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In the intro, Simon McMooran states that the dueling rules differ from the ones that are in the present time and that they are under the "Perfect Rule."

The main focus of the Perfect Rule is the deck leader system. Any deck you build needs to be assigned a Deck Leader. Your deck leader is essentially the "avatar" of your deck - as it represents you playing the cards on the field. Like Monster cards, Deck Leaders are allowed one move each turn - allowing it to move one space (or two, if it has the Increased Movement bonus). However, unlike monsters, your deck leader can never order an attack. Each turn you are also allowed to play one card within a surrounding tile of your deck leader - provided there is no enemy units occupying the tile. Also, just like the Deck Leader representing you playing the cards, it also represents you when you take a direct hit - any hit on the deck leader will LP damage to you as if it was a direct hit. This also means it is possible to be hit directly even if you have monster cards out on the field.

Deck Leaders can be any monster card you have obtained, that has been levelled at least once with the ranking system. If you have ranked up a card that can not be obtained, it will retain its abilities, but can not be used as the deck leader. There are a total of 12 ranks for deck leaders - as they rank up, they gain leader abilities. Leader abilities change depending on the type of monster cards, and are often used to compliment the type of monster. Stronger monster types such as dragons gain the ability to reduce the summoning cost of their own high powered, high levelled monsters, whereas weaker decks such as the low powered fairy deck relies on a much stronger set of abilities that harm enemy creatures whilst buffing and protecting their own. In addition to these abilities, there are also hidden abilities which are important in the game such as the hidden card find, and extra slots in the slot machine, however these abilities are not listed and have no effect on duels themselves.

Card Movement[edit]

This perfect rule involves several changes, the biggest being the addition of a 7x7 grid of tiles for each play field, as opposed to the standard 5 slots for monster cards and 5 slots for spells/traps - however the rule is carried over that only 5 of your monsters and up to 5 of your spell/trap cards can be present on the field at any given time. Each duelists' deck leaders start out on opposing sides, and as well as cards that are played themselves, are only allowed one move per turn. This move can either involve flipping the card face up (if not already flipped), changing its position to attack/defense, or physically moving to another tile - either a tile adjacent to its current space. Cards are unable to change position (atk/def) and move a tile in the same turn, however cards can be flipped face up manually prior to moving, as part of its move. If the monster (including deckleader) has a movespeed advantage (via terrain or effect), can move up to two units away from its current position. This allows movement to a diagonal tile in one turn, or simply moving two units horizontal/vertically. No monsters can ever move more than two tiles per turn.


Main article: Terrain

The terrain affect the game by giving advantage to some and harming others as the ATK and DEF and the number of movements (when face up). The field types are:

Normal: no change occurs at all;

Meadow: advantage for Warrior and Beast-Warrior type monsters, disadvantage for Spellcaster and impairs type monsters;

Forest: advantage for Plant, Beast, Beast-Warrior, Insect and Pyro type monsters, disadvantage for Demon type monsters;

Wasteland: advantage for Rock, Dinosaur, Zombie and Machine type monsters, disadvantage for Aqua, Plant, Sea Serpent and Fish type monster;

Mountain: advantage for Fairy, Dragon, Thunder, and Winged Beast type monsters, disadvantage for Zombie type monsters;

Sea: advantage for Aqua, Thunder, Fish, and Sea Serpent type monster, disadvantage for Pyro and Machine type monsters;

Dark: advantage for Spellcaster, Demon, and Zombie type monsters, disadvantage for Fairy type monsters;

Toon: All the monsters are at a disadvantage except those that indicate its sole discretion to be privileged in this field;

Crush: Only Immortal monsters have an advantage in this field, the non-immortal with 1500 or more ATK is destroyed when they pass through this land.

Labyrinth: Units can not access this terrain unless it has an effect which permits and entry in this field (ie: Labyrinth Tank, Wall Shadow), nor can a card be played on Labyrinth terrain. You can, however, attack these cards on Labyrinth terrain - however if you destroy the monster on the Labyrinth terrain, your monster will be returned to the last tile it was on before attacking on the labyrinth

The Reptile type is the only one to not have an advantage or a disadvantage in any field (with the exception of Toon Terrain, which deficits any non-supported card)

Deck Cost[edit]

Each card has a Deck Cost which can be used to indicate the overall power of the card. Your deck's Deck Cost (DC) is the total of all forty cards in your deck, not including the deck leader. During the Campaign Mode, you cannot duel someone if you have a higher total Deck Cost than your opponent. This was put into the game to prevent players from completely dominating their opponent, however Deck Cost can not accurately represent the power of a deck; only give a general indication of how many powerful or weaker cards it contains - this is more apparent when fighting enemies that have deck costs of over a thousand.

Monsters follow a general rule of thumb when it comes to deck cost - Attack + Defense x 0.01. For instance; Red-Eyes B. Dragon has an attack of 2400 and a defense of 2000; a total of 4400 points, which when multiplied by 0.01 give the card its deck cost. All monsters are intended to have this exact equation with the exception of a few cards (that were presumably mistakes). If the card has an effect, regardless of the effect; 5 deck cost is added on to the monster for every effect type the monster has (for example, Jirai Gumo gains +10 due to having two effects). This allows you to save deck cost points by adding weak monsters with strong effects to your deck.

