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"The Source Code"
Astral finds "Numeron Network".
Astral finds "Numeron Network".
EnglishThe Source Code
Japanese name
Japanese話切り開け未来 アストラルの決断!!
RōmajiKirihirake Mirai Asutoraru no Ketsudan!!
TranslatedCut Open a Path to the Future - Astral's Determination!!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"Wonder Wings"
Japanese ED"Challenge the GAME"
English OP & ED"Halfway to Forever"
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 2, 2014
EnglishJanuary 4, 2015 (Hulu)
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes (season 2)
Previous"The New World"
Next"A Thousand Ways to Lose"

"The Source Code", known as "Cut Open a Path to the Future - Astral's Determination!!" in the Japanese version, is the one hundred and thirty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on February 2, 2014 and on Hulu on January 4, 2015.

In order to obtain the Numeron Code, Don Thousand, the God of Barians, schemes to absorb Nash, the Leader of the Seven Barian Emperors. To prevent this disaster, Yuma stands together with Nash to stand against Don Thousand.


The Numeron Network activates.

Don Thousand muses that Astral finally figured it out. He has no idea where the Numeron Code's resting place is, so he made Earth part of the Barian World, allowing him to gain the power of the Numeron Code (these events are cut from the dub, as they took place in the previous episode). The third eye on his forehead glows red as he boasts that once he defeats them, he'll obtain its full power - which will make the past and the future his as well. Yuma tells him there is no way they will let that happen, while (in the dub, Thousand says Yuma's and Nash's defeats are inevitable; his destiny is to rule the galaxy, while Yuma scoffs at Thousand's remark) Tori silently urges Yuma, Shark and Astral to protect their future. Yuma Sets a card and ends his turn. Thousand calls them foolish, claiming they are completely powerless before him so long as he has the Numeron Code (in the dub, Thousand commends Yuma for his spirit, but tells him that his efforts to beat him will be in vain). Astral thinks to himself that stretching around them from horizon to horizon is the Field Spell Card, "Numeron Network".

With that card, Thousand has the power to rewrite the Duel to his whim. He muses that if something isn't done about that card, they have no chance of victory. Thousand draws, his third eye glowing again. He activates "Numeron Calling", prompting more energy to flow through the network below them. He explains that since he controls "Numeron Network", he can Special Summon four "Numeron" Xyz Monsters from his Extra Deck, as long as they have 1000 or less ATK. He reveals he'll be Summoning four "Numbers". Yuma asks "Numbers!?" in confusion (in the dub, Yuma yells that Thousand must be kidding), while Thousand raises his arm and the Baria Crystal flower he had used as a cocoon glows with yellow energy before fading away, replaced with a pillar of light.

Thousand declares that these four "Numbers" are the first four to have fallen to Earth - they are the guardians of Earth that have watched the planet since that time (in the dub, Thousand says he had created the first four "Numbers" that the Fearsome Four of the Dark Dueling World used, while yelling for his opponents to witness the true "Numbers"). The ground begins to shake as he instructs "Number 4: Numeron Gate Catvari" to appear. Yuma remarks that that must be the true "Number 4" (in the dub, Yuma comments on the monster's large size). Thousand continues by ordering "Number 3: Numeron Gate Trini" and "Number 2: Numeron Gate Dve" to manifest themselves. Finally, he claims that this next monster is the very height of "Numeron". The ground shakes again and Tori falls over, Yuma barely preventing himself from doing the same. Thousand chants, "When this iron-clad door, this monumental gate to hell opens, abandon all hope!" He Special Summons, "Number 1: Numeron Gate Ekam". "Number 1" descends behind him, attaching itself to "Number 4", as "Number 2" and "Number 3" attach themselves to the top of "Number 1". Yuma remarks that the "Numbers" combined.

