Dragon" back into Attack Position. Then he activates the Equip Spell Card "Air Cracking Storm". As the card's probes materialize around "Cracking Dragon", he explains that it will allow his monster to attack again after destroying a monster in battle. The probes glow with green energy and are absorbed into "Cracking Dragon", powering it up. The Ignis protests that it'll be over if they lose "Cyberse Wizard" here, and Playmaker points out that he knows. Number 10 swings around to face Playmaker, declaring that he is the strongest Duelist with "Cracking Dragon" under his control (in the dub, he claims that Playmaker never had a chance, and should be happy that he lasted this long). He declares his Battle Phase, and "Cracking Dragon" attacks "Cyberse Wizard" with "Traffic Blast", firing a crackling blast of blue lightning. As the attack hits, Playmaker activates a Trap Card, "Three Strikes Barrier". He scans through its three effects that he can use since his opponent controls exactly three cards: preventing the destruction of his monsters by battle this turn, taking no battle damage this turn or gaining LP equal to the battle damage his monsters inflict this turn. He explains that he will choose to prevent the destruction of his monsters by battle. (The dub cuts his choice, merely having him explain that he will prevent his monsters from being destroyed). The attack hits, and the Knight reminds him that he will still take the damage as the energy surging from "Cracking Dragon's" maw intensifies. The Ignis tells Playmaker to watch his right, and Playmaker jumps away to another wave as his LP falls to 400.

The Data Storm buffets Playmaker as he is trapped inside it.

Number 10 comments that it looks like this match is over. Playmaker snaps that he still has some LP left, but Number 10 laughs that Playmaker doesn't get what he means. The Data Storm surges up behind them, digitizing buildings in its path and sweeping up Playmaker in its currents. Number 10 laughs that Playmaker will be consumed by the Data Storm and meet his end here as Playmaker vanishes into the Data Storm (in the dub, he wonders how Playmaker could be so stupid). Shima is shocked that Playmaker was swept up, and Playmaker's hand dematerializes again as he falls off his board. Kolter mentally cries Yusaku's name as he manages to grab hold of the board again, screaming in terror and righting himself, struggling to stay on the board as he sees them approaching a building. The Data Storm digitizes it on contact as Playmaker rocks inside it, the digital shards flowing past him. He gasps that the Ignis led him inside the Data Storm on purpose, and the Ignis innocently asks if Playmaker noticed. Playmaker asks if not telling him about Skills was part of his calculations too, and as the Data Storm digitizes another building, the Ignis replies that it was; this Data Storm is Playmaker's only chance to beat Number 10. Playmaker is buffeted inside the storm, asking if the Ignis what he means by that. The Ignis explains that unknown Monsters live inside this Data Storm. Playmaker asks, "Unknown monster?" and the Ignis claims that the more powerful the Data Storm, the more powerful the monster. The Data Storm digitizes another building, and the Ignis explains that this is where Playmaker shall use his Skill: Storm Access. It's the only way they'll make it out of this alive. Playmaker closes his eyes and then opens them confidently as the Ignis explains that Storm Access can only be used when Playmaker's LP is below 1000, and it will allow him to access a card at random within the Data Storm. Playmaker clenches his hand, causing the lines on his suit to intensify again, and the Ignis tells him, "Seize the wind, Playmaker!"

Playmaker uses Storm Access.

With that, Playmaker reaches out, causing blue light to erupt from his palm. As the energy swirls within his hand, he groans and struggles, grasping his wrist with his other hand to steady it. As the Ignis tells him to hold on, Playmaker declares that he has three reasons why he must win this Duel; one, to take back the time that was stolen from him (to find out about his past in the dub), and he remember being carried by emergency workers as a child with five other children. Two, to save Kolter's brother from darkness, and three, to meet the one who gave him courage (save the one who saved him in the dub). Yusaku remembers being a child, and a voice calling to him. He roars in pain as the energy coalesces into a glowing blue card, and the Ignis tells him, "Now!" Playmaker declares "Go! Storm Access!", and plucks the card from the Data Storm, holding it high as he sees the image of a monster with a massive sword. He emerges from the Data Storm, much to Number 10's shock, who protests that Playmaker should have been swallowed up by the vortex of the Data Storm.