Immortal-type monsters appear to be an exception to the normal formula, as they each have 5 added to what their DC would be with the standard equation. This is likely to balance their innate power compared to normal monsters.

Spells and traps are more arbitrary as they do not follow any strict rules, but are generally tiered in terms of power. For instance; all basic equip cards are 10 deck cost (some such as Megamorph and Invigoration being 15 perhaps due to balance reasons), all terrain cards are 30 deck cost, and the most powerful spells are tiered at 40 deck cost (Tremendous Fire; Solomon's Lawbook), 50 deck cost (Monster Reborn, Dragon Capture Jar, Copycat), 60 deck cost (Graverobber, Magic Drain), and 80 deck cost (Royal Decree, Mirror Force, Just Desserts), with the two highest deck cost cards in the game (Riryoku and Mirror Force) capping at 99 deck cost.

On the contrary, cards with niche effects such as Cursebreaker (which can be used for either harm or good) or cards that are only situationally useful such as Monster Recovery or Call Of The Haunted, usually have very low deck costs, as unlike more powerful cards, they are not useful in every situation. These cards (especially Cursebreaker; which is a very good counter to most enemies in the game) are a fantastic way to keep deck costs low to fight weaker opponents, or allow you to also add stronger monsters to your deck without inflating the deck cost too much. The quickest, most simple way to reduce deck cost is to omit your stronger monsters and replace them with copies of Fake Trap (due to them being common) - or any low deck cost card you have that's more useful - temporarily.

All Ritual cards are 5 deck cost.

Destiny Draw[edit]

A Destiny Draw may occur while Dueling, when a player is in a poor situation regarding cards and Life Points. They are then given a powerful card, that is not included in their Deck. This includes, but is not limited to; Raigeki, Mirror Force, Dian Keto the Cure Master, as well as others including Woodland Sprite and Arsenal Bug. Due to the nature of these cards effects, the Destiny Draw system will attempt to give you the most helpful card at the given time - ie; giving you an arsenal bug when your deck leader is an insect, or giving you Dian Keto The Cure Master when on critically low life points. Your deck leader's rank also effects the Destiny Draw system, as the higher your rank is, the more likely you are to be given a destiny draw at any time.

3D Monsters[edit]

The Duelists of the Roses shows the monster itself hovering above the card when it is face up on the field. When monster battles are set to "Display" in the options menu (which you can bring up at any time during a Duel) when two monsters come into contact the screen switches to a detailed arena representing the current field terrain with the two monsters on either side of the arena. After a few moments the two monsters battle and the winner then roars or dances its approval over the victory of the battle.


Players may obtain secret passwords through Kaiba's Chain Pieces found at the end of each story mode side. These passwords may be entered through the deck construction menu. The cards unlocked by the passwords are usually very powerful and can be used strategically. Other passwords can be found when you clear the story of Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories for the PS1.

Most of the passwords below were discovered by data mining the game[1][2], and weren't originally published by official means.

