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"Pipe Dreams"
EnglishPipe Dreams
Japanese name
RōmajiDasshutsu! Nitoro Woriā Bāsasu Goyō Gādian
TranslatedEscape! Nitro Warrior Vs. Goyo Guardian!
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Kizuna"
Japanese ED"START"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Italian OP & ED"Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Runner"
ScreenplayAtsuhiro Tomioka
DirectorMasaharu Tomoda
StoryboardNoriyoshi Nakamura
Animation directorYuji Kokai
Mechanical animation directorYuji Kokai
Prop designYoshihiro Sato
Air dates
JapaneseApril 16, 2008
EnglishSeptember 27, 2008
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 1)
Previous"Creepy Crawlies"
Next"A Blast From the Past: Part 1"
Featured card"Nitro Warrior"

"Pipe Dreams", known as "Escape! Nitro Warrior Vs. Goyo Guardian!" in the Japanese version, is the third episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on April 16, 2008 and in the United States on September 28, 2008.

The time has finally arrived for Yusei to sneak into New Domino City so he can settle the score with Jack and reclaim what was stolen from him. However, Tetsu Trudge interrupts Yusei's plan and uses the imposed "Speed World" to force Yusei into a Turbo Duel.


Rally's gift.

Whilst preparing to leave for New Domino, Blitz, Tank, Nervin and Rally all say their goodbyes to Yusei, with Rally also giving Yusei the "Turbo Booster" card as a good luck charm to help him blast through the pipeline. Yusei thanks him and tells them he'll be back before speeding off down the abandoned subway, with Rally shouting "good luck" as he races off.

Yusei exits the abandoned subway by shooting out of a crevasse in the road above. Detecting Yusei's presence on a monitor, Hanson, a Sector Security clerk alerts Trudge to his whereabouts to which Trudge races off to his Duel Runner, telling the clerk to keep track of Yusei before vowing to crush Yusei to bits. In the meantime, Rally, Blitz, Tank and Nervin race toward a rooftop and monitor Yusei via a tracker on a laptop. Trudge manages to catch up to Yusei and smashes into his Duel Runner in an attempt to slow him down. However Yusei speeds off, smashing through a barrier and then jumps over another gateway with Trudge following in haste, ordering the clerk to open the gate for him. After the two enter a secluded and clear pathway within the factory, Trudge states that it'll be a perfect place for him to test his new deck before imposing "Speed World" on Yusei's Duel Runner, forcing him into duel mode.

Trudge vs. Yusei

As the duel begins, Trudge takes the first move, Normal Summoning "Gate Blocker" in Defense Position. It appears in front of Yusei's Duel Runner, slowing him down. Trudge then sets one card and allows Yusei to take his move. As Yusei begins his move, his Speed Counters don't increase which shocks him. Trudge explains that it's due to the ability of his "Gate Blocker" card. Yusei then thinks of the reason why he's attempting to escape then Normal Summons "Speed Warrior". Trudge mocks Yusei for summoning something that can't damage his "Gate Blocker". Yusei then remembers Rally and Special Summons "Turbo Booster". He then orders "Speed Warrior" to attack "Gate Blocker", using "Turbo Booster's" ability to destroy it, taking 200 damage in the process. Yusei then thanks Rally for the help he's provided before driving down into the Pipeline. Trudge mocks Yusei's plan before activating "Broken Blocker" which allows him to Special Summon two more "Gate Blockers" from his deck as one was destroyed. Yusei then sets 2 cards and ends his turn. Blitz argues with Rally about how Yusei may not be able to make it as Trudge is slowing him down from the simulation practice.

Yusei trapped.

Trudge then Normal Summons "Gonogo" and proceeds to attack and destroy "Speed Warrior". He tells Yusei he has no chance of escape as he's blocked on both sides. Yusei then takes his turn, Normal Summoning "Junk Synchron". He then activates his set "Graceful Revival", reviving "Speed Warrior". He then tunes them both to Synchro Summon "Junk Warrior". Yusei's friends cheer as Yusei summoned his ace. Yusei then destroys "Gonogo" with "Junk Warrior". Trudge mocks Yusei's efforts. He then draws and Normal Summons his "Jutte Fighter" which shocks Yusei as he owns a Tuner Monster. Trudge insults Yusei for thinking he's the only one who can Synchro Summon. He then tunes one of his "Gate Blockers" with "Jutte Fighter" to Synchro Summon "Goyo Guardian". "Goyo Guardian" proceeds to attack and destroy "Junk Warrior" with Trudge using it's effect to revive "Junk Warrior" on his own field. He then piles on the pressure by activating two "Speed Spell - Sonic Buster" to inflict two intervals of 1400 Effect damage to Yusei. Trudge then mocks Yusei from being from Satellite again, stating that he has no hope for escape. Yusei then says "All you ever say is 'scum' over and over again, don't you know any other words?", then Normal Summoning "Nitro Synchron". Trudge wonders what Yusei is up to as he has no other Synchro Material Monsters to which Yusei then activates "Speed Spell - Dash Pilfer".

