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"Fists of Fury, Part 2"
"Lion Heart" defeating "Comet Cestus".
"Lion Heart" defeating "Comet Cestus".
EnglishFists of Fury, Part 2
Japanese name
Japanese覚醒の熱拳!! アリト復活の刻
RōmajiKakusei no Nekken!! Arito Fukkatsu no Toki
TranslatedFiery Fist of Awakening!! Alito's Time of Revival
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"Wonder Wings"
Japanese ED"Challenge the GAME"
English OP & ED"Halfway to Forever"
Air dates
JapaneseNovember 17, 2013
EnglishNovember 3, 2014 (Hulu)
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes (season 2)
Previous"Fists of Fury, Part 1"
Next"Power Play"

"Fists of Fury, Part 2", known as "Fiery Fist of Awakening!! Alito's Time of Revival" in the Japanese version, is the one-hundred and thirtieth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on November 17, 2013 and on Hulu on November 3, 2014.

Yuma keeps trying to find some way to break the curse on Alito. He thinks that the Mythyrian Number that holds Alito's memories is the key to turning him back to the guy he used to be, and so without any regard to the danger that might befall him, he Summons "Number 54: Lion Heart." Meanwhile, Alito keeps showing a more cruel and evil nature, and eventually Summons a new "Number" which pushes Yuma into a corner.


Astral ponders what they can do next. Thinking that "Number 54: Lion Heart" contains Alito's memories, while "Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" contains Don Thousand's curse, he comes up with a plan. He tells Yuma he understands now. Yuma asks if he thinks they can really lift the curse. Astral continues that Thousand himself said that removing the Mythyrian "Numbers" from the ruins was what unsealed his power. Yuma wonders what his father has to do with all of this (in the dub, Yuma is upset that he and Astral helped Thousand regain his power and calls himself and Astral the "worst heroes ever"). Astral responds that he predicted everything that would happen to he and Yuma - and Astral did not. He believes in him enough to bet that he did nothing that would put them at a disadvantage. Astral believes that Yuma's father intended for them to fight the Seven Barian Emperors and lift the curse. If that is what Kazuma intended, then the Legendary "Numbers" must have the power to destroy Don Thousand.

Astral tells Yuma that the Legendary "Numbers" and "Over-Hundred Number" cards are contradictions in the existence of the Barian Emperors. Yuma asks if the thinks they can lift the curse by defeating "Comet Cestus" with "Lion Heart". Yuma is excited now, but Astral points out that they don't have enough monsters to Xyz Summon "Lion Heart", nor do they have anything else on the field. Yuma says he understands - everything depends on his next draw. Looking up at Tori, he promises to save her. She mutters his name, but tells him to hurry and save both her and Alito (in the dub, Tori knows that Yuma won't let her down). Yuma tells her to leave it him and draws, yelling "kattobingu!". Seeing he's drawn "Rainbow Kuriboh", he tells Astral his feelings have arrived. He Normal Summons it, then overlays his three Level 1 monsters to Xyz Summon "Lion Heart" in Attack Position. As it's Summoned, it roars, waves of energy streaming towards "Comet Cestus", who roars in turn and blasts waves right back. Alito says "this Number" ("I remember that Number!" in the dub), and finally the two waves collide and Alito starts to remember his past. He hears children chanting his name.

"Lion Heart" in Alito's past.

Alito has just won another match at the colosseum in Spartan City. In the hallway, children gather all around him, giddy to meet him. One of them asks how he got so strong. Hoisting one child onto this shoulder and patting another on the head, Alito says he's told them before - it's them that give him his power. Later, he wanders the streets of the city and is called out to by a cloaked man. The man tells him be to careful and Alito asks who is. The man responds that his life is in danger. Alito asks what he means and the man informs him that the emperor is jealous of his chivalrous spirit as his eye glows red. Alito calls the man an idiot and adds that the emperor is his friend. The man says "we'll see" ("Do not be so certain" in the dub) and flees, appearing to float away around a corner. Alito gives chase but can find no trace of the man. Later that night, Alito stands alone, a card in his hand. He still finds the man's words to be ridiculous and believes that the "Number" will protect him as it always does. As he looks at the "Lion Heart" card, it begins to glow with blue energy.

The cloaked man from Alito's past.

