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"A Duel in Ruins: Part I"
Yuma and Astral facing the Number Guardian Mach.
Yuma and Astral facing the Number Guardian Mach.
EnglishA Duel in Ruins: Part I
Japanese name
Japanese飛行船再起動! 伝説のNo.を目指せ!!
RōmajiHikōsen Saikidō! Densetsu no Nanbāzu wo Mezase!!
TranslatedRestart the Airship! Aim for the Legendary Numbers!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"Dual-ism of Mirrors"
Japanese ED"GO WAY GO WAY"
English OP & ED"Halfway to Forever"
ScreenplayShin Yoshida
Animation directorSuk In Lee
Air dates
JapaneseApril 14, 2013
EnglishMarch 1, 2014
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes (season 2)
Previous"Shadows End"
Next"A Duel in Ruins: Part 2"

"A Duel in Ruins: Part I", known as "Restart the Airship! Aim for the Legendary Numbers!!" in the Japanese version, is the ninety-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on April 14, 2013 and in the United States on March 1, 2014.

Vector revives Don Thousand and under his orders, he along with Dumon and Mizar go on to collect the 7 Mythyrian Number cards. On the other hand, Yuma and Astral are aware of the existence of one of those Numbers within a temple. However, upon finding such a card, they are challenged by a Number Guardian called Mach.


Vector travels to the center of Barian World.

In the Barian World, Vector is bitter over his second defeat at the hands of Yuma Tsukumo and Astral. He walks towards the Barian Sea and angrily curses Yuma and Astral for injuring him so badly (in the dub, Vector thinks that he may have been defeated, but his battle is far from over). He steps into the Sea and his ankles start to burn. Ignoring the pain, Vector travels through the Sea to the center of Barian World. He thinks to himself that he can't let Yuma and Astral get off like that (in the dub, Vector thinks that he must crush Yuma and Astral once and for all). Vector suddenly stops at the middle of the Sea and hears a scream. He dives underwater and thinks to himself that if the legend is true, he can find a way to defeat Yuma and Astral. As Vector swims further down through a fissure, he notices a a strange symbol up ahead. He exclaims that this must be the place where Don Thousand was sealed. Vector raises his arm, his palm glowing with pink energy. He places it over the emblem on his chest and swears that he will offer his life to Thousand for his power. He holds up a blank card as the symbol explodes, releasing a pillar of fire over the Sea. A Baria Crystal falls down and shatters as Dumon and Mizar appear in their usual meeting spot. Mizar asks what's going on (in the dub, Dumon is the one who speaks at this point, saying it's as if the Barian World is breaking apart).

Meanwhile, in Heartland Academy, Yuma gets ready for his 20-stack challenge. Just before he can make a start, a surging feeling goes through him, causing him to trip into the boxes and be buried in them. Tori asks if he's alright, then calls him an idiot (in the dub, Tori tells Yuma that he just made the world record for the worst high jump ever). Yuma wonders what that feeling was. While Rio is in class, her eyes suddenly glow green and she feels the same surging feeling that Yuma had earlier. She wonders what's going on as well (a shot of Rio in her thoughts is cut from the dub). Outside of school, Shark sits by himself in front of a building. He gets up, with a grim expression on his face.

Vector and Don Thousand.

Back in the Barian World, Vector rises, still in pain. A tall, winged being with a large red eye on his abdomen stands in front of him. In awe, Vector says, "You are..." The being introduces himself as Don Thousand and asks what Vector, the being who swore his life to him, wishes. Vector replies that there is someone who he must defeat at all costs. Thousand responds that the "someone" must be Astral, while Vector adds that he must defeat Yuma Tsukumo as well. Vector asks Thousand to give his power to him. Thousand informs Vector that he must collect the seven "Mythyrian Number" cards on Earth. Vector repeats the statement in surprise. Thousand confirms it, and explains that he needs them to be revived (in the dub, Thousand says that with the "Mythrian Numbers", he and Vector will be unstoppable). Vector agrees to Thousand's request; as long as he can defeat Yuma and Astral, he is willing to do anything, and asks for Thousand's power again. Thousand complies, as his claws glow gold and reach into Vector's body, grasping his crystalline heart. Vector cringes in pain, then screams. Thousand says that his power will live on in Vector's heart and with this, he and Vector will be one. His body dissolves into black particles, which enter Vector's body; in the process, Vector's broken wing is restored and his previous injuries fade away. Later, Vector is unconscious at the edge of the Barian Sea. He gets up and laughs evilly, as Don Thousand's Emblem appears in his left eye.

