Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS - Episode 117

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"Forced Hand"
"Decode Talker" and "Dark Templar @Ignister" battle.
EnglishForced Hand
Japanese name
RōmajiMajiwaranai Michi
TranslatedParallel Paths
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS
Japanese OP"calling"
Japanese ED"Are you ready?"
English OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS Main Theme"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
DirectorYasumi Mikamoto
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseSeptember 4, 2019
EnglishSeptember 8, 2021
Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS episodes (season 3)
Previous"Stuck in the Past"
Next"Alone Together"

"Forced Hand", known as "Parallel Paths" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and seventeenth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! VRAINS anime. It first aired in Japan on September 4, 2019 and aired in Australia on September 8, 2021.

After finding out where Ai is, Yusaku heads to an island located in the outskirts of Den City by himself. There, Ai has already started making copies of himself using the SOLtiS he acquired from SOL Technologies, and he reveals his motive for attacking humans, as well as all the thoughts he's been keeping to himself. And now, with the future of the world on the line, Yusaku and Ai begin their first and final battle.


Varis leaves, intending to turn himself in.

Outside the simulation of the Hanoi Project Facility, Playmaker watches and Soulburner and the now maskless Varis breath heavily. Kolter congratulates Theodore, and Soulburner looks over at the building as green data fragments begin to rise into the air (in the dub he gasps that it's over). The watching Ai muses that Soulburner won the Duel, so Playmaker will get the letter. He gets to his feet, musing that he'd better get to work (in the dub he comments his and Playmaker's renunion will deserve a party). Soulburner thinks of his mother and father and Flame, while Varis thinks of his own father as the building fizzes into green data and vanishes (in the dub, Varis simply thinks "So be it"). Varis looks back at Soulburner, commenting that when the light vanished, so did the curse of Soulburner's that had been binding him down. Soulburner turns back to Varis, noting that he never cared about the letter but just wanted to help him. Varis claims that Soulburner is wrong; he did it for himself, which was why he fought for real; to break his own curse. Soulburner whispers Varis's name, and Varis observes that since the Dark Ignis has contacted Playmaker, that will probably be the final battle, as it won't allow a rematch (in the dub, Soulburner thanks Varis for helping him and Varis notes that Soulburner isn't running from his past anymore. Soulburner elaborates, but Varis tells him to stop, reminding him he doesn't do sentimentals and suggesting Soulburner enjoy the victory while it lasts as he doesn't plan on losing again). Subsequently, everything rests on Playmaker's shoulders. He closes his eyes and declares that his mission is over. Playmaker gasps his name, and Soulburner protests that he doesn't mean what he thinks. Varis declares that he will atone for his crimes, and he turns and walks away (in the dub, Varis bids them farewell forever and does not go into specifics).

Soulburner orders Varis to continue to remember the Lost Incident.

But Soulburner tells him to wait, and Varis stops and looks back in surprise, and Soulburner claims that he won't allow that, he won't allow the law to judge Varis and atone for his crimes. Instead, he must keep watching over the network. Varis asks what Soulburner means, and Soulburner explains that he's returning to his hometown once this is all over, and he'll live there as he used to. He thinks of Kiku standing at the wharf watching the seagulls, and he tells Varis that over time, the people who know about the Lost Incident will forget it, including Soulburner himself. There may come a day where he can live without remembering the Incident. Playmaker whispers Soulburner's name, and Soulburner states that's why he won't allow Varis to atone for his crimes and forget about the Incident. Even if everyone forgets, even if Soulburner forgets, Varis must remember the pain and sadness forever. Varis observes that this is Soulburner's desire, and Soulburner states that it is. Varis closes his eyes and vows to start doing that. Soulburner smiles, and he tells Varis that he's glad to have met him. Varis smiles, admitting the same. He bids Soulburner and Playmaker farewell, and he logs out. (In the dub, Soulburner compares Varis leaving after he caused so much of this to baking a cake and leaving with the frosting, a metaphor Varis calls incomprehensible. Soulburner emphasizes his plans to return home to his friends and tasks Varis with maintaining the safety of LINK VRAINS once Playmaker and Ai sort things out. Varis agrees and before he logs out, urges Playmaker to take care of the Dark Ignis). Soulburner then walks over to Playmaker, telling him that he'll leave the rest to him, and he releases the letter from his Duel Disk. Playmaker agrees; from here on, it's his fight, and he accepts the letter into his own Duel Disk. Soulburner nods, and Playmaker calls his Duel Board, leaps on, and flies away as Soulburner watches him leave.