Thousand boasts that these cards are appropriate for a god to use - they are the "Numeron Gates". Tori points out that they each have only 1000 ATK and urges Yuma to beat them. Yuma says that's easy for her to say - all they have on the field is the 0 ATK "Ganbara Knight". Astral adds that its effect has been negated as well. Nash remarks that there is something odd about those "Numbers" (in the dub, Nash says they can't charge straight ahead to Thousand's monsters). Astral turns to Yuma and points out that as long as he has other cards on his field, he can't use "Numeron Network" to rewrite cards. Yuma cheers at this. Thousand is nonplussed and orders "Ekam" to attack "Ganbara Knight". The eyes at the top of the gate glow and fire a yellow energy burst. Yuma activates his face-down "Half Unbreak", prompting a bubble shield to protect "Ganbara Knight". Yuma explains that this turn, "Ganbara Knight" can't be destroyed by battle and any battle damage they take is halved. Their Life Points fall to 3500 and Thousand reminds them that that damage will pour back into the Astral World. Energy pours back from where "Ganbara Knight" stands and shoots through the portal to the Astral World. Explosions riddle the Astral World and Astral's eyes widen.

As the beams of energy hit the buildings in the Astral World's city, Eliphas emerges onto the balcony of the Astral Tower. He remarks that it has begun, then - the battle to decide the future of the Astral and Barian Worlds. The portal from the Barian World continues to shoot out energy. Thousand urges Astral to watch as he destroys them along with the Astral World. Yuma angrily yells that that's a low move. Nash urges him to calm himself - they have to endure his attacks here. Thousand calls them fools for thinking they can endure them and activates the effect of "Ekam". After it battles, he can detach an Overlay Unit to double the ATK of all "Numeron" monsters he controls. Nash calls him an idiot and points out that his monsters have no Overlay Units. Thousand laughs and reveals that while he controls "Numeron Network", "Numeron" Xyz Monsters can use their effects without detaching. Yuma yells "WHAT!?" as Thousand's third eye glows again.

Astral stares down at the energy running through the network below them and suddenly thinks "I see!" (in the dub, Astral realizes that "Numeron Network" is powering up Thousand's monsters). The ATK of all of Thousand's monsters doubles to 2000. Thousand then specifies that each of his "Numbers" has the same effect. Nash remarks that that means that each time he battles, their ATKs double. Yuma thinks they may lose right here, then. Astral turns to Yuma and tells him they cannot win without destroying "Numeron Network". Yuma asks how they can do that - they don't even know where the card is. Astral tells him that when the effects of "Numeron Network" activate, lights flash across the network that spans the globe. He adds that they must be drawing the power from the Numeron Code's location, meaning that the "Numeron Network" card exists there. Astral addresses both Yuma and Nash, calling the latter "Shark" and telling them it's up to them. Thousand mutters Astral's name before the the latter flies off in the air, reverting to a beam of blue light and flying into the network. Yuma yells his name, but now Astral streams through the network itself, thinking he must entrust the battle to Yuma and Shark. Thousand calls them foolish again - even if they find and destroy "Numeron Network", they still cannot win (in the dub, Thousand calls Astral a coward and knew that it was pointless to resist).

The beast emerges from the Gate.

Thousand instructs them to behold the true form of the "Numeron Gates". The gate that is "Number 1" opens and from it emerges a red beast, its limbs pulsing with purple energy. Thousand orders "Dve" to attack "Ganbara Knight". Yuma asks if that's really the gate's true form. Nash tells Yuma he has to act now and Yuma specifies that the effect of "Half Unbreak" is still active (in the dub, Yuma states that the beast took ugly and raised it to a new level, while Nash advises Yuma to get ready). The beast fires a blue energy pulse. "Ganbara Knight" is protected, but Yuma and Nash's Life Points fall to 2500 and they are both thrown off their feet. Thousand activates the effect of "Dve", so the ATK of all his monsters doubles to 4000. Nash says he's done it again, but tells Yuma they have to hold on until Astral finds the "Numeron Network" card. Yuma mutters "Shark" as Thousand orders "Trini" to attack "Ganbara Knight". The beast fires another blast, with "Half Unbreak" protecting "Ganbara Knight". Their Life Points drop to 500 now and they scream in pain as they're taken off their feet again. Tori yells both their names, while Thousand activates the effect of "Trini", thus doubling the ATK of his monsters to 8000 now. Yuma says he won't be able to defend against 8000 ATK. Thousand boasts that it's the end now and tells them both to disappear. He orders "Catvari" to attack "Ganbara Knight".