Card Passwords
Card Number Card Name Password
0 Blue-Eyes White Dragon UB0HA94H
1 Seiyaryu 2H4D85J7
3 Kaiser Dragon L7URE9YT
4 Blackland Fire Dragon E1CTYFUR
5 Koumori Dragon 8ZWMW5NB
6 Curse of Dragon SM63L3C3
7 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 078HC3YB
8 Darkfire Dragon J5WB6TWT
15 Tyhone #2 8DQB4PL1
16 Ryu-Ran 01E3S967
17 Manga Ryu-Ran 65YDA3WR
18 Crawling Dragon NZ8MWHCP
19 Meteor Dragon 86985631
20 B. Dragon Jungle King CBU7YKYH
21 Baby Dragon E36HAZNM
22 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 0XSRG52P
25 Yamatano Dragon Scroll UMQDUKAT
26 Petit Dragon 4HJMEH8P
27 One-Eyed Shield Dragon UB2T81AM
28 Wicked Dragon with the Ersatz Head 876T8BQ7
29 Parrot Dragon 89W7UTAR
30 Harpie's Pet Dragon E34V63JT
32 Lesser Dragon 4HSPADYM
33 Fairy Dragon 8HCX4X2H
34 Twin-Headed Behemoth 2RWTUTYK
35 Mystical Elf UPNK65UP
36 Time Wizard E52M0BSM
37 Rogue Doll 4ZJFNHEK
38 White Magical Hat YP01STQV
39 LaMoon 47SKLV09
40 Lucky Trinket 41LPYRLF
41 Genin NBN9Y7AZ
42 Fairy's Gift NVE7A3EZ
43 Magician of Faith GME1S3UM
44 Ancient Elf QXG92T8P
45 Maha Vailo 2BYBCRNZ
46 Musician King SXL5S9CT
47 Eldeen 4X41N50X
48 Lady of Faith W12REZ61
49 Ill Witch L9G3WD0P
50 Maiden of the Moonlight WF21N7QD
52 Neo the Magic Swordsman ABJZW3LD
53 The Unhappy Maiden YBUKLRUK
57 Left Arm of the Forbidden One A5CF6HSH
58 Exodia the Forbidden One 37689434
59 Saggi the Dark Clown APUBAFYT
60 Dark Magician 8M0KLZ6P
61 Illusionist Faceless Mage AB89654R
62 Curtain of the Dark Ones 4T2BA7YP
63 Kamionwizard 898KAD4D
64 Nemuriko 8ZJZCPGH
65 Necrolancer the Timelord 25EHQRCX
66 The Bewitching Phantom Thief AX8KCVYP
67 Phantom Dewan AV6XNX87
68 Akakieisu QX0949QB
69 Masked Sorcerer GBNPSFLT
70 Fairywitch 6BNRGBJD
71 Ancient Sorcerer 2V49ERSR
72 Sectarian of Secrets QVJVJM4F
73 Mystic Lamp CKYTYP4T
74 Boo Koo EK2HGPWP
80 Witch of the Black Forest NM6D6DC1
81 Witch's Apprentice GKAH8H2M
82 Sorcerer of the Doomed A7NV8DY7
84 Invitation to a Dark Sleep LZY78ZYZ
85 Hannibal Necromancer JP45234X
86 The Illusory Gentleman NVSBNZ2K
88 Flame Manipulator 2XWVU5GM
89 Dryad NZS5C9J9
90 Tao the Chanter UT2P2PAX
91 Spirit of the Mountain 0VGZ69EK
92 Gemini Elf 0BS947QX
93 Leo Wizard ADQK8BE7
94 Rock Spirit 4H8DAXW1
95 Injection Fairy Lily GD6FLB05
96 Spirit of the Winds U1QXWZ4P
97 Djinn the Watcher of the Wind 6ZGPWXJ7
98 Hurricail A5A5A5S1
99 Kazejin ER2V83UM
100 Aqua Madoor EBC1GBUV
101 Shadow Specter YKC347L3
102 Skull Servant WV8ZLZ87
103 Zombie Warrior GXY50149
104 The Snake Hair E54VWH4T
105 Armored Zombie SVYMUH6K
106 Dragon Zombie 47EBLHA7
107 Clown Zombie AMY1UR4Z
108 Pumpking the King of Ghosts EFGVETEZ
109 Graveyard and the Hand of Invitation 8B4VSMUR
110 The 13th Grave YFEZAFLK
111 Fiend's Hand 01YHSTW1
112 Blue-Eyed Silver Zombie GTNK8TL7
113 Temple of Skulls 8K2DJZQ3
114 Dokuroizo the Grim Reaper ATN5ATQP
115 Fire Reaper EREHGXQV
116 Mech Mole Zombie N1G7WZ61
117 Phantom Ghost 2XQBLT67
118 Flame Ghost L52DAFCD
119 Wood Remains L129YD09
120 Dark Assailant G50KG1C9
121 Yaranzo J5L10D0M
122 Three-Legged Zombies 8MCPL9Y3
123 Shadow Ghoul LXNTAHCF
124 Magical Ghost YBCX83GF
125 Corroding Shark E7QDNMUF
126 Skelgon UZ2KLHSM
127 Bone Mouse 6K030FAF
129 The Wandering Doomed 89EZUFSX
130 Great Mammoth of Goldfine GZG3J7UP
131 Ghoul with an Appetite UMYDLPGR
132 Patrician of Darkness GXSFQ9JH
133 Moon Envoy YF2Z4VU7
134 Giltia the D. Knight 8TQ1AHGV
136 Luminous Soldier 670ZW58K
137 Kageningen J92HSFN3
138 Masked Clown NB4FU3A3