Yusaku visits Café Nom before heading off to find Ai.

At his house, Yusaku is typing at his computer before shutting it off. He picks up Roboppi's empty body and looks into the blank facial screen. In Café Nom, Kolter hands Theodore a cup of coffee and tells him that he helped them a lot, then advises him to take it easy. Theodore thanks Kolter and he asks if Yusaku came here afterwards since he wasn't at school. Kolter explains that Yusaku came by in the afternoon, much to Theodore's surprise and he asks if Yusaku said anything. Kolter states that Yusaku didn't, remembering that Yusaku visited in casual clothes. Kolter had asked if he was going, and Yusaku had smiled, declaring that he was and thanking Kolter. Kolter had reassured him it was no sweat (in the dub, Yusaku asked if Kolter could save him a taco for when he returned and Kolter reminded him it was a hotdog). Theodore is shocked that was all Yusaku said, and Kolter laughs, stating that's Yusaku. Theodore muses that he sees; he's left. Up in the Zaizen apartment, Skye continues to watch over her brother's motionless body and she looks out across Den City (in the dub, she asks Yusaku to save her brother).

Roken's boat approaches Yusaku, Roken having just thrown him a card.

As Yusaku walks under one of the Trigate Bridges, a card suddenly comes flying towards him and he catches it. Roken's speedboat pulls up in front of him with Roken himself standing at the bow, and Yusaku calls him by name for the first time. Roken bids Yusaku Fujiki farewell, likewise using his real name (in the dub he comments the card should prove useful), and his boat turns away and departs into the harbor. Yusaku immediately adds the card that Roken threw him to his Deck, and he turns and heads for the bridge, which is lit by many multicolored lights and leads to a SOL Technologies building. Yusaku enters, a fisheye security camera tracking his movements, and the lights come on as Yusaku approaches rollup doors. The doors retract into the ceiling, and Yusaku walks through the deactivated security turnstile and enters another dark room.

Ai makes his entrance, welcoming Yusaku.

Then a brightly colored sign lights up with flowers and the message "Welcome", attached to a lift that Ai has decorated with neon flowers and lights. Music starts playing and confetti explodes as Ai descends in the lift, once again inhabiting a SOLtiS and cheerfully greets Yusaku and thanks him for coming. Yusaku calls his name, and the lift lands and Ai vaults out, asking him how this is and commenting that it's the first time they've met in real life as he twirls. He asks if he isn't like a human, but gets no response from Yusaku. Unfazed, Ai suggests that he show Yusaku what's inside. He leads Yusaku through a door and across a walkway, and Yusaku asks what the place is (in the dub he asks if this is the factory floor). Ai explains that it's a SOL Technologies factory where the SOLtiS will be built, and he snaps his fingers to turn on the lights, revealing hundreds of copies of him. Yusaku asks what this is in shock, and Ai explains that he's building allies; Limited Edition "little Ai" version SOLtiS (in the dub he calls them "SOLtAi"). Yusaku asks if this is why Ai took over SOL Technologies, and Ai casually admits that it is. He explains that the copies will be installed with free will copied from his own, but it won't be a perfect copy like the backup was. But he'll spread lots of SOLtiS similar to him, and he comments that it's fun, isn't it? Yusaku asks what will happen then, and Ai admits that he doesn't know and that even he can't predict it. They'll act similarly in the beginning, and he stops and points out that Varis said that humans are made of flesh. Yusaku adds that those experiences separate humans from A.I. Ai eagerly agrees, and he states that it won't be like humans, but they'll gradually think and experience different things, so they'll rebuild themselves however they like. Some may do good things to humans, others may do bad. They may begin to disagree, or unite and create an A.I. country. He admits his surprise at not knowing what he'd do, and states that he doesn't know what will happen. (In the dub, Ai's plan is far different; he plans to use the SOLtAi as an army to conquer humanity once they eventually outnumber them).

Ai reveals that he has to be defeated for everyone to return.