Lightning strikes, as Don Thousand and Astral face each other. The former is surrounded by a red aura, while the latter takes on a blue aura and both fly up to the sky, causing an explosion. Astral wakes up in the Different Dimension Airship. He asks what memory that was (in the dub, Astral wonders if the memory came from the past or the future). A map appears in front of him, and Astral is curious about what it means.

Vector denies that the failure of Sargasso was his fault.

In the Barian World, lightning strikes once again. Mizar asks what's happening. Dumon says that the sudden change could mean the destruction of the Barian World (in the dub, Dumon says that it would take an incredible amount of force to destroy the Barian World). Vector appears before them and confirms that the Barian World's destruction is happening. He says that Astral's power will be waking up soon (in the dub, Vector says that with every passing moment, Astral is using his increasing power to destroy the Barian World). Mizar is offended and says, "How dare you, after that disgrace!" (in the dub, Mizar puts the blame on Vector if what he said was true) Vector denies it, and asks if the failure at "Sargasso" was his fault. Mizar blames Vector for giving Yuma and Astral the power to defeat him. Vector replies that they can't even set up a plan on their own and asks if they are implying that they are better than him (in the dub, Vector retorts that he was trying to defend their world and points out Mizar's "obsession" with Kite; he continues that he'd never do something foolish). Mizar angrily threatens Vector to make him the prey of his "Galaxy-Eyes", as his eyes glow pink. Dumon tells Mizar to stop; Mizar reluctantly backs down. Vector says that thousands of years ago, Don Thousand was defeated by Astral and sealed in the Barian Sea and that Astral's power is very strong. Right now, he is absorbing the power of the "Numbers", and if he regains his full power, the Barian World will be destroyed. Vector says that he has important information with him. Mizar asks what he means. He informs them of his new plan to collect the seven "Mythyrian Numbers" scattered around the Human World before the humans do so that they can defeat Astral. Mizar asks "Seven Numbers, you say?" (in the dub, Mizar asks Vector how he learned of all this) Mizar hears a buzzing sound, and he asks what's with that filthy fly (in the dub, he calls it a "repulsive little insect"). The fly insists that he is not filthy and lands on Vector's finger. He rubs his face, complaining of itchiness (in the dub, he complains that he dislikes being a fly and that it stinks, especially when he lands on garbage). Vector reveals that he revived the fly from the Barian Sea, identifying him as Mr. Heartland, who fell to the Astral World before Dr. Faker's Duel against Yuma, Shark and Kite; Vector uses his catchphrase of "Heart Burning!" as he explains this. Heartland is offended and exclaims that Vector stole his catchphrase (in the dub, neither Vector nor Heartland say the "Heart Burning!" catchphrase; instead, Heartland complains about why Vector brought him back as a fly). Vector questions why Heartland would say his own catchphrase in his current form. Heartland asks Vector if he would like to hear it coming from him (in the dub, Vector replies that he brought Heartland back because he had valuable information). Before he can say the full phrase, Heartland scratches himself again (this is cut from the dub). Vector says that Heartland knows a lot about the "Numbers" as a map appears in front of everyone present. Vector tells the other two Barians that Heartland saw information about Kazuma Tsukumo from Dr. Faker's laboratory. Before opening the door to a different world, Kazuma had explored 23 ruins, which could be the locations of the "Mythrian Numbers" (in the dub, Kazuma and Faker are not mentioned). Dumon says that if what Heartland said was true, the Barians must find those "Numbers" before Astral can absorb them.

Mr. Heartland sharing the locations of the "Mythyrian Number".

Vector adds that when they go to the human world, they may find clues about Nash. Dumon repeats Nash's name in surprise. Vector reminds him that there used to be seven members in the Seven Barian Emperors. One day, Nash and Marin disappeared from this world. Vector speculates that they could be in the human world. Dumon, after hearing this, agrees with Vector's plan of searching for the "Mythrian Numbers" and orders Mizar and Vector to split up, as he disappears into a portal. After Mizar leaves as well (in the dub, Mizar tells Vector that his plan better work), Vector sees Girag and Alito, who have still not recovered from their Duels against Yuma. Calling them "sleepy-heads" ("sleeping uglies" in the dub), he teleports between them and says that he will revive them with the power of Don Thousand (in the dub, Vector says that he will cut their power nap short, making them extremely cranky; he needs them for his mission). Vector spreads his arms wide and Girag's and Alito's Baria Crystals glow with yellow energy. Thousand reminds Vector that the Barians still need time to heal and suggests he and Vector go ahead with their business. Vector complies and leaves for Earth (in the dub, Thousand did not say anything at this point).

Kazuma's message to Yuma and Astral.

