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"The Dark Mist Rises: Part 2"
Astral and Number 96 discuss Dueling philosophies.
Astral and Number 96 discuss Dueling philosophies.
EnglishThe Dark Mist Rises: Part 2
Japanese name
Japanese混沌カオスの領域 No.96狂気の化身!!
Base混沌の領域 No.96狂気の化身!!
Furiganaカオスの領域 No.96狂気の化身!!
RōmajiKaosu no Ryōiki Nanbāzu Kyūjūroku Kyōki no Keshin!!
TranslatedRealm of Chaos - Numbers 96 the Incarnation of Insanity!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"Dual-ism of Mirrors"
Japanese ED"GO WAY GO WAY"
English OP & ED"Halfway to Forever"
Animation directorShuji Maruyama
Air dates
JapaneseMay 05, 2013
EnglishMarch 22, 2014
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes (season 2)
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Next"Barian Vengeance: Part 1"

"The Dark Mist Rises: Part 2", known as "Realm of Chaos - Numbers 96 the Incarnation of Insanity!!" in the Japanese version, is the one-hundred and-second episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on May 5, 2013 and in the United States on March 22, 2014.

The ruins exude a strange air, as if refusing Vector, while Astral complies with a Duel for the "Mythyrian Number". But things go from bad to worse as any damage dealt to Number 96 will be inflicted to Yuma as well, leaving Astral in a trap with this Duel. Laughing at Astral for only protecting or caring about Yuma, Number 96 Summons his mighty "Number C96: Dark Storm". However, something strange happens to Number 96's body when the "Chaos Number" appears, while Yuma and co. get swept up by this shocking twist of events.


Yuma narrowly dodges the pendulum trap.

The pendulum blade swings towards Yuma again, and he nearly falls from his platform. Recovering, he calls Vector's trick really low. Vector laughs and says that Yuma has a great view from where he is (in the dub, Vector says that he is enjoying himself). Tori yells for Yuma to lay flat and he does so just as the blade swings through again. Number 96 asks if Astral understands that the Duel is fully in his control. Shark agrees, saying that in order to damage Number 96, Astral must activate the temple's traps, which will target Yuma. Rio says it may as well be the same thing as Astral not being able to attack at all (in the dub, Rio says that the traps will put Yuma in danger). Tori calls the strategy disgusting. Astral Sets two cards and ends his turn.

Number 96 draws and proceeds to Normal Summon "Malicevorous Knife". He explains that when its Normal Summoned, he can Special Summon a "Malicevorous" monster from his Graveyard. He Special Summons another copy of "Malicevorous Knife". Number 96 tells Astral he'll see the power of the "Number" he got from these ruins now. He overlays his two Level 2 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 65: Djinn Buster" in Attack Position. Vector seems perplexed, saying this "Number" is giving him a strange feeling (Vector's confusion is cut from the dub). Number 96 orders "Dark Mist" to attack "Number 39: Utopia", with Number 96 activating the effect of "Dark Mist", detaching an Overlay Unit to halve the ATK of "Utopia" and add that value to the ATK of "Dark Mist".

Thus, its ATK rises to 2350, while that of "Utopia" falls to 750. Number 96 asks what's wrong - isn't Astral going to use the effect of "Guard Robe Exchange"? Yuma urges Astral to do so, saying Number 96 will take damage equal to the ATK change. Astral says nothing, while Number 96 cackles, saying that if Astral doesn't use it, "Dark Mist" will tear "Utopia" to shreds (in the dub, Number 96 states that Yuma will be put in danger if Astral does not attack). Astral instead activates the effect of "Utopia", detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the attack, declaring "Light Wing Shield". Number 96 unveils the effect of "Djinn Buster". By detaching an Overlay Unit, he can negate a monster effect and inflict 500 damage to Astral. "Djinn Buster" rushes at "Utopia", shattering the "Moon Barrier" with a strike from its blades and shooting a beam from one which hits Astral for 500 damage, knocking him backwards. The attack of "Dark Mist" finally resumes and "Utopia" is destroyed after being ensnared in tentacles, reducing Astral to 1900 Life Points. Saying he's not done, Number 96 orders "Djinn Buster" to attack directly, further reducing Astral to 600 Life Points with a strike from one of its blades.

