Train Your Kuriboh!

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Train Your Kuriboh!
Train Your Kuriboh!
EnglishTrain Your Kuriboh!

Train Your Kuriboh! is a campaign that occurs perpetually in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links.

Event flow[edit]

The player earns points by Dueling (gaining up to 300 points per day). By accumulating points, the Kuriboh will evolve to a new form, and can be released to receive the gift associated with that form.

The player can earn points by Dueling. The number of points awarded depends on the type of Duel.

Duel Points
Ranked Duels 300
Casual Duels 100
Duel World Duels 100


Kuriboh Points required from previous form Gift
0 None
100 1 R Ticket
700 1 Rainbow Pack
"Sphere Kuriboh"
1300 1 SR/UR Ticket
1400 1 SR/UR Ticket (Glossy)
2500 1 SR/UR Ticket (Prismatic)


The following cards are the possible choices the player has when redeeming a Card Ticket from this campaign.

The Rainbow Pack provides the player a random card available from the SR/UR Choice Ticket.

Name Card type Addition date Removal date
A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Normal Spell Card
Advance Draw Normal Spell Card
Against the Wind Normal Spell Card Oct-Nov 2019
Altar of the Bound Deity Continuous Trap Card Jan-Feb 2020
Amazoness Sage Effect Monster
Amazoness Swords Woman Effect Monster
Amazoness Tiger Effect Monster
Amazoness Willpower Continuous Trap Card
Ambulance Rescueroid Effect Fusion Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Ancient Gear Castle Continuous Spell Card
Ancient Gear Engineer Effect Monster
Ancient Gear Fist Equip Spell Card
Ancient Gear Golem Effect
Ancient Gear Knight Gemini monster
Ancient Gear Workshop Normal Spell Card
Anti-Magic Arrows Quick-Play Spell Card
Apocatequil Effect Monster May-Jun 2020
Arcana Force EX - The Light Ruler Effect Monster Sep-Oct 2019
Arcana Force I - The Magician Effect Monster Sep-Oct 2019
Arcana Force III - The Empress Effect Monster Sep-Oct 2019
Arcana Force XII - The Hangman Effect Monster Sep-Oct 2019
Arcana Force XIV - Temperance Effect Monster Sep-Oct 2019
Arcana Force XVIII - The Moon Effect Monster Sep-Oct 2019
Archfiend Empress Effect Monster
Archfiend Palabyrinth Field Spell Card
Archfiend's Call Effect Synchro Monster Jan-Feb 2020
Archfiend's Manifestation Effect Fusion Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Armed Dragon LV5 Effect Monster
Armored Axon Kicker Effect Monster
Armoroid Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Artifact Chakram Effect Monster Mar-Apr 2020
Artifact Vajra Effect Monster Mar-Apr 2020
Assault Wyvern Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Barrel Dragon Effect Monster
Battle Ox Normal Monster
Battleguard Rage Continuous Trap Card
Beacon of White Equip Spell Card
Berserk Gorilla Effect Monster
Big Evolution Pill Normal Spell Card
Big Piece Golem Effect Monster
Biofalcon Effect Monster
Black Ptera Effect Monster
Black Salvo Effect Tuner monster May-Jun 2020
Black Stego Effect Monster
Blackwing - Bombardment Normal Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Blackwing - Elphin the Raven Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Blackwing - Fane the Steel Chain Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Blackwing - Ghibli the Searing Wind Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Blast Held by a Tribute Normal Trap Card
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Toon monster
Blue-Eyes White Dragon Normal Monster
Byser Shock Effect Monster
Call of the Mummy Continuous Spell Card
Card of Sanctity Normal Spell Card
Castle of Dark Illusions Flip monster
Catapult Turtle Effect Monster
Champion's Vigilance Counter Trap Card
Chimera the Flying Mythical Beast Effect Fusion Monster
Chimeratech Overdragon Effect Fusion Monster
Cocoon Party Normal Spell Card Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Cocoon of Evolution Effect Monster
Collected Power Normal Trap Card
Constellar Algiedi Effect Monster Mar-Apr 2020
Constellar Meteor Normal Trap Card Mar-Apr 2020
