Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!

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Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!
Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!
EnglishRaid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!
Event information
TypeRaid Duel
  • August 28, 2020 – September 7, 2020
Card Trader EX
  • August 28, 2020 – September 14, 2020

Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor! is an event in Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links. It allows the player to unlock Aigami as a playable character.

Event Details[edit]

Challenging Aigami[edit]

A Trace of Aigami
Duel World (DSOD) during the event.

Aigami can be challenged through his monster, "Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor", which must first be spawned in the Event page. This can be done by Dueling in the Duel World (excluding the Gate), or by Dueling in Ranked Duels, which will increase the spawn rate of the Cubic Monster, while also rewarding Traces of Aigami.

After it spawns, the player can challenge it at any time in the Event page. Even if the player does not succeed in defeating Aigami, he can be challenged again by using Traces of Aigami, until its LP reach 0. In Assist Duels, the player does not need to wait for the Cubic Monster to spawn.

The player can also spend 50 Traces of Aigami to spawn the Cubic Monster.

The Cubic Monster can spawn at different Levels, ranging from Level 100 to Level 1000 (but only in multiples of 100). The possible Levels in which the Cubic Monster spawns increase as the player accumulates victories against it. From September 3, 2020 onwards, Corrupted Aigami will also spawn at Level 2000 and higher. In addition, Cubic Beacons become available to be obtained from the Card Trader EX and from daily Event Missions, which allow the player to instantly spawn Corrupted Aigami.

Unlocking Aigami[edit]

From September 1, 2020 onwards, the player can unlock Aigami as a playable character by defeating Seto Kaiba (DSOD) in the Raid Duel area. Seto Kaiba (DSOD) only appears after accumulating a total of 3,000,000 or more points of damage.

Raid Duels[edit]

Duel World (DSOD) with "Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor"
Duel World (DSOD) with Corrupted Aigami Level 2000

Duels against Aigami are conducted as Raid Duels. In this mode, Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor will spawn with a large amount of LP, but if the player does not manage to defeat it, the damage dealt during that Duel will be carried on to the next time it is challenged. The Cubic Monster also uses the Skill "Do you believe everything that you see?", which forcefully ends the Duel in a draw at the start of the opponent's turn from 10th turn onward.

Raid Duels also feature Assist Duels, in which players can help others to defeat the Cubic Monster together. Before a player enters an Assist Duel, the damage dealt by other players will be subtracted from the Cubic Monster's starting LP. After one of the participant players finishes a Duel in which the total damage dealt by all players is greater than the Cubic Monster's original LP, all players who participated are rewarded, and they become available to assist other players (if a player is in the middle of a Duel when that happens, they will only be notified after the Duel ends).

Certain monsters the player controls will deal triple battle damage to the Cubic Monster. These are related to "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" and "Dark Magician", including alternate artworks. In addition, the three Egyptian Gods will deal five times more battle damage.

Blue-Eyes monsters
Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Blue-Eyes Alternative White Dragon
Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon
Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Neo Blue-Eyes Ultimate Dragon
Blue-Eyes Twin Burst Dragon
Blue-Eyes Chaos MAX Dragon
Blue-Eyes Spirit Dragon
Blue-Eyes Solid Dragon
Deep-Eyes White Dragon
Malefic Blue-Eyes White Dragon
Dragon Spirit of White
Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon
Dark Magician monsters
Dark Magician
Dark Magician Girl
Chocolate Magician Girl
Dark Cavalry
Magician of Chaos
Magician of Dark Illusion
Dark Paladin
Dark Magician Girl the Dragon Knight
Palladium Oracle Mahad
Toon Dark Magician
Berry Magician Girl
Toon Dark Magician Girl
Amulet Dragon
Apple Magician Girl
Magician of Black Chaos
Dark Flare Knight
Lemon Magician Girl
Kiwi Magician Girl
Dark Magician Knight
The Egyptian Gods
Slifer the Sky Dragon
The Winged Dragon of Ra
Obelisk the Tormentor

Forbidden Skills and cards[edit]

There are several Skills and cards that players cannot use in Raid Duels.