139 Fiend Sword QPGV8BUD
140 Skull Stalker 2TY5WRYM
141 Vishwar Randi ERCZAVL7
142 Unknown Warrior of Fiend 0DND6RG9
146 Swordstalker AH0PSHEB
149 Greenkappa YBJMCD6Z
150 Succubus Knight 0MEDCKNX
151 Flame Swordsman UFJMLZST
152 Tactical Warrior 054TC727
153 Swamp Battleguard CX8MS5UV
154 Judge Man 2PYVADW9
155 Gaia the Fierce Knight GMJKAFY7
156 Celtic Guardian QXYT4D4T
157 Karbonala Warrior 23NHCKJ7
158 Kojikocy E9EXUH0H
159 Axe Raider 03W9Y1NT
160 Zanki AKY3E3EK
161 Battle Warrior NBEP6MQB
162 Hero of the East GPY50KJ5
163 Supporter in the Shadows Y1SB4H4K
164 Dream Clown SRWT8DQT
165 Ansatsu W9YVY5YP
166 Dragon Statue CP6F8ZEV
167 Monster Egg CM4TUZS5
168 Rhaimundos of the Red Sword WTUR63NH
169 Hard Armor UTGRNT6M
170 M-Warrior #1 67UDARJM
171 M-Warrior #2 8XEH4DW3
172 The Judgement Hand CHCKYMAH
173 Mysterious Puppeteer YZ8TY9U3
174 Armaill J54V27ND
176 Doron WMUDUZE1
177 Kagemusha of the Blue Flame GTJRJ3QZ
178 Trap Master Q3UZSHGP
179 Wood Clown U7ST2KCB
180 Beautiful Headhuntress NKY3G7WF
181 Wodan the Resident of the Forest CFQTS5SR
182 Guardian of the Labyrinth ST05QVLF
183 Dimensional Warrior 6V034TN3
184 Protector of the Throne A7WK4PSZ
185 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman S3472VE9
186 Sonic Maid QH0HLKJ7
187 Kanan the Swordmistress 2H0TLD2X
190 Monster Tamer JD8FE7GF
191 Swordsman from a Foreign Land CZ81UVGR
192 Beautiful Beast Trainer 83258H4B
193 Armed Ninja 254KCRJZ
194 D. Human QTCDUZJZ
196 Mushroom Man #2 GKW3Q7S1
197 Lava Battleguard 6KN9GDCT
198 Oscillo Hero 61LR2MQZ
199 Empress Judge W3JM4PCK
200 Warrior of Tradition QFSFQV8X
201 Queen's Double JH2VN367
202 Invader of the Throne CDQPY76B
203 Hibikime A3E94F6V
204 Princess of Tsurugi G3CD87ND
205 Dragoness the Wicked Knight GKN3UVGF
206 Hyo N905NDJZ
207 The Little Swordsman of Aile YV49GPN9
208 Garoozis 2KCV6K2Z
209 Hitotsu-Me Giant SB2H2KC7
210 Battle Steer 6VJBGVJ1
211 Battle Ox 4XA1JH8M
212 Beaver Warrior 6BQ1GHEV
213 Mountain Warrior 6KNDQMC1
214 Tiger Axe A7QPADUR
216 Solitude A3G56HC3
217 One Who Hunts Souls YFWT2HEV
218 Ogre of the Black Shadow U56D43JZ
219 Rude Kaiser 0V81L3WB
222 Panther Warrior UDNFSD4R
223 Wolf Axwielder N9QDA7ET
224 Gate Deeg J3QZN929
225 Dark Rabbit N1YXSBCM
227 Little Chimera Y3JZU50Z
228 The Wicked Worm Beast GXEDJHW7
229 Griffore QMUHW3Q3
230 Torike L5LFY909
231 Wolf S3AHAX6X
232 Silver Fang J7GMLH6K
233 Mystic Horseman UD8DEVAM
234 Dark Gray LMEVNKWZ
235 Sleeping Lion JRCPNT4Z
236 Larvas 2V456TN1
237 Dig Beak ETJDWFET
238 Lisark J16T2KS1
239 Synchar UX4Z6P6R
240 Fusionist NRCZ6HNZ
241 Frenzied Panda 2FNMW9GV
242 Air Marmot of Nefariousness 4K2HJK05
243 Meotoko 0R0VAH4V
244 Master & Expert U5QMNKQD
245 Nekogal #1 UPJF4KLD
246 Prevent Rat 05QH0XJV
247 Mystical Sheep #2 4H0TS1WM
249 Leogun J9QFWD0X
250 Tatsunootoshigo UMWKAHAB
251 Burglar QFWKY3AZ
252 Garvas 29E5A1N5
253 Flower Wolf Y56H4VNK
254 Wilmee Q1UFJK25
255 Milus Radiant ARQMSVWH
256 Togex LBA3A5NX
257 Hane-Hane 29JHA54K
258 Ancient One of the Deep Forest 0V4F0XU9
260 Pale Beast Y347CKYD
261 Obese Marmot of Nefariousness WFNK2TE3
262 Great Bill 01U3SPG9
263 Armored Rat EXU7SZ4Z
264 Mystical Sheep #1 J3C1S9WR
265 Gazelle the King of Mythical Beasts 4HE3CMQ5
266 King Tiger Wanghu S7L7U1A3
270 Niwatori UFL3G9JM
271 Tyhone WPLFQHYH
272 Harpie Lady UXST0VC3
274 Spirit of the Books 69JKCPJK
275 Faith Bird NF2TAKE9
276 Droll Bird STCMEDN1
277 Mavelus QV0Z41W3
278 Kurama ADNP07CT
279 Wing Eagle 0K436HA5
281 Skull Red Bird 6KQPGTUR
282 Queen Bird 47S1SKGT