Yusaku asks Ai why he's doing this, and Ai claims that it means he won't be lonely anymore since he's all alone right now. Yusaku tells Ai that he has to stop this, but Ai smiles and he refuses. Yusaku asks why Ai hid a message for him inside Roboppi if that was the case, as he knew Roboppi would break and Yusaku would get the letter. Ai agrees that Roboppi's system was at its limits, so he gave him a dream world that he would enjoy at the end. He admits that he did Roboppi wrong; Roboppi was a good A.I. Yusaku asks if Ai didn't call him here to stop him, and Ai claims that he might have. For better or worse, he felt he should talk to Yusaku. Yusaku tells Ai to give everyone back and go into hiding, but Ai tells him that's not possible as he set it up so that no-one could come back unless he loses a Duel. Playmaker whispers Ai's name in shock, and Ai adds that the copy-creation system also won't stop unless he loses, something he did so that he wouldn't have a change of heart. Yusaku realizes that Ai was planning to fight from the start, and Ai agrees; that's the only option that Yusaku has left. The rules are the same: Yusaku wins and survives, or Ai does. Yusaku bitterly asks if they fought together just to fight one another. Ai comments that it pains him to hear Yusaku say that, but he's made it so there's no turning back. Yusaku asks what happened to Ai, and Ai claims it was nothing special. In the end, Ai is an A.I. and Yusaku is human, and they're different existences. Yusaku asks if Ai is walking the same path as Lightning, and Ai protests that he's not as extreme as him, and a bit funnier. He doesn't plan to annihilate humans, he only wants A.I. to have a chance to survive and the choice to do so. There's no guarantee that he's opening Pandora's Box and courting disaster, though humans may not agree because they scare easily. He admits that he thought he'd have to fight Yusaku some day, and asks if Yusaku did too, but gets no reply. Ai reminds Yusaku that the copies will be completed if he does nothing, so what will he do? Yusaku finally agrees, and Ai tells him that's the spirit. Yusaku tells Ai that he's coming, and they both declare "It's time for us to link into the VRAINS!" as they log in.

(In the dub, this conversation is significantly different. Yusaku asks if Ai really wants to be alone in the world and Ai claims he won't be as he'll have himself for company, something Yusaku claims is no way to live. Yusaku impresses that they proved the idea that humans and A.I. can't coexist by working together and Ai admits he agreed with that while he and Yusaku fought together, but he's passed the point of no return and there's no refunding or wasting the SOLtAi. Yusaku snaps that of course he can so he should stop making excuses, but Ai reveals the production line is linked to him and he and the SOLtAi will all shut down if he's defeated in a Duel. He doesn't plan on losing given he likes existing, but if he does lose he wants it to be to Yusaku. Yusaku replies he has no intention of Dueling Ai and Ai cheerfully comments it'll be the end of humanity if he doesn't. Yusaku protests there must be other options they can explore together and Ai comments that Yusaku keeps saying "together", but they aren't together anymore and he impresses again that all of humanity rests on Yusaku's shoulders and asks again if he'll Duel. Yusaku finally admits he has no choice and agrees to Duel.)

They appear on a slab of rock, Duel Disks at the ready and surrounded by a Data Storm with the Earth visible through the brown clouds beyond them. The winds of the Data Storm roil around Playmaker and Ai as they both declare "Duel!"

Playmaker Link Summons "Decode Talker".

Playmaker takes the first turn, Summoning "Garbage Collector", and then activating the Continuous Spell Card "Cynet Optimization", using its effect to also Normal Summon "Flame Bufferlo". Then he activates the effect of "Garbage Collector", returning another Cyberse monster to his hand to Special Summon one from his Deck with the same Level, but a different name. He returns "Flame Bufferlo" to his hand to Special Summon "Sea Archiver", activating the effect of "Flame Bufferlo" since it left the field, allowing Playmaker to discard a Cyberse monster and draw two more cards. Then he Link Summons, setting "Garbage Collector" and "Sea Archiver" to bring out the Link-2 "Splash Mage". He activates the effect of "Splash Mage", Special Summoning a Cyberse monster from his Graveyard in Defense Position, resurrecting "Sea Archiver". Then he Link Summons again, setting "Splash Mage" and "Sea Archiver" to call out the Link-3 "Decode Talker". Playmaker Sets a card and ends his turn, and Ai looks up at "Decode Talker", recalling that it was the first Link Monster that they acquired together.

Ai applauds Playmaker's deductions.

