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"Barian Vengeance: Part 2"
"Utopia" facing "Lion Heart".
"Utopia" facing "Lion Heart".
EnglishBarian Vengeance: Part 2
Japanese name
Japaneseよみがえれ! 命を超えし決闘者魂!!
RōmajiYomigaere! Inochi wo Koeshi Dyuerisuto Tamashī!!
TranslatedBe Revived! The Duelist Soul That Transcends Life!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"Dual-ism of Mirrors"
Japanese ED"GO WAY GO WAY"
English OP & ED"Halfway to Forever"
Animation directorToshi Shishikura
Air dates
JapaneseMay 19, 2013
EnglishApril 5, 2014
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"Barian Vengeance: Part 2", known as "Be Revived! The Duelist Soul That Transcends Life!!" in the Japanese version, is the hundredth and fourth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on May 19, 2013 and in the United States on April 5, 2014.

The Tag Team Duel of Yuma and Dextra vs Alito and Nistro begins. Nistro is brainwashed by Alito with his "Rank-Up-Magic", continuing the Duel like a soulless puppet without any purpose. Yuma is baffled by Alito and Nistro's complete change in personality and willingness to use dirty tricks. And no matter what Dextra does to try and bring back Nistro, nothing reaches him. And as if to ridicule Yuma and Dextra further, Alito and Nistro's Trump Cards drive their opponents into a difficult situation.


Astral warns Yuma to be careful.

Yuma's and Dextra's Tag-Team Duel against Alito and Nistro continues. Yuma asks Alito what had gotten into him. Alito replies that he will do whatever it takes to defeat Yuma (in the dub, Alito says he will use Nistro and get revenge on Yuma for defeating him). Rio and Shark are surprised by the powerful effect of "Number 54: Lion Heart" (the twins' reaction to the effect is cut from the dub). Yuma mutters Alito's name, while Astral warns Yuma to be careful. The effect of "Lion Heart" makes both the user and the opponent take the same amount of damage during battles involving it. It is a powerful effect, but a risky one as well. Yuma deduces that instead of Alito using the card himself, he brainwashed Nistro into using it for him. A blue aura emanates in the coliseum and cheering rings throughout. Dextra asks what's with that light. Rio looks behind her and says these are the feelings of the people who filled the coliseum in the past (in the dub, Rio says these are the spirits of the warriors who fought in the coliseum in the past). Back at the Duel, Nistro ends his turn.

"Utopia" attacks "Lion Heart".

Yuma swears to bring Nistro back to his senses and begins his turn. He attacks Alito's Set monster with "Number 39: Utopia". Alito's monster turns out to be "Battlin' Boxer Rib Gardna". Alito calls Yuma naive and activates his monster's effect: Whenever "Rib Gardna" is attacked while in face-down Defense Position, Alito can switch the attack target to another monster on the field. He switches the attack to "Lion Heart" as both opposing monsters switch places. Alito continues that if the attacking monster is an Xyz Monster, its Overlay Units are sent to the Graveyard. Astral says this is bad. Alito exclaims that Astral is right and orders Nistro to attack with "Lion Heart". Nistro activates the effect of "Lion Heart" to inflict the damage to him and Yuma. He declares "Burning Cross Counter" as the fist of "Lion Heart" clashes with the sword of "Utopia". An explosion occurs and Kite exclaims that Yuma and Nistro will take 2400 damage. Shark exclaims if Alito is aiming for a double knockout (Shark's exclamation is cut from the dub). Alito adopts a crazed expression and mockingly bids farewell to Yuma and Astral (in the dub, Alito exclaims that his revenge will soon be complete). Astral remains calm, but Yuma is horrified. Dextra acts quickly and activates her face-down "Butterspy Protection", halving the damage Yuma takes. Yuma exclaims Dextra's name as a rainbow-colored barrier surrounds him (in the dub, Yuma thanks Dextra for protecting him). He is blown back, his Life Points falling to 400. Nistro falls back as well, his Life Points reduced to 0. Dextra yells Nistro's name. Nistro is unconscious; Kite says he feels bad for him, but he feels that Yuma and Dextra will pull through (in the dub, Kite adds that Yuma and Dextra will not have to worry about "Lion Heart"). Yuma mutters Nistro's name, but Alito activates another effect of "Lion Heart". Whenever the player's Life Points are reduced to 0 by battle damage, he can detach an Overlay Unit to make his Life Points 100. He declares "Reviving Jolt" and "Lion Heart" smashes an Overlay Unit with its fist, then releases an electric shock from it at Nistro.

