Misty's apartment

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The interior of Misty's apartment.

Misty's apartment (ミスティのマンション) is the residence of Misty Tredwell in New Domino City.

A hallway in the apartment in Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's Tag Force 4.

The apartment is well furbished, its windows overlook the city and are lined with holographic projections of Misty modeling various products. Although the apartment is state of the art, Misty said that she can feel lonely there.[1]

Carly Carmine came here to visit Misty once. The receptionist, Kate, wouldn't let Carly in at first, but Misty arrived and invited Carly in. Together they discussed the Arcadia Movement and the events concerning the death of Misty's brother Toby. Before Carly left, Misty advised her not to get involved with the Arcadia Movement.[1]


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