Playmaker grimly comments that Ai made him search for the Cyberse Deck, didn't he? He remembers finding the Deck with Kolter, and Ai asks what Playmaker is talking about, claiming that the Knights of Hanoi had been chasing him and he'd been on the run, which led him to Yusaku, and he sought his help since he knew he was his partner. Playmaker replies that Ai had been observing him the entire time during the five years he was on the run from the Hanoi after they attacked the Cyberse. He accuses Ai of manipulating his life the entire time from the shadows, and as he remembers picking up his Deck and vowing to Duel, he reflects that it wasn't a big, overt influence but small things that he'd see or hear, and he kept doing so, leading Playmaker on the path of revenge against the Knights of Hanoi. Ai grins, but then looks up sadly as Playmaker adds that it wasn't just him, but Kolter as well; making sure they wouldn't notice, Ai led them both to Den City and LINK VRAINS. Ai knew that they would eventually meet, and gave him the Cyberse Deck so that he would protect him and defeat the Knights of Hanoi. Is he wrong? Ai claps mockingly, admitting that Playmaker was impressive to have noticed everything. He confirms that he gave Playmaker his weapon; the Cyberse Deck that symbolizes Playmaker. And as he expected, Playmaker grew and defeated the annoying Hanoi. Playmaker asks if everything was premeditated, and Ai comments that's a sad thing to say. He admits that it was like that in the beginning, but it's different now and Playmaker is his only friend. Playmaker angrily asks if Ai is fine losing his only friend, and Ai claims that he might be. (In the dub Playmaker comments right away that Ai led him to the Cyberse Deck and theorizes that Ai didn't want to manipulate Playmaker into fighting the Knights of Hanoi, but to help him fight the Hanoi. Kolter is implied to be watching the Duel from Café Nom. Ai denies Playmaker's interpretation and claims he'll prove it.)

Ai with both "Dark Templar" and "Fire Phoenix".

Ai tells Playmaker to show him how much he's grown and that he's coming (in the dub he declares his former partner will become hsi worst enemy), and he declares his turn and draws. He Summons "Pikari @Ignister" and activates its effect, adding "Ignister A.I.Land" from his Deck to his hand. Then he sets "Pikari" to Link Summon the Link-1 "Linguriboh". Ai then activates the Field Spell Card "Ignister A.I.Land", activating its effect to Special Summon a Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Doyon @Ignister" and activates its effect, adding "Pikari" from his Graveyard to his hand. Next Ai activates his own Continuous Spell Card, "CompromA.I.se", allowing him to treat an "@Ignister" monster as a Continuous Spell once per turn, placing it in his Spell & Trap Zone. Playmaker notes that Ai treated a monster as a Spell Card (in the dub he notes that Ai's Main Monster Zone is empty again), and Ai activates the effect of "Ignister A.I.Land" again, Special Summoning "Pikari". He activates its effect again, adding his second "Ignister A.I.Land" from his Deck to his hand. Then he activates the effect of "CompromA.I.se" as a monster was Special Summoned, Special Summoning an "@Ignister" monster from his Spell & Trap Zone. "Doyon" returns to the Main Monster Zone, and Ai chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the dark!" and sets "Linguriboh", "Pikari" and "Doyon", then he chants "The creation of dark shadows! The wisdom of dark night scatters throughout the world! Gather in my hand to become the power of rising vigor! Link Summon! Link-3 Dark Templar @Ignister!" ("It's time to unleash a monster forged from the darkest depths of the shadows! Striking fear into all who witness its majestic might! So here it is, the one, the only, the awesome! Link-3 Dark Templar @Ignister!" in the dub.) Then he activates the effect of "Ignister A.I.Land" again, Special Summoning "Achichi @Ignister" from his hand. This activates the effect of "Dark Templar" as a monster was Special Summoned to a zone a Link Monster points to, allowing Ai to Special Summon "Pikari" and "Doyon" to the zones it points to. Once again he chants "Appear! The circuit that guides the dark!" setting "Doyon", "Pikari" and "Achichi" and chanting "With high spirits, the soul resurrects from the river of fire! Become red hot and burn! Link Summon! Appear, Link-3 Fire Phoenix @Ignister!" ("From the infernal blaze that gave rise to the universe comes a monster that scorches all who cross its path! Rise up! Link-3 Fire Phoenix @Ignister!" in the dub.)

"Decode Talker" battles "Dark Templar @Ignister".

