Kaiba Dome (5D's)

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Memorial Circuit (Kaiba Dome).

The Memorial Circuit, referred to as the Kaiba Dome in the English version as a reference to the Kaiba Dome from the original Yu-Gi-Oh!, is a stadium in New Domino City.


The stadium is a standard elliptical building. It contains a few small Duel arenas, a holographic display sphere in the center, a watchtower used by Rex Goodwin and his associates, and a track for Turbo Duels.


The Crimson Dragon over the stadium.

Jack Atlas defeated Hunter Pace in at least two occasions in title Turbo Duels.

Yusei Fudo and Jack Atlas also faced each other here in a private Turbo Duel, in which the Crimson Dragon appeared. Yusei was then arrested on the location by Sector Security for trespassing in New Domino.

The Fortune Cup tournament was held here.

After the events of the Dark Signers, the stadium is used during the WRGP competition to promote the union of New Domino and the Satellite.

The stadium is damaged during the Diablo incident, so the competition is moved to another location.

Non-canon appearances[edit]

Yusei and Jack faced each other in the Memorial Circuit in a Turbo Duel in front of a large audience in "Evolving Duel! Stardust VS Red Demons".