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On Splashing[edit]

Once upon a time, there were useful non-Staple Splashables. That time has passed.

Card Properties Useful in...
Monster Cards
Breaker the Magical Warrior Modular effect. DARK. Easy +1. Requires your Normal Summon. Chaos, Anti-Meta, Beatdown, Spellcasters
Reborn Tengu Good ATK with mandatory effect. Doesn't mind being banished. Activates as Tribute or Synchro Material. Works with Horn of the Phantom Beast. Formerly abused with Pot of Avarice. Plant, Beastdown, Monarch, Divine Wind, anything else
Snipe Hunter Gets around pop-stoppers. DARK. 1 for 1 (usually). Sets up Graveyard. However, low ATK makes it reliant on Trap defense. Fabled, Gem-Knight, Machina/Gadget, Ojama, anything with hand presence
Thunder King Rai-Oh 1900, LIGHT, and a big pain. Keeps the opponent from building hand presence; you're likely to be winning as long as you have him out. Doesn't discriminate between Xyz and Synchro Monsters, and kills the Chaos set. Good in Decks with Effect Veiler, even if they do some searching. Anti-Meta, LIGHT Gemini Beat, Gladiator Beast, Chaos
Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer One-sided Anti-Meta mercenary. Decent ATK. DARK. Cripples the Side Deck by blocking D.D. Crow and Debunk. Twilight, Anti-Meta, Leviair Return
Mist Valley Falcon Juuust enough ATK to kill Anti-Meta 1900s. Cost is easy to pay, and can be beneficial with single-use cards that stay face-up, or cards that create locks. Blackwing, Ninja, Crystal Beast, Machina/Gadget
Caius the Shadow Monarch Worth the Tribute. DARK. 1 for 1. Gets around Special Summon negation. Great synergy with Spirit Reaper. Junk Doppel, Anti-Meta, Chaos, D.D.
Hammer Bounzer While it requires your Normal Summon, it is beautiful if your opponent is insuring a monster they control with any combination of Dimensional Prison, Forbidden Lance or in some cases Horn of the Phantom Beast. Can be plied into a Rank 6 monster. X-Saber, Anti-Meta, Destiny HERO, Gagaga
Gaia Knight, the Force of Earth His effect is having 100 more ATK than Shi En, Stardust, and any common Synchro below his Level. Troubleshooter. Blackwing, Cyberdark, Dragunity
Orient Dragon An out against any Synchro Monster. Instant Synchro with Debris Dragon. Blackwing, Ice Barrier, Dragunity
Flamvell Uruquizas Piercing. Punishes topdecking. Your opponent will usually Normal Summon rather than Set, exposing them to Bottomless Trap Hole, etc. Dragunity, Plant, Junk Doppel
Ancient Fairy Dragon Steely DEF. Assists Accel Synchro Summons. Hurts Decks reliant on Necrovalley, Dragon Ravine, etc. Can be brought out with Debris Dragon. Plant, Naturia, Ancient Gear, Karakuri, T.G.
Scrap Archfiend Has 2700 ATK, beating most other Instant Synchros. Troubleshooter. Plant, Divine Wind, Laval
Colossal Fighter High ATK, frequently higher than Scrap Dragon or Red Dragon Archfiend. Resistant to combat tricks. Formerly used in conjunction with Armory Arm to OTK. X-Saber, Flamvell, Fish, Junk, Dragunity, Warrior
Armory Arm Basically gets you out of corners. LIGHT. Converts a Veiler and any Level 3 monster into ATK. Helps with Accel Synchro Summons. Aided by Mind Control. Jurrac, Genex, Atlantean, Junk, Laval
Gem-Knight Pearl His effect is having more ATK than any common Synchro as well as most Xyz Monsters. Troubleshooter. Blackwing, Anti-Meta, Gravekeeper's, LIGHT Gemini Beat, Rabbit Laggia
#50: Black Corn DARK. Eats walls such as Gachi and Zenmaines. Since it doesn't have to attack, it can avoid Mirror Force. Excellent when the opponent is telegraphing Honest. Zombie, Gadget OTK, Stellar, Rabbit Laggia
Daigusto Emeral Efficient Graveyard cycling. Excellent in Decks not fast enough to run Pot of Avarice. Gadget OTK, Divine Wind, Nordic, Twilight, Verz
#C39: Utopia Ray Makes a spent Utopia useful. Effect wins games at the right moment, particularly against Gorz. Blackwing, Anti-Meta, Fish, anything that runs Utopia
Evigishki Merrowgeist Circumvents the Graveyard. Handsomely rewards prediction. LIGHT Gemini Beat, Anti-Meta, Rabbit Laggia
Kachi Kochi Dragon Speeds games up considerably. Great in fast Decks that can short-circuit boss monsters. Gadget OTK, Fish, Voltic Return, Karakuri, T.G.