Constellar Zubeneschamali Effect Monster Mar-Apr 2020
Crystal Beacon Normal Spell Card
Crystal Beast Amber Mammoth Effect Monster
Crystal Beast Sapphire Pegasus Effect Monster
Crystal Beast Topaz Tiger Effect Monster
Crystal Promise Normal Spell Card
Cubic Mandala Continuous Trap Card Mar-Apr 2020
Cupid's Kiss Equip Spell Card Aug-Sep 2020
Cupid Volley Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Counter Trap Card
Cyber Angel Dakini Effect Ritual Monster
Cyber Blader Effect Fusion Monster
Cyber Dragon Zwei Effect Monster
Cyber Laser Dragon Effect Monster
Cyber Prima Effect Monster
Cyber Repair Plant Normal Spell Card
Cyberdark Cannon Effect Monster
Cyberdark Claw Effect Monster
Cyberdark Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
Cyberdark Edge Effect Monster
Cyberdark Horn Effect Monster
Cyberdark Impact! Normal Spell Card
Cyberdark Keel Effect Monster
Cyberdarkness Dragon Effect Fusion Monster
Cybernetic Fusion Support Quick-Play Spell Card
D.D. Survivor Effect Monster
D.D. Patrol Plane Effect Monster
D.D. Seeker Effect Monster
D.D. Telepon Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
D.D. Trainer Normal Monster Oct-Nov 2019
DNA Checkup Normal Trap Card
DNA Transplant Continuous Trap Card
Damage Gate Normal Trap Card
Dark Eradicator Warlock Effect Monster
Dark Jeroid Effect Monster
Dark Magician Normal Monster
Dark Magician (Arkana artwork ver.) Normal Monster
Dark Magician Girl Effect Monster
Dark Necrofear Effect Monster
Dark Sacrifice Normal Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Dark Spirit of the Silent Normal Trap Card
Dark Verger Effect Monster
Dark Voltanis Effect Monster
Darkflare Dragon Effect Monster
Dash Warrior Effect Monster
Des Dendle Union monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Descending Lost Star Normal Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Despair from the Dark Effect Monster
Destiny HERO - Dasher Effect Monster
Destiny HERO - Diamond Dude Effect Monster
Destiny HERO - Double Dude Effect Monster
Destiny HERO - Fear Monger Effect Monster
Destiny Signal Normal Trap Card
Destruct Potion Normal Trap Card
Dian Keto the Cure Master Normal Spell Card
Dice It Normal Trap Card
Diffusion Wave-Motion Normal Spell Card
Dimension Gate Continuous Trap Card
Disposable Learner Device Equip Spell Card
Divine Dragon Apocralyph Effect Monster
Divine Knight Ishzark Effect Monster
Drillroid Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Duke Shade, the Sinister Shadow Lord Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel Effect Monster Mar-Apr 2020
Earthbound Wave Counter Trap Card Jan-Feb 2020
Elemental Grace Doriado Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Elemental HERO Core Effect Fusion Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Elemental HERO Divine Neos Effect Fusion Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Elemental HERO Electrum Effect Fusion Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Elemental HERO Neos Normal Monster
Elemental HERO Tempest Effect Fusion Monster
Elemental HERO Thunder Giant Effect Fusion Monster
Emes the Infinity Effect Monster
Enemy Controller Quick-Play Spell Card
Evilswarm Golem Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Evilswarm Hraesvelg Flip monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Evilswarm Obliviwisp Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Evolsaur Diplo Effect Monster
Evoltile Najasho Effect Monster
Expressroid Effect Monster
Extra Gate Quick-Play Spell Card
Familiar Knight Effect Monster
Familiar-Possessed - Lyna Effect Monster Aug-Sep 2020
Fighting Spirit Equip Spell Card
Final Gesture Normal Spell Card Oct-Nov 2019
Flare Resonator Effect Tuner monster
Forgotten Temple of the Deep Continuous Trap Card
Fortress Warrior Effect Monster
Fortune Lady Dark Effect Monster Feb-Mar 2020
Fortune Lady Earth Effect Monster Feb-Mar 2020
Fortune Lady Light Effect Monster Feb-Mar 2020
Fortune Lady Wind Effect Monster Feb-Mar 2020
Fortune's Future Normal Spell Card Feb-Mar 2020