Trudge is shocked as Yusei shouldn't be able to activate it as he has no Speed Counters due to "Gate Blocker", however he looks at his Duel Runner monitor and sees that Yusei has 4. He then looks at Yusei's Graveyard and sees that he had used "Slip Stream" when Trudge activated "Speed Spell - Sonic Buster". Trudge then sees the exit to the Pipeline and realises Yusei's intentions. Trudge speeds up in an attempt to catch up to Yusei, but Yusei tunes his "Nitro Synchron" with "Junk Warrior" to Synchro Summon "Nitro Warrior". Yusei then explains that as he activated a Spell Card this turn, "Nitro Warrior" gains 1000 ATK. It then proceeds to punch "Goyo Guardian", destroying it and inflicting 1000 damage to Trudge. Yusei then explains the secondary effect of "Nitro Warrior", switching "Gate Blocker" to Attack Position and forcing it to battle with "Nitro Warrior", winning Yusei the duel.

Debris crushes Trudge.

As Yusei wins, the timer goes to 0, meaning that trash will flow through the Pipeline. Yusei then uses several Duel Runner tactics to avoid the debris and manages to skid under the escape gate before it closes, leaving Trudge to be crushed by the debris behind him. Blitz, Nervin, Tank and Rally watch the laptop anxiously as the marker indicating Yusei's location isn't beeping. They wonder if he got through, and then notice it beeping again. Yusei then proceeds to exit the Pipeline, only to see Jack stood on a highway above his location. Jack laughs and says "it's been a while".

Featured Duel: Yusei Fudo vs. Tetsu Trudge[edit]

Before the start of the Duel, as per the rules of a Turbo Duel, the Field Spell "Speed World" is activated. If a player activates a non-"Speed Spell" Spell, they take 2000 damage. During each player's Standby Phase, each player places a Speed Counter on "Speed World", up to a maximum of twelve each. Also, each time a player takes damage, they reduce their Speed Counters by one for every 1000 points of damage they took.

Turn 1: Trudge
Trudge Normal Summons "Gate Blocker" (100/2000) in Defense Position and Sets a card. While "Gate Blocker" is face-up on the field, its effect will prevent Yusei from activating the effect of "Speed World" that places Speed Counters during the Standby Phase.

Turn 2: Yusei
Yusei's hand contains "Backup Soldier", "Turbo Booster", "Slip Stream", "Graceful Revival" and "Speed Spell - Dash Pilfer". Yusei draws "Speed Warrior". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Trudge: 0 → 1 SPC). Yusei Normal Summons "Speed Warrior" (900/400) in Attack Position. As Yusei Normal Summoned a monster this turn, he Special Summons "Turbo Booster" (0/0) from his hand in Attack Position by its own effect. During the Battle Phase, as "Speed Warrior" was Normal Summoned this turn, Yusei activates its effect, doubling its original ATK until the end of the Battle Phase ("Speed Warrior": 900 → 1800 ATK). "Speed Warrior" attacks "Gate Blocker", but the attack fails (Yusei: 4000 → 3800 LP).

Yusei activates the effect of "Turbo Booster" to Tribute it and destroy "Gate Blocker" since it was a monster Trudge controlled that battled one of Yusei's monsters this turn. As a Defense Position monster Trudge controls whose DEF is higher than its ATK was destroyed, he activates his face-down "Broken Blocker" to Special Summon two copies of "Gate Blocker" (100/2000) in Defense Position (as they have the same name as the destroyed monster)[Notes 1]. Yusei Sets two cards.

Turn 3: Trudge
Trudge draws "Gonogo". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Trudge: 1 → 2 SPC). Trudge Normal Summons "Gonogo" (1350/1600) in Attack Position. "Gonogo" attacks and destroys "Speed Warrior" (Yusei: 3800 → 3350 LP).

Turn 4: Yusei
Yusei draws "Junk Synchron". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Trudge: 2 → 3 SPC). Yusei Normal Summons "Junk Synchron" (1300/500) in Attack Position. Yusei activates his face-down "Graceful Revival" to revive "Speed Warrior" (900/400) in Attack Position since it's a Level 2 or lower monster. Yusei tunes "Speed Warrior" with "Junk Synchron" in order to Synchro Summon "Junk Warrior" (2300/1300) in Attack Position. "Junk Warrior" attacks and destroys "Gonogo" (Trudge: 4000 → 3050 LP).

