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"Put to the Test: Part 1"
"Number 46: Dragluon" is Summoned.
"Number 46: Dragluon" is Summoned.
EnglishPut to the Test: Part 1
Japanese name
RōmajiGyarakushī Aizu Tsukai e no Shiren! Kaito Kesshi no Dyueru
TranslatedThe Trial of the Galaxy-Eyes Master! Kaito's Do-Or-Die Duel
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"Dual-ism of Mirrors"
Japanese ED"GO WAY GO WAY"
English OP & ED"Halfway to Forever"
Animation directorKeita Saito
Air dates
JapaneseMay 26, 2013
EnglishApril 12, 2014
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"Put to the Test: Part 1", known as "The Trial of the Galaxy-Eyes Master! Kaito's Do-Or-Die Duel" in the Japanese version, is the hundredth and fifth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on May 26, 2013 and in the United States on April 12, 2014.

Yuma and co. reach the fourth ruin. There, they hear the echoes of the eerie howl of a Dragon. Yuma, the son of the adventurer Kazuma, aims to reach the summit with Shark and Kite, while climbing the mountain. But standing before them is the form of Jinlon, who claims to be the Dragon's spirit. Kite senses the presence of a Dragon the moment he looks at him, while Jinlon expresses interest in Kite. Jinlon begins his Duel with Kite to test him. But what will he do when "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" is sealed from the very start?


On board the Different Dimension Airship, Astral is in front of the "Numbers'" pillars and ask the two "Mythyrian Numbers", "Sky Pegasus and Lion Heart" about what they wanted to tell him. The cards glow with a yellow light and Astral suddenly recalls the knight and Pegasus legend that Dumon and Mach narrated. A memory of the knight traveling with Pegasus reveals that the knight is Dumon himself. Astral then remembers the gladiator legend that Dextra recounted; he then realizes that the gladiator depicted in the legend is Alito (in the original, Dumon and Dextra recount the legends, while in the dub, Astral recites the legends himself). Back on the airship, Astral realizes the truth: the figures depicted in the legends they encountered previously were the Barians when they were still human. In the ship's cockpit, Yuma is still confused with his last encounter with Alito and asks himself on why he acted the way he did during their Duel in Number 54's ruins. Shark calls out to Yuma and asks him why he's spacing out. Yuma tries to deny it, but Shark deduces that Yuma is still worried about Alito. Yuma admits that Alito suddenly changed. Shark replies that Alito showed his true face as a Barian. Yuma asks what he means, but Orbital 7 interrupts him, informing the group that they will at Point 107, the fourth set of ruins. Yuma is excited on what kind of ruins they will find there. Rio wonders if there will be another legend associated with the ruins. Tori replies that Rio may be right--the tale may be a sad one (in the dub, Tori also hopes that the next ruins' legend is about puppies and rainbows). Yuma mutters, "The legend of the ruins." (Yuma's line is cut from the dub) Outside the airship, Kite is standing by himself. He gazes into his "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" card, which glows with a blue light, and asks himself if it is resonating with something.

Dumon and Mizar discussing.

In the Barian World, Dumon is puzzled by the feeling he felt at Number 44's ruins and on how he knew the legend associated with them. Mizar calls out to Dumon and comments that he found another Number's Ruin (in the dub, Mizar asks Dumon if he got the "Mythyrian Number"). Dumon confirms it, but tells Mizar that Astral and his group took the "Number". Mizar notes that Dumon isn't himself and asks what's wrong. Dumon replies that in the ruins, he felt a strange sensation; Mizar asks what he means. Dumon tells Mizar about the legend of the ruins; the moment Dumon made contact with it, something in his heart resonated with it. It was almost as if something called out to the memories within him. Mizar inquires further, and Dumon replies that he did not know. As there are seven Number Ruins and there are Seven Barian Emperors, he asks if it could be a coincidence. Mizar angrily asks if the Barians themselves have some sort of relation with the human legends. Turning away, he calls the observations nonsense, tells Dumon that they need to find the "Numbers" within the ruins now and disappears. Dumon mutters Mizar's name (in the dub, Dumon did not say anything).

The mountain peak.