As the beast roars, Nash activates the effect of the "Cutter Shark" in his hand, letting him Tribute a monster when it's being attacked and Special Summon "Cutter Shark". "Ganbara Knight" vanishes and "Cutter Shark" appears in Defense Position. The beast attacks and "Cutter Shark" is destroyed. Yuma compliments Shark's play. At the same time, Astral is shocked by the network's energy. He yells in pain, but then urges Yuma and Shark to hold on (in the dub, Astral mutters that he is close to the card). Thousand asks if they plan to postpone their demise, then (in the dub, Thousand also remarks that his opponents' persistence is annoying him). He activates the effect of "Catvari" doubling the ATK of all his monsters to 16000. Tori can't believe their ATK has risen that high. Thousand tells them he's not done yet. With "Numeron Network" out, Thousand can Rank-Up "Ekam" by infusing it with Chaos. Yuma yells "what!?", while Thousand overlays "Ekam" and declares "Chaos Xyz Evolution". The entire gate vanishes and Tori wonders what will appear this time. Thousand chants "the order of everything shall be destroyed by the darkness called 'Chaos'. Guide the world to its true form." Behind him emerges "Chaos Number 1: Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya". Thousand reveals that if he doesn't control "Numeron Network", this monster destroys itself. He proceeds to activate its effect, which banishes all monsters on the field upon its Summon. "Dve", "Trini" and "Catvari" vanish first, with Thousand explaining that "Sunya" will return to the field during his next Standby Phase - and his opponents will take damage equal to the combined ATK of the banished monsters. "Sunya" banishes itself and Yuma is incredulous. Nash says the combined ATK would be 50000 - if Thousand gets another turn, they'll lose.

Nash's "Aqua Jet" is rewritten into "Surface".

Nash begins his turn and draws. He Normal Summons "Boom Shark", explaining that after it battles, it will destroy itself and its ATK will be inflicted to his opponent as damage. He then activates "Aqua Jet", which will increase the ATK of a WATER monster by 1000. "Aqua Jet" attaches itself to "Boom Shark" and Yuma cheers - if it attacks directly and then uses its effect, Nash will inflict 4000 damage. Nash responds that he won't. Yuma is confused, but Thousand activates the effect of "Numeron Network". He can send a "Numeron" card from his Deck to the Graveyard to activate that card's effect. Energy flows through the network again and Thousand sends the Counter Trap Card "Numeron Spell Revision" to the Graveyard. Now, he can negate the activation of his opponent's Spell Card and search his opponent's Deck for another Spell Card that can be activated instead. "Aqua Jet" vanishes and is replaced by "Surface".

Astral obliterates the tentacles.

Nash says the card's name and Thousand claims that the card Nash activated was "Surface", not "Aqua Jet". Yuma bemoans that he rewrote that card too. Thousand continues that "Surface" will Special Summon a WATER monster from Nash's Graveyard in Defense Position. Nash Special Summons "Cutter Shark" in Defense Position. The explosives attached to "Boom Shark" begin to glow and Nash explains that if he controls another monster, "Boom Shark" destroys itself, prompting the monster to explode (in the dub, Thousand is the one who explains the other effect of "Boom Shark"). Within the network, Astral is assaulted by black tentacles. They ensnare him and he screams, but he resolves to keep fighting as Yuma and Nash are. He yells and the tentacles dissolve into energy. Yuma curses, saying that as long as "Numeron Network" is around, they can't use their cards freely. Nash urges him not to give up - the Duel isn't over yet. Yuma mutters "Shark" and Nash activates "Rank-Up Rising". He explains that as a WATER monster was destroyed, he can activate this card to add a "Rank-Up-Magic" card from his Deck to his hand.