Yuma yells Astral's name, and then trails off, not knowing what he can do. Vector tells him that seeing him squirm like that has made his day. Number 96 ends his turn. Outside, Kite is flying towards the ruins using Orbital 7's glider mode. He asks if Orbital is absolutely sure about this. Orbital responds that there was a change of spacial pressure at point thirty-four. Kite wonders if it's a Barian. Astral begins his turn, drawing and then activating "Xyz Treasure", which lets him draw a card for each Xyz Monster on the field. Beams of light fire at Number 96's two monsters and then return to Astral's D-Pad as he draws two cards. Astral Normal Summons "Explossum", revealing that it can be equipped to an Xyz Monster his opponent controls. He orders "Explossum" to equip to "Dark Mist" and it charges across the room, clinging to the leg of "Dark Mist", its tail jetting sparks. Astral clarifies that when the monster equipped with "Explossum" has no Overlay Units, "Explossum" will explode and destroy the monster. Astral says that "Dark Mist" has only one Overlay Unit left, so if its effect is used again, "Dark Mist" be destroyed.

Vector calls that tactic a shrewd trick (in the dub, Vector complains that Astral thought that tactic out), while Shark says that now he'll be able to destroy "Dark Mist". Yuma is excited, but Number 96 calls it a foolish move. He activates the effect of "Djinn Buster" again, detaching an Overlay Unit to negate the effect of "Explossum". "Djinn Buster" slashes "Explossum" off of "Dark Mist" and Number 96 reminds Astral he'll take 500 damage as well, as "Djinn Buster" fires another beam from its blade, reducing Astral to 100 Life Points (the slash on the tail of "Explossum" is cut from the dub). Yuma yells Astral's name while dodging the blade again. Number 96 reminds them that "Explossum" has only 100 ATK and that "Small Stopper" will prevent all monsters with 1000 or less ATK from attacking. Vector adds that if they do not attack, the player will take 1000 damage at the End Phase. Number 96 taunts Astral, saying it's over now, but Astral responds that you can't know the outcome of a Duel until the very end - that's what Dueling is all about.

"Tribute Ticket" activates.

Number 96 asks why Astral won't just be honest with himself - he's going to lose. Astral asks if he really believes that and activates "Tribute Ticket". This lets him Tribute a monster and then lets "Tribute Ticket" itself be treated as two Tributes for a Tribute Summon. He Tributes "Explossum" to treat "Tribute Ticket" as two Tributes. He Special Summons "Swordsman of Revealing Light" from his hand in Defense Position via its own effect. Astral reveals that this card can negate one attack per turn and also cannot be destroyed by battle once per turn. Yuma says he understands - if the card is Defense Position, the effect of "Small Stopper" won't activate. Tori yells Yuma's name and he narrowly dodges the pendulum again. Shark comments that Astral has a great defense right now - the card can negate attacks, can't be destroyed by battle and has high DEF. Rio calls it an impenetrable defense and Tori urges Astral on (Shark's remark is cut from the dub; also, Tori asks if the defense Astral made is good enough).

Number 96 says it's not a bad play (in the dub, Number 96 asserts that Astral should just give up) and Astral says he did tell him that you can't know the outcome until the end. Number 96 asks what Astral plans to do though - he has only 100 Life Points. He comments that humans tend to get up in useless concepts like friendship and camaraderie, but are still content to betray their own friends. He claims Astral was infected with human weakness due to Yuma - there's no way he'll be able to carry out his original mission as he currently is (in the dub, Number 96 says that "hope" is Astral's enemy and that Astral put his hope in the hands of a human who swore that he was his friend until the end, but the second he thought he did some good, he lied to Astral. He continues that Astral's friendship with Yuma is a burden and that Astral put his hope in the wrong place, which is Yuma, a traitor. The only real hope that Astral has is Number 96.). Astral asks what he means and Number 96 asks if he's ever thought about why he can't absorb "Chaos Numbers". The reason is that he lacks Number 96's power. If Astral does not have Number 96, he'll be unable to gather all the "Numbers". Number 96 claims Astral is unfit to obtain the Numeron Code (in the dub, he claims that Astral lets his emotions get the best of him, and as a result, he tries to protect Yuma, a liar). Yuma yells that that just means he has to defeat Number 96 here. He urges Astral to forget about him and win. Astral responds that it's not that time yet and ends his turn (in the dub, Astral muses that he must keep Yuma out of harm's way).

Number 96 draws and announces that he's working with the Barians - and he'll show Astral just what that means (in the dub, Number 96 announces that he acquired a new power and he will show it to him). He activates "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force", Ranking Up "Djinn Buster" and performing a Chaos Xyz Evolution to Special Summon "Number C65: King Overfiend" in Attack Position. He reveals that when "King Overfiend" is face-up, it can negate the effects of Astral's Effect Monsters, so "Swordsman of Revealing Light" won't be able to use its effect to prevent its own destruction. The lower body of "Swordsman" are encased in red crystal and Number 96 says that his impenetrable defense was easily broken (in the dub, Vector says this line).