Nistro resuscitates by the effect of "Lion Heart" and Life Points return to 100.

This resuscitates Nistro and his Life Points return to 100. Dextra yells Nistro's name again. Astral exclaims that as long as "Lion Heart" has Overlay Units, players can be revived and continue fighting (in the dub, Astral instead observes that Nistro will be impossible to knock out of the Duel). Alito replies that Astral is correct again, but the user will be beaten to the edge of death (in the dub, Alito says Nistro's mind and body will feel the strain more and more for each time the effect activates). Yuma curses at Alito as the latter smirks. Dextra activates the other effect of "Butterspy Protection", switching an Attack Position monster to Defense Position at the end of the Battle Phase. "Lion Heart" swats at the swarm of butterflies coming from Dextra's card before switching to Defense Position. Kite says he understands: "Lion Heart" cannot be destroyed by battle while in Attack Position. Shark also notes that if it's in Defense Position, it can be destroyed. Yuma Sets a card and ends his turn.

Dextra yells at Nistro, asking him how long it will take for him to let "that boy" do whatever he wanted with him. Alito is taken aback and asks if Dextra really called him "boy" (in the dub, Dextra calls Alito a twerp). Dextra calls Nistro pathetic and says the Duel that he is in right now lacks his passion. She also asks if Nistro had forgotten their dream. Dextra yells at Nistro to answer. Nistro remains silent (in the dub, Dextra does not mention the dream and yells at Nistro to resist the brainwashing and put up a fight). Alito says that Dextra's yelling was no use; she won't be able to reach Nistro like that. Dextra is frustrated and Alito breaks out into laughter. He then begins his turn. He Normal Summons "Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher". Alito overlays his two Level 3 monsters to Xyz Summon "Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner" in Attack Position. He attacks "Utopia" with his new monster. Yuma asks why Alito would attack with a monster with 0 ATK, while Astral cautions Yuma not to let his guard down. Alito activates the effect of "Cheat Commissioner", switching all Defense Position monsters to Attack Position. He declares, "Forced Fighting Stance" as "Cheat Commissioner" raises its megaphone and activates it. The sound waves force Dextra's Set monster, "Swallowtail Butterspy", and "Lion Heart" into Attack Position. Alito activates the other effect of "Cheat Commissioner", letting Alito attack with another monster instead. "Cheat Commissioner" switches places with "Lion Heart". Yuma exclaims that Alito's monster switches places again. Astral reminds him that they have only 400 Life Points left and they will lose if the attack goes through. Alito agrees and says this really is the end for Yuma and Astral. Dextra saves Yuma again by activating another Trap Card: "Butterspy Courage". This lets Dextra change the attack target to a "Phantom Butterfly" monster she controls. "Utopia" is surrounded by a gold aura and disappears, while "Swallowtail Butterspy" takes its place. Dextra tells Nistro to bring it on. Yuma warns her not to do this. Nistro activates the effect of "Lion Heart" to make him and Dextra take the same amount of damage, declaring "Burning Cross Counter" again. "Swallowtail Butterspy" is surrounded by orange energy and it strikes "Lion Heart" on the chest. Both Duelists are thrown back, with Dextra's Life Points falling to 2300 and Nistro's Life Points hitting 0 again. Yuma yells Dextra's name. She gets up and reassures him that she's alright. Dextra also asks him if Nistro is okay. Yuma turns around and Alito activates the effect of "Lion Heart", detaching an Overlay Unit to bring Nistro's Life Points to 100 (Nistro being jolted for a second time is cut from the dub). Dextra yells Nistro's name and Yuma curses at Alito again (in the dub, Yuma did not say anything, but Alito says that Nistro is good as new). As Nistro rises, Dextra chides him for Dueling in his current state - how will he be a "messenger of the stars" for those kids? (in the dub, Dextra reminds Nistro that he is a hero to his fans, and a true hero does not let himself get brainwashed by the bad guy) Alito reminds Dextra that she will not be able to reach Nistro. He Sets a card and ends his turn.