A card appears in Nash's hand and he tells Don Thousand to prepare himself as he activates it - "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One". He Special Summons "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK" and proceeds to Rank it Up, Special Summoning "Chaos Number 101: Silent Honor DARK", who appears in Attack Position, twirling its spear. Nash reminds Thousand that the effect of "Numeron Network" can only be used once per turn, so he cannot rewrite another card this turn. Nash activates the effect of "Silent Honor DARK", detaching all of its Overlay Units to Special Summon "Silent Honor ARK" from his Graveyard.[Notes 1] Yuma cheers and Nash declares that both "Silent Honor ARK" and "Silent Honor DARK" will attack. Thousand calls Nash a "cur" and realizes that this was his aim from the beginning. Nash confirms this, saying he let him use "Numeron Network" earlier to set-up this play. Thousand is shocked that Nash wanted him to rewrite "Aqua Jet" (in the dub, Nash says he was planning on defeating Thousand since his last transformation, while a surprised Thousand mutters that he never thought Nash would defeat him). Nash yells that it ends here and orders "Silent Honor ARK" to attack. Pink lasers blast Thousand, reducing his Life Points to 1900. Nash orders "Silent Honor DARK" to attack, with Yuma adding that this will clinch it. Thousand's eyes widen and he activates the effect of the "Numeron Wall" in his hand, Special Summoning it as he took battle damage and ending the Battle Phase as a result. "Numeron Wall" rises in front of Thousand and stops the attack. Nash yells "WHAT!?" and Thousand taunts that it's unfortunate - a little more and they would have won.

Astral searching the Numeron Network.

Astral is still flying through the network. Seeing a formation of energy ahead, he speeds towards it. Astral remarks he's found out - within a blackish sphere of energy floats the "Numeron Network" card. Thousand's third eye glows and he asks if he really managed to find it. The indentation between the Duelists is filled with a screen, showing Astral's location. Yuma yells Astral's name and Thousand remarks how wonderful it is that he managed to find it. Astral claims this is the end for the "Numeron Network". Thousand asks if Astral thinks he can really destroy it. Astral says he won't - he'll rip it out of its location and bring it to the Dueling Field (in the dub, Astral states he will destroy the card). Thousand says that he understands now, but reveals that if the card is destroyed, the massive amount of energy stored in it will need somewhere to go - resulting in the energy of the whole network running backwards and destroying the surface world. Yuma mutters "our world", while Astral's eyes widen in shock. Thousand asks what he will do - sacrifice the Earth to save the Astral World? He reminds him that if "Numeron Network" isn't destroyed, he'll inflict 50000 damage to Yuma and Nash on his next turn. Yuma mutters Astral's name, while Astral thinks that he has to sacrifice something. He reaches his hand towards the sphere, electricity crackling around it. Astral passes through the sphere and tells Yuma and Shark that he believes in them - but this card must be destroyed. He takes the card and throws it - and it lands beneath "Numeron Wall" on Thousand's field. Nash stares down at Astral and mutters his name, but says the card's on his field now (in the dub, Nash mutters that Astral brought "Numeron Network" from hiding, but he knows what to do now).

Nash activates the effect of "Silent Honor DARK", letting him attach "Numeron Wall" to it as an Overlay Unit. He yells "Dark Matter Grasp" and "Silent Honor DARK" shoots a beam from its spear, absorbing "Numeron Wall" as a new Overlay Unit. As he controls a WATER Xyz Monster, Nash activates "Depth Eruption", which will destroy every card on the field. A fissure opens in the ground before him, from which emerges a wall of fire. Yuma yells "Shark" as the fire engulfs "Silent Honor ARK", "Cutter Shark", "Silent Honor DARK" and "Numeron Network" (as the latter card is burned, Don Thousand's Emblem briefly appears). Tori says the card was destroyed and Yuma looks behind him at Heartland City (Tori's quote is cut from the dub). Astral asks if Yuma can hear him and asks him not to worry - he will absorb the network's energy. Yuma turns and runs towards the pit, yelling that if Astral does that...he'll be gone. He realizes Astral planned this from the beginning. Astral says he's entrusting the "Numbers" to Yuma, but the rest is up to him. Yuma yells his name and tells him not to mess around like this. He screams that he won't let Astral do this. Astral begins to glow and lies back, remarking "Farewell, Yuma."