283 Peacock UTC5APG5
284 Skullbird Q9S181WD
285 Monstrous Bird 8B6XQF2T
286 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2 LV6ZW1GZ
287 Crow Goblin YPW1NVJ5
288 Takuhee A38TLZAT
289 Fiend Reflection #1 QMAMWHG3
290 Blue-Winged Crown 4MJBWH6K
291 Birdface N54T4TY5
292 Ryu-Kishin S3EBLX43
293 Feral Imp W30961NK
295 Horn Imp G3016MCT
296 Sangan CD2Z4Z8R
297 Kuriboh AD814XAB
298 Castle of Dark Illusions UPNHNFLR
299 Reaper of the Cards Y3SKNRU5
300 King of Yamimakai JRA3LTGK
301 Barox E1JDCD23
302 Dark Chimera QK4KJ9QH
304 Crass Clown 85GBAD2K
305 Mask of Darkness 01EKUZJ7
306 Job-Change Mirror JZCRCRAK
307 That Which Feeds on Life Y3CDERJP
308 Trial of Nightmare ETJKE1N3
309 Witty Phantom 8VG9W1WX
310 Mystery Hand UFY7YBQV
311 The Shadow Who Controls the Dark NZLD4BY3
312 Lord of the Lamp YBEXYM25
313 Tainted Wisdom ADL9QRJ3
314 Lord of Zemia CF8VQBGP
315 Dark King of the Abyss J7A3UDUD
316 Big Eye Q94TQ3S3
317 Dark Prisoner UZE9L3SZ
318 Ancient Brain W5CKYBSR
319 Claw Reacher 8MNDLZJH
320 Terra the Terrible LXYV6ZEF
321 Mabarrel GMNTNX27
322 Midnight Fiend CX09J1Y3
323 Madjinn Gunn NFW5CXC9
324 Dark Titan of Terror WRY1EVA3
325 The Drdek L3AVWKJK
326 Candle of Fate GTWM6XS7
327 Meda Bat CD8H6DJX
328 Embryonic Beast EM072MNK
329 Wicked Mirror ST4ZW1GP
330 Versago the Destroyer EB018KEX
331 Megirus Light EVJVYDNH
332 Gorgon Egg GP0341LH
333 King Fog A3Q5UBLV
334 Mystic Clown 2XEZNVQ7
335 Dark Artist NFCV4RJ1
336 Bio Plant A7NMGM67
339 Ryu-Kishin Powered UX2XUTC3
340 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp N7EZUH4V
341 Bickuribox AZUMUMS5
342 Zoa 8M05G18K
344 Monster Eye 8V2V8DAH
346 Needle Ball YMYTSTQR
347 Morinphen QZ4XER8F
348 Dragon Seeker 81EZCH8B
349 Fungi of the Musk WVSMYBQD
350 The Bistro Butcher GFSHNZL7
351 Neck Hunter L3EZ8ZS3
354 Invader from Another Dimension L9Q9U1AM
355 Wretched Ghost of the Attic A70KGPYK
356 Key Mace #2 E1N3YDNP
357 Hiro's Shadow Scout 67Y5L70V
358 Whiptail Crow LRJT2KEZ
359 Man-Eating Treasure Chest QVQDQKAB
360 Baron of the Fiend Sword CBUT89JH
361 Wall of Illusion Y9GFJRER
363 Three-Headed Geedo QZW5WF03
364 Berfomet 0XLX6D83
365 Kryuel YPQTLMAZ
366 Dark Shade A1EDGKQ1
367 Air Eater ERY3U76V
368 Gyakutenno Megami EM6FYV4T
369 Goddess with the Third Eye AK2T4ZCT
370 Orion the Battle King 6B8FG9CF
371 Weather Control ERUX612K
372 Mystical Capture Chain N1NDJMQ3
373 Spirit of the Harp UR0TLKEB
374 Key Mace QFQ90MC7
375 Happy Lover S18VYFCH
376 Petit Angel 8MA9C5YV
377 Hourglass of Life 2RS5AP01
378 Lunar Queen Elzaim JR2DL1U9
379 Wing Egg Elf S3G589WM
380 Ray & Temperature YMJMCKE3
381 Ocubeam 2HNHNPJT
383 Hoshiningen 6VUKSXEZ
384 Skelengel GD07W7NP
386 Binding Chain SZJV6KNP
387 Muse-A 0ZWBCM49
388 Tenderness A9NK4KLD
389 Shining Friendship ARC5Q7YZ
391 Winged Egg of New Life YHAZWPUV
392 Airknight Parshath LTQHUPAV
393 Doma The Angel of Silence 83YRG301
394 Dancing Elf S7QX6T0T
395 Spiked Snail QR89WFAP
396 Big Insect J7GKED2M
397 Basic Insect ATYVJ1UH
398 Hercules Beetle LP8T6XLR
399 Gokibore GMNRGMEV
400 Giant Flea 8P0BLMA3
404 Nightmare Scorpion UKW3QMU3
405 Winged Cleaver YX4BU507
406 Kumootoko WF83YVQK
407 Petit Moth 2Z83N1ET
409 Dungeon Worm JKW9YZ2P
410 Leghul AV8XLK8T
411 Ganigumo 4VJ3QHEP
412 Alinsection G1NRC98F
413 Cockroach Knight 0ZGPWPWH
414 Kuwagata α YMETLFQ7
415 Korogashi WZAFLB45
416 Kattapillar NBE1URLB
418 Gale Dogra 0TW38MWK
419 Kwagar Hercules N9YRNTS7
420 Minar EZC7UX0R
421 Kamakiriman C76X4DSF
423 Needle Worm GD6TW9SH