Back on Earth, Yuma, Tori, Shark and Rio sit on a rooftop. Shark asks Rio if she can sense anything; his sister replies no. She says that she sensed something powerful moments ago, but now it's gone. Yuma asks if Rio's antenna is useless (in the dub, Yuma complains that they skipped lunch for nothing). Rio yells at Yuma not to call her "Shark's sister" (in the dub, Rio warns Yuma that if he keeps complaining, they'll have to skip dinner as well); Yuma quickly apologizes for this. Tori asks if it's weird that everyone sensed something at the same time. A wind stirs, blowing Tori's skirt; she quickly pulls it down (Tori pulling down her skirt is cut from the dub). Yuma looks up and the Different Dimension Airship descends from the sky (in the dub, Shark remarks that they have a visitor). He and his friends are teleported inside. He asks where they are, and immediately recognizes it as the airship that brought them to "Sargasso". Yuma sees Astral and asks him why they are in the Airship, while also adding that he got startled (in the dub, Yuma tells Astral to give him a heads-up the next time they saw the Airship). Astral apologizes for scaring Yuma like that, and tells Yuma that he wanted to show Yuma something. He shows everyone else a map of the locations of seven ruins--these ruins are the locations of "Number" cards. Yuma is surprised, and Astral says that there is something else that came with the map. He extends his arm and red lights appear around everyone. A hologram of Kazuma Tsukumo appears in front of them, greeting Yuma and Astral. Yuma exclaims, "D-dad?!" Kazuma informs Yuma and Astral that by the time they receive this message, things have grown for the worse and that they must find the seven "Mythyrian Numbers" as soon as possible. Those "Numbers" are special, and if they fall into the hands of the Barians, their overwhelming power will be awakened (in the dub, Kazuma says that if the Barians obtain the "Mythyrian Numbers", they will destroy everything that Yuma and Astral are fighting for). Kazuma warns Yuma and Astral not to let the Barians have those "Numbers". He finishes that he is counting on them, and disappears. After seeing the message, Yuma asks himself if his father knew about those "Numbers" all this time, (in the dub, Yuma wishes that Kazuma was with him right now) while Astral questions if Kazuma knew about him as well (in the dub, Astral says that he and Kazuma have faith in Yuma). Yuma says that Kazuma must have foreseen everything from the start and that he has always guided him. Yuma declares that he will go look for the "Mythyrian Numbers". Shark agrees to go as well, saying that there is no reason to let the Barians have the "Mythyrian Numbers" (in the dub, Shark decides to go because the Barians rubbed him the wrong way). Rio says that once Shark decides on something, he will not listen to other people and agrees to come with Yuma as well. Tori also decides to join Yuma and the others. They start up the Airship and leave for the first set of ruins.

Dumon remembers Nash.

As Dumon travels through dimensions, he muses that the events that occurred previously would not have happened if Nash had not disappeared (in the dub, Dumon asks himself where Nash disappeared to). Back at the Airship, Tori remarks that it has gotten stormy. Rio agrees with her. Astral thinks to himself about the dimension being some sort of influence from a different world. Yuma interrupts Astral's thoughts, asking him a question on what the Astral World is like. Astral asks why Yuma asked that question. Yuma replies that he's asking because if Kazuma knew a lot about those "Numbers", he must be in the Astral World. Astral says that the Astral World is a place where only those with Ranked-Up souls can reach it. Yuma asks if this can be compared to the Ranking-Up of monsters. Astral replies that the souls of living things are always aimed at their ideals, which is why anyone has the potential to Rank-Up. Yuma asks what he has to do in order to Rank-Up. Astral replies that he doesn't know. Depressed, Yuma asks if Astral is more Ranked-Up than he is. Rio says that without a doubt, Astral is more Ranked-Up than Yuma. To Yuma's surprise, Tori agrees with Rio--the only good thing Yuma is good at is eating quickly. Rio is offended, and Tori quickly realizes this. She angrily says that someone made her say that. Yuma says that Tori can tell Rio herself. A frustrated Shark says that there's no way for everyone to Rank-Up in their life (the group's conversation about the Astral World is cut from the dub). Suddenly, he notices something coming at them up ahead. They quickly identify that something as Dumon, who was traveling at the same path as they were. Panicked, Dumon crashes into the Airship, throwing everyone in there into the floor, while Dumon is sent flying back.

Yuma protects Dumon from the bear.