Fossil Excavation Continuous Trap Card
Frost and Flame Dragon Effect Monster
Gaia the Dragon Champion Fusion Monster
Gamma The Magnet Warrior Normal Monster
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction Effect Monster
Gate Blocker Effect Monster
Ghostrick Stein Effect Monster
Ghostrick Witch Effect Monster
Giant Axe Mummy Effect Monster
Giant Orc Effect Monster
Giant Rex Effect Monster
Gil Garth Normal Monster
Gilford the Lightning Effect Monster
Gorgon's Eye Normal Trap Card
Goyo Chaser Effect Synchro Monster
Graceful Dice Quick-Play Spell Card
Granadora Effect Monster
Grasschopper Gemini monster
Grave Squirmer Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Gravekeeper's Chief Effect Monster
Gravekeeper's Priestess Effect Monster
Gravekeeper's Recruiter Effect Monster
Gravekeeper's Stele Normal Spell Card
Great Moth Effect Monster
Gyroid Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Harpie Lady Phoenix Formation Normal Spell Card
Harpie's Pet Dragon Effect Monster
Head Judging Continuous Trap Card
Heavy Mech Support Platform Union monster
Herald of Green Light Effect Monster Aug-Sep 2020
Hero Counterattack Normal Trap Card Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Homunculus the Alchemic Being Effect Monster
Humanoid Slime Normal Monster
Hundred Eyes Dragon Effect Synchro Monster Jan-Feb 2020
Hunting Instinct Normal Trap Card
Illusory Snatcher Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Infernal Dragon Effect Monster
Infernity Beetle Effect Tuner monster Jan-Feb 2020
Infernity Force Normal Trap Card Jan-Feb 2020
Infernity Inferno Normal Trap Card Jan-Feb 2020
Infernity Knight Effect Monster Jan-Feb 2020
Infernity Mirage Effect Monster Jan-Feb 2020
Infernity Patriarch Effect Monster Jan-Feb 2020
Insect Imitation Normal Spell Card
Inverse Universe Normal Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Jetroid Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Junk Berserker Effect Synchro Monster
Jutte Fighter Effect Tuner monster
Kidmodo Dragon Effect Monster
King's Consonance Normal Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Krystal Dragon Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Labyrinth Wall Normal Monster
Lancer Archfiend Effect Monster
Lava Golem Effect Monster
Ledger of Legerdemain Normal Spell Card Sep-Oct 2019
Legendary Maju Garzett Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Lumina, Twilightsworn Shaman Effect Monster Aug-Sep 2020
Lyla, Twilightsworn Enchantress Effect Monster Aug-Sep 2020
Machine Angel Absolute Ritual Ritual Spell Card
Magic Formula Equip Spell Card
Magical Blast Normal Spell Card
Magical King Moonstar Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Magical Stone Excavation Normal Spell Card
Maiden in Love Effect Monster Aug-Sep 2020
Masked Beast Des Gardius Effect Monster
Master Gig Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Metalmorph Normal Trap Card
Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact Gemini monster
Millennium Scorpion Effect Monster
Millennium Shield Normal Monster
Minar Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Miracle Jurassic Egg Effect Monster
Missing Force Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Moon Dragon Quilla Effect Synchro Monster May-Jun 2020
Monster Rebone Continuous Trap Card
Morphtronic Cameran Effect Monster
Morphtronic Map Field Spell Card
Morphtronic Mix-up Normal Trap Card
Morphtronic Repair Unit Equip Spell Card
Morphtronic Videon Effect Monster
Mosaic Manticore Effect Monster
Multiple Piece Golem Effect Fusion Monster
Mystic Box Normal Spell Card
Neos Wiseman Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Obsidian Dragon Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Ojama Blue Effect Monster
Ojama Delta Hurricane!! Normal Spell Card
Ojama King Effect Fusion Monster
Oracle of the Sun Effect Monster May-Jun 2020
Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness Effect Monster