Yuma and his friends arrive at the location of the ruins, but their airship is out of control. Yuma spins the steering wheel in an attempt to get the ship back on course, while Rio clings to one of the control panels and Tori is knocked back against a wall. Panicked, Orbital exclaims that the controls are unmanageable as the ship continues flying out of control. Shark yells at Yuma to control his steering; Yuma insists that he is (this exchange is removed from the dub). Orbital panics further and exclaims that the equipment is being affected by something (in the dub, Orbital exclaims he can't steer the ship because the controls are not responding). Kite tells Orbital to just land anyway and have it done with. Orbital complies and manages to land the airship safely. The group arrives at a mountain peak, with Orbital saying there is no mistake; the coordinates pointed that the ruins are right here (in the dub, Orbital says he made a lucky landing; Kite also asks if it was really lucky). Yuma wonders if the ruins are on top of the mountain peak right in front of them. Shark says they have no choice but to continue on their own, much to Tori's horror. Kite says this seems to be the case. Orbital tells Kite to forgive him, as his body is not listening to what he tells it to do (in the dub, Orbital says he is not good at climbing because the crash damaged his processors). Tori is frustrated because she can't climb the mountain, resulting in her being left behind again. Rio agrees with Tori, adding that girls can't be expected to climb mountains and decides to remain behind with Tori. Tori thanks Rio, saying she feels at ease when Rio said it; Orbital 7 is still frustrated about not being able to come. (in the dub, Tori says she's afraid of heights while Rio says that she is not into rock climbing) Yuma climbs up a rock and says he'll be off. From the mountain base, Tori tells Yuma to be careful. Yuma tells her not to worry because he is the son of an adventurer. Tori chides Yuma for being full of himself because of that fact (in the dub, Tori retorts that Kazuma is a pro and that Yuma has a hard time even climbing stairs) and Yuma tells her that she sounds just like his sister. Tori reminds Yuma and the others to get down as soon as they get the "Number"; Yuma promises to do so.

"Galaxy-Eyes" responding.

During the climb, Yuma tells Shark and Kite the first step of mountain climbing: get a good foot holding, then reach with their arms. He adds that it's important that they help each other on the climb and going by yourself is a no-no. Shark yells at Yuma to shut up because he has no reason to take orders (in the dub, Shark says that Yuma is full of hot air, enough to just float all the way to the top of the mountain). Suddenly, the boys hear a roar from the top of the mountain. Yuma asks Astral on what just happened; Astral replies that it could've come from a dragon. Kite notices his Deck case glowing and feels his "Galaxy-Eyes" card resonating to something again; he realizes it was resonating to the ruins above. A rock slide starts overhead, causing Kite to slip and fall, but Yuma catches him. He says that this is why people have to help each other on the mountain. Kite shakes off Yuma's grip in response. Back on the ground, Tori worries if the three are alright, while Rio eats a lollipop. Orbital exclaims "Master Kite!" Rio assures Tori that they will be just fine and offers Tori a lollipop. Orbital reminds Tori that she will get fat, but she snaps back at him, daring him to say it again. (in the dub, Orbital says that Tori has no self control and Tori responds that if she has no self control, she would've recycled him by now)

Yuma, Shark and Kite arrive at Temple Draghos.

A while later, Yuma and the others arrive at the mountain's summit. He says it's foggy and that he can't see a thing. Kite tells Yuma to look in front of him (in the dub, Kite says their current location isn't what he expected). The fog clears and the group sees a palace right in front of them. Yuma asks why something like this is at the top of the mountain. The gate opens on its own and the boys walk towards the courtyard of the palace, as Yuma marvels at the sight and asks what's going on within it (in the dub, Yuma attempts to make a joke about how everything is big, much to Shark's chagrin). Shark says this may be a trap set by the Barians and tells the others to stay alert. Yuma smells an alluring aroma and follows it. Shark asks if Yuma picked up the scent of a Barian. Yuma exclaims that he smells something delicious, much to the disappointment and sheer shock of his friends. He finds the source of the smell, which is soup cooking over a fire. He exclaims that it is delicious. Before Yuma can do anything else, a walking stick flies through the air and knocks Yuma away from the food. The old man at the top of the stairs calls Yuma a fool (in the dub, he warns Yuma to stay away from his lunch). Angered, Yuma asks what's the big idea. The man replies that this is his line, claiming that Yuma was about to steal his meal without permission. Yuma denies it, claiming that he was just taking a peek. The man continues that Yuma said it looked delicious (in the dub, he compares Yuma to a thieving raccoon by day); Yuma denies it again, but the man claims that Yuma is lying. Yuma states that he isn't a liar, but the man repeatedly whacks him on the head with his walking stick, ignoring Yuma's claims. Upon seeing Shark and Kite, he stops and asks who they are. Kite introduces himself and says they came to the ruins for a "Number" card. The man repeats "Number", as his eyes glow green.