As "Fire Phoenix" settles above Ai, he declares that he'll show Playmaker how determined he is. He holds up a card and declares that he'll activate it, and Playmaker realizes what card Ai means (in the dub he claims he'll play the card that destroyed the Cyberse). Sure enough, Ai flips around "Judgment Arrows" and states that it's a card that show how determined he is to fight Playmaker. As he activates the card, a Data Gale erupts in from of him and then a fork of black lightning crashes down, revealing the sparkling Link Spell Card as Ai chants "The three arrows that judge everything! Judgment Arrows!" ("From my quiver of cards, I play the Link Spell, Judgment Arrows!" in the dub.) Playmaker sternly calls Ai's name, but Ai just declares battle. Playmaker reminds him that since he controls "Cynet Optimization", Ai can't activate cards or effects when he battles a "Code Talker" monster. Ai comments in amusement that Playmaker already has a counter strategy against his "@Ignister" Deck, but he doesn't stop, attacking "Decode Talker" with "Fire Phoenix". "Fire Phoenix" swoops forwards, but Playmaker refuses to let Ai and activates the Continuous Trap Card "Code Hack", which will prevent "Code Talker" monsters from being destroyed by card effects, and once per turn when a "Code Talker" monster battles, the ATK of Ai's monster will become zero. "Fire Phoenix" falls to zero ATK as it unleashes a rain of fiery quills, and an energy barrier appears around "Decode Talker" as Playmaker adds that neither monster will be destroyed by battle, nor will they take any battle damage (in the dub he comments that's lucky for Ai). Ai notes that this is Playmaker's move, and comments that he sees that Playmaker isn't allowing mutual destruction, so he attacks "Decode Talker" with "Dark Templar". He reminds Playmaker that "Code Hack" can only be used once per turn, so the ATK of "Dark Templar" doesn't decrease. "Decode Talker" and "Dark Templar" clash blades, and Ai states that they have the same ATK, but "Dark Templar" can't be destroyed in battle with a monster with the same ATK, and "Dark Templar" cuts down "Decode Talker". Playmaker shields himself from the impact, and Ai admits that it's a pity he can't use the effect of "Dark Templar" to resurrect an "@Ignister" monster. He declares that the effect of "Code Hack" ends, and the ATK of "Fire Phoenix" returns to normal (in the dub he comments that its ATK rise from the ashes, using the same wording as his Summon chant for it). Ai Sets a card and he ends his turn.

Ai comments that Playmaker no longer has any monsters, and declares that with this turn, Playmaker must have realized how serious he is. He claims that he'll show no mercy in the Duel and he warns Playmaker to take it seriously or he'll die instantly (in the dub he once again impresses that humanity will lose if Playmaker does). Playmaker angrily says his partner's name as they glare at one another through the Data Storm.

Featured Duel: Playmaker vs Ai[edit]

Playmaker VS Ai.png

The Duel is conducted as a Master Duel.

Turn 1: Playmaker
Playmaker Normal Summons "Garbage Collector" (100/1900). Playmaker activates the Continuous Spell "Cynet Optimization". If Playmaker's "Code Talker" monster battles, his opponent cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step and once per turn he can activate its second effect, then immediately Normal Summon one Cyberse monster after this effect resolves, also he cannot Special Summon monsters from the Extra Deck for the rest of this turn, except Cyberse monsters (even if "Cynet Optimization" leaves the field). He activates the second effect of "Cynet Optimization" and Normal Summons "Flame Bufferlo" (1400/200) after it resolves. Playmaker activates the effect of "Garbage Collector", targeting one other Cyberse monster he controls that began the Duel in the Main Deck, returning it to the hand, and if he did, Special Summoning one Cyberse monster with the same Level, but with a different name, from his Deck. He targets and returns the Level 3 "Flame Bufferlo" to his hand, and Special Summons the Level 3 "Sea Archiver" (300/2100) from his Deck in Defense Position. As "Flame Bufferlo" left the field while it was face-up, Playmaker activates its effect from his hand, discarding one Cyberse monster, and if he did, drawing two cards. He discards "Clock Wyvern" and draws two cards.[Note 1] Playmaker sets "Garbage Collector" and "Sea Archiver" (2 Cyberse monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-2 "Splash Mage" (1100/↗↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. Playmaker activates the effect of "Splash Mage", targeting one Cyberse monster in his GY and Special Summoning it in Defense Position. He targets and Special Summons "Sea Archiver". Playmaker sets "Sea Archiver" and the Link-2 "Splash Mage" (2+ Effect Monsters) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-3 "Decode Talker" (2300/↙↑↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. Playmaker Sets a card.