Pair Cycroid Effect Fusion Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Panther Warrior Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Passion of Baimasse Counter Trap Card May-Jun 2020
Peeking Goblin Normal Spell Card
Perfectly Ultimate Great Moth Effect Monster
Phantom Dragonray Bronto Gemini monster
Phantom Skyblaster Effect Monster
Psychic Overload Normal Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Psychic Shockwave Normal Trap Card
Pulse Mines Normal Trap Card
Pumpking the King of Ghosts Effect Monster
Puppet Master Effect Monster
Ra's Disciple Effect Monster
Rain of Mercy Normal Spell Card
Rainbow Dragon Effect Monster
Rainbow Life Normal Trap Card
Rare Metalmorph Continuous Trap Card
Rare Value Normal Spell Card
Regenerating Rose Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Regulus Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Relinquished Effect Ritual Monster
Reload Quick-Play Spell Card
Retaliating "C" Effect Monster
Return of the Doomed Normal Spell Card
Reverse Trap Normal Trap Card
Reverse of Neos Quick-Play Spell Card Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Revival Jam Effect Monster
Revival Rose Effect Monster
Roar of the Earthbound Immortal Continuous Trap Card May-Jun 2020
Rosaria, the Stately Fallen Angel Effect Monster
Rose Witch Effect Monster
Ryu Kokki Effect Monster
Sage's Stone Normal Spell Card
Samsara Lotus Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Samurai Sword Baron Effect Monster
Scrap Kong Effect Monster
Scrap Recycler Effect Monster
Search Striker Effect Monster
Second Coin Toss Continuous Spell Card
Serpent Night Dragon Normal Monster
Shield & Sword Normal Spell Card
Shield Warrior Effect Monster
Silent Graveyard Quick-Play Spell Card
Skull Dice Normal Trap Card
Skull Invitation Continuous Trap Card
Skull-Mark Ladybug Effect Monster
Solemn Wishes Continuous Trap Card
Solitaire Magician Effect Monster Feb-Mar 2020
Soul Tiger Normal Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Steamroid Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Stegocyber Effect Monster
Stim-Pack Equip Spell Card
Strong Wind Dragon Effect Monster
Stygian Security Effect Tuner monster
Submarineroid Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Sun Dragon Inti Effect Synchro Monster May-Jun 2020
Sunlight Unicorn Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Super Vehicroid Jumbo Drill Effect Fusion Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Supremacy Berry Normal Spell Card
Survival of the Fittest Normal Trap Card Sep-Oct 2019 Nov-Dec 2019
Survival's End Normal Trap Card
Temple of the Kings Continuous Spell Card
The Flute of Summoning Kuriboh Quick-Play Spell Card
The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Normal Monster
The Legendary Fisherman Effect Monster
Thorn of Malice Equip Spell Card
Thunder Dragon Discharge Continuous Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Thunder Dragondark Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Thunder Dragonmatrix Effect Monster Oct-Nov 2019
Time Escaper Effect Monster
Time Wizard Effect Monster
Toon Masked Sorcerer Toon monster
Toon Mermaid Toon monster
Toon World Continuous Spell Card
Tour Bus To Forbidden Realms Flip monster
Toy Magician Effect Monster
Trance Archfiend Effect Monster
Tyrant's Tantrum Continuous Trap Card Oct-Nov 2019
Ultimate Ancient Gear Golem Effect Fusion Monster
Ultimate Tyranno Effect Monster
Union Attack Normal Spell Card
Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Effect Monster
Vehicroid Connection Zone Normal Spell Card Oct-Nov 2019
Volcanic Eruption Normal Trap Card
Water Dragon Effect Monster
Water Hazard Continuous Spell Card
Wattfox Effect Tuner monster Oct-Nov 2019
White Magical Hat Effect Monster
White Night Queen Effect Monster
Winged Kuriboh Effect Monster
Wrath of Neos Normal Spell Card Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Yu-Jo Friendship Normal Spell Card
Yubel Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Yubel - Terror Incarnate Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare Effect Monster Dec 2019-Jan 2020
Zolga Effect Monster