424 Giant Scorpion of the Tundra JKAV8DCD
425 Hunter Spider AKYM4BNV
426 Acid Crawler L94BU7LT
430 Killer Needle U5U9NFSM
431 Insect Soldiers of the Sky 8V4T8961
432 Bladefly E58KLFC5
433 Sword Arm of Dragon YHCK01QD
434 Two-Headed King Rex LV63E569
435 Mammoth Graveyard WZEPUMGH
436 Megazowler 2BAM0KWM
437 Uraby LK4HQ563
438 Crawling Dragon #2 658XY1QX
439 Tomozaurus 8XG78MUV
440 Two-Mouth Darkruler J9YPYBWR
441 Pragtical L18MWPNZ
442 Anthrosaurus 4H4565CV
443 Trakadon 6T6RQZGP
444 Little D 8KNMSXL5
446 Armored Lizard N3Q7WB21
447 Serpent Marauder 47G5UZAX
448 Yormungarde S7QV634M
449 Drooling Lizard 2B0ZLRQD
450 Beaked Snake 896ZY96T
451 Ancient Lizard Warrior 6MUBJ7UD
452 Krokodilus YPYK87A9
453 Grappler 85UF0ZNK
454 Toon Alligator UMSDU7QB
455 Emperor of the Land and Sea YH85CVST
456 Sinister Serpent LMG5LXLM
457 Mechaleon JPWD49SZ
458 Serpentine Princess UMQ3WZUZ
459 Great White 89S965JH
460 Rare Fish GXQ1SF4V
461 Root Water Q10BN5SM
462 Enchanting Mermaid NR2KAFNZ
463 White Dolphin CZ03SP47
464 Deepsea Shark 4B2XL3QR
465 Bottom Dweller U1ATC7J7
466 7 Colored Fish 6VNZC3N5
467 Rainbow Marine Mermaid LPA96T81
468 Crazy Fish SVJH2ZJ7
469 Misairuzame NPN3WVL9
470 Tongyo 834HEPS1
471 Wow Warrior 6MLZWZSZ
473 Man-eating Black Shark EP8H0VNZ
474 Marine Beast 6F4D0BU7
475 Amazon of the Seas L7L5EZ85
476 Kairyu-Shin NRYTGTWH
477 Takriminos UF23JR2X
478 Aqua Dragon JXCB6FU7
480 Spike Seadra GTA74KNB
481 Guardian of the Throne Room CBC5YXCH
482 Ancient Tool CFUTEHE5
483 Gatekeeper GBYVN5EV
484 Cyber Soldier of Darkworld SX2X8RNH
486 Labyrinth Tank WMA1G3YK
487 Pendulum Machine SPNTQZ0T
489 Saber Slasher LREKNP0X
490 Yaiba Robo 4TCHS3W3
491 Cyber Soldier UVSZAXAT
492 Mechanicalchaser YM45YB6D
493 Blocker UZWKC581
494 Spike Clubber 07CZAPWT
495 Cyber-Stein 09YVQM4D
496 Cyber Commander SZWF0M05
497 Jinzo #7 QDAD0VLF
498 Cannon Soldier 8B6PN5JK
499 Brave Scizzar WH4FC9SR
500 Dharma Cannon 4P0HAD6X
502 Barrel Dragon GTJXSBJ7
503 Mechanical Snail AMSF8MNX
504 Disk Magician URUMYDE1
506 Blast Sphere CZN5GD2X
507 Space Megatron SME3G9C3
508 Launcher Spider CVQKEPJ9
510 Robotic Knight S5S7NKNH
511 Ground Attacker Bugroth 2XC5SMN3
512 Holograh Y5U3A5UH
513 Steel Scorpion GX83EB6P
515 Giant Mech-Soldier 65YME5QM
516 Mechanical Spider 2ZC901YR
517 Giga-tech Wolf 6KYRAMWV
518 Shovel Crusher QXUMUHLH
519 Golgoil C5U9C54H
520 Dice Armadillo 4V2DLVSD
521 Cyber Saurus W1YPL3SZ
522 Steel Ogre Grotto #1 4K8B4VN7
523 Patrol Robo 0FWVLHC7
524 Royal Guard A9YREZS7
525 Machine Attacker SKW3NXNZ
526 Steel Ogre Grotto #2 S3C9JFND
527 Gear Golem the Moving Fortress 2HWXGDCV
530 Bat E9E9QVG9
531 Metal Fish YZJR0TY5
532 Mech Bass S3CPWB8H
533 Oscillo Hero #2 E9WX8HAB
534 Sanga of the Thunder AKN5NH6Z
535 Thunder Dragon 07NMQ3LZ
536 The Immortal of Thunder 0P4XJDJP
537 Electric Snake 65SP6FAP
539 Thunder Nyan Nyan CT2VJD8K
540 Tripwire Beast SPUPG3YR
541 Electric Lizard 41SBW903
542 LaLa Li-oon 8BCMY7Y7
543 Kaminarikozou L74H0PEK
544 Kaminari Attack U9YB4XA5
545 Mega Thunderball 2MJTYHUX
546 Bolt Escargot W7S5UPED
547 Bolt Penguin 8D058R4R
548 Fire Kraken QM8F6MCR
549 Boulder Tortoise AV0TS7UB
550 Fiend Kraken 610FJ7UX
551 Jellyfish LRN3YPSZ
552 Catapult Turtle 6KSXJB07
553 Octoberser UB494T8F
554 Toad Master GZ0VCTJB
555 Akihiron 63JFGPNT
556 The Melting Red Shadow 65LBCXU5
557 Monsturtle 6VNPN7Y7
558 Turtle Tiger CP8REHU9
559 Arma Knight QZY98H85
560 Penguin Knight 6V4BY521
561 Dorover 2FWHUR0R
562 Twin Long Rods #1 WZSR6HWK
563 Roaring Ocean Snake NVQFSF61
