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"Shadows of Doubt, Part 1"
Carly and Jack as Dark Signers in Carly's vision.
Carly and Jack as Dark Signers in Carly's vision.
EnglishShadows of Doubt, Part 1
Japanese name
RōmajiSono Saki ni Aru Unmei! Jigoku no Hasha Dāku Kingu
TranslatedDestiny Lies Ahead! High Ruler of Hell, Dark King
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Last Train - The New Morning"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation directorKimiharu Muto
Air dates
JapaneseMay 13, 2009
EnglishFebruary 22, 2010
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 1)
Previous"Destiny's Will, Part 2"
Next"Shadows of Doubt, Part 2"
Featured card"Crying Ogre"
Showcase cards

"Shadows of Doubt, Part 1", known as "Destiny Dead Ahead! High Ruler of Hell, Dark King" in the Japanese version, is the fifty-eighth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on May 13, 2009 and in the United States on February 22, 2010.

Jack finds Carly at the Hummingbird Tower. However, Jack hesitates to attack her and Carly uses a special card on Jack to make him see of what the future might be if he loses the Duel.


In Satellite, the rest of the people that had been taken by Roman returns safe and sound, including Rally, Blitz, Nervin, Tank and finally, Martha. Martha is surprised that she is saved. Afterward, she begins to worry for Yusei. At the Ener-D reactor, Roman tells Yusei that he won't allow him to leave, while he's slowly turning into dust. He pulls a switch on his mechanical left arm, causing the bridge they're standing on to explode. Yusei fall from the bridge into the Ener-D light, unable to grab anything. Crow, Luna, Leo and Trudge can't do anything but watch their friend fall.

Meanwhile Jack is heading for the Hummingbird Tower on his Duel Runner. He finally arrives at the destination, wondering if Carly is there, waiting for him. He then remembers the good times he had with her. After that, he looks at her glasses and wonders why Carly has joined the Dark Signer. He shouts her name and asks her to answer him if she's there, but no answer.

Suddenly Carly arrives, riding a Duel Runner. She removes her helmet and tells Jack that she has been waiting for him. Jack asks her if she's really Carly, to which she replies yes. She also adds that in order to see him again, she has come back from the bowels of death as a Dark Signer. Jack wonders what is she talking about. She replies that she infiltrated the Arcadia Movement and was killed by Sayer. Jack is shocked by what she says and asks why. Carly replies that she wanted to get closer to him just a little. Jack says that he thought she had been sacrificed to the Earthbound Immortals. He thought that if he defeated the Dark Signers, he could save her and turn her back to normal. Carly asks him if he has no intention of fighting her, to which Jack says if she draws a bow against him, he'll break its arrows by force. Carly says that he's right since she's a Dark Signer and he's a Signer and that they're bound to each other by a twisted fate. The Hummingbird geoglyph appears in the ground. After that, she says that their destined Duel can begin. They both start their Duel Runner. Carly say if Jack wins she will be turn to normal but if Carly wins, Jack will become a Dark signer. Jack accepts.

On their way to the Lizard Tower, Mina and Akiza notice the Hummingbird geoglyph. Mina is worried for Jack. Carly says that fate is ironic and adds that she turned into a Dark Signer in order to chase after Jack and he had come to chase after her. Jack asks what is she talking about. She replies that Jack can't escape fate. Both Duelists activate "Speed World". Carly says that Jack's Duelist instinct wouldn't allow him to refuse a Duel and that's she expected that from the man she has chosen. Jack says that if Carly desires this, he'll take her on her destined Duel. Carly dares Jack to catch her to the first corner of the geoglyph. Jack thinks that with this duel, he'll confirm her true intention. Carly knocks Jack's Duel Runner with hers and Jack loses control of his Duel Runner. It's Carly's turn and she draws a card. She Summons "Fortune Lady Light" with 200 DEF and says that her monster gains a Level every turn. While holding her card, Carly remembers being in a room, wondering why she has been selected as a Dark Signer and what she was supposed to do. She then started to cry. After that, she heard a voice saying that if she wish to know, then she must tell her fortune about the fate that was been allotted to her. She looked at her Deck and a light within it. She takes the card that was bright, making her face change to a Dark Signer look. She Sets a card and ends her turn. She tells Jack to bring it on.