Armed soldiers suddenly run out and surround him completely, brandishing pikes. An ornately-dressed man approaches him and opens up a scroll. He informs Alito he is under arrest for the killing of several people (in the dub, Alito was accused of treason). He is imprisoned quickly, despite his insistence that there's been a mistake. Later, he faces his execution. He kneels chained in the colosseum as the gathered crowd berates him with "murderer", "liar" and other catcalls. The cloaked man reappears, glowing with energy and brandishing a shadowy scythe. The man tells him he held a grudge to the people here and to the world - and he will die trapped in the obsession of that grudge. Alito thinks to himself that he agrees - he cannot believe in anyone. He looks up to the top of the seating, where the emperor sits on his throne. He curses the emperor for betraying him and vows to cause catastrophe when he's revived as the executioner's axe falls (in the dub, Alito was exiled instead of executed, as stated in previous episodes).

"Reviving Jolt" saves Yuma.

Back in the present, Alito is shaking with pain and asks what that vision was just now. Yuma wonders if those were his past memories and Astral says that "Lion Heart" and "Comet Cestus" are resonating and that he was correct - the two battling will cause something to happen. Alito is still glowing with Don Thousand's aura though. Yuma orders "Lion Heart" to attack "Comet Cestus". When "Lion Heart" battles, its effect will prevent its destruction and inflict the battle damage to both players. Alito activates the effect of the "Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk" equipped to "Comet Cestus", sending it to the Graveyard to halve the battle damage he would take. "Lion Heart" and "Comet Cestus" each throw a punch, which rebound off one another. The armor of "Comet Cestus" vanishes and Alito is thrown backwards, his Life Points falling to 2050. Yuma is also thrown back and his Life Points fall to 0. Tori screams his name, but Astral activates the effect of "Lion Heart" - he can detach an Overlay Unit to return his Life Points to 100. Astral declares "Reviving Jolt" and "Lion Heart" shoots a bolt of lightning at Yuma. He screams in pain, but his heartbeat returns (the heartbeat's sound is edited out in the dub).

Don Thousand's control dissipates.

Tori screams his name again, but Yuma's Life Points go back up to 100. Yuma rises to his feet, but says that having his Life Points hit 0 caused a great impact. It was successful though - Don Thousand's power leaves Alito, with Thousand yelling "impossible!" ("My power! My control of Alito is fading!" in the dub) Alito rises to his feet, seeming confused as to what's going on. He recalls Don Thousand appearing to him and Girag when they spoke with Vector, but that's all. Yuma says Thousand was manipulating him. Alito asks if Yuma saved him from the curse, then.

Alito releases Tori.

Seeing Tori in the vines, Alito's hand glows with the blue energy and the vines vanish, with Tori lightly falling to the ground in a sphere of blue energy. Yuma is excited to have the old Alito back and begins to move towards him, but Alito tells him not to come any closer. He insists the battle isn't over yet and he is still Alito of the Seven Barian Emperors. Yuma says the curse has been lifted. Alito says that's true, but Yuma also saw how Thousand manipulated him. He was filled with hatred when he died and was reborn as a Barian - his home is still the Barian World (Alito does not mention his own death in the dub). He says he cannot sit and let Yuma and Astral by him if they intend to destroy it. Alito adds that their previous Duels truly were fun - but that that kind of Duel cannot happen anymore. His body glows with red energy now, as he do his eyes.

Alito draws and proceeds to activate the effect of the "Rhapsody in Berserk" in his Graveyard. He can send a monster from his hand to the Graveyard to Special Summon it. He sends "Battlin' Boxer Sparrer" to the Graveyard to revive "Rhapsody in Berserk". As it's Summoned, the Number 80 emanates out and Alito is briefly in pain. His eyes glow red again though and he activates "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force". Yuma and Astral are shocked, but Alito performs a Chaos Xyz Evolution and Ranks Up "Rhapsody in Berserk", chanting "the melody that calms the soul, the God of Integrity that repairs the world!" He Special Summons "Chaos Number 80: Requiem in Berserk" in Attack Position. The other effect of "Barian's Force" activates, detaching the Overlay Units from "Lion Heart" and attaching them to "Requiem in Berserk". For each of them, the ATK of "Lion Heart" decreases by 300 for each, so its ATK becomes 0. Astral says he can't use its effect to revive themselves again now. Alito activates the effect of "Requiem in Berserk", detaching a Chaos Overlay Unit to banish all cards in Yuma's Spell & Trap Card Zone, so their Set card is banished. Alito activates the other effect of "Requiem in Berserk", which lets him equip it to "Comet Cestus" and increase its ATK by 2000, giving it 4800 ATK and a new set of armor.