Playmaker replies that the Duel isn't over yet, and he declares his turn and draws. He activates the effect of "Cyberse Wizard" again, "Cyberse Algorithm", changing "Cracking Dragon" into Defense Position. Number 10 snaps that Playmaker doesn't know when to give up, and he activates his Continuous Trap Card, "Pulse Mines", which will switch all of Playmaker's monsters to Defense Position as well. "Cyberse Magician" switches to Defense Position, but Playmaker isn't worried, telling Number 10 not to act so flustered. He Summons "Stack Reviver", and Number 10 calls him a fool; no matter what monster he Summons, the effect of "Pulse Mines" will change it into Defense Position. He adds that Playmaker doesn't understand the effect of "Cracking Dragon", does he? He only has 400 LP, and the effect of "Cracking Dragon" will inflict 400 damage to him. He orders "Crack Fall", and "Cracking Dragon" blasts energy from its orbs at Playmaker and "Stack Reviver", but as "Stack Reviver" falls from 100 to 0 ATK, Playmaker only falls to 300 LP. The Knight asks in shock how Playmaker is still alive; he should be wiped out. Playmaker asks what's wrong; is Number 10 sure that he isn't the one who doesn't understand the effect of "Cracking Dragon"? The effect only deals damage equal to the ATK that his monster lost, and since the original ATK of "Stack Reviver" was 100, it could only lose that much ATK, and only dealt 100 damage to Playmaker. Number 10 scoffs that Playmaker is just taking a bit of damage to shore up his defenses. Playmaker comments that he isn't that naïve of a Duelist, and he activates the Spell Card, "Effect Cowl" from his hand. Since he controls a Cyberse monster, he won't take effect damage for the rest of the turn. Then, since he did take damage this turn, he activates the Trap Card "Cyberse Beacon", adding a Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster from his Deck to his hand. He adds "Backup Secretary" to his hand and promptly Special Summons it in Defense Position since he controls a Cyberse monster. Number 10 snaps that no matter how much trash Playmaker Summons, it's no match for "Cracking Dragon".

Playmaker emerges with "Decode Talker".

Playmaker asks Number 10 if he's sure about that; he's about to call out his trump card. Number 10 scoffs at the thought of a trump card before his "Pulse Mines" and "Cracking Dragon" combo, but then he realizes what Playmaker is about to do. Playmaker declares, "Appear, my future circuit!" ("Create the ultimate circuit!" in the dub) and a burst of energy emerges from his fingertips, creating a square-shaped portal surrounded by eight arrows on the corners and each side in the air. Playmaker and his monsters lift into the air, passing through the portal and entering an amber world as Playmaker settles above the portal. He declares that the Link Arrows are authorized, and that the Summoning conditions are at least two Effect Monsters. He sets "Stack Reviver", "Cyberse Wizard" and "Backup Secretary" in the Link Arrows to link the circuit, and each monster transforms into a burst of red energy, entering the arrows on the bottom corners and the center of the top of the portal, causing them to glow and the portal to shine. Playmaker Link Summons the Link-3 "Decode Talker", which coalesces from cubes of data and emerges from the portal with Playmaker, standing at 2300 ATK. Playmaker explains that monsters that are Special Summoned from the Extra Deck are Summoned to the Extra Monster Zone (in the dub, he simply claims the Link Monster is unlike anything he has ever seen). Number 10 is shocked that Playmaker's trump card was a Link Monster, and the Ignis comments that it's as expected of Playmaker to be able to use the card that he drew with Storm Access so well. Playmaker explains that Link Monsters do not possess Levels and cannot exist in Defense Position, so the effects of "Pulse Mines" and "Cracking Dragon" will not affect "Decode Talker".