It's Jack's turn and he draws a card. Both Duelists' SPC goes to 1. But Jack ends his turn after seeing the card he just drew. Carly is surprised that Jack didn't Summon any monsters or Set any cards. She wonders if Jack really has prepared to accept his fate. She decides to use all her might to take his life. It's Carly's turn and she draws a card. Both duelists' SPC goes to 2. The DEF of "Fortune Lady Light" goes to 400. Carly Tributes "Light" in order to Summon "Fortune Lady Earth". Via the effect of "Light", Carly Special Summons "Fortune Lady Dark" from her Deck in Attack Position. The ATK of both "Fortune Ladies" is equal to their Levels times 400. Therefore, "Earth" has 2400 ATK and "Dark" has 2000. Jack thinks that if he takes both attacks, he'll lose the duel.

Carly tells Jack to brace himself because it's going to hurt. She commands "Earth" to attack Jack directly, causing Jack to lose control of his Duel Runner for a moment, his SPC to go to 0 and his Life Points to drop to 1600. Carly commands "Dark" to attack Jack directly. The second "Fortune Lady" prepares to attack while Jack remembers the time when Carly put a bandage on his right arm and told him to get well soon. He thinks Carly isn't the type of girl who would hurt others, while his face is bleeding due to the first attack. He draws a card and says that during the Battle Phase he has taken damage through a direct attack from the opponent's monster, and before the second direct attack goes through, he can Special Summon "Crying Ogre". His monster's effect allows it to have the ATK equal to the amount of damage he has taken. In other words, the second Fortune Lady that has declare the attack must battle Jack's newly Summoned Monster with 2400 ATK. "Dark" is destroyed and Carly's Life Points goes to 3600. Carly is impressed that Jack is resisting in the end, but says he can't go escape fate. She Sets a card and dares him to attack her. Jack comes to the conclusion that Carly is controlled by something. He swears to turn her back to normal, even if he have to give up his life.

Akiza thinks that the Signers-Dark Signers war seems to have some sort of connections with them. She wonders who could be Jack's opponent. Akiza asks Mina if she is worried and Mina replies that there's no way that Jack will lose. She then remembers seeing Jack holdings Carly's glasses and thinks that Jack's heart is somewhere that even she can't reach. It's Jack's turn and he draws a card. Jack's SPC goes to 1 and Carly's SPC goes to 3. Jack thinks that, at it stands, it'll be a draw. He Summons "Power Supplier" with 400 DEF. Its effect gives "Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow" 400 more ATK. Carly activates "Bending Destiny", which negates the Summoning of a monster and returns it to the opponent's hand. "Power Supplier" returns to Jack's hand, surprising him. Carly tells him that no matter what he does, fate has already been determined. Jack thinks that with that move, Carly did more than just stop "Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow" from gaining more ATK. During Carly's next turn, the ATK of "Earth" will increase causing it to be stronger than his monster. He looks at the Trap Card "Changing Destiny" and Sets it ending his turn. Carly is upset that the turn was too easy.

It's Carly's turn and she draws a card. Jack's SPC goes to 2 and Carly's SPC goes to 4. She says that in her turn, she'll completely finish him off. Jack dares her to try. Since "Fortune Ladies" gains a Level each turn, the Level of "Earth" goes to 7 and her ATK goes to 2800. After that she activates her monster's effect, inflicting, 400 damage to Jack and his Life Points goes to 1200. After that, Carly orders "Earth" to attack "Ogre of the Scarlet Sorrow", destroying it and causing Jack's Life Points to drop to 800, which makes him lose control of his Duel Runner. They both stop their Duel Runners and Carly laughs at him. Jack says that he'd be damned if he gave in. Carly says that their true fate can begin very soon. Jack says that there's no fate and with his own hands, he's going to open her eyes. Carly replies that Jack is the one who should open his eyes and this Duel is a fight for her and him to be together. She adds that when the match is settled, they're promised to eternal fate, in which the cards told her so. She looks at her face-down card and says she has been fortune-telling with her Deck. The card she picked was the Trap Card "Enlightenment", which emits a light which blinds Jack.

Leo is crying about Yusei's "death". Crow tells him that Yusei won't die in a place like this. Crow thinks that Yusei has just dropped into the Ener-D and nothing more. Yusei awakens and found himself in a strange place. He wonders if he's dead. Suddenly, ghostly figures emerged from the ground and look straight at Yusei. One of them takes Yusei by the arms. He tells them to let him go, but they refuse to listen. Suddenly, he sees a vision in which the Ener-D exploded, causing the city to be separated and the death of a dozen of citizens of the city. Yusei concludes that these ghostly figures are the souls of the people killed in Zero Reverse and that an incalculable number of grudge are all focused on him. Suddenly, the ground slowly swallows Yusei while the souls continues to advance on him.