Turn 5: Trudge
Trudge draws "Jutte Fighter". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Trudge: 3 → 4 SPC). Trudge Normal Summons "Jutte Fighter" (700/900) in Attack Position. Trudge tunes one "Gate Blocker" with "Jutte Fighter" in order to Synchro Summon "Goyo Guardian" (2800/2000) in Attack Position. "Goyo Guardian" attacks and destroys "Junk Warrior" (Yusei: 3350 → 2850 LP). As "Goyo Guardian" destroyed Yusei's monster by battle and sent it to the Graveyard, Trudge activates the effect of "Goyo Guardian" to revive "Junk Warrior" (2300/1300) in Defense Position and under his control.

As Trudge has four or more Speed Counters, he activates "Speed Spell - Sonic Buster" to target "Goyo Guardian" and inflict damage to Yusei equal to half its ATK. As Trudge activated a Speed Spell while Yusei has less Speed Counters than Trudge, Yusei activates his face-down "Slip Stream" in response. During the Standby Phase of his next turn, the effect of "Slip Stream" will make the number of Yusei's Speed Counters become equal to that of Trudge's. The effect of "Sonic Buster" resolves (Yusei: 2850 → 1450 LP). Trudge's hand contains "Sonic Buster", "Montage Dragon", and "Assault Dog". Trudge activates another "Sonic Buster" and targets "Goyo Guardian" (Yusei: 1450 → 50 LP).

Turn 6: Yusei
Yusei draws "Nitro Synchron". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Trudge: 4 → 5 SPC). The effect of "Slip Stream" then applies (Yusei: 0 → 5 SPC). Yusei Normal Summons "Nitro Synchron" (300/100) in Attack Position. As Yusei has four or more Speed Counters, he activates "Speed Spell - Dash Pilfer" to take control of "Junk Warrior" as it's a face-up Defense Position monster Trudge controls. Yusei tunes "Junk Warrior" with Nitro Synchron" in order to Synchro Summon "Nitro Warrior" (2800/1800) in Attack Position.

"Nitro Warrior" attacks "Goyo Guardian". As Yusei activated a Spell, the effect of "Nitro Warrior" increases its ATK by 1000 during its next attack during damage calculation only ("Nitro Warrior": 2800 → 3800 ATK). "Nitro Warrior" destroys "Goyo Guardian" (Trudge: 3050 → 2050 LP). As the attacking "Nitro Warrior" destroyed Trudge's monster by battle, Yusei activates the second effect of "Nitro Warrior" to switch "Gate Blocker" to Attack Position and attack it with "Nitro Warrior". "Nitro Warrior" attacks and destroys "Gate Blocker" (Trudge: 2050 → 0 LP).

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • In the Japanese version,"Oneshot Booster" ("Turbo Booster") was Rally's favorite card. In the English version, "Turbo Booster" had belonged to Rally's father.
  • Hanson was unnamed in the Japanese version.
  • In the Japanese version, by simply activating "Speed World" Ushio (Trudge) forced Yusei to participate in the Duel. In the English version, the chip they had used to set Rally up, caused Yusei's Duel Runner to participate in the Duel.
  • In the English version, when Yusei is sliding towards the hatch, he says "Stay on target". This is a possible reference to Star Wars IV: A New Hope, during the attack on the Death Star, one of the rebel pilots says the same phrase while moving down a trench.


Original Mistakes[edit]

These following mistakes are only present in the Japanese version:

  • Blitz's watch at one point said "11:56 PM", while a bit later Yusei's Duel Runner said "11:57 AM".

Dub Mistakes[edit]

These following mistakes are created by the dubbed version:

  • When Yusei holds up "Turbo Booster", it has the Japanese card layout.
  • When Trudge was describing the effect of "Gate Blocker", he called it a Spell Card.
  • Nervin said that there was two minutes for Yusei to clear eight miles of pipeline. This is about 12.87 kilometers. For Yusei to clear this length of pipeline, he would have to be moving at about 386.2 kilometers per hour, or 240 miles per hour.

All Versions Mistakes[edit]

These following mistakes are present in the Original and the Dub:

  • When "Junk Synchron" was Summoned, its ATK was shown as 900 instead of 1300. This mistake was fixed on the Japanese DVD but was still present in the inital broadcast of the original and the dub.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.


Japanese character name[1] Japanese voice actor[1]
Yusei Fudo Yuya Miyashita
Jack Atlas Takanori Hoshino
Nerve Kensuke Fujita
Taka Tomohiro Oomura
Blitz Takahiro Hirano
Rally Mika Ito
Tetsu Ushio Koji Ochiai
Other Mika Ishibashi, Suzune Okabe, Keisuke Kogo, Masafumi Oku, Hisato Fukuda, Masayuki Iwashita, Koichi Yokota


  1. The written anime lore of "Broken Blocker" states that the monster has to be destroyed by battle, but "Gate Blocker" was destroyed by card effect, so Trudge shouldn't have been able to activate this card.


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