"Decode Talker" clashes with "Cracking Dragon".

He activates the effect of "Stack Reviver" as it was used as Link Material, Special Summoning "Cyberse Wizard" from his Graveyard in Defense Position. Then he explains that "Decode Talker" gains 500 ATK for each monster that it points to. He declares "Power Integration" as a view of the field shows "Cyberse Wizard" and "Cracking Dragon" in zones that "Decode Talker" points to, and "Decode Talker" materializes its sword and cries out as it powers up to 3300 ATK, much to Number 10's shock. Playmaker orders "Decode Talker" to attack, and he activates the effect of "Cyberse Wizard", allowing the Cyberse "Decode Talker" to inflict piercing battle damage this turn. "Decode Talker" attacks with "Decode Destruction", slashing into "Cracking Dragon's" head, and Number 10 protests that it can't be destroyed by monsters with a lower Level than its own, before remembering what Playmaker said; Link Monsters don't have Levels. Cracks appear in "Cracking Dragon's" carapace, and it explodes in a flash of flames, sending Number 10 flying and dematerializing his board as his LP falls to zero. Playmaker swings around, declaring that Number 10 has no right to call himself a Duelist (in the dub, he calls Number 10 a thug who doesn't belong in LINK VRAINS).

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs. Number 10[edit]

Yusaku VS Knight.png

The Duel is conducted as a Speed Duel.

Turn 1: Number 10
Number 10's hand contains two copies of "Hack Worm", "Cracking Dragon", and "Air Cracking Storm". As Playmaker controls no monsters, Number 10 Special Summons two copies of "Hack Worm" (400/0) from his hand by their own effects. Number 10 Tributes two copies of "Hack Worm" to Tribute Summon "Cracking Dragon" (3000/0).

Turn 2: Playmaker
Playmaker's hand contains "Three Strikes Barrier", "Cyberse Beacon", "Effect Cowl", and "Salvagent Driver". Playmaker draws "Cyberse Wizard". Playmaker Sets two cards. Playmaker Normal Summons the Level 4 "Cyberse Wizard" (1800/800). As Playmaker Normal or Special Summoned exactly one monster while "Cracking Dragon" is on the field, Number 10 activates its effect, reducing that monster's ATK equal to its Level times 200 until the end of this turn, then inflicting damage to Playmaker equal to the ATK lost by this effect ("Cyberse Wizard": 1800 → 1000 ATK, Playmaker: 4000 → 3200 LP). Playmaker activates the effect of "Cyberse Wizard", targeting Number 10's Attack Position monster and changing it to Defense Position, then for the rest of this turn, Playmaker's monsters cannot attack, except to attack that monster, and if his Cyberse monster attacks a Defense Position monster, it inflicts piercing battle damage to Number 10. He targets "Cracking Dragon".

"Cyberse Wizard" attacks "Cracking Dragon". The effect of the Level 8 "Cracking Dragon" prevents it from being destroyed by battle with a monster with equal or lower Level than it. The attack continues and "Cracking Dragon" is not destroyed (Number 10: 4000 → 3000 LP).

Turn 3: Number 10
During the Draw Phase, Number 10 activates his Skill "Double Draw", allowing him to draw two cards for his normal draw instead of one. Number 10's hand contains "Pulse Mines", "DDoS Attack", and "Air Cracking Storm". Number 10 activates the Spell "DDoS Attack", targeting a Machine monster he controls and sending any number of "DDoS Attack" from his Deck to the GY, then inflicting damage to Playmaker equal to the number of "DDoS Attack" sent to the GY by this effect times the targeted monster's Level times 100. He targets the "Cracking Dragon" and sends two copies of "DDoS Attack" (Playmaker: 3200 → 1600 LP). Number 10 Sets a card, and changes "Cracking Dragon" to Attack Position. Number 10 activates the Equip Spell "Air Cracking Storm", equipping it to "Cracking Dragon". During the Battle Phase, if the equipped "Cracking Dragon" destroys Playmaker's monster by battle, Number 10 can activate the effect of "Air Cracking Storm", allowing "Cracking Dragon" to make a second attack during that Battle Phase, but Number 10's other monsters cannot attack the turn he activates this effect.