Jack awakens in Carly's room and Carly tells him to wake up. She adds that he had quite a nightmare and asks him if he had a bad dream. Jack asks her what is this place. He noticed that he has the Hummingbird mark on him instead of the Mark of the Dragon and Jack can't believe that he is a Dark Signer. Carly tells him that it is and asks if he's still seeing some of his dream. Jack asks her what is going on here. When he looks himself at the mirror, he noticed that he has transformed himself into a Dark Signer with the usual dark clothes and the white of the eyes turned black. Carly tells Jack to remember and that his soul has been lost once before. Then the Duel is seen, showing "Earth" launching an attack on Jack which made him lose the Duel and die. Carly goes to Jack, takes him into her arm and kisses him. The kiss causes Jack to revive and turn him into a Dark Signer. Jack cannot believe that he was turned into a Dark Signer. When he goes outside, he notices that Satellite has turned into hell itself with volcanoes, lava and a darkened sky. Carly tells him that the 5000 year old battle against the Signers was won because Jack was on their side.

"Red Dragon Archfiend", "Black Rose Dragon", "Ancient Fairy Dragon" and "Stardust Dragon" are then seen being destroyed by the flames and the Crimson Dragon disappeared with Carly and Jack watching it and laughing about it. Jack manages to remember everything and that because of the Dark Signers' victory, the world has turned into hell itself. Carly tells him that he's the Dark King, the High Ruler of the Netherworld. Jack says that death has opened his eyes and that he doesn't need friends, bonds or tepid harmony. He also adds that it is only in this hell-like world where heights sought by a true king lie. Carly says this is the world they truly desired. In the real world, Jack is still blinded by the light from "Enlightenment." Carly says when she chose this card, she was able to understand all on why she became a Dark Signer and what she could gain by fighting Jack, so that they could go to their ideal future. She activates the effect of the card, in which a monster that's destroyed a monster through battle can attack a second time. "Earth" is about to attack Jack a second time, until Carly's glasses begins to fall from Jack's clothes. Back in the illusion world, Jack is seen with Carly on a throne transported by zombie-like creatures. Carly says that everything in this world have pledged their allegiance to him as the Dark King. Jack says that in this world, all the humans are gone. He noticed Carly's glasses on the ground. He then remembered Carly's true self and says this isn't the world she truly desired. Carly is shocked by it.

Jack activates the Trap Card, "Changing Destiny", which negates the attack of an opponent's monster, therefore "Earth's" attack is stopped. Carly asks why Jack is trying to avoid fate and if she wins the Duel, they can attain a blissful future. Jack takes Carly's glasses and says that this sham is not the future they're intended for. He also adds that she show him what's real. Carly is shocked when she sees her glasses. In the Netherworld, the souls continues to gather around Yusei until a voice tells them that Yusei is innocent in the involvement of their death and they must release him. The souls does what the voice told them to do and disappears. Yusei then sees a figure in the light whom tells him that it's too soon for him to be here. Yusei wonders who this figure is and is then blinded by the light.

Featured Duel: Jack Atlas vs. Carly Carmine[edit]

This Duel is conducted as a Turbo Duel, so at the start of the Duel, the Field Spell Card "Speed World" is activated. When a player plays a non-"Speed Spell" Spell Card, they take 2000 damage. During each player's Standby Phase after the first turn, each player places 1 Speed Counter of their own on "Speed World" (max. 12 each). Also, each time a player takes damage, they reduce their Speed Counters by 1 for every 1000 damage they took.

Turn 1: Carly
Carly draws "Enlightenment". Carly's hand contains "Fortune Lady Earth", "Class Change", "Fortune Lady Light", "Inherited Fortune", and "Fortune Lady Water". Carly Normal Summons "Fortune Lady Light" (?/?) in Defense Position. Due to the second effect of "Fortune Lady Light", its ATK and DEF are equal to its Level x 200. "Fortune Lady Light" is currently Level 1 ("Fortune Lady Light": ? → 200 / ? → 200). Carly Sets a card.

Turn 2: Jack
During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 0 → 1 SPC; Jack: 0 → 1 SPC). Jack passes his turn.