"King Overfiend" activates its effect by smashing its Overlay Unit.

Yuma insists that it still has 2400 DEF though, "King Overfiend" can't destroy it by battle. Number 96 reveals the other effect of "King Overfiend". By detaching an Overlay Unit, it can lower the ATK or DEF of a monster by 1000. "King Overfiend" shatters its Overlay Unit with its cleaver and then fires a beam at "Swordsman" from its staff, reducing its DEF to 1400. He orders "Dark Mist" to shatter the "Swordsman" now. It does so and he then attacks directly with "King Overfiend". Yuma says "if this hits", while Shark finishes the statement with "Astral will lose". Astral activates his face-down "Xyz Reborn", letting him Special Summon an Xyz Monster from his Graveyard and attach "Xyz Reborn" to it as an Overlay Unit. He Special Summons "Utopia", with Number 96 calling it useless struggling (in the dub, Number 96 mutters that Astral is a pain). Nevertheless, he cancels his attack, but says that with "King Overfiend" out, he can't use monster effects and he's even unable to attack; it matters not what path is taken, Astral is finished.

Yuma steps backwards a bit, despairing that Astral will lose to protect him. He knows that if Astral could Duel as he normally does, he'd win. Astral tells him to raise his head and never take his eyes off the foe in front of him (in the dub, Astral tells Yuma to focus on what's happening now, rather than what might happen). He urges Yuma to think about what he can do right now, when his foe is the pendulum. He asks Astral to tell him, but Astral halts him to stop his sniveling (in the dub, Yuma says that he can't do it and Astral encourages him not to think that way). Yuma thinks about it, while Astral mentally comments that Yuma should be able to figure it out. Yuma realizes he has to escape by any means necessary. Looking past the pendulum, he says another platform. Finally, he figures out how he can get there. Number 96 asks if he's done saying his good-byes and Astral continues to insist that the Duel isn't over. Number 96 asks what he plans to do with 100 Life Points (in the dub, Number 96 also insists that Astral give up). Astral says nothing, but Number 96 Sets a card and ends his turn.

Yuma uses the pendulum to get to safety.

Yuma is worried about failing, but looks down and sees a King's Coin lodged between two cracks. Seeing this symbol of his father gives Yuma the strength to keep going. Knowing that Astral is fighting to his limit, he must "kattobingu". He leaps at the pendulum, grappling into the bar its suspended from as it swings around and landing safely on the other platform. Vector says he won't get away and pulls another chain by the throne, releasing a giant metal sphere to crush him from above. Yuma leaps down to another platform, then down to the ground next to Astral. He urges Astral to fight to his fullest. Vector curses, but Number 96 says this changes nothing.

Vector activates another trap.

Astral says he shouldn't be so sure and claims to already have his formula for victory. Astral draws and performs a Chaos Xyz Evolution on "Utopia", Special Summoning "Number C39: Utopia Ray" in Attack Position. He then activates his face-down "Superior Overlay". As the number of Overlay Units attached to one Xyz Monster Astral controls exceeds the combined number of Overlay Units attached to the Xyz Monsters Number 96 controls, it will destroy all monsters his opponent controls. Shark says that "Utopia Ray" has two Overlay Units and Number 96 has only one attached to "Dark Mist". Number 96 says this is impossible (in the dub, he exclaims that his field will be empty), but Astral clarifies that he can detach an Overlay Unit from a monster to prevent the destruction of that monster. He asks what Number 96 will do. "Superior Overlay" fires two energy bursts. The first annihilates "King Overfiend", but Number 96 detaches the last Overlay Unit from "Dark Mist" to prevent its destruction, causing it to erect a brief rainbow energy shield. Yuma cheers, as this means "Dark Mist" can't use its effect anymore. Vector is astonished that they turned it around with that one card. Number 96 asks if Astral really anticipated this, with Astral claiming he did - he figured that he'd try to disrupt Astral's plays with Yuma's situation (in the dub, Astral says that Number 96 overestimated his strategy, while he underestimated Yuma's and Astral's skill). Number 96 shakes and asks how he dares make a fool of him, and Astral activates the effect of "Utopia Ray" twice, detaching an Overlay Unit each time to increase its ATK by 500 for each detached Unit. Astral declares "Overlay Charge" and adds that the ATK of "Dark Mist" will decrease by 1000 for each detached Unit as well.