"Comet Cestus" punches thin air as "Dimensional U-Turn" banishes "Lion Heart".

Astral wonders why he's done this - the effect of "Lion Heart" will just inflict more damage to him now. Alito clarifies that "Requiem in Berserk" will also negate the effects of any monster that "Comet Cestus" battles. Yuma yells "what!" ("no way!" in the dub), while Alito declares his attack. Astral tells Yuma to use his Trap Card. Alito asks if he's mad - there are no other cards on their field. Yuma responds that he's right - he's activating the effect of the "Dimensional U-Turn" in his Graveyard. By banishing it, he can banish one of his own monsters. He banishes "Lion Heart". As it vanishes, "Comet Cestus" punches thin air. Alito insists this means nothing and declares a direct attack instead. Yuma activates the effect of the "Rainbow Kuriboh" in his Graveyard, Special Summoning it as a direct attack was declared. It appears in Defense Position. Alito is annoyed, but orders "Comet Cestus" to attack it, with it being banished via its own effect afterwards. Yuma thanks "Rainbow Kuriboh" and Alito angrily declares the end of his turn. Yuma reveals that at the End Phase, the monster banished by "Dimensional U-Turn" returns. "Lion Heart" reappears and Yuma sighs in relief.

Yuma and Astral bickering.

Yuma asks Astral what they should do - they have broken the curse, but Alito is still consumed by hatred. He adds it's almost as if there's another curse on him (in the dub, Yuma says it's no wonder why Thousand wanted Alito on his side). Astral remembers the souls tied to the ruins and adds that they were noble and pure ones. It would have been more appropriate for their souls to go to the Astral World when they died rather than the Barian World. He wonders how such noble souls could become trapped by hatred and become Barians. He suddenly realizes that Don Thousand could have artificially created the hatred. Yuma asks what he's mumbling about and Astral comes to the conclusion that they have to destroy "Comet Cestus" using "Lion Heart". Yuma incredulously asks how they're supposed to do that. Astral yells that they have to - if they do, they should learn more of Alito's true past. Yuma asks if Astral isn't just like him now. Astral says that's not the case at all, prompting an angry snort from Yuma (in the dub, Astral simply mutters, "Frightening," which angers Yuma). Astral reminds him that everything is riding on this next draw.

"Comet Cestus" and "Lion Heart" trade blows.

Yuma draws "Emperor's Armor" and Astral tells him to go. Yuma activates it, equipping it to "Lion Heart", which will cause its ATK to become the same as the monster it battles. Astral muses that Don Thousand was trying to protect the "Over-Hundred Number" cards from the Legendary "Numbers" - that was why he cursed them (not mentioned in the dub). Astral calls this card to the answer to that problem as "Lion Heart" is encased in golden armor. Tori cheers both Yuma and Astral on. Yuma orders "Lion Heart" to attack "Comet Cestus". Both monsters punch one another in the face, chunks of smashed armor flying around. Alito wonders if they are aiming for a tie as the two monsters continue to trade blows. Alito reminds them that the equipped "Requiem in Berserk" negates the effects of "Lion Heart". Yuma counters that the effects of his own Equip Card aren't negated though - both monsters will be destroyed (not mentioned in the dub). Alito declares that he can't let that happen and activates the effect of the equipped "Requiem in Berserk". He can send it to the Graveyard to prevent the destruction of the equipped monster. The monsters exchange one more punch are engulfed in explosions. Yuma declares that he's activating another effect of "Emperor's Armor". He can send it to the Graveyard to prevent the destruction of "Lion Heart". Yuma reveals that if he does this during the Battle Phase, he can switch the ATK of his monster with that of his opponent's and attack once again. Alito declares "impossible" ("This can't be!" in the dub), while Yuma and Astral order "Lion Heart" to attack again. The punch takes "Comet Cestus" off into the sky and Alito has more visions of his past.

Thousand curses Alito's soul with the "Over-Hundred Number".