564 Hitodenchak CV0TYBCR
565 Water Element E1E78HN1
566 Water Omotics L54HGRLV
567 Beastking of the Swamps QXNTQPAX
568 The Furious Sea King LTQV4K0H
569 Wetha Y9CT2X0P
570 Change Slime 0XN5896Z
571 Psychic Kappa J967SDS3
572 Flying Penguin JRGPUB0F
573 Suijin SH4HUZ47
574 Zone Eater C7S3GFCV
575 Ooguchi SRGK2V0H
576 Water Magician SFL58M8B
577 Ice Water AR6KEHGH
578 Waterdragon Fairy 4MWH2PQB
579 Water Girl JK0Z0FAZ
580 Turu-Purun ND4F6TST
581 Guardian of the Sea 4R89UM6B
582 Aqua Snake GRG1SRSB
583 Giant Red Seasnake EFJBWBCZ
584 30,000-Year White Turtle Q7YR2R2M
585 Kappa Avenger UXCVWKJB
586 Kanikabuto 41AVWPYR
587 Zarigun 0TC9LRAB
588 Sea Kamen 01QFNF0F
589 Ameba GDUMJB81
590 Yado Karu 6RNX45UR
591 Turtle Raccoon UF2ZWHN1
592 Turtle Bird JDC9SZWB
593 Star Boy C7S3U1EM
594 Frog The Jam JZ458V67
595 Behegon 6FSBURNF
597 Weather Report GXLKNBCD
598 Giant Turtle Who Feeds on Flames AVUHNB6D
599 Violent Rain 29E945W1
600 Penguin Soldier 8MGHWZ0K
601 Liquid Beast UFQK8Z0H
602 Twin Long Rods #2 SDYPUXWD
603 Armored Starfish 6367U9WF
604 High Tide Gyojin UBAVCXWX
605 Fairy of the Fountain 47CXQ9QK
606 Night Lizard JBNX4927
607 Amphibious Bugroth 0T23UPCP
608 Gruesome Goo YZWD2KAK
609 Hyosube 2TAP8BSR
610 Red Archery Girl C3G5GXC9
611 Toon Mermaid QF4MWKNV
612 Maiden of the Aqua 0BEKEKCF
613 Dragon Piper 2HUP4MCM
614 Wings of Wicked Flame 8KE5EDCT
615 Charubin the Fire Knight QKWZUDA1
616 Fire Eye W3J5C5L5
617 Hinotama Soul SKARJXUX
618 Fireyarou 6TAMLBAZ
619 Vermillion Sparrow WV0M47G3
621 Jigen Bakudan 2XL7QTGZ
622 Molten Behemoth WK0BSPUK
623 Flame Snake CZ412XJK
624 Prisman Y1YZW1JK
625 Rock Ogre Grotto #1 SFCXSXY9
626 Giant Soldier of Stone JKEHJ7SH
627 Ancient Jar 69NPUF8D
628 Haniwa 0VAZYMWV
629 Dissolverock 8FUZW9LP
630 Stone Armadiller JFQPU1C3
631 Rock Ogre Grotto #2 Q1LTWTSV
633 Millennium Golem 078HNDQP
634 Destroyer Golem ABWMQTG9
635 Barrel Rock Q9QV4BGX
636 Minomushi Warrior JRYZGD0P
637 Stone Ghost CF43QX6X
638 The Statue of Easter Island 6R6VURYB
639 Muka Muka QX2DGFCM
640 Sand Stone 0MS10HWM
642 Pot the Trick SX6X65GR
643 Morphing Jar Y38MJMUF
644 The Thing That Hides in the Mud QF03SZJF
645 Stone Ogre Grotto AP6TLHSR
646 Stone Statue of the Aztecs WKQ3NXGB
647 Dark Plant WMWBYD8F
648 Rose Spectre of Dunn CZNFJK0B
649 Mushroom Man LB4P85JR
650 Man-Eating Plant U1EPEZGK
651 Firegrass 8TN9QDU3
652 Man Eater L7856DUT
653 Arlownay LHUFUDJK
654 Yashinoki WPYRA3Q1
655 Ancient Tree of Enlightenment EKJHQ109
656 Green Phantom King 2K29YME9
657 Rainbow Flower QDJRJFGR
658 Barrel Lily SHSVQ3JR
659 Laughing Flower 2V01E3CX
660 Bean Soldier C50V6RC9
661 Griggle L5SHC3SF
662 Darkworld Thorns 8ZNBN5S9
663 Abyss Flower U9CXW54P
664 Living Vase L1Y1ABEH
665 Snakeyashi C3UD67SR
666 Trent 8H4H0ZCD
667 Queen of Autumn Leaves AVY7AVY1
669 Tentacle Plant LHU3GZ6K
670 Fairy King Truesdale YF07QVEZ
674 Slate Warrior 73153736
683 Dragon Capture Jar Q5YH09S5
684 Time Seal EKQ18VJX
685 Monster Reborn Q5GDA5UB
686 Copycat UMWZLPWP
687 Mimicat 69YDQM85
688 Graverobber JH4DC96Z
689 Forest UVGMADN1
690 Wasteland 6B4Z61EX
691 Mountain 8RGX0ZET
692 Sogen AXWKSTJR
693 Umi GTUXQBJ7
694 Yami 2FU7AFLF
695 Toon World 2R4XJRUH
696 Burning Land CXG78BNF
698 Magical Labyrinth 0FL3W7YT
699 Dark Hole UMJ10MQB
701 Heavy Storm SD4X6F49
702 Harpie's Feather Duster 8HJHQPNP
703 Mooyan Curry E7WMSD6R
704 Red Medicine 45LRCTS3
705 Goblin's Secret Remedy YDE34XLK
706 Soul of the Pure 87C3E1UP
708 Gift of The Mystical Elf 0M8F03QF
709 Sparks GMJBLHWB