Dextra starts her turn. She Normal Summons "Morpho Butterspy", then she Special Summons "Blue Mountain Butterspy" by its own effect, as she Normal Summoned a monster. Dextra overlays her three Level 4 monsters to Xyz Summon "Night Papilloperative". Yuma is excited that Dextra Summoned a monster with 2600 ATK. Astral reminds him that even with high ATK, it will be at a disadvantage if it is up against "Lion Heart". Dextra activates "Overlay Capture" to take one of the Overlay Units of "Lion Heart" and attach it to "Night Papilloperative". The last Overlay Unit of "Lion Heart" flies away and starts to orbit Dextra's monster. Yuma cheers that Dextra found a way around "Lion Heart", while Astral says if "Lion Heart" has no Overlay Units, it will not be able to use "Reviving Jolt". Dextra mentally urges Nistro to hold on because she will undo the curse that Alito put on him. Alito chuckles and calls Dextra a fool (in the dub, Alito says he knew what Dextra was up to, but it won't work). He activates his face-down "Xyz Battle Chain", since there is an Xyz Monster on each side of the field and a Spell/Trap Card targeted one of them. This negates "Overlay Capture" and destroys it. The Overlay Unit taken by "Overlay Capture" returns to "Lion Heart" as a result. Alito continues that if "Battle Chain" was not activated during the Battle Phase, Dextra must attack with her Xyz Monster. Dextra is surprised and Alito says he will crush her first. Yuma reminds himself that if Dextra takes the effect of "Lion Heart", she will lose. Dextra thinks that she has nothing in her hand to take on the sudden development, but admits that this is the end for her (Dextra thinking that she will lose is cut from the dub). Alito commands "Lion Heart" to attack "Night Papilloperative". Dextra activates the effect of "Night Papilloperative", detaching an Overlay Unit to have it gain 400 ATK for each Overlay Unit on the field; since there are five, its ATK increases to 4600. Alito calls Dextra a fool again and asks if she has lost her mind (in the dub, Alito observes that Dextra played right into his hands). Shark is surprised that Dextra's monster has 4600 ATK. Rio asks why Dextra would take all that damage herself. Kite tells her that the 4600 ATK isn't just ATK. It represents Dextra trying to reach her feelings out to Nistro. Dextra is willing to punish herself if it meant undoing the brainwashing.

Dextra orders "Night Papilloperative" to attack "Lion Heart", swearing to take everything and smashing it into Nistro. She urges Nistro to reawaken his soul as a Duelist and to take everything she has. "Night Papilloperative" pulls back its fist and punches "Lion Heart" on the face; "Lion Heart" does the same to "Night Papilloperative". An explosion rocks the arena and both Nistro and Dextra are knocked back, their Life Points reduced to 0. Yuma comes to Dextra's aid and asks her to hang in there. Dextra tells Yuma to forgive her. Yuma asks Dextra what she means. She admits that this is it for her. Dextra adds that her monster remains on the field and entrusts Yuma with it for the duration of the Duel. She also entrusts Yuma with the task of defeating Nistro.

Dextra encourages Yuma that he can beat them.

Dextra encourages Yuma that he can do it before falling unconscious. Yuma yells at Dextra to wake up (Dextra falling unconscious and Yuma trying to wake her up is cut from the dub). Alito activates the effect of "Lion Heart" to make Nistro's Life Points 100. Yuma yells Nistro's name. Alito yells at Nistro to wake up and he does so. Yuma curses at Alito a third time and Alito activates a Trap, "Numbers Overlay Boost". He attaches two cards in his hand - "Battlin' Boxer Counterpunch and "Counter Clash" - to "Lion Heart" as Overlay Units. Alito orders Nistro to finish off Yuma for good. Yuma mutters Nistro's name again.