The man has just told Alito he's under arrest for killing several people. From a nearby rooftop, the cloaked man watches, smiling as his one visible eye glows red. Alito is taken before the emperor, who insists that Alito would never do something like what he's being accused of - he is like a brother to him. The eyes of every guard are glowing red. The emperor adds that if he were to die, he'd want Alito to be the next emperor. He orders Alito's release. The cloaked man appears from behind the throne, saying that that will be unnecessary. The emperor asks who the man is. He informs him he is Don Thousand as waves of energy emanate from him. Thousand resumes his true form and towers over Alito, calling himself the God of the Barian World. Thousand says he need Alito's power - his unbreakable soul and endless fighting spirit will become Thousand's shield - he cannot allow that power to be taken to the Astral World. He throws "Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Star Cestus", which burrows itself into Alito's chest, causing great pain. Thousand explains that this will alter Alito's memories, making him believe he was betrayed by the people he believed in. That way, hatred and anger will remain in his heart and he will be revived as a Barian. The emperor gives the order to begin preparations for Alito's execution.

Back in the present, Alito's Life Points fall to 0 and he resumes his human form. Yuma yells Alito's name and rushes over to him. Addressing both Yuma and Astral, Alito mutters "my memories". Astral says he's seen his real memories now - they were rewritten with hatred so his soul would go to the Barian World. Sitting up. Alito says he's always been manipulated by lies. Yuma mutters his name and Alito adds he's done irreversible things to Yuma's friends. Astral insists he was just being used - when Don Thousand's power was exhausted and sealed in the ruins, the last of his power roamed the land freely. He enacted an elaborate plan to revive himself (in the dub, Astral explains that the way Thousand acted was due to the combination of the experiences of everyone else present; Alito's were not done out of his free will). Alito comments he was tangled in that trap (in the dub, Alito says this doesn't change what he did). Yuma asks if Alito will lend them his power to help them defeat Don Thousand. Alito rises to his feet and says he was caught in Thousand's trap, but he's still the warrior of the Seven Barian Emperors. Yuma thinks the others would understand. Alito insists they must defeat Yuma no matter what, but before they do that, they can cooperate to destroy Don Thousand. Astral calls this a big step and adds that if pasts of the other Seven Barian Emperors were also altered, they can be freed as well (in the dub, Astral says Thousand will not take this defeat lightly, and will strike back at the other Emperors). Tori says they have to hurry and find Don Thousand. Alito says he resides inside Vector, with Yuma asking where Vector is now. Alito says they should head to the Barian World for a clue. Astral agrees.

Vector confronts Dumon and Marin.

In a dimensional tunnel, Thousand tells Vector that Alito has regained control of himself. He adds that they have to hurry - Vector needs to gather the other Emperors and absorb their power. Vector says that was intention anyway (in the dub, Vector is the one who says that Alito was defeated). Dumon and Marin appear in the Barian throne room and are immediately greeted by Vector lounging on the throne. He says he was waiting for them and steps forward. Marin asks why he's here. Crouching, Vector responds that it's now time to combine their power into one. Dumon says their powers are already combined. Vector chides him for not understanding - he means he's going to defeat them here and take their souls to gain their power (in the dub, Vector specifies that he will be taking his fellow Emperors' power; Dumon appears confused at this. Vector mockingly apologizes to Dumon and Marin for not being clear and states that he is doing this in the name of Don Thousand). Laughing maniacally, he asks if they understand yet.

Featured Duel: Yuma Tsukumo vs. Alito[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuma Tsukumo has 200 LP and controls "Darklon" (100/100) and "Kurivolt" (300/200), both in Attack Position, as well as 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone. Alito has 4000 LP and controls "Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" (4000/2000, ORU: 0) in Attack Position, as well as "Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk" (equipped to "Comet Cestus") and 1 Set card in his Spell & Trap Zone.

Turn 5: Yuma
Yuma draws "Rainbow Kuriboh" and subsequently Normal Summons it (CG Star.svg1/100/100). He then overlays "Darklon", "Kurivolt" and "Rainbow Kuriboh" in order to Xyz Summon "Number 54: Lion Heart" (Rank Star.svg1/100/100, ORU: 3) in Attack Position.

"Lion Heart" attacks "Chaos Number 105: Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus". Due to the second and third effects of "Lion Heart", it is not destroyed due to being in Attack Position and Alito takes the same amount of battle damage Yuma takes. Alito activates the fourth effect of "Number 80: Rhapsody in Berserk" to destroy it, send it to the Graveyard, and halve the battle damage he would receive from this battle (as the damage exceeds 1000) (Alito: 4000 → 2050 LP, Yuma: 200 → 0 LP; "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus": 4000 → 2800 ATK). As Yuma's Life Points were reduced to 0 in that battle, Astral activates the final effect of "Lion Heart" to detach "Rainbow Kuriboh" ("Lion Heart": 3 → 2 ORU) and make Yuma's Life Points become 100 instead (Yuma: 0 → 100 LP).