Turn 3: Carly
Carly draws "Bending Destiny". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 1 → 2 SPC; Jack: 1 → 2 SPC). During the Standby Phase, the first effect of "Fortune Lady Light" increases its Level by one ("Fortune Lady Light": Level 1 → 2; 200 → 400/200 → 400). Carly Tributes "Fortune Lady Light" to Tribute Summon "Fortune Lady Earth" (?/?) in Attack Position. Due to the first effect of "Fortune Lady Earth", its ATK and DEF are equal to its Level x 400. "Fortune Lady Earth" is currently Level 6 ("Fortune Lady Earth": ? → 2400/? → 2400). As "Fortune Lady Light" left the field, its third effect activates, Special Summoning a "Fortune Lady" monster from Carly's Deck. She Special Summons "Fortune Lady Dark" (?/?) from her Deck in Attack Position. Due to the first effect of "Fortune Lady Dark", its ATK and DEF are equal to its Level x 400. "Fortune Lady Dark" is currently Level 5 ("Fortune Lady Dark": ? → 2000/? → 2000). "Fortune Lady Earth" attacks Jack directly (Jack: 4000 → 1600 LP; 2 → 0 LP).

"Fortune Lady Dark" attacks Jack directly. Jack's hand contains "Shockwave", "Power Supplier", "Dark Resonator", "Crying Ogre", "Vice Dragon", and "Speed Spell - Half Seize". As Carly declared a second direct attack during the Battle Phase this turn, Jack Special Summons "Crying Ogre" (0/0) in Attack Position via its own effect. Due to the second effect of "Crying Ogre", its ATK and DEF become equal to the Battle Damage Jack took from the first direct attack. Jack took 2400 damage ("Crying Ogre": 0 → 2400/0 → 2400). Due to the last effect of "Crying Ogre", the monster that declared the second direct attack must attack "Crying Ogre". "Fortune Lady Dark" attacks and is destroyed by "Crying Ogre" (Carly: 4000 → 3600 LP). Carly Sets a card.

Turn 4: Jack
Jack draws "Changing Destiny". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 2 → 3 SPC; Jack: 0 → 1 SPC). Jack Normal Summons "Power Supplier" (400/400) in Defense Position. Jack attempts to activate the effect of "Power Supplier" to select a face-up monster he controls and increase its ATK by 400 while he controls "Power Supplier", intending to select "Crying Ogre", but as Jack Normal Summoned a monster or activated a Spell or Trap Card while all monsters Carly controls are "Fortune Lady" monsters, she activates her face-down Counter Trap Card "Bending Destiny" to negate that card, return it to Jack's hand, and prevent Jack from using it again this turn. "Power Supplier" is returned to Jack's hand, so it contains "Shockwave", "Dark Resonator", "Power Supplier", "Vice Dragon" "Speed Spell - Half Seize", and "Changing Destiny". Jack Sets "Changing Destiny".

Turn 5: Carly
Carly draws "Speed Spell - Curse of Destiny". During the Standby Phase, the effect of "Speed World" activates (Carly: 3 → 4 SPC; Jack: 1 → 2 SPC). During the Standby Phase, the second effect of "Fortune Lady Earth" increases its Level by one ("Fortune Lady Earth": Level 6 → 7; 2400 → 2800/ 2400 → 2800). As the Level of a "Fortune Lady" monster increase, the last effect of "Fortune Lady Earth" activates, inflicting 400 damage to Jack (Jack: 1600 → 1200 LP). "Fortune Lady Earth" attacks and destroys "Crying Ogre]]" (Jack: 1200 → 800 LP). Carly's hand contains "Speed Spell - Curse of Destiny", "Class Change", "Inherited Fortune", and "Fortune Lady Water". As it is the end of the Damage Step and a Spellcaster-Type monster Carly controls attacked and destroyed a monster by battle, she activates her face-down Trap Card "Enlightenment", allowing that monster to attack again, but Carly cannot Summon monsters this turn. "Fortune Lady Earth" attacked and destroyed "Crying Ogre", so it attacks again, but as his opponent's monster declared an attack, Jack activates his face-down "Changing Destiny", negating the attack.

Continued next episode...

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • The flashback of Carly falling through the Arcadia Movement building's window during her conversation with Jack is removed.
  • The blood on Jack's face was removed in the dub.
  • The scene showing the deaths of the people from the Zero Reverse incident is removed.
  • In the dub, Carly occasionally refers to Jack as "Jackie".