Name Card type Addition date
A Rival Appears! Normal Trap Card
Acid Rain Normal Spell Card
Agido Effect Monster
Alligator's Sword Normal Monster
Alligator's Sword Dragon Fusion Monster
Alpha The Magnet Warrior Normal Monster
Amazoness Chain Master Effect Monster
Amazoness Fighter Effect Monster
Amazoness Shamanism Normal Trap Card
Ambulanceroid Effect Monster
Ancient Gear Beast Effect Monster
Ancient Gear Drill Normal Spell Card
Ancient Gear Factory Normal Spell Card
Ancient Gear Soldier Effect Monster
Aqua Chorus Continuous Trap Card
Arcana Force VI - The Lovers Effect Monster
Armed Dragon LV3 Effect Monster
Assault Dog Effect Monster
Attack Reflector Unit Normal Trap Card
Barrel Rock Normal Monster
Beast of Talwar Normal Monster
Beastking of the Swamps Effect Monster
Beaver Warrior Normal Monster
Berfomet Effect Monster
Beta The Magnet Warrior Normal Monster
Bicular Effect Monster
Black Illusion Ritual Ritual Spell Card
Black Potan Effect Monster
Black Veloci Effect Monster
Blackwing - Boobytrap Normal Trap Card
Blackwing - Boreas the Sharp Effect Monster
Blackwing - Brisote the Tailwind Effect Monster
Blockman Effect Monster
Bonding - H2O Normal Spell Card
Bracchio-raidus Fusion Monster
Break! Draw! Equip Spell Card
Breath of Light Normal Spell Card
Broken Blocker Normal Trap Card
Call of the Earthbound Normal Trap Card
Call of the Reaper Normal Trap Card
Cannonball Spear Shellfish Effect Monster
Card Ejector Effect Monster
Carrierroid Effect Monster
Castle Walls Normal Trap Card
Chthonian Polymer Normal Trap Card
Cloning Normal Trap Card
Cocoon Rebirth Continuous Spell Card
Commencement Dance Ritual Spell Card
Constellar Aldebaran Effect Monster
Constellar Star Cradle Normal Spell Card
Constellar Virgo Effect Monster
Crawling Dragon #2 Normal Monster
Crevice Into the Different Dimension Normal Trap Card
Crystal Beast Amethyst Cat Effect Monster
Crystal Beast Cobalt Eagle Effect Monster
Crystal Beast Ruby Carbuncle Effect Monster
Crystal Tree Continuous Spell Card
Curse of Dragon Normal Monster
Cyber Angel Benten Effect Ritual Monster
Cyber Barrier Dragon Effect Monster
Cyber Esper Effect Monster
Cyber Kirin Effect Monster
Cyber Shield Equip Spell Card
Cybernetic Zone Quick-Play Spell Card
D - Spirit Normal Spell Card
D.D. Scout Plane Effect Monster
Damage Polarizer Counter Trap Card
Dark Mambele Normal Spell Card
Dark Zebra Effect Monster
Dark-Eyes Illusionist Flip monster
Dark-Piercing Light Normal Spell Card
Darkfall Normal Trap Card
Decayed Commander Effect Monster
Defense Maiden Continuous Trap Card
Destiny HERO - Departed Effect Monster
Destiny HERO - Doom Lord Effect Monster
Destruction of Destiny Normal Trap Card
Divine Dragon Ragnarok Normal Monster
Double Payback Continuous Trap Card
Dragon Manipulator Flip monster
Dragon's Rage Continuous Trap Card
Dungeon Worm Normal Monster
Dust Barrier Continuous Spell Card
Electric Lizard Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Bubbleman Effect Monster
Elemental HERO Sparkman Normal Monster
Elemental HERO Wildheart Effect Monster
Empress Judge Fusion Monster
Eternal Drought Normal Spell Card
Etoile Cyber Effect Monster
Evo-Karma Continuous Spell Card
Evoltile Pleuro Effect Monster
Exchange Normal Spell Card
Exile of the Wicked Normal Spell Card
Fairy's Hand Mirror Normal Trap Card
Fiend Griefing Normal Trap Card
Fire Ant Ascator Effect Tuner monster
Flame Swordsman Fusion Monster
Flashbang Normal Trap Card
Flying Kamakiri #2 Normal Monster
Forest Field Spell Card
Fortune Fairy Chee Effect Monster
Fortune Lady Rewind Normal Trap Card
Frostosaurus Normal Monster
Gaia The Fierce Knight Normal Monster
Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts Normal Monster
Gemini Imps Effect Monster
Gernia Effect Monster
Ghostrick Ghoul Effect Monster
Ghostrick Mummy Effect Monster
Ghostrick Skeleton Effect Monster
Ghostrick Vanish Normal Trap Card
Giant Flea Normal Monster
Giga-Tech Wolf Normal Monster
Goblin Thief Normal Spell Card