#30: Acid Golem of Destruction High ATK, far higher than anything but Grapha or BLS can reasonably get. Drawbacks have no relevance if used for a Tribute Summon. Leviathan Dragon is more splashable as a troubleshooter, but Acid Golem is a finisher. Wind-Up, Inzektor, Resonator, Generation Fish, Fish OTK
Evilswarm Ouroboros Very high ATK. Usable for offense, defense, and evasion. Can be played as a 0 by running over a monster and hitting the opponent's hand. Just barely viable in most Decks. Cloudian, Worm, Lightsworn, Six Samurai
Effect Veiler Modular Level 1 Tuner. LIGHT. Chainable. Works from the hand. Simplifies games. But no good as a combat trick. Chaos, Prophecy, Fortune Lady, FrogNarch, Plant, Fairy, Anti-Meta, anything that stops Traps
Maxx "C" Chainable. Complicates games. Against Plants or X-Sabers, leads to a deluge of cards. Good synergy with Gorz, Tragoedia, etc. for OTK-blocking. Boosts consistency in any Deck that doesn't have to be completely on-theme. Can be revived with Debris Dragon. Anything but D.D. The Fabled, Infernity, Verz, or a FTK Deck
Blackwing - Zephyros the Elite Modest ATK. Easy to revive with no card loss. DARK. Recycles Call of the Haunted, etc. Awesome with Heavy Storm. X-Saber, Dragunity, Lightsworn, Fortune Lady, Chaos, Agent, Dark World
D.D. Crow One for one to short out revival cards/loops. DARK, and can be usefully tossed at any time for DAD and the Chaos set. Produces targets for Leviair. Winged Beast. Dark Armed Return, Sacred Crane Turbo, Blackwing
Skull Meister Negates a surprising range of effects. If there's nothing to negate, can wield its decent ATK or be used for an Xyz Summon. It even works in the Damage Step against things like Sangan. Anti-Meta, Gadget, Gusto, Dark World
Cyber Valley Few Decks have an easy answer to this card. Most will run into it. LIGHT. 2nd effect can be used with Tokens. Can be recycled with Leviair. Junk Doppel, Fortune Ladies, Generation Fish, Plant
Silver Sentinel Punishes "secure" pop effects when it's the only Set card, as well as punishing blind destruction. +2. Good in Decks with a backrow of non-Continuous, non-chainable stuff like Return from the Different Dimension. Can be burned off for a Rank 4 Xyz. Searchable via Reinforcement of the Army (tip: Set another card instead). Evilswarm, Gem-Knight, Mermantean, Plant
Spell Cards
Upstart Goblin Raises consistency. Good for speeding up lockdowns or first-turn loops. The extra 1000 doesn't matter if your opponent can't do anything in the possible extra turn. Wind-Up, Six Samurai, Naturia
Instant Fusion Harbors an arsenal of potential Synchro or Xyz Materials, or Tributes if needed. Tremendously flexible. Vulnerable to Maxx "C". Genex, Karakuri, Atlantean, Constellar, Quickdraw
Smashing Ground 1 for 1 card. Doesn't target. Tends to dispatch the big threat. Really annoying when the monster can't come back. D.D., Anti-Meta, Gadget, Gravekeeper's, Gladiator Beast, Spell Counter
Enemy Controller Modular. First effect is a neat combat trick for either turn. Second effect makes use of spare Tokens and disrupts Synchro/Fusion/Xyz Summons. Steals monsters for Material. Tough to block. Frog, Gladiator Beast, Anti-Meta, D.D., Jurrac, Wind-Up, anything that pumps out beatsticks
