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Important Things[edit]

[7/2017 update: 10-year anniversary, bitches!]

  • I am for the most part 99% a retired admin. I was active when this site first came to fruition and my most active era was back in 2006~2007. Four SEVEN ...eight... good god how long do they plan on milking this franchise A FREAKING DECADE later, I don't have the time or energy to keep up with this children's card game in Egypt on an island on motorcycles ...what the fuck Zexal supposed to be? no comment on ARC-V SIGH in regards to VRAINS. My Master's programs are eating up most of my time, but every once in a while I poke my head into the fandom and look around. I am veritably educated up and adulting like a pro.
  • Nowadays, I just do some casual editing AND MAKING DECK LISTS FOR MY OCS. If you have issues you want to take up with an admin, YOU ARE GOING TO THE WRONG PERSON. Probably.
    • Looking for an admin? There are 19 20 22! of them in total. One of them will be able to address your concern.
  • I also preside over the Double Redirects, Card Trivia, Card Appearances, Card Galleries, Card Support, deleting cards/files, and moving files. Sometimes. :o
  • I am a girl. Insults about homosexuality and jacking off do not apply to me as I am not in possession of a dinger.

Stuff for Me[edit]

Fandom Nonsense[edit]

Original Characters Decklists[edit]


Extra & Side Deck
Angelic Choirs
Solemn Angels
Light of Judgment
Synthetic Angels
Agents of the Sanctuary
Absolute Perfection


Extra & Side Decks
Mystical Charmers
Savage Amazoness
Heart of Ice
Plume of Dusk


Extra & Side Decks
Garden of Thorns
Fallen Angel Roses
Parfum de la Vie
Poupées de Pâtisserie
Musique Classique


Extra & Side Decks
Clear Nihilism
Divine Fate
Unholy Chaos
Demonic Chaos
Fallen Angels Twilight


Card Binder
Extra & Side Decks
MMA Samurai
Art of the Shinobi
Code of the Bushido


Extra & Side Decks
Mountains of Rimehaze
Dragonic Blizzard
Ice Barrier
Frozen Ritual


Extra & Side Decks
Dark Justice
Needle Jar
Necro Chaos


Undead Nosferatu
Extra & Side Decks
Ars Goetia
Daemons of Pandemonium
5th Bolgia of Malebolge
Flames of Purgatorio
Lord of the Flies


Extra & Side Decks
Royal Emperors
Ivory Tower
Chaotic Eclipse


Extra & Side Decks
Burning Feathers
Ties That Burn
Immortal Flames
El Shaddai