Alito, Astral and Yuma are surprised that Nistro activates "Stoic Challenge" instead of "Barian's Force".

Nistro begins his turn and draws "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force". Alito thinks that the card won't do much for him at the moment. On the sidelines, Shark says this is bad. Rio says if Nistro keeps on using the effect of "Lion Heart", Yuma will lose. Nistro is still doing nothing; Alito yells at him to destroy Yuma and Astral with "Lion Heart" already. Nistro goes against Alito's orders and activates the Equip Spell Card "Stoic Challenge". This detaches all Overlay Units from "Lion Heart" and gives it 600 ATK for each one; its ATK rises to 1300. "Stoic Challenge" also doubles the battle damage "Lion Heart" inflicts. Alito asks what Nistro is doing. Nistro continues that the equipped monster will be destroyed during his next turn. Astral asks why Nistro increased the ATK of his monster (in the dub, Astral asks why Nistro is working against Alito's strategy). Nistro also equips "Lion Heart" with "Heroic Growth", which doubles the ATK of "Lion Heart" if his Life Points are lower than Yuma's. Kite notes that Nistro has 100 Life Points, while Yuma has 400. Rio adds that this means that the ATK of "Lion Heart" is doubled (Kite's and Rio's observations are cut from the dub). "Lion Heart" grows in size and its ATK doubles to 2600. Astral exclaims that "Lion Heart" now has more ATK than "Utopia". Yuma mutters Nistro's name again. Nistro yells in pain as the spirits in the coliseum continue to cheer. Yuma says he understands now, and tells Nistro that his mood is the best (in the dub, Yuma exclaims that the Nistro he knew was in there somewhere). Nistro attacks "Utopia" with "Lion Heart" and destroys it. Yuma is knocked back to the floor as Nistro reiterates that "Stoic Challenge" doubles the damage "Lion Heart" inflicted; this brings Yuma down to 200 Life Points. Nistro Sets a card and ends his turn.

Yuma yells at Nistro to bring it on and that he will take anything he dishes out.

Alito is frustrated that his plan to use Nistro failed, but Yuma cheers Nistro on, as a heated, straightforward Duel is how he fights (in the dub, Yuma adds that Alito is Dueling like a coward, but Nistro Duels like a warrior). Rio asks if the brainwashing wore off, but Kite says that Rio is wrong - Nistro is still being brainwashed by Alito. Because Dextra attacked him with all her might, she shocked his captured soul and etched her final impression on him, bringing his Dueling instinct back. He concludes that this is what makes Nistro a true Duelist. Nistro is surrounded by an orange aura and he screams. Yuma yells at Nistro to bring it on and that he will take anything he dishes out (in the dub, Yuma exclaims that this Duel will be epic). He begins his turn and activates "Xyz Shift", sending "Night Papilloperative" to the Graveyard to Special Summon a monster from his Extra Deck with the same Rank as it is. He Special Summons "Heroic Challenger - Excalibur". The crowd cheers as Yuma explains that "Xyz Shift" also becomes an Overlay Unit for "Excalibur". Yuma implores Nistro to remember the heated Duel they had at the World Duel Carnival because Nistro was the one who gave "Excalibur" to Yuma in the end. Yuma attacks "Lion Heart" with "Excalibur" and activates its effect, detaching all its Overlay Units to double its ATK until the End Phase. Nistro responds by activating his Set "Battler's Cry", as an opponent's monster's ATK increased. A bolt of light strikes "Lion Heart" on the chest, doubling its ATK to 5200. Yuma is excited that things got more interesting. Astral reminds Yuma to activate another card. He does so, activating "Soul Strike".

"Excalibur" against "Lion Heart".

