Primo is here!

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Primo is here!
Primo is here!
EnglishPrimo is here!
Event information
TypeRoaming Duelist event
  • March 17, 2021 – March 24, 2021

Primo is here! is an event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. During this event, Primo and Ghost occasionally appear in Duel World (5D's), and special Event Missions are made available.

Event details[edit]

Roaming Duelist[edit]

Primo appears in Duel World (5D's) as a Roaming Duelist. He spawns periodically, and the player can increase the chances of that happening by Dueling in any Duel World, including at the Gate, or by Dueling in Ranked Duels.

Once per day, three copies of Ghost appear in the leftmost area of Duel World (5D's).

Turbo Duel[edit]

Duels against Ghost and Primo are conducted as Turbo Duels.

In this mode, both duelists gain Speed Counters (up to a maximum of 12) by meeting the following conditions:

  • At the beginning of each Standby Phase: +1 (for both Duelists)
  • When the player Normal Summons/Sets a monster: +2
  • When the player Synchro Summons a monster: +3
  • When the player's monster is destroyed: -1 (for each monster destroyed)

During these Turbo Duels, both players have access to the EX Skill Speed Spell – Clear Mind. As an EX Skill, it functions in addition to the player's normal Skill (it does not replace it). A Duelist that has the Skill can remove their Speed Counters to activate the following effects:

  • 3: 1 Synchro Monster you control will become a Tuner Monster until the end of the turn.
  • 5: Play 1 Tuner Synchro Monster in Defense Position from your Graveyard.
  • 7: Play 1 Level 2 or lower Synchro Monster in Defense Position from your Extra Deck.
  • 9: Play 1 Synchro Monster that uses a Synchro Monster as its Synchro Material from your Graveyard.


Duel Rewards[edit]

In addition to the following, standard Duel Rewards are also available by Dueling Primo or Ghost at Level 30 or lower.

Rarity Card
UR "Labyrinth of Kline", "Ally of Justice Core Destroyer"
SR "Genex Ally Volcannon", "Dimension Fortress Weapon", "DNA Transplant"
R "Divergence", "Jinzo #7", "Searchlightman"
N "Ally of Justice Rudra", "Blocker"

Event Missions[edit]

Mission Reward
Win 1 Duel(s) against Primo in Duel World. 1 "Divergence" (Glossy)
Win 3 Duel(s) against Primo in Duel World. 1 "Dimension Fortress Weapon" (Glossy)
Win 7 Duel(s) against Primo in Duel World. 1 "Genex Ally Volcannon"
Play 15 Duel(s) against Primo in Duel World (surrenders are not counted). 1 "Labyrinth of Kline"



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Level 40[edit]