Number 96's new form.

Astral says Number 96's loss has been decided and orders "Utopia Ray" to attack. Number 96 says this will not go the way Astral expects and activates his face-down "Chaos Return", which negates the attack, covering "Utopia Ray" in black mist. "Chaos Return" will let Number 96 send a card from his hand to the Graveyard to activate the effect of a Spell Card in his Graveyard. He sends "Magical Stone Excavation" to use the effect of "Barian's Force". Thus, he Ranks Up "Dark Mist" and performs a Chaos Xyz Evolution to Special Summon "Number C96: Dark Storm" in Attack Position. Number 96 cackles and he himself changes form as well. His hair juts outward, a Barian Emblem appears on his forehead, his limbs grow more muscular, he sprouts a set of wings and a red eye appears on his chest. His voice deepening, he tells Astral he won't be able to absorb him now (in the dub, he asks if his new form suits him).

Even Vector seems surprised by this play (in the original, Vector exclaims that Number 96 turned himself into Chaos, while in the dub, he asks what "Barian's Force" did to Number 96) and Number 96 clarifies that the final effect of "Chaos Return" will force "Utopia Ray" to attack. Shark comments that he stopped the attack only to force it to resume and Rio wonders why he stopped the first attack then (in the dub, Shark says that Number 96 must be planning something nasty, while Rio says that Astral did not expect this). Number 96 reveals that the effect of "Dark Storm" will inflict the battle damage to both players. "Utopia Ray" cleaves through "Dark Storm" and the Life Points of both players fall to 0 as they are pitched backwards. Yuma says its a draw, then. Astral and Number 96 mutter each other's names as they get up (in the dub, Astral says that he did not win, but he did not lose, while Number 96 calls this frustrating). Vector says he'll kill everyone in the temple if this is what it's come to then. He pulls another chain by the throne and the entire area begins to collapse.

Vector and Number 96 flee the Duel.

Vector teleports away, cackling. Number 96 says they'll settle this later and vanishes himself. Astral mutters Number 96's name (in the dub, Astral mutters that he will face Number 96 later on). The floor beneath Yuma collapses, but he's saved by Kite, who flies on on Orbital 7's jetpack mode. Yuma asks why he's here and Kite says he'll explain later (in the dub, Yuma tells Kite that the Barians were here; Kite replies that he can't wait to hear about it). Shark, Rio and Tori rush out themselves. Later, they gather outside, having just explained the "Mythyrian Numbers" to Kite, with Yuma finishing that the Barians got to this one first. Between dimensions, Vector says it was close, but at least the "Number" is safe. Number 96 calls Vector a second-rate villain, saying he dislikes his dirty tricks (in the dub, Number 96 says that thanks to Vector's plan, he no longer trusts him; the plan is almost as weak as Vector himself). Number 96 flies ahead and says he'll contact Vector if he has another job for his "servant"

Girag and Alito are revived.

Number 96 vanishes now. Vector tells him to wait, but Don Thousand instructs Vector to let him go. Thousand says everything is going as planned and that Vector has something else he must do. He asks what that is and Thousand responds that its about time for "those two" to wake up. In the Barian World, Girag and Alito awaken.

Featured Duel: Astral vs. Number 96[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Astral has 4000 LP and controls "Number 39: Utopia" (1500/2000, ORU: 1) in Attack Position, as well as "Guard Robe Exchange" (equipped to "Utopia") in his Spell & Trap Zone. Number 96 has 2500 LP and controls "Number 96: Dark Mist" (1600/1000, ORU: 2) in Attack Position, as well as "Small Stopper" in his Spell & Trap Zone.

Turn 2: Astral
Astral Sets two cards.

Turn 3: Number 96

Number 96 draws. He then Normal Summons "Malicevorous Knife" (CG Star.svg2/600/100) in Attack Position. As it was Normal Summoned, Number 96 activates the effect of "Malicevorous Knife" to revive his first "Malicevorous Knife" (a "Malicevorous" monster) (CG Star.svg2/600/100) in Attack Position. Number 96 overlays both copies of "Malicevorous Knife" in order to Xyz Summon "Number 65: Djinn Buster" (Rank Star.svg2/1300/0, ORU: 2) in Attack Position.