He pays half his Life Points to add the amount he paid to another monster; he gives "Excalibur" 100 more ATK. Alito calls Yuma's tactic useless, but is surprised to see "Lion Heart" shrink as its ATK falls to 2600. Kite realizes that Yuma's true goal was to have his Life Points equal Nistro's. Alito, exclaims, "What?!" Astral explains that "Heroic Growth" will not double ATK if the user's Life Points are equal to the opponent's. He continues that "Stoic Challenge" increased its ATK from 100 to 1300, then got doubled with "Heroic Growth". "Battler's Cry" doubled the ATK again to 5200. Without "Heroic Growth", the ATK of "Lion Heart" is now 2600. Alito exclaims that this can't be. The crowd continues to cheer and Yuma orders "Excalibur" to finish off "Lion Heart". "Excalibur" throws its sword aside and moves in to attack "Lion Heart". Nistro yells at Yuma to bring it (Nistro yelling at Yuma is cut from the dub). Alito activates the effect of "Cheat Commissioner", as when a monster other than "Cheat Commissioner" itself battles, he can detach all its Overlay Units to negate the attack, look at Nistro's hand and activate a Spell Card in it. "Cheat Commissioner" appears between "Excalibur" and "Lion Heart" with its arms spread wide, ending the battle. Alito orders Nistro to use "Barian's Force". Astral yells at Yuma to do it, and Yuma activates his other Set card, "Overlay Marker". As an Xyz Monster detached Overlay Units and has none left now, it negates its effect and destroys it. It also inflicts damage to the destroyed monster's controller equal to the combined ATK of the previously battling monsters, which is 6700. Alito repeats the value in shock (in the dub, Alito cries out that he can't take this much damage and survive). Yuma yells at Alito to take the burning damage of his and Nistro's souls (in the dub, Yuma exclaims that Alito deserved this loss because of what he did to Nistro). "Lion Heart" and "Excalibur" punch "Cheat Commissioner" on each side of its face.

Alito is confused if those memories were his.

It explodes, and Alito screams (the actual punches are cut from the dub, but the explosion is not). Several images of the gladiator in the legend flash through his mind. He thinks, "These memories...are they really mine?" A memory of the gladiator just before he was executed reveals that the gladiator is Alito himself. Alito finally hits the ground, his Life Points falling to 0. The spirits vanish from the coliseum and a satisfied Shark comments that Yuma always likes keeping them on edge. Dextra wakes up and mutters Yuma's name. Alito gets up and asks what those memories meant. Distraught and confused, he leaves through a portal.

Nistro won the tournament and become the new Dueling Champion.

Yuma mutters Alito's name as he leaves. Nistro falls to his knees and the Barian Emblem disappears from his forehead. Yuma yells Nistro's name and runs to catch him. He tells Nistro to hang in there. Nistro finally regains consciousness and asks what happened. At dawn, Yuma finds another King's Coin. He speculates that his father must be watching over him this whole time. Nistro walks up to Yuma and tells him to stop being unsociable. He hands the "Lion Heart" card to Yuma and asks Yuma why he did not tell him about the Barians; he offers to help Yuma fight against them. Yuma calls Nistro an idiot and reminds him that he and Dextra shared a dream, the dream for Nistro to be the messenger of the stars for those kids. Nistro agrees with Yuma, much to the latter's excitement. Later, Nistromo the Star Voyager has become the new Spartan City Dueling Champion. A boy in the audience wonders if he will become as strong as Nistro if he works hard enough. Nistro encourages the boy that he will, just like the stars, and hoists him up on his shoulder as the crowd continues cheering.

Yuma looks at the "Mythyrian Number" and wonder why Alito was acting this way.

Back on the Different Dimension Airship, Tori is upset at the others for not waking her up before they left earlier. Rio apologizes and says she would feel bad if she woke Tori up. Tori begins to object further, but Orbital 7 interrupts and says he has the luxury to complain as well because he felt lonely watching the airship by himself (in the dub, Rio says she thought that Tori needed her beauty sleep, while Orbital complains if he does not get to come along next time, he will go on strike). This leaves Kite and Shark somewhat annoyed and frustrated. As his friends continue to argue, Yuma stands in front of the ship's bow by himself. Astral calls out to him and asks if he is thinking about Alito. He also asks if he understood from that Duel yesterday, because Alito is still a Barian. He adds that it's unfortunate because they can't exist with him (in the dub, Astral also reiterates that Alito took control of Nistro and almost defeated him and Yuma; Alito is still their enemy and that will not change). Yuma looks at the "Mythyrian Number" that he got from the ruins and asks himself why Alito was acting the way he did. But he still believes that one day, he and Alito will have another fair, heated Duel where they will clash their feelings head-on. (in the dub, Yuma wishes he could Duel with Alito as friends.)