Aura of "Galaxy-Eyes".

Kite is surrounded by a blue aura and the spirit of "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" emerges from it. The man asks if Kite is a Dragon user.

Kite confirms it and says he can feel the same aura coming from the man as well; the man is surrounded in a gold aura and the spirit of another dragon emerges and roars. Kite asks if the old man really is another Dragon user; the latter introduces himself as Jinlon, the guardian of the "Number". He observes that Kite has a decent fighting spirit and that he knew a Duelist just like him. Jinlon tells the group about the legend left behind these ruins; there was a Duelist who fought against Dragons long ago. Astral asks if that Duelist's name is Mizar and Jinlon confirms it, asking if the group knew about the ruins' legends.

Yuma asks why Mizar, and Astral explains that the "Mythyrian Numbers" that they had collected so far shared their memories with him. The seven "Mythyrian Numbers" and the legends surrounding those ruins are legends of the Seven Barian Emperors as humans. Shark says this is impossible and asks if the Barians used to be humans. Astral confirms it (in the dub, Astral apologizes to Shark for not telling the group). Yuma realizes that the ruins they went to belonged to Dumon, Alito and Vector, back when they were humans. Kite decides to Duel Jinlon, with Yuma stuttering Kite's name (in the dub, Yuma asks Kite why he would Duel). Kite continues that it wasn't mere coincidence that led him here, but it was his fate as a Dragon User. Jinlon accepts the Duel, with the condition that if Kite wins, he can have the "Number", but if he loses, Kite will have to surrender his ace card, "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". Kite agrees and says he will not lose.

Jinlon vs. Kite.

Jinlon asks how long Kite will keep up that cheeky attitude of his as he throws his walking stick into the air. Kite initiates Photon Transformation, while Jinlon's walking stick transforms into a D-Pad. Both players yell, "Duel!" Kite asks Jinlon if he was the one who fought Mizar from the legend and if he defeated him. Jinlon replies if he wonders about that and goes first (in the dub, Jinlon agrees to tell what happened if Kite wins). He Normal Summons "Mythic Tree Dragon". As he controls an EARTH monster, Jinlon Special Summons "Mythic Water Dragon". Jinlon activates the effect of "Mythic Tree Dragon", doubling its Level as there is a WATER monster on the field. Yuma says that Jinlon has two Level 8 monsters, while Shark speculates what's coming (Shark's remark is cut from the dub). Jinlon overlays his two Level 8 monsters to Xyz Summon "Number 46: Dragluon". Yuma exclaims that this is the "Number" from the ruins. Kite asks if this monster is Jinlon's Dragon; Jinlon replies that it is the strongest Dragon (in the dub, Kite says he will beat the "Number" in no time). Kite urges Jinlon to show him the Dragon's power. Jinlon agrees and activates the effect of "Dragluon" as he controls no Dragon-Type monsters; he detaches an Overlay Unit to Special Summon a Dragon-Type monster from his hand. He Special Summons "Armored Protector Dragon". "Dragluon" disappears, much to the surprise of Kite and Yuma. Jinlon explains that "Dragluon" can't be attacked or targeted by effects while he controls another Dragon-Type monster (in the dub, Jinlon compares the effect to a chameleon hidden in plain sight).

He equips "Armed Protector Dragon" with "Dragon Shield" to give it immunity to destruction and reducing the damage he takes from battles involving it to 0. A stream of yellow light strikes "Protector Dragon" on the chest and encases it in burgundy armor. Jinlon continues that "Protector Dragon" will gain 500 ATK when equipped with an Equip Spell Card; this increases its ATK from 2000 to 2500. Shark notes that unless Kite can defeat "Protector Dragon", he cannot defeat the "Number". Yuma adds that unless Kite destroys the Equip Card, Kite will struggle. Jinlon says this won't happen and reveals the other effect of "Protector Dragon": while it is on the field, Equip Cards cannot be destroyed by card effects. Astral observes that with "Dragon Shield", "Protector Dragon" is a card that protects other effects. Now Kite can't destroy either card, forming an impregnable shield. Jinlon ends his turn.