Forbidden Chalice Chainable. Usable in Damage Step--can negate Flip Effects. ATK boost is a godsend in Level 4 squabbles, yet doesn't give monsters like Debris Dragon any edge. A bit situational unless you can block Special Summons. Anti-Meta, LIGHT Gemini Beat, X-Saber, Evol, Evilswarm
Forbidden Lance Modular--protection or combat trick. Very chainable; more devastating than many Counter Trap Cards. Significant ATK drop. An excellent ally if you're staring down a full back row. Good for Decks reliant on Continuous Effect Monsters. Anti-Meta, Dragunity, Gladiator Beast, Fortune Lady, Jurrac
Messenger of Peace Low-cost time extension. Potent stalling in lockdown-based Decks. Excellent topdex. Watt, Dragunity, Fortune Lady, Worm, Cyber Dragon OTK, Crystal Beast, Burn
Burden of the Mighty Free Continuous dap. Creates openings for battle effects. Really irksome in Decks that prevent your opponent from getting rid of it. Note that Xyz Monsters are unaffected. Gladiator Beast, Jurrac, Beastdown, Anti-Meta (especially Wanghu Stun), Naturia, Counter Fairy
Trap Cards
Dimensional Prison The cheapest of cheap removal. Permanent loss. Gets around pop-stoppers and ends Continuous tyranny. While Bottomless Trap Hole is quicker and doesn't target, this baby is hot topdex. Shame it's not at all chainable. LIGHT Gemini Beat, Gravekeeper's, X-Saber, Blackwing, Gadget, Dark Scorpion, Anti-Meta, Gladiator Beast
Compulsory Evacuation Device Next to Monster Reborn, the most modular card in the game. Derail Synchro/Xyz Summons and Contact Fusions, then sweep up the Tour Guides & Divas. 1 for 1 to spin Extra Monsters. Saves your monsters from death. Sets your opponent back a Normal Summon; cuts off archetype swarms. Goes through pop-stoppers. Terrifically chainable and makes decent topdex. Unfortunately, doesn't always help. Infernity, Gravekeeper's, Gadget, Dark Scorpion, Fortune Lady, Zombies, Divine Wind, Cyber Dragon OTK, anything that uses Traps
Vanity's Emptiness While it combos with Imperial Custom/Macro Cosmos, this card needs no special protection if all you're doing is attacking. Lethal against Synchro/Monarch Decks reliant on Special Summons as well as Decks without low-Level beatsticks or cheap removal. LIGHT Gemini Beat, Anti-Meta, Gravekeeper's, Malefic, Crystal Beast
Safe Zone Decently chainable. Defensive combat trick; can screw over opponents who decided not to "waste" BTH/Solemn. Chainable to MST to take out an opposing monster. Like Burden, creates frustrating locks. Marginal topdex. Naturia, Ninja, Village, Fortune Lady, Meklord, Scrap, Divine Wind, Cyber Dragon OTK, Counter Fairy
Fiendish Chain Combines the disruption of Bottomless Trap Hole with the topdex of Dimensional Prison. Powerful in simplified games. Best if you can make big monsters next turn. Vulnerable to many, many forms of removal. Wind-Up, Inzektor, Gadget, Divine Wind, Cyber Dragon OTK, Batteryman, Gusto
Debunk Simplifies Duels. Useful against virtually any Deck if you're doing lots of attacking. Dragunity, Blackwing, Anti-Meta

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