Dumon, in his human form, wakes up in a forest. He holds his arm in pain, realizing that Baria Crystal is malfunctioning, preventing him from using his Barian powers. He recalls crashing into Astral's airship. Dumon suspects that they must be nearby (in the dub, Dumon notes that his mission isn't off to a good start). Suddenly, a bear attacks and Yuma comes to Dumon's rescue, jumping from a nearby tree and landing in front of Dumon, arms spread wide. Dumon recognizes him. Yuma tells the bear to stop attacking. Astral appears next to Yuma and Dumon recognizes him as well. The bear roars and Yuma continues to stand his ground; the bear eventually leaves Yuma, Dumon and Astral alone. Yuma remarks that the bear was so afraid of him that it ran away from him. Dumon falls to the ground, still in pain. Yuma asks if he is alright. Shark appears, telling Yuma to keep away from the boy, while chiding Yuma for his carelessness. As Shark runs toward Yuma, Dumon recognizes him as well. Shark asks Yuma who the boy he saved was. Yuma says that he didn't know and that the boy he rescued was just injured. Shark says that there is something fishy going on and that they just crashed into an unknown energy in the different dimension; he speculates that the boy could be a Barian. Dumon claims that his name is Nash and that he is just a tourist, but Shark expresses his doubt by asking why the boy is out there in the mountains (in the dub, Shark asks if he'd expect to believe Dumon after all that had happened). Astral warns Yuma that this seems unnatural, so he must be careful. Yuma tells everyone to hold on for a minute (in the dub, Yuma says that Dumon doesn't look like a Barian; he asks why a Barian would need glasses). Shark asks Yuma how many times he wanted to be cheated and tells Yuma to stop trusting people this quickly (in the dub, Shark replies that the glasses were meant to be a disguise, while chiding Yuma for his cluelessness). Yuma replies that he knows that, but he hesitates. Astral says Yuma's name (cut from the dub). A scream is heard some distance away. Shark deduces that this must be Tori.

The temple.

The group, following the sound, arrives at a temple-like building; Yuma and Astral deduce that a "Mythyrian Number" might be inside. Dumon thinks to himself that Yuma and the others are searching for the "Numbers", just like him and the other Barians. Another scream from Tori is heard and the group rushes into the temple, with Yuma yelling Tori's name several times. The group goes in to find Tori and Rio, surrounded by snakes. Tori is terrified, while Rio simply stands there, arms crossed in front of her chest. Yuma and Shark come to their aid. As they do so, Dumon notes that somewhere in the temple, the "Mythyrian Number" is there. But he can't Duel with his Baria Crystal broken. He asks himself on what he should do (in the dub, Dumon thinks that he must find the "Number" before the humans do, but he can't do it by himself, so he has to keep up his identity as "Nash" and follow them for now). Yuma and Shark stamp their feet at the snakes, scaring them away. Yuma complains that the girls need to be looked after too often. Tori retorts that this is because snakes are the enemies of birds (in the dub, Yuma tells Tori that this should teach them not to play with snakes; Tori yells that the snakes were the ones who attacked them). Rio expresses surprise at Astral because she can see him even if they are out of the Airship. She asks if she has Ranked-Up because of this (Rio's observation of Astral is cut from the dub).

As the group further travels into the temple, Shark asks why Yuma had to be so careless and says that they may have come to a dead-end. Yuma asks if they really did (in the dub, Shark observes that someone is trying to keep something safe and that the paths are blocked off; Yuma says that they'll have to bust through them). Their feet trigger something, much to their surprise. Tori asks what's happening as the ground shakes. Suddenly a wall comes down, blocking their way out. Another wall is about to come down. Shark brushes Rio aside, warning her to get out of the way, as there is no way of knowing what will come next (in the dub, Shark addresses everyone). Dumon tackles Shark to the ground, saving him from its descent and knocking them to the other side of the wall in the process, separated from the others. Rio yells Shark's name. Yuma pounds on the wall, yelling Shark's name as well. From the other side, Shark says that he is okay, to everyone's relief.

Shark and "Nash" trapped.

Minutes later, two walls slide open, one on each side of the wall. Yuma exclaims that a path has opened for both halves. Shark notices the same thing and says that the group has to split up. Each half of the group follows the passage that they are on. Tori asks Yuma if the boy's name is Nash. Yuma confirms it and says that he is a tourist from around here, but Astral and Shark suspect that he may be a Barian. Tori repeats the word in surprise, and Yuma says that he doesn't believe that Nash is a Barian. Rio reminds Yuma that if Nash is a Barian, he must be searching for the "Mythyrian Numbers" as well (in the dub, Rio adds that if "Nash" is a Barian, they just led him straight to the "Number"). On the other side, Shark reluctantly thanks Dumon for saving him earlier, but adds that this doesn't mean that he trusts him completely. Dumon says that it doesn't matter and that he did it for the benefit of a friend (in the dub, Dumon elaborates that he did it in return for Yuma saving him from the bear). Shark replies with, "Don't you say" ("Fair enough" in the dub). Eventually, the pair arrives at an empty room. Dumon asks if this could be a dead end. Suddenly, a door slams down behind them, trapping them in the room. Shark is upset that the both of them are trapped.