Kite begins his turn, drawing "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". He Normal Summons "Overlay Sentinel". He then Special Summons "Overlay Booster" in Defense Position, as he controls a monster with 2000 or more ATK. Kite Tributes his two 2000 or more ATK monsters to Special Summon "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". Yuma is happy that Kite Summoned it, but wonders how he will overcome Jinlon's defense. Astral says this is expected of Kite and that he can do it. Yuma asks what he means, but Shark reminds him of the effect of "Galaxy-Eyes": when it battles an opponent's monster, it can banish itself and that monster until the end of the Battle Phase. If Kite banishes "Protector Dragon", "Dragon Shield" will be destroyed, as it will no longer have a target. He also reminds Yuma that he suffered against that card many times. Yuma remembers now. As "Galaxy-Eyes" roars, Jinlon asks if this is Kite's Dragon; Kite confirms it and adds that he will show its power to him. Jinlon says he will wonder about that and reveals another effect of "Dragluon": it negates the effects of an opponent's Dragon-Type monster. "Dragluon" fires a beam of light underneath the feet of "Galaxy-Eyes". The beam spreads out to the ground, forming several hexagonal patterns. "Galaxy-Eyes" roars as its neon blue colors fade to purple and its effects are negated. Kite exclaims, "Galaxy-Eyes!" Jinlon says this is no different from Kite's Dragon losing its fangs and asks how Kite will overcome this impregnable wall (in the dub, Jinlon compares Kite to a mouse in a trap; he further continues by saying he clipped the wings of "Galaxy-Eyes"). Yuma mutters Kite's name. Kite muses that Jinlon wanted him to suffer and lose hope before the iron defense and impregnable wall before him, but he will break it. He activates "Book of Moon" to flip "Protector Dragon" into face-down Defense Position. Yuma cheers that Kite figured out a way around Jinlon's defense. Kite says that Equip Spells cannot be equipped to face-down monsters, so "Dragon Shield" is destroyed. "Dragluon" reappears on the field. He declares that he will break through the iron wall with all he has, then beat the "Number" with his own hands (in the dub, Kite says that seeing "Dragluon" reminds him of how badly he wanted it and in order to get to it, he will destroy Jinlon's remaining defense). He then attacks the now face-down "Protector Dragon" with "Galaxy-Eyes" with "Photon Stream of Destruction", destroying the former monster. Yuma exclaims that Kite did it, with a head-start punch. Astral asks exactly what this Duel is (in the dub, he exclaims that "Galaxy-Eyes" is putting on the pressure; Astral's question is cut from the dub). As the dust settles, Kite says this is how he does things; there is no wall he cannot break (in the dub, Kite says Jinlon is wide open; without Jinlon's wall of defense, there is nothing that will stop Kite from defeating Jinlon). Jinlon calls this amusing and replies that there is no opponent that cannot be destroyed. He also calls Kite's play splendid and gives him a passing score (in the dub, Jinlon says this Duel is a test and praises Kite for bringing down his wall of defense). Kite says he does not need a test score from someone like him; Jinlon responds that it was a compliment and adds that there are many bigoted Dragon tamers in this world (in the dub, Jinlon says that Kite is the grouchiest person he has ever Dueled against). He chuckles and says that Mizar was the same and that he reminded him of Kite in many ways. Kite denies it, claiming that he is nothing like Mizar. Jinlon questions Kite if he is really different from Mizar and urges him to show the full essence of his Dueling, as there is one last impregnable fortress he must overcome (in the dub, Jinlon hopes that Kite's actions will echo his words and tells Kite that the best part of this test is to see if he will pull all the way through). Kite declares that he will continue until he destroys everything, Setting a card and ending his turn.

