Specter Slaying Flames

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"Shiranui" employ the power of fire to slay Specters. Their power burns fiercely through their Demon Swords and Synchro Summons.

Experience supernatural powers that connect dimensions!

Specter Slaying Flames is the tenth Solo Mode Gate in Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, and focuses on the Shiranui archetype.

Like most Gates in Solo Mode, each Duel can be played with either the player's own Deck or a provided Loaner Deck fitting the theme of the Gate, with separate rewards for each. Completing this gate for the first time unlocks the Fires of This World and The Next Secret Pack for 24 hours.

Chapter 1: Scenario[edit]

  • Reward: 150 DARK Orbs

Chapter 2: Practice[edit]

Learn the ins and outs of the "Shiranui" Deck.

This chapter serves as a tutorial for using Shiranui.

  • Reward: 150 LIGHT Orbs

Chapter 3: Duel 1[edit]

Loaner Deck[edit]

A "Shiranui" Deck that incorporates various Levels of Synchro Monsters and Link Monsters. The Monsters have various effects depending on the conditions, so try to Banish Synchro Monsters to activate their effects.

Opponent's Deck[edit]

A Deck that lets you experience the basics of "Shiranui." When you have a Tuner and Non-Tuner Monster, try to Synchro Summon them. Also, if you Banish a "Shiranui" Monster at the right time during the effect of "Sealing Ceremony of Katon" and "Shiranui Spectralsword," it will have an additional effect.

Chapter 3.1: Locked[edit]

This chapter becomes available after completing the first Duel. It can be unlocked by spending 200 FIRE Orbs.

Chapter 3.2: Duel 2[edit]

Loaner Deck[edit]

A "Shiranui" Deck featuring "Doomking Balerdroch" and "Zombie World." By using "Doomking Balerdroch" to support the "Shiranui," which have high ATK and the ability to destroy the Opponent's Cards, the player has more options for countering the Opponent's effects. Use each of these effects to your advantage.

Opponent's Deck[edit]

A "Shiranui" Deck featuring "Vendreads." You can also engage the effects of "Shiranui" Monsters by Banishing them from the Graveyard instead of Tributing them for "Revendread Origin." Try to use it as a comeback move.

Chapter 3.3: Duel 3[edit]

Loaner Deck[edit]

A deck that combines "Eldlich the Golden Lord" and its related cards with "Shiranui," which have many ways to support Zombie Monsters. You can also aim to deploy multiple Monsters with high ATK by using "Conquistador of the Golden Land" as a Synchro Material after using its effect.

Opponent's Deck[edit]

A Deck that combines "Shaddoll" and "Shiranui," both of which can easily send Fusion Materials to the Graveyard. Make use of a FIRE "Shiranui" Monster and EARTH "Mezuki" to execute a Fusion Summon. Use "Shiranui" Monsters in the Graveyard with the effect of "Shiranui Spectralsword Shade" to Special Summon Synchro Monsters.

Chapter 4: Goal[edit]

This chapter acts as a Scenario.