"Dark Mist" attacks "Number 39: Utopia" and Number 96 activates the effect of "Dark Mist" ("Dark Mist": 2 → 1 ORU, 1600 → 2350 ATK; "Utopia" 1500 → 750 ATK). Astral activates the effect of "Utopia" ("Utopia": 1 → 0 ORU) to negate the attack. As a monster effect was activated, Number 96 activates the effect of "Djinn Buster" to negate the effect of "Utopia" and inflict 500 damage to Astral (Astral: 4000 → 3500 LP) by detaching an Overlay Unit ("Djinn Buster": 2 → 1 ORU). "Dark Mist" then destroys "Utopia" (Astral: 3500 → 1900 LP). "Djinn Buster" attacks directly (Astral: 1900 → 600 LP).

Turn 4: Astral
Astral draws. He then activates "Xyz Treasure" to draw two cards (one for each Xyz Monster on the field). Astral Normal Summons "Explossum" (CG Star.svg1/100/100) in Attack Position. He then activates the effect of "Explossum" to equip it to "Dark Mist". Should "Dark Mist" have no Overlay Units remaining, the effect of "Explossum" will destroy it. Number 96 activates the effect of "Djinn Buster" ("Djinn Buster": 1 → 0 ORU) to negate the effect of "Explossum" (Astral: 600 → 100 LP).

Astral activates "Tribute Ticket" by Tributing "Explossum". "Tribute Ticket" can now be treated as two monsters for a Tribute. Astral Tributes "Tribute Ticket" in order to Special Summon "Swordsman of Revealing Light" (CG Star.svg8/0/2400) in Defense Position via its own effect. While "Swordsman of Revealing Light" is face-up, Astral can negate one attack per turn; the aforementioned monster also cannot be destroyed by battle once per turn.

Turn 5: Number 96

"Dark Mist" and "Number C65: King Overfiend".

Number 96 draws "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" and subsequently activates it to Rank-Up "Djinn Buster" via Chaos Xyz Evolution in order to Xyz Summon "Chaos Number 65: King Overfiend" (Rank Star.svg3/1600/0, ORU: 1) in Attack Position. Due to the second effect of "King Overfiend", all Effect Monsters Astral controls have their effects negated and their effects can't be activated. Number 96 activates the third effect of "King Overfiend" to detach "Djinn Buster" ("King Overfiend": 1 → 0 ORU) and reduce the ATK and DEF of "Swordsman of Revealing Light" by 1000 (0/2400 → 1400). "Dark Mist" attacks and destroys "Swordsman of Revealing Light". "King Overfiend" attacks directly, but Astral activates his face-down "Xyz Reborn" to revive "Utopia" (an Xyz Monster) in Attack Position and attach "Xyz Reborn" to it as a Overlay Unit (Rank Star.svg4/2500/2000, ORU: 1). A replay occurs and Number 96 chooses not to attack. Number 96 Sets a card.

Turn 6: Astral

Astral draws. He then overlay "Utopia" with its one Overlay Unit via Chaos Xyz Evolution in order to Xyz Summon "Chaos Number 39: Utopia Ray" (Rank Star.svg4/2500/2000, ORU: 2) in Attack Position. As "Utopia Ray" has more Overlay Units than the combined total of all the Overlay Units of the monsters Number 96 controls, Astral activates his face-down "Superior Overlay", which will destroy Number 96's Xyz Monsters unless he detaches an Overlay Unit from each of them. Number 96 detaches one from "Dark Mist" ("Dark Mist": 1 → 0 ORU) while "King Overfiend" is destroyed. Astral activates the effect of "Utopia Ray" twice, detaching both of its Overlay Units ("Utopia Ray": 2 → 0 ORU) to increase its ATK by 1000 (500 for each Overlay Unit detached) and decrease the ATK of "Dark Mist" by 2000 (1000 for each Overlay Unit detached) ("Utopia Ray": 2500 → 3500 ATK, "Dark Mist": 2350 → 350 ATK).

"Utopia Ray" attacks "Dark Mist", but Number 96 activates his face-down "Chaos Return" to negate the attack and send "Magical Stone Excavation" from his hand to the Graveyard in order to activate the effect of "Rank-Up-Magic Barian's Force" from his Graveyard, Ranking Up "Dark Mist" via Chaos Xyz Evolution in order to Xyz Summon "Chaos Number 96: Dark Storm" (Rank Star.svg3/1000/1000, ORU: 1) in Attack Position. The last effect of "Chaos Return" forces "Utopia Ray" to attack "Dark Storm". "Utopia Ray" destroys "Dark Storm", but the second effect of "Dark Storm" then activates, inflicting the battle damage Number 96 takes to Astral as well (Number 96: 2500 → 0 LP, Astral: 100 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.



  • In a dub scene when Yuma's friends are trapped in cages, Rio's skirt is not lengthened. Oddly, her leggings are lengthened.