Turn 6: Alito
As "Rhapsody in Berserk" was sent to the Graveyard to activate its effect, Alito activates its final effect to send "Battlin' Boxer Sparrer" (a monster) from his hand to the Graveyard in order to revive "Rhapsody in Berserk" (Rank Star.svg4/0/1200) in Attack Position. He then activates "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to Rank-Up "Rhapsody in Berserk" via Chaos Xyz Evolution in order to Xyz Summon "Chaos Number 80: Requiem in Berserk" (Rank Star.svg5/0/2000, ORU: 1) in Attack Position.

Alito then activates the third effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" to target "Lion Heart", detach its Overlay Units ("Lion Heart": 2 → 0 ORU), attach them to "Requiem in Berserk" ("Requiem in Berserk": 1 → 3 ORU), and reduce the ATK of "Lion Heart" by 300 for each detached Overlay Unit ("Lion Heart": 100 → 0 ATK). Alito then activates the second effect of "Requiem in Berserk" to detach an Overlay Unit ("Requiem in Berserk": 3 → 2 ORU) and banish all cards in Yuma's Monster Card Zone or Spell & Trap Card Zone. Alito chooses to banish Yuma's Spell and Trap Cards.

Alito activates the third effect of "Requiem in Berserk", equipping it to "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" and increasing its ATK by 2000 ("Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus": 2800 → 4800 ATK). In addition, "Requiem in Berserk" will negate the effects of any monster "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" battles. "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" attacks "Lion Heart", but Yuma activates the second effect of "Dimensional U-Turn" to banish it from his Graveyard in order to banish "Lion Heart". A replay occurs and "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" attacks directly, but Yuma activates the second effect of "Rainbow Kuriboh" to revive it (CG Star.svg1/100/100) in Defense Position (as a direct attack was declared). Another replay occurs, and "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" attacks and destroys "Rainbow Kuriboh". During the End Phase, "Dimensional U-Turn" returns "Lion Heart" (Rank Star.svg1/100/100) to Yuma's side of the field in Attack Position.

"Cestus" and "Lion Heart" nearly tie again.

Turn 7: Yuma
Yuma draws "Emperor's Armor" and subsequently activates it, equipping it to "Lion Heart". "Lion Heart" attacks "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" and Yuma activates the first effect of "Emperor's Armor" to change the ATK of "Lion Heart" to match that of "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" ("Lion Heart": 100 → 4800 ATK). Alito activates the final effect of "Requiem in Berserk" to send it to the Graveyard and prevent his monster's destruction ("Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus": 4800 → 2800 ATK). Yuma activates the second effect of "Emperor's Armor" to send it to the Graveyard and prevent his monster's destruction ("Lion Heart": 2800 → 100 ATK). As this effect was activated, the final effect of "Emperor's Armor" switches the ATK of "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" and "Lion Heart" ("Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus": 2800 → 100 ATK, "Lion Heart": 100 → 2800 ATK) and allows "Lion Heart" to attack a second time during the Battle Phase. "Lion Heart" attacks and destroys "Battlin' Boxer Comet Cestus" (Alito: 2050 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


Episodes 130 to 132 originally had preview descriptions shown on NAS which described different episodes to the ones that ultimately aired. These previews were all removed prior to the episodes' debuts. The original preview for this episode was the following:

The Clandestine Shadow - Alco the Barian Observer Appears 暗躍の影 バリアンの観測者・アルコ現る

While the exciting game with Alito unfolds, Yuma and Astral have noticed the power of Don Thousand pulling strings behind the scenes of Alito. In order to get back Alito from Don Thousand's grasp, Yuma and co. pull a desperate plan. On the other hand, in order to get the information about the Barian World, Kite rushes to meet the one person whom told Dr. Faker about this world, a boy named Alco. Alco, who calls himself the "Barian Observer", whom exists separately from the Seven Barian Emperors, offers Kite a trade. Its purpose really is...!?



  1. a b This card can be seen in Alito's hand after he Summons "Chaos Number 80: Requiem in Berserk".