Featured Duel: Yuma Tsukumo & Dextra vs. Alito & Nistro[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuma Tsukumo has 1600 LP and controls "Number 39: Utopia" (2500/2000, ORU: 2) in Attack Position, as well as 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Dextra has 4000 LP and controls 1 Set monster, as well as 2 Set card in her Spell & Trap Zones. Alito has 4000 LP and controls 1 Set monster, as well as 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Nistro has 1600 LP and controls "Number 54: Lion Heart" (100/100, ORU: 3) in Attack Position.

Turn 6: Yuma
Yuma draws. "Number 39: Utopia" attacks Alito's Set monster, "Battlin' Boxer Rib Gardna" (CG Star.svg3/100/1400), which is flipped face-up. The effect of "Rib Gardna" activates, changing the attack target to "Number 54: Lion Heart" and detaching all Overlay Units from "Utopia" as it is an Xyz Monster ("Utopia": 2 → 0 ORU). "Lion Heart" is not destroyed and the third effect of "Lion Heart" activates, but Dextra activates her face-down "Butterspy Protection" to halve the battle damage Yuma takes (Nistro: 1600 → 0 LP, Yuma: 1600 → 400 LP). Nistro activates the final effect of "Lion Heart", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Lion Heart": 3 → 2 ORU) to allow his LP to become 100 due to them becoming 0 (Nistro: 0 → 100 LP). At the end of the Battle Phase, Dextra activates the second effect of "Butterspy Protection", which switches "Lion Heart" to Defense Position. Yuma Sets a card.

Turn 7: Alito
Alito draws "Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher" and subsequently Normal Summons it (CG Star.svg3/800/1000) in Attack Position. He then overlays "Rib Gardna" and "Rabbit Puncher" in order to Xyz Summon "Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner" (Rank Star.svg3/0/1300, ORU: 2) in Attack Position. "Cheat Commissioner" attacks "Utopia". The first effect of "Cheat Commissioner" activates, switching all monsters to Attack Position; Dextra's Set "Swallowtail Butterspy" (CG Star.svg4/1800/1200) and "Lion Heart" are switched to Attack Position. The secondary part of the first effect of "Cheat Commissioner" then makes "Lion Heart" the attacker instead, but Dextra activates her face-down "Butterspy Courage" to change the attack target to "Swallowtail Butterspy" (a "Phantom Butterfly" monster). "Lion Heart" is not destroyed and the third effect of "Lion Heart" activates (Nistro: 100 → 0 LP, Dextra: 4000 → 2300 LP). Nistro activates the third effect of "Lion Heart" ("Lion Heart": 2 → 1 ORU) (Nistro: 0 → 100 LP). Alito Sets a card.

Turn 8: Dextra

"Lion Heart" and "Night Papilloperative"

Dextra draws "Morpho Butterspy" and subsequently Normal Summons it (CG Star.svg4/1200/1600) in Attack Position. As she Normal Summoned a monster, Dextra activates the effect of "Blue Mountain Butterspy" to Special Summon it (CG Star.svg4/0/1700) in Attack Position. She then overlays "Swallowtail Butterspy, "Morpho Butterspy", and "Blue Mountain Butterspy" in order to Xyz Summon "Night Papilloperative" (Rank Star.svg4/2600/2000, ORU: 3) in Attack Position. Dextra activates "Overlay Capture" to take the last Overlay Unit of "Lion Heart" and attach it to "Night Papilloperative", but Alito activates his face-down "Xyz Battle Chain" (since both players control an Xyz Monster) to target "Lion Heart" and subsequently negate and destroy "Overlay Capture". Due to the final effect of "Xyz Battle Chain", Dextra is forced to use "Night Papilloperative" to attack "Lion Heart" (the monster targeted by "Xyz Battle Chain") during this turn's Battle Phase.