Goblin's Secret Remedy Normal Spell Card
Gravekeeper's Cannonholder Effect Monster
Graverobber Normal Trap Card
Great White Normal Monster
Ground Attacker Bugroth Normal Monster
Guard Penalty Quick-Play Spell Card
Handcuffs Dragon Effect Monster
Happy Marriage Equip Spell Card
Hard-sellin' Goblin Continuous Trap Card
Hermit of Prophecy Effect Monster
Heroic Gift Normal Trap Card
Hidden Temples of Necrovalley Continuous Spell Card
Hinotama Normal Spell Card
House of Adhesive Tape Normal Trap Card
Humanoid Worm Drake Fusion Monster
Hyozanryu Normal Monster
Infernity Beast Effect Monster
Inherited Fortune Normal Trap Card
Inspection Continuous Spell Card
Intercept Counter Trap Card
Ivy Shackles Continuous Trap Card
Jenis, Lightsworn Mender Effect Monster
Keldo Effect Monster
Kiseitai Effect Monster
Labyrinth Tank Fusion Monster
Larvae Moth Effect Monster
Lava Dragon Effect Monster
Legendary Sword Equip Spell Card
Light Effigy Effect Monster
Little-Winguard Effect Monster
Lost Blue Breaker Effect Monster
Machine Angel Ritual Ritual Spell Card
Mad Archfiend Effect Monster
Man-Eating Treasure Chest Normal Spell Card
Maniacal Servant Effect Monster
Medium Piece Golem Effect Monster
Mesmeric Control Normal Spell Card
Mind Haxorz Normal Trap Card
Minoan Centaur Effect Monster
Mirror Resonator Effect Tuner monster
Monster Tamer Normal Monster
Morphtronic Cord Equip Spell Card
Morphtronic Vacuumen Effect Monster
Mystic Horseman Normal Monster
Neo Aqua Madoor Normal Monster
Nettles Effect Tuner monster
Nuvia the Wicked Effect Monster
Oilman Union monster
Ojama Knight Effect Fusion Monster
Omega Goggles Equip Spell Card
Oni Tank T-34 Normal Monster
Over Capacity Over Capacity
Overdrive Normal Monster
Performance of Sword Ritual Monster
Phantom Hand Continuous Trap Card
Photon Generator Unit Quick-Play Spell Card
Power Invader Effect Monster
Power-Up Adapter Normal Trap Card
Proto-Cyber Dragon Effect Monster
Rabid Horseman Fusion Monster
Rainbow Gravity Normal Trap Card
Reborn Zombie Effect Monster
Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Effect Monster
Rescueroid Effect Monster
Rockstone Warrior Effect Monster
Rose Tentacles Effect Monster
Ruthless Denial Normal Spell Card
Scarlet Security Normal Spell Card
Second Goblin Union monster
Senri Eye Continuous Spell Card
Shadow of Eyes Normal Trap Card
Shattered Axe Continuous Trap Card
Shining Abyss Normal Monster
Sogen Field Spell Card
Soul of the Pure Normal Spell Card
Space Gift Normal Spell Card
Spark Blaster Equip Spell Card
Spell Reproduction Normal Spell Card
Spell of Pain Quick-Play Spell Card
Spellbook Star Hall Continuous Spell Card
Spikebot Normal Monster
Spirit Barrier Continuous Trap Card
Spirit of the Harp Normal Monster
Star Siphon Normal Trap Card
Statue of the Wicked Normal Trap Card
Stealthroid Effect Monster
Steam Gyroid Fusion Monster
Steel Shell Equip Spell Card
Storm Normal Spell Card
Summon Gate Continuous Trap Card
Supay Effect Tuner monster
Super Robolady Effect Fusion Monster
Super Roboyarou Effect Fusion Monster
Supercharge Normal Trap Card
Survival Instinct Normal Trap Card
Terrible Deal Normal Trap Card
The Earl of Demise Normal Monster
The Flute of Summoning Dragon Normal Spell Card
The Mask of Remnants Normal Spell Card
The Sky Lord Continuous Spell Card
The Stern Mystic Flip monster
Thousand Dragon Fusion Monster
Thousand Knives Normal Spell Card
Time Passage Quick-Play Spell Card
Togex Normal Monster
Toon Alligator Normal Monster
Toon Buster Blader Toon monster
Torpedo Fish Effect Monster
Tour Bus From the Underworld Effect Monster
Tricular Effect Monster
Triggered Summon Normal Trap Card
Truckroid Effect Monster
Two-Headed King Rex Normal Monster
Voltic Kong Effect Monster
Warrior Elimination Normal Spell Card
Warrior of Zera Normal Monster
Wasteland Field Spell Card
Wave-Motion Inferno Continuous Spell Card
White Potan Effect Monster
Witch Doctor of Chaos Flip monster
Zombie Tiger Union monster