Eliphas saves Astral.

Astral closes his eyes, but Eliphas appears before him and pushes him from the sphere. Astral asks why he'd do this. Eliphas holds up a card and states that the Astral World went down the wrong path earlier, but the new powers of "hope" and "the bonds of friendship" were born due to Astral and Yuma (in the dub, Eliphas says he is atoning for his mistakes; Astral gave new hope to the Astral World). Yuma mutters Eliphas' name and Eliphas tells Astral that he cannot let himself die just yet. He entrusts the future of what is yet to come to them. Eliphas throws the card to Astral, causing Astral to be taken back out of the network. From the pit emerges a massive spike of energy, which then appears in a sphere and explodes. Yuma backs away and simply asks "What?" Thousand remarks that Eliphas was an unnecessary imitation (in the dub, Thousand bitterly curses that Eliphas interfered). Astral appears in front of Yuma and Nash, the card Eliphas gave him floating before him. Tears stream down Yuma's face. Astral tells them that Eliphas entrusted the future to them - that is why they must not cry (in the dub, Yuma asks what happened to Eliphas; Astral replies that Eliphas sacrificed himself to protect Earth, but left them a card to remember him by). They now carry the hopes, thoughts and wishes of their countless friends and allies. He tells that they must win this Duel no matter what it takes. Nash declares that he won't have to tell him twice and activates the effect of "Silent Honor DARK". If it's destroyed when it has Overlay Units, it revives itself and they gain Life Points equal to its ATK. "Silent Honor DARK" reappears and its spear glows with energy, which radiates out and restores their Life Points to 3300. Nash Sets a card and ends his turn. Yuma mutters "Shark" ("Awesome!" in the dub) and then declares that they will never lose.

Featured Duel: Yuma Tsukumo and Nash vs. Don Thousand[edit]

Duel continues from the previous episode.

Yuma Tsukumo and Nash have 4000 LP and control "Ganbara Knight" (0/1800) in Attack Position. Don Thousand has 4000 LP and controls "Numeron Network" in his Field Zone.

Turn 2: Yuma
Yuma Sets a card.

Turn 3: Don Thousand
As "Numeron Network" is face-up on the field, Don Thousand activates "Numeron Calling", letting him Special Summon four "Numeron" Xyz Monsters with 1000 or less ATK from his Extra Deck, but they will be banished during the End Phase. He Special Summons "Number 4: Numeron Gate Catvari", "Number 3: Numeron Gate Trini", "Number 2: Numeron Gate Dve", and "Number 1: Numeron Gate Ekam" (all Rank Star.svg1/1000/100) in Attack Position. "Numeron Gate Ekam" attacks "Ganbara Knight", but Yuma activates his face-down "Half Unbreak" to prevent "Ganbara Knight" from being destroyed by battle this turn and halve the battle damage he and Nash take from battles involving it (Yuma and Nash: 4000 → 3500 LP).

As it battled, Don Thousand activates the final effect of "Numeron Gate Ekam" to double the ATK of all "Numeron" monsters he controls ("Numeron Gate" monsters: 1000 → 2000 ATK). Don Thousand explains that the final effect of "Numeron Network" allows him to activate the effects of "Numeron" Xyz Monsters without detaching Overlay Units. "Numeron Gate Dve" attacks "Ganbara Knight", but it is not destroyed (Yuma and Nash: 3500 → 2500 LP). As it battled, Don Thousand activates the final effect of "Numeron Gate Dve" to double the ATK of all "Numeron" monsters he controls ("Numeron Gate" monsters: 2000 → 4000 ATK). "Numeron Gate Trini" attacks "Ganbara Knight", but it is not destroyed (Yuma and Nash: 2500 → 500 LP).