Turn 2: Ai
Ai Normal Summons "Pikari @Ignister" (1200/600). As "Pikari" was Normal or Special Summoned, Ai activates its effect, adding "Ignister A.I.Land" from his Deck to his hand. Ai sets "Pikari" (1 Level 4 or lower Cyberse monster) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon "Linguriboh" (300/↙) to the Extra Monster Zone. Ai activates the Field Spell "Ignister A.I.Land" and activates its first effect as he controls no monsters in his Main Monster Zones, Special Summoning 1 Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" monster from his hand, but he cannot Special Summon monsters for the rest of this turn, except Cyberse monsters (even if "A.I.Land" leaves the field). He Special Summons "Doyon @Ignister" (400/1600) in Defense Position. As "Doyon" was Normal or Special Summoned, Ai activates its effect, targeting one "@Ignister" monster in his GY and adding it to his hand. He targets and adds "Pikari" to his hand. Ai activates the Continuous Spell "CompromA.I.se". He activates its first effect, targeting one "@Ignister" monster he controls and placing it face-up in his Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell. He targets "Doyon" and places it in his Spell & Trap Zone as a Continuous Spell. As he controls no monsters in his Main Monster Zone, Ai activates the first effect of "A.I.Land" again, Special Summoning "Pikari" from his hand in Defense Position. As a monster was Special Summoned, the second effect of "CompromA.I.se" activates, then Ai chains the effect of "Pikari" as it was Normal or Special Summoned. The chain resolves backwards: due to the effect of "Pikari", Ai adds a second copy of "Ignister A.I.Land" from his Deck to his hand. The second effect of "CompromA.I.se" then resolves, allowing Ai to target one "@Ignister" Monster Card in his Spell & Trap Zone and Special Summon it. He targets and Special Summons "Doyon" from his Spell & Trap Zone in Defense Position. Ai sets "Linguriboh", "Pikari", and "Doyon" (3 Cyberse monsters, including a DARK monster) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-3 "Dark Templar @Ignister" (2300/↙↓↘) to the Extra Monster Zone. As he controls no monsters in his Main Monster Zones, Ai activates the first effect of "A.I.Land" again, Special Summoning "Achichi @Ignister" (800/800) from his hand to the zone the bottom-left Link Arrow of "Dark Templar" points to in Defense Position. As a monster was Special Summoned to his zone a Link Monster he controls points to, Ai activates the third effect of "Dark Templar", targeting one Link Monster he controls and Special Summoning as many Level 4 or lower "@Ignister" monsters with different names from his GY as possible to his zones the targeted monster points to, but the effects of the Summoned monsters are negated. He targets "Dark Templar" and Special Summons "Pikari" and "Doyon" from his GY to the zones the bottom-center and bottom-right Link Arrows of "Dark Templar" point to respectively, both in Defense Position. Ai sets "Doyon", "Pikari", and "Achichi" (2+ Cyberse monsters, including a FIRE monster) in the Link Arrows to Link Summon the Link-3 "Fire Phoenix @Ignister" (2300/←↓→) to the zone the bottom-left Link Arrow of "Dark Templar" points to. Ai activates the Link Spell "Judgment Arrows" (↖↑↗) in the Spell & Trap Zone the bottom-centre Link Arrow of "Fire Phoenix" points to.

"Fire Phoenix" attacks "Decode Talker". As a Link Monster it points to is battling, the effect of "Judgment Arrows" would activate, doubling its ATK during damage calculation only, but due to the first effect of "Cynet Optimization" Ai cannot activate cards or effects until the end of the Damage Step as a "Code Talker" monster is battling. Playmaker activates his Set Continuous Trap "Code Hack". "Code Talker" monsters Playmaker controls cannot be destroy by card effects, and once per turn if his "Code Talker" monster is battling an opponent's monster, he can change that opponent's monster's ATK to 0 until the end of the Battle Phase, also monsters cannot be destroyed by that battle, and neither player takes any battle damage from that battle. He activates the second effect now ("Fire Phoenix": 2300 → 0 ATK). The attack continues and fails, and due to the second effect of "Code Hack" "Fire Phoenix" is not destroyed and Ai takes no battle damage. "Dark Templar" attacks "Decode Talker". As the first effect of "Dark Templar" prevents it from being destroyed by battle with a monster that has the same ATK, only "Decode Talker" is destroyed. Ai Sets a card.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. This card was not shown at the time it was discarded, but "Clock Wyvern" is present in Playmaker's Graveyard in the following episode and was the only card between now and then not accounted for.