Forbidden cards
Gandora the Dragon of Destruction
Chaos Hunter
Neo-Parshath, the Sky Paladin
Destiny HERO - Dogma
Amazoness Swords Woman
Jirai Gumo
Endless Decay
Gaap the Divine Soldier
Magical Reflect Slime
Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes
Fire Princess
The Agent of Force - Mars
Anti-Aircraft Flower
Ancient Sacred Wyvern
Evil Eye of Gorgoneio
Des Counterblow
Remove Brainwashing
Cubic Karma
Forbidden Skills
Ultimate Earthbound Immortal
Grandpa's Cards
Fatal Five
Titan Showdown
A Card Entrusted
Destiny Board

Dimension Duel[edit]

Duel versus Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor

Duels against Aigami are also conducted as Dimension Duels. In this mode, both players can Dimension Summon, which allows them to Normal Summon/Set Level 5 or higher monsters without Tribute. This is not optional, and they are not treated as Tribute Summons. Monsters with a Normal Summon condition (e.g. "Obelisk the Tormentor") must still fulfill them in order to be Dimension Summoned.

Dimension Duel EX[edit]

After every 5 Duels, the player can challenge Aigami to a Dimension Duel EX. This can only be done when the Cubic Monster spawns, or when the player is re-challenging him in an Assist Duel in which they have already taken part of.

In this mode, the player gains a Willpower meter, which ranges from 0% to 1000%. It is increased based on the following conditions:

By using Willpower, the player can use the EX Skill "Willpower Rising". It does not replace the player's normal Skill, and can apply the following effects by removing the player's Willpower:

  • 500%: The ATK of all monsters you control is multiplied by 5 until the end of the turn.
  • 500%: Select 1 monster from your Deck and play that monster.

The monster played by this EX Skill is treated as having been properly Special Summoned (i.e. "The Deep Grave" will be able to Special Summon from the Graveyard a Ritual Monster played with this Skill). However, as with other Skills, effects cannot be activated immediately after the Skill has finished being applied, so effects that would activate when that monster is Special Summoned (i.e. "Sacred Crane") cannot be activated.

Defeating the Cubic Monster in a Dimension Duel EX will reward the player with 1 Rainbow Treasure Box, in addition to the other Treasure Boxes rewarded for finishing a Raid Duel.

Event Items[edit]

The following items are exclusive to this event, some of which can also be purchased in the Store.

Item Description
EX Draw & Summon
Can be used from the "Items" menu before initiating a Duel against Aigami. After using this item, the player will draw 2 cards for their normal draw during the Draw Phase, and will be able to Normal Summon up to twice per turn. Can be purchased in the Store for 30 Gems.
Next Generation Duel Disk
Can be used from the "Items" menu in the event hub. Using this item allows the player to engage in a Dimension Duel EX. Can be purchased in the Store for 50 Gems.

Damage Rank[edit]

The player will be assigned a Damage Rank based on the highest damage they dealt to the Cubic Monster. The possible ranks are C, B, A, and S. The minimum amount of damage necessary to achieve each rank is updated hourly, and changes based on the tally. The exact method of calculating this value is unknown.

The event is divided in five periods of two days (with the exception of the last, which lasts three days intead). At the end of each period, the player's Damage Rank is reset, and if they have achieved a Rank B or higher, they will be awarded with one Legendary Duelist Rainbow Pack (DSOD).


This story takes place after the incidents from the Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth! event. During the event, once the player logs into Duel Links for the first time since the event started (or if already logged-in, once the player enters a Duel World Area, if they weren't at one already), they will be greeted by a cutscene.


Cumulative Rewards[edit]

The following rewards were awarded during this event, based on event points accumulated over the its course:

Points Event Rewards
20000 5 Gems
40000 1000 Gold
80000 5 R Jewels
120000 5 Gems
160000 1 Extra Life
200000 5 R Jewels
260000 10 Gems
320000 1000 Gold
380000 3 Skill Chips
460000 1 "Garnecia Elefantis" (Glossy)
540000 10 R Jewels
620000 10 Gems
700000 1 Extra Card
780000 1000 Gold
880000 1 "Emperor Sem" (Glossy)
960000 10 Gems
1040000 1000 Gold
1120000 10 R Jewels
1200000 4 Skill Chips
1300000 2000 Gold
1400000 10 Gems
1500000 20 Traces of Aigami
1600000 1 "Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty" (Glossy)
1700000 10 Gems
1800000 10 R Jewels
1900000 2000 Gold
2000000 1 EX Draw & Summon
2100000 2 Extra Life
2200000 10 Gems
2300000 2000 Gold
2400000 10 R Jewels
2500000 4 Skill Chips
Points Event Rewards
2600000 2000 Gold
2700000 10 Gems
2800000 20 Traces of Aigami
2900000 2 Extra Card
3000000 Card Sleeves: Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!
3100000 10 Gems
3200000 2000 Gold
3300000 10 R Jewels
3400000 2000 Gold
3500000 10 Gems
3600000 1 EX Draw & Summon
3700000 2000 Gold
3800000 10 R Jewels
3900000 10 Gems
4000000 4 Skill Chips
4100000 10 Gems
4250000 2000 Gold
4400000 10 R Jewels
4550000 10 Gems
4700000 5000 Gold
4850000 20 Traces of Aigami
5000000 1 "Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast"
5200000 10 Gems
5400000 1 SR Jewel
5600000 10 R Jewels
5800000 5000 Gold
6000000 10 Gems
6300000 10 R Jewels
6600000 1 EX Draw & Summon
6900000 10 Gems
7200000 5000 Gold
7500000 10 R Jewels
Points Event Rewards
7800000 5 Skill Chips
8100000 10 Gems
8400000 1 UR Jewel
8700000 5000 Gold
9000000 20 Gems
9500000 20 Traces of Aigami
10000000 Game Mat: Dimensional Disaster: Indiora Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor!
10500000 20 Gems
11000000 5000 Gold
11500000 20 R Jewels
12000000 30 Gems
12500000 5000 Gold
13200000 5 Skill Chips
14000000 10000 Gold
14800000 20 R Jewels
15600000 40 Gems
16400000 1 SR Jewel
17200000 10000 Gold
18000000 1 "Cubic Dharma"
19000000 40 Gems
20000000 10000 Gold
21000000 5 Skill Chips
22000000 2 SR Jewels
23000000 Icon
24000000 15000 Gold
25500000 50 R Jewels
27000000 40 Gems
28500000 1 UR Jewel
30000000 Raid Duel - Dimensional Disaster: Indiora
Doom Volt the Cubic Emperor! Completed (Title)

Treasure Boxes[edit]

Every time the player defeats the Cubic Monster, they will be awarded with Treasure Boxes of different types.

Rainbow "Cubic Dharma" (UR), "Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth" (UR), "The End of Anubis" (UR), "Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast" (SR), "Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty" (SR), "Mystical Knight of Jackal" (SR), "Evilswarm Golem" (SR)
20 or 10 Gems
Gold "Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast" (SR), "Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty" (SR), "Mystical Knight of Jackal" (SR), "Evilswarm Golem" (SR), "Alien Infiltrator" (R), "Garnecia Elefantis" (R), "Emperor Sem" (R)
5 or 3 EX Jewel(s) (Raid Duel)
5 or 1 Gem(s)
1000 or 400 Gold
Silver "Alien Infiltrator" (R), "Garnecia Elefantis" (R), "Emperor Sem" (R), "Akihiron" (N), "Change Slime" (N)
1 EX Jewel (Raid Duel)
200 or 50 Gold
7 or 3 Gate Keys (White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow, or Green)

Legendary Duelist Rainbow Pack (DSOD)[edit]

Awarded each time the Damage Ranking is reset. Each pack contains 1 of the following cards:

"Artifact Vajra"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Thunder Dragondark"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Duza the Meteor Cubic Vessel"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Assault Wyvern"Ultra RareEffect Monster
"Head Judging"Ultra RareContinuous Trap
"Dice It"Ultra RareNormal Trap
"Constellar Meteor"Ultra RareNormal Trap
"Tyrant's Tantrum"Ultra RareContinuous Trap
"Krystal Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
"Divine Knight Ishzark"Super RareEffect Monster
"Meteor Dragon Red-Eyes Impact"Super RareGemini monster
"Artifact Chakram"Super RareEffect Monster
"Constellar Zubeneschamali"Super RareEffect Monster
"Constellar Algiedi"Super RareEffect Monster
"Divine Dragon Apocralyph"Super RareEffect Monster
"D.D. Patrol Plane"Super RareEffect Monster
"D.D. Seeker"Super RareEffect Monster
"Minar"Super RareEffect Monster
"Kidmodo Dragon"Super RareEffect Monster
"Thunder Dragonmatrix"Super RareEffect Monster
"Soul Tiger"Super RareNormal Monster
"D.D. Trainer"Super RareNormal Monster
"Disposable Learner Device"Super RareEquip Spell
"A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon"Super RareNormal Spell
"Enemy Controller"Super RareQuick-Play Spell
"Cubic Mandala"Super RareContinuous Trap
"Dark Sacrifice"Super RareNormal Trap
"Thunder Dragon Discharge"Super RareContinuous Trap

Card Trader EX[edit]

The Card Trader EX appears during this event and remained open until one week after its conclusion. The player can trade their EX Jewels for cards, Booster Items, Gold, and Skill Chips. Each card, Skill Chip and Booster Item can only be obtained once from the Card Trader EX during this event, but Gold can be obtained any number of times. On September 3, 2020, Cubic Beacons were made available in the Card Trader EX's stock.

EX Jewels Item
100 10000 Gold
10 1000 Gold
1 100 Gold
50 5 Results Booster
50 5 EXP Booster
50 5 Extra Life
50 5 Extra Card
50 1 Cubic Beacon
100 10 Skill Chips
100 1 "Cubic Dharma" (Glossy)[Notes 1]
400 1 "Cubic Dharma" (Prismatic)[Notes 2]
300 1 "The End of Anubis"
100 1 "The End of Anubis" (Glossy)[Notes 1]
400 1 "The End of Anubis" (Prismatic)[Notes 2]
300 1 "Buster Gundil the Cubic Behemoth"
100 1 "Dark Garnex the Cubic Beast"
100 1 "Tlakalel, His Malevolent Majesty"
100 1 "Mystical Knight of Jackal"
100 1 "Evilswarm Golem"
30 1 "Alien Infiltrator"
30 1 "Garnecia Elefantis"
30 1 "Emperor Sem"
10 1 "Akihiron"
10 1 "Change Slime"

Event Missions[edit]

Mission Reward
Defeat Cubic Monster 1 time(s). 1 EX Draw & Summon
Defeat Cubic Monster 10 time(s). 10 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 15 time(s). 20 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 20 time(s). 25 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 25 time(s). 30 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 30 time(s). 35 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 35 time(s). 40 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 40 time(s). 50 EX Jewels
Defeat Cubic Monster 60 time(s). Icon
Play 15 Assist(s) in Raid Duel (surrenders are not counted). 20 EX Jewels
Play 30 Assist(s) in Raid Duel (surrenders are not counted). 30 EX Jewels
Play 60 Assist(s) in Raid Duel (surrenders are not counted). 40 EX Jewels

The following missions were added on September 3, 2020.

Mission Reward
Defeat Corrupted Aigami 1 time(s). Card Sleeves: Corrupted Aigami
Inflict 30000 or more points of damage in one Duel against Corrupted Aigami. Game Mat: Corrupted Aigami

Daily Missions[edit]

Mission Reward
Play 1 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (surrenders are not counted). 20 Traces of Aigami
Play 2 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (surrenders are not counted). 1 Cubic Beacon[Notes 3]
Play 3 Duel(s) in Ranked Duels (surrenders are not counted). 1 Next Generation Duel Disk



Level 100-200[edit]

Dimensional Truth

Level 300-400[edit]

Dimensional Sentinel

Level 500-600[edit]

Dimensional Malice

Level 700-800[edit]

Malice Unleashed

Level 900-1000[edit]

The Consuming Malice

Corrupted Aigami[edit]

Level 2000+[edit]

Crimes of Malice

Seto Kaiba (DSOD)[edit]

Level 40[edit]

Way of the Blue-Eyes


  1. 1.0 1.1 Also requires 1 non-foil copy of the card
  2. 2.0 2.1 Also requires 1 Glossy copy of the card
  3. The reward for this mission were 20 Traces of Aigami until September 2, 2020.