Meanwhile, Mizar arrives at the bottom of the mountains and asks himself if this is really the place where the "Number" is. He hears a dragon's roar from the top of the mountain and thinks this is the radiant spirit of a dragon. Back at the Duel, Jinlon starts his turn. He activates the effect of "Dragluon" to Special Summon a Dragon-Type monster from his hand; he Special Summons "Soul Drain Dragon". Yuma and Shark exclaim that now that Jinlon has another Dragon, "Dragluon" will disappear again. As "Dragluon" vanishes, Jinlon says Kite cannot lay a hand on the "Number". He reveals the effect of "Drain Dragon"; it gains ATK equal to Kite's current Life Points, which is 4000. "Drain Dragon" is surrounded in a gold aura and the core on its chest pulsates, increasing its ATK from 4000 to 8000. Yuma repeats the value in shock. Jinlon adds that when "Drain Dragon" is destroyed, Kite will take damage equal to half its ATK. Shark is in shock as well, saying that even if Kite destroys the monster, he will take 4000 damage.

Jinlon asks Kite on what he will do next and laughs.

Once again, Yuma points out that "Dragluon" has 8000 ATK (in the dub, Yuma notes that even if Kite does not destroy "Drain Dragon", a single attack from it can defeat Kite), and Astral says that Kite will lose if he destroys "Drain Dragon", but he cannot destroy it now, as it has overwhelmingly high ATK. He calls it a new trial for Kite. Jinlon asks Kite on what he will do next (in the dub, Jinlon says that Kite played well, but play time is over) and laughs.

Featured Duel: Kite Tenjo vs. Jinlon[edit]

"Number 46: Dragluon" is Summoned.

Turn 1: Jinlon
Jinlon draws. He then Normal Summons "Mythic Tree Dragon" (CG Star.svg4/100/1400) in Attack Position. As he controls an EARTH monster, Jinlon Special Summons "Mythic Water Dragon" (CG Star.svg8/1000/2000) in Attack Position via its own effect. Jinlon then activates the effect of "Mythic Tree Dragon" to double its Level as he controls a WATER monster ("Mythic Tree Dragon": CG Star.svg 4 → 8). Jinlon then overlays "Mythic Tree Dragon" and "Mythic Water Dragon" in order to Xyz Summon "Number 46: Dragluon" (Rank Star.svg8/3000/3000, ORU: 2) in Attack Position.

Jinlon activates the fourth effect of "Dragluon" to detach an Overlay Unit ("Dragluon": 2 → 1 ORU) and Special Summon "Armed Protector Dragon" (a Dragon-type monster) (CG Star.svg8/2000/2800) in Attack Position. Due to the third effect of "Dragluon", it can't be targeted by Kite's attacks or effects while Jinlon controls another Dragon-Type monster. Jinlon then equips "Armed Protector Dragon" with "Dragon Shield", which prevents the equipped monster from being destroyed by battle and by card effects. Also any battle damage Jinlon takes from battles involving the equipped monster becomes 0. Due to the second effect of "Armed Protector Dragon", it gains 500 ATK for every Equip Spell Card equipped to it ("Armed Protector Dragon": 2000 → 2500 ATK). Due to the first effect of "Armed Protector Dragon", Jinlon's Equip Spell Cards cannot be destroyed by card effects.

Turn 2: Kite

Kite plays "Book of Moon"

Kite draws "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon". He then Normal Summons "Overlay Sentinel" (CG Star.svg4/2000/0) in Attack Position. As Kite controls a monster with 2000 or more ATK, he Special Summons "Overlay Booster" (CG Star.svg5/2000/0) in Attack Position via its own effect. Kite then Tributes "Overlay Sentinel" and "Overlay Booster" in order to Special Summon "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" (CG Star.svg8/3000/2500) in Attack Position via its own effect (as the Tributed monsters' ATK were at least 2000). Due to the second effect of "Dragluon", the effects of of all Dragon-Type monsters Kite controls are negated. Kite activates "Book of Moon" to switch "Armed Protector Dragon" to face-down Defense Position. This action destroys "Dragon Shield". "Galaxy-Eyes Photon Dragon" attacks and destroys "Armed Protector Dragon". Kite Sets a card.

Turn 3: Jinlon
Jinlon draws. He then activates the fourth effect of "Dragluon" ("Dragluon": 1 → 0 ORU) to Special Summon "Soul Drain Dragon" (CG Star.svg8/4000/0) in Attack Position. Due to the second effect of "Soul Drain Dragon", it gains ATK equal to Kite's Life Points ("Soul Drain Dragon": 4000 → 8000 ATK), though it may not attack during the turn it is Summoned. Jinlon also explains that if "Soul Drain Dragon" is destroyed, Kite will take damage equal to half the ATK "Soul Drain Dragon" had on the field.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.