As it battled, Don Thousand activates the final effect of "Numeron Gate Trini" to double the ATK of all "Numeron" monsters he controls ("Numeron Gate" monsters: 4000 → 8000 ATK). "Numeron Gate Catvari" attacks "Ganbara Knight", but Nash activates the effect of "Cutter Shark" to Tribute "Ganbara Knight" (as it was attacked) and Special Summon "Cutter Shark" from his hand (CG Star.svg5/2000/2000) in Defense Position. A replay occurs, and "Numeron Gate Catvari" attacks and destroys "Cutter Shark". As it battled, Don Thousand activates the effect of "Numeron Gate Catvari" to double the ATK of all "Numeron" monsters he controls ("Numeron Gate" monsters: 8000 → 16000 ATK).

As "Numeron Network" is on the field, Don Thousand Ranks Up "Numeron Gate Ekam" via Chaos Xyz Evolution in order to Xyz Summon "Chaos Number 1: Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya" (Rank Star.svg2/2000/1000, ORU: 1) in Attack Position. The fourth effect of "Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya" activates, banishing all monsters on the field. Don Thousand explains that during his next Standby Phase after "Numeron Chaos Gate Sunya" is banished by its own effect, it will be Special Summoned, and at that time, he can inflict damage to Yuma and Nash equal to the combined ATK of all banished monsters (a total of 50000).

"Boom Shark" about to explode after "Cutter Shark" is Summoned.

Turn 4: Nash
Nash Normal Summons "Boom Shark" (CG Star.svg3/1000/0). He then activates "Aqua Jet", which would increase the ATK of "Boom Shark" (a WATER monster) by 1000. Nash plans to have "Boom Shark" attack directly for and then use its first effect to destroy itself and inflict another 2000 damage. As Don Thousand controls no other cards, he activates the second effect of "Numeron Network" to send "Numeron Spell Revision" from his Deck to the Graveyard and activate its effect, negating the effect of "Aqua Jet" and letting Don Thousand activate another Spell Card from Nash's Deck instead. He chooses "Surface", which revives "Cutter Shark" (CG Star.svg5/2000/2000) in Defense Position (as it's a WATER monster). As Nash controls another monster, the second effect of "Boom Shark" destroys itself.

As a WATER monster was destroyed, Nash activates "Rank-Up Rising", letting him add "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" (a "Rank-Up-Magic" Spell Card) from his Deck to his hand. Nash then activates "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" to Special Summon "Number 101: Silent Honor ARK" (Rank Star.svg4/2100/1000) from his Extra Deck in Attack Position with its effects negated and the Summoning conditions ignored. Nash then uses "Rank-Up-Magic - The Seventh One" to Rank-Up "Silent Honor ARK" via Chaos Xyz Evolution in order to Xyz Summon "Chaos Number 101: Silent Honor DARK" (Rank Star.svg5/2800/1500, ORU: 1) in Attack Position.

Nash activates the final effect of "Silent Honor DARK" to detach all of its Chaos Overlay Units ("Silent Honor DARK": 1 → 0 ORU) and revive "Silent Honor ARK" (Rank Star.svg4/2100/1000) in Attack Position.[Notes 1] "Silent Honor ARK" attacks directly (Don Thousand: 4000 → 1900 LP). As Don Thousand took battle damage, he activates the effect of "Numeron Wall" to Special Summon itself (CG Star.svg1/0/0) and end the Battle Phase. Nash activates the third effect of "Silent Honor DARK" to attach "Numeron Wall" to it as a Chaos Overlay Unit ("Silent Honor DARK": 0 → 1 ORU). As he controls a WATER Xyz Monster, Nash activates "Depth Eruption" to destroy all cards on the field including "Numeron Network". As "Silent Honor DARK" was destroyed while it had Chaos Overlay Units, Nash activates its second effect to revive itself (Rank Star.svg5/2800/1500) in Attack Position and increase Yuma and Nash's Life Points by its own ATK (Yuma and Nash: 500 → 3300 LP). Nash Sets a card.

Duel continues in the next episode.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


  1. a b In the OCG/TCG, if a card/effect that Special Summons a monster(s) would be activated by paying a cost, that card/effect cannot be activated if the cost places an appropriate monster(s) in the location the monster(s) is Summoned from, where there was no appropriate monster(s) to Special Summon before the cost was paid.