710 Hinotama 65JKG9QR
711 Final Flame SF49SBSX
712 Ookazi ADERG3U1
713 Tremendous Fire EH0DNDAR
714 Just Desserts SKATQ70F
715 Swords of Revealing Light Q7AV6XQ9
716 Dark-Piercing Light 2TS3JT89
717 Darkness Approaches L5N1SV0K
718 The Eye of Truth 4XG9URS1
720 Warrior Elimination JX05SR87
721 Eternal Rest AMUKY9E7
722 Stain Storm WB45LKJ3
723 Eradicating Aerosol L7G3SMUK
724 Breath of Light Q7LMNKJ9
725 Eternal Draught SFE941AH
726 Fissure NXWMEZQD
727 Last Day of Witch 2ZSBG32D
728 Exile of the Wicked 2DA78PJR
729 Dust Tornado JKWP0DLV
730 Cold Wave 8FEP0TW9
731 Fairy Meteor Crush Q34VE5E3
732 Change of Heart SBYDQM8B
734 Magical Neutralizing Force Field QXEHGZJR
735 Winged Trumpeter QFSMGMUF
736 Shield & Sword 0VC3U743
737 Yellow Luster Shield YH2MEXA5
738 Limiter Removal LHW30HCF
739 Rain of Mercy SBSBNPN3
740 Windstorm of Etaqua NHYBQVAR
741 Sebek's Blessing G7CTYPEM
742 Aqua Chorus NKC5WXWX
743 Stop Defense J9EPABET
744 Monster Recovery LZ4B2HAV
745 Call Of The Haunted 0RWZ6FN7
746 Shift CXNPSVWT
747 Solomon's Lawbook WRCV43JZ
748 Magic Drain E7LKQ7UX
749 Dimensionhole W1A7W101
750 Earthshaker Y34PN1SV
752 Legendary Sword QTWKU389
753 Sword of Dark Destruction 078MEDN1
754 Dark Energy 21E547U1
755 Axe of Despair A1EMLKGH
756 Laser Cannon Armor STSTYBAD
757 Insect Armor with Laser Cannon NVYTG7YV
758 Elf's Light E5G3NRAD
759 Beast Fangs 09QXWHG3
760 Steel Shell CZLKYXQX
761 Vile Germs NZWMCKEZ
762 Black Pendant C1STS9UK
763 Silver Bow and Arrow CK4Z6Z83
764 Horn of Light 8HGMSP2B
765 Horn of the Unicorn S14FGKQ1
766 Dragon Treasure SR29W18X
767 Electro-Whip CV696X0K
768 Cyber Shield WTUHJ941
769 Mystical Moon S7G5LXE1
770 Malevolent Nuzzler 0H6TS38D
771 Book of Secret Arts S1SBY1QZ
772 Violet Crystal SPUHNMU9
773 Invigoration WBAMUM2M
774 Machine Conversion Factory 4H6P8BGT
775 Raise Body Heat 2X8X4D65
776 Follow Wind AF85EKJ7
777 Power of Kaishin 270RWHAK
778 Kunai with Chain EM8ZA50M
779 Salamandra E9S10B6B
780 Megamorph ETU965GM
781 Bright Castle 03JXLZY9
782 Fiend Castle EP8ZQVS7
783 Hightide SBLZ6KCB
784 Spring of Rebirth GFEXG3LX
785 Gust Fan CX4KL9ST
786 Burning Spear 4ZE9E9E1
787 7 Completed SHY143J5
788 Nails of Bane CZL5LMQ5
790 Multiply 0P056187
791 Sword of Dragon's Soul JDCREZGX
792 Enchanted Javelin W7SK8TL9
793 Anti-Magic Fragrance UMC5Y9GV
794 Crush Card SRA7L5YR
795 Paralyzing Potion ET65Q52V
796 Cursebreaker N54ZQ9WT
797 Elegant Egotist EMN7W9N5
798 Cocoon of Evolution URWTWDEH
799 Metalmorph 0RJBAT4V
800 Insect Imitation 69WHWZ67
801 Spellbinding Circle U12F2PWR
802 Shadow Spell 4HC94VN9
803 Mesmeric Control CDA3JZWF
804 Tears of the Mermaid 872ZSFGB
805 Infinite Dismissal CHJTNBQ3
806 Gravity Bind 0HNFG9WX
807 House of Adhesive Tape 05QHNT09
808 Eatgaboon LBYHY1EM
809 Bear Trap JPJZE34T
810 Invisible Wire L7YZYMGZ
811 Acid Trap Hole 63QXGPJB
813 Type Zero Magic Crusher L3AF0F0B
814 Goblin Fan 92886423
815 Bad Reaction to Simochi E94X6MQB
816 Reverse Trap GM8RU1QF
817 Block Attack SHNXWP69
818 Shadow of Eyes QXS9WH8V
819 Gorgon's Eye WDG3A7E1
820 Fake Trap WHQFGZ6B
822 Call of the Grave UTWKW5GX
823 Magic Jammer AM4KQBQM
824 White Hole LVGZAMUT
825 Royal Decree 8TETQHE1
826 Seal of the Ancients C3EZ47NB
828 Negate Attack 6TAZ6P4R
829 Mirror Wall 53297534
831 Yamadron Ritual 2MQBQT2M
836 Beastly Mirror Ritual 0MJ1Q3WF
838 Commencement Dance YM6ZQTJ9
839 Hamburger Recipe 098RSB05
845 Contruct of Mask 2K8B2HU7
847 Puppet Ritual AZ6P2KCX


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