Mokuba Kaiba (The Sacred Cards and Reshef of Destruction)

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Mokuba Kaiba
Mokuba Kaiba
English name
  • Mokuba Kaiba
Japanese name
RōmajiKaiba Mokuba
  • Male
Seto Kaiba (brother)
Appears in
Game Boy Advance
Kaiba, Mokuba

Mokuba Kaiba is a character in Yu-Gi-Oh! The Sacred Cards and Yu-Gi-Oh! Reshef of Destruction. This is a video game depiction of Mokuba Kaiba from the manga and Mokuba Kaiba from the anime.


Mokuba met the player inside the KaibaCorp headquarters and noted Roland's failure to keep him out. He showed the player the Duel Computer, said that he was testing it and offered the player a chance to Duel it. When the player won, Mokuba said that the machine needed more adjustments. If the player attempted to challenge Mokuba, he would tell him to Duel the Duel Computer instead.

Outside the building, Mokuba was kidnapped by Lumis and Umbra, who hoped to use his as bait to lure in Seto Kaiba. The player and Yugi Muto happened up the kidnapping while searching for Mokuba.

Mokuba was freed when the player and Yugi defeated Lumis and Umbra, but he told them not to expect him to thank them. Yugi asked Mokuba if he knew where his brother, Kaiba, was. He explained that Joey Wheeler had been taken captive by the Ghouls and they wanted Kaiba to use the transponder in Joey's Duel Disk to locate him. Mokuba was not happy with the idea of helping Yugi, but wanted to see the Ghouls punished, so he agreed to help and told them they could find Kaiba at the art gallery.

Mokuba returned to the KaibaCorp headquarters and stood outside, where he accepted a Duel from the player.

When Kaiba qualified for the Battle City finals, Mokuba went with him to the stadium site for the next stage of the tournament. There he told the player that he was confident Kaiba was going to win and that the others had no chance.


The Sacred Cards[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF Qty
008 Mushroom Man MonsterForest Plant2 800 600 2
075 Man-Eating Plant MonsterDark Plant2 800 600 3
076 Krokodilus MonsterWater Reptile4 1100 1200 3
157 Firegrass MonsterFire Plant2 700 600 2
158 Man Eater MonsterForest Plant2 800 600 2
180 Arlownay MonsterForest Plant3 800 1000 2
238 Yashinoki MonsterForest Plant2 800 600 2
285 Serpent Marauder MonsterWater Reptile2 700 600 2
310 Vile Germs Magic 1
326 Raise Body Heat Magic 1
475 Sinister Serpent MonsterWater Reptile1 300 250 2
489 Barrel Lily MonsterForest Plant3 1100 600 2
510 Laughing Flower MonsterForest Plant2 900 500 2
536 Mechaleon MonsterWater Reptile2 800 600 2
567 Darkworld Thorns MonsterFiend Plant3 1200 900 2
569 Drooling Lizard MonsterWater Reptile3 900 800 2
579 Abyss Flower MonsterForest Plant2 750 400 2
588 Living Vase MonsterForest Plant3 900 1100 2
590 Beaked Snake MonsterWater Reptile3 800 900 2
620 Snakeyashi MonsterForest Plant4 1000 1200 2

Reshef of Destruction[edit]


The following cards can be won from Mokuba by the ante rule, provided the player does not wager a low-level ante card. The chance of winning a card is indicated by the "%" (chance out of 100) and "2048th" (chance out of 2048) columns.

The Sacred Cards[edit]

# Card Card typeSummon TypeLevel ATK DEF % 2048th
740 Invitation to a Dark Sleep MonsterDreams Spellcaster5 1500 1800 99.95 2047

Reshef of Destruction[edit]