"Cracking Dragon" attacks "Cyberse Wizard". As Number 10 controls exactly three cards, Playmaker activate his face-down Trap "Three Strikes Barrier", preventing his monsters from being destroyed by battle this turn. The attack continues and "Cyberse Wizard" is not destroyed (Playmaker: 1600 → 400 LP).

At this point, Playmaker enters the Data Storm. As Playmaker's LP is 1000 or less, he activates his Skill "Storm Access", accessing a Cyberse Link Monster at random from a nearby Data Storm and adding it to his Extra Deck. He obtains "Decode Talker" and adds it to his Extra Deck.

Turn 4: Playmaker
Playmaker activates the effect of "Cyberse Wizard", targeting "Cracking Dragon" and changing it to Defense Position, then for the rest of this turn, Playmaker's monsters cannot attack, except to attack "Cracking Dragon", and if his Cyberse monster attacks a Defense Position monster, it inflicts piercing battle damage to Number 10. As Number 10 controls a Machine monster, he activates his face-down Trap "Pulse Mines", changing Playmaker's Attack Position monsters to Defense Position, also, until the end of this turn, if a monster is Normal or Special Summoned to Playmaker's field, that monster is changed to Defense Position. "Cyberse Wizard" is changed to Defense Position. Playmaker Normal Summons the Level 2 "Stack Reviver" (100/600), which is changed to Defense Position by the effect of "Pulse Mines". As Playmaker Normal or Special Summoned exactly one monster while "Cracking Dragon" is on the field, Number 10 activates its effect, reducing that monster's ATK equal to its Level times 200 until the end of this turn, then inflicting damage to Playmaker equal to the ATK lost by this effect ("Stack Reviver": 100 → 0 ATK, Playmaker: 400 → 300 LP). As Playmaker controls a Cyberse monster, he activates the Spell "Effect Cowl", preventing him from taking any effect damage this turn. As Playmaker took damage by battle or Number 10's card effect this turn, Playmaker activates his face-down Trap "Cyberse Beacon", adding a Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster from his Deck to his hand. He adds the Level 3 "Backup Secretary". As Playmaker controls a Cyberse monster, he Special Summons "Backup Secretary" (1200/800) from his hand by its own effect. He Special Summons it in Defense Position.

Playmaker sets "Stack Reviver", "Cyberse Wizard", and "Backup Secretary" in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Decode Talker" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As Link Monsters do not have Levels, Number 10 cannot activate the effect of "Cracking Dragon". As Link Monsters cannot exist in Defense Position, the effect of "Pulse Mines" does not apply. As "Stack Reviver" was used as material for a Link Summon, Playmaker activates its effect, targeting one other Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster in his GY that was used as material for that Link Summon to Special Summon it in Defense Position. He targets and Special Summons "Cyberse Wizard" to the zone the bottom-left Link Arrow of "Decode Talker" points to. The effect of "Decode Talker" increases its ATK by 500 for each monster it points to. It points to "Cyberse Wizard" and "Cracking Dragon" ("Decode Talker": 2300 → 3300 ATK). "Decode Talker" attacks "Cracking Dragon". As Link Monsters do not have Levels, the effect of "Cracking Dragon" that prevents it from being destroyed by battle with a monster with equal or lower Level than it does not apply. The attack continues and "Cracking Dragon" is destroyed (Number 10: 3000 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

In other languages[edit]

Language Title
Germany German Greif nach dem Wind! Storm Access
Italy Italian Cavalca il Vento!
Brazil Portuguese Aproveite o Vento!
Mexico Spanish ¡Aduéñate del viento! Acceso a la Tormenta