"Night Papilloperative" attacks "Lion Heart" and Dextra activates the effect of "Night Papilloperative" to detach an Overlay Unit ("Night Papilloperative": 3 → 2 ORU) and increase its ATK by 400 for each Overlay Unit on the field ("Night Papilloperative": 2600 → 4600 ATK). "Lion Heart" is not destroyed and the third effect of "Lion Heart" activates (Nistro: 100 → 0 LP, Dextra: 2300 → 0 LP). Nistro activates the third effect of "Lion Heart" ("Lion Heart": 1 → 0 ORU) (Nistro: 0 → 100 LP). At the end of the Damage Step, the effect of "Night Papilloperative" expires ("Night Papilloperative": 4600 → 2600 ATK). Alito activates his face-down "Numbers Overlay Boost" to attach the "Battlin' Boxer Counterpunch" and "Counter Clash" in his hand to "Lion Heart" (a "Number" monster with no Overlay Units) ("Lion Heart": 0 → 2 ORU).

Turn 9: Nistro
Nistro draws "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force". Alito intends for Nistro to attack immediately with "Lion Heart" or activate "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", but Nistro equips "Lion Heart" with "Stoic Challenge", which detaches the Overlay Units of "Lion Heart" ("Lion Heart": 2 → 0 ORU) and increases its ATK by 600 for each one detached ("Lion Heart": 100 → 1300 ATK). Also due to "Stoic Challenge", the effects of "Lion Heart" are negated and any battle damage it inflicts to Yuma is doubled. Nistro then equips "Lion Heart" with "Heroic Growth", which doubles the ATK of "Lion Heart" since Nistro's Life Points are lower than Yuma's ("Lion Heart": 1300 → 2600 ATK). "Lion Heart" attacks and destroys "Utopia" (Yuma: 400 → 200 LP). Nistro Sets a card.

Turn 10: Yuma

"Lion Heart" and "Excalibur" battle

Yuma draws. He then activates "Xyz Shift" to send "Night Papilloperative" to the Graveyard and Special Summon "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" (an Xyz Monster with the same Rank as the sent monster) in Attack Position with the effect of "Xyz Shift" attaching itself to "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" as an Overlay Unit (Rank Star.svg4/2000/2000, ORU: 1). "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" attacks "Lion Heart" and Yuma activates the effect of "Excalibur" to detach "Xyz Shift" ("Heroic Champion - Excalibur": 1 → 0 ORU) and double the ATK of "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" ("Heroic Champion - Excalibur": 2000 → 4000 ATK). Nistro activates his face-down "Battler's Cry" to double the ATK of "Lion Heart" since its ATK is lower than that of the attacking monster ("Lion Heart": 2600 → 5200 ATK). Yuma activates his face-down "Soul Strike" to pay half his LP (Yuma: 200 → 100 LP) and increase the ATK of "Heroic Champion - Excalibur" by the paid amount ("Heroic Champion - Excalibur": 4000 → 4100 ATK, "Lion Heart": 5200 → 2600 ATK).

Alito activates the second effect of "Cheat Commissioner" to detach both of its Overlay Units ("Cheat Commissioner": 2 → 0 ORU) and look at the hand of an opponent. If a Spell Card is in the opponent's hand, the Battle Phase will be ended and that Spell Card will immediately be activated. Per the rules of the Tag-Team Duel, Nistro is an opponent as well as a partner, so Alito chooses to look at Nistro's hand and target "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force". Yuma then activates his face-down "Overlay Marker" (since two Xyz Monsters are battling and an Xyz Monster detached an Overlay Unit and now has none left) to negate the effect of "Cheat Commissioner" and inflict damage to Alito equal to the total ATK of the battling Xyz Monsters (Alito: 4000 → 0 LP). With the defeat of Alito, Nistro is no longer brainwashed and the Duel ends.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  • Starting with this episode, Zexal premieres move to Teletoon from YTV in Canada.