Yuma's group arrives at a different room. Yuma is surprised and runs toward the pegasus statue up ahead of them. Astral tells Yuma to look in front of him--a "Mythyrian Number" on top of the pegasus. The card glows with a bright light, causing everyone to cover their eyes. A figure appears in front of Yuma and Astral. Yuma asks who that figure is. The figure introduces himself as Mach, the guardian of one of the "Mythrian Numbers". Astral asks if he is the guardian of that "Number". Rio says that Mach is a spirit of the "Numbers". Tori repeats "spirit?" and Rio says that she can sense a strong spiritual energy from Mach. Mach says that he cannot just hand over his "Number" to Yuma and Astral--he must test their worthiness by Dueling them; the gauntlet on Mach's wrist disappears, only for it to be replaced by a Duel Disk. Yuma accepts the Duel as he arms his D-Pad and Duel Gazer. Both players yell, "Duel!" Tori encourages Yuma to do his best. Mach calls the Duel the "Duel of your trial" and takes the first turn (in the dub, Mach says that he will test Yuma's skill and character in this Duel). He Sets a monster and two Spell/Trap cards. Yuma starts his turn and Astral warns him that Mach isn't someone ordinary; Yuma agrees. The guardian continues that this is the resting place of noble souls; if Yuma loses,

Mach appears.

he'll take their souls. Yuma asks what he means, and an orb appears in front of everyone present. Shark and Dumon, who are trapped in the other room, appear on it. Yuma is shocked to see them in danger. In the other room, the walls start to close in on Shark and Dumon. Shark asks if they'll get crushed by the walls (in the dub, Dumon exclaims that they did walk into a trap, while Shark says that unless they can think of a way to escape, they won't be leaving alive). Rio yells Shark's name. Yuma calls this mean and demands Mach to let them go. Mach simply replies that this is up to him and asks what Yuma will find during the Duel (in the dub, Mach says, "Only by surrendering can you lead your companions to freedom and find victory"). Astral repeats the statement in his thoughts (in the dub, Astral is puzzled by Mach's riddle and thinks that unless they figure it out, the hunt for the "Mythyrian Numbers" will be over before it has even started). He thinks that the way to save the two boys may be hidden in the Duel. Yuma decides to continue the Duel and defeat Mach to save Dumon and Shark. He Normal Summons "Gagaga Magician". He then Special Summons "Gagaga Child" from his hand via its own effect, as he controls a "Gagaga" monster (the Summoning animation of "Child" is cut from the dub and Yuma does not refer to it by name). Yuma activates the effect of "Child", changing its Level to the Level of an monster he controls; he targets "Magician". A popsicle appears in the hand of "Child", and "Child" eats it; when it is done, it holds out the bare stick, indicating that its Level has been changed from 2 to 4. Yuma is ready to Xyz Summon "Number 39: Utopia" with his two Level 4 monsters, but Astral reminds him that if he Xyz Summons with "Child", "Utopia" cannot attack this turn. Yuma says he knows and activates "Gagagatag" from his hand, allowing his "Gagaga" monsters to gain 500 ATK. Astral realizes Yuma's plan--he will attack with both monsters, then Xyz Summon "Utopia" after that. He thinks that the strategy isn't bad, but Mach may be hiding something in this Duel (in the dub, Astral fears that Mach will not yield this easily in this Duel). As the walls continue to close in on Shark and Dumon, Yuma declares that he will save them by winning this Duel.

Featured Duel: Yuma Tsukumo vs. Mach[edit]

Start Duel

Turn 1: Mach
Mach draws "Labyrinth of Decisions". He then Sets a monster and two cards.

Turn 2: Yuma
Yuma draws. He then Normal Summons "Gagaga Magician" (CG Star.svg4/1500/1000) in Attack Position. Yuma then activates the effect of "Gagaga Child" to target "Gagaga Magician" and Special Summon "Gagaga Child" in Attack Position with the same Level as "Gagaga Magician" (CG Star.svg2 → 4/800/1200). Due to the second effect of "Gagaga Child", an Xyz Monster that uses "Gagaga Child" for an Xyz Summon can't attack the turn it is summoned. Yuma then activates "Gagagatag" to target both his "Gagaga" monsters and increase their ATK by 500 ("Gagaga Magician": 1500 → 2000 ATK, "Gagaga Child": 800 → 1300 ATK).

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.