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"Mark of the Spider, Part 2"
With the four Earthbound Immortal Counters ablaze, Roman begins the Summoning of his "Earthbound Immortal".
With the four Earthbound Immortal Counters ablaze, Roman begins the Summoning of his "Earthbound Immortal".
EnglishMark of the Spider, Part 2
Japanese name
Japanese17年前の真実 隠されたダークシグナーの罠
RōmajiJūnananen Mae no Shinjitsu Kakusareta Dāku Shigunā no Wana
TranslatedThe Truth from 17 Years Ago, The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! 5D's
Japanese OP"Last Train - The New Morning"
English OP & ED"Hyper Drive"
Animation director
Air dates
JapaneseFebruary 18, 2009
EnglishAugust 15, 2009
Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's episodes (season 1)
Previous"Mark of the Spider, Part 1"
Next"Mark of the Monkey, Part 1"
Featured card"Earthbound Immortal Uru"

"Mark of the Spider, Part 2", known in Japan as "The Truth from Seventeen Years Ago, The Hidden Trap of the Dark Signers" is the forty-sixth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime. It first aired in Japan on February 18, 2009 and in the United States on August 15, 2009.

Yusei and Roman continue their Duel. Roman pushes Yusei to despair, by revealing information about his past and putting his friends in danger.


Lowering the gain of counters[edit]

Trudge and Martha dash through the streets in search of Taka, John, and Mitch. Taka, alone in a building, worries about being separated from the other two, while John and Mitch fear for their lives as they bear witness to Yusei's Shadow Duel with Roman.

With Roman's Trap "Altar of the Bound Deity" signaling the advent of his Earthbound Immortal, Yusei makes note that he must end the Duel before it gains its 4 counters and the Immortal is Summoned.

Roman begins his turn and 1 of the fires lights up on "Altar of the Bound God" as it gains its first Earthbound Immortal Counter. Roman Summons "Grand Spider" in Defense Mode. Yusei becomes anxious as the number of Defense Mode monsters dictates the amount of counters the Altar gains. Roman Sets 1 card in the Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

Yusei begins his turn and analyzes the situation; he needs to lessen the amount of Roman's Defense Mode monsters, but if he does that by destroying them in battle, "Spider Web" will switch his monster to Defense Mode.

Yusei uses the effect of "Road Fighter" to Special Summon "Speed Warrior" from his Deck. Using the effect of "Grand Spider", Roman switches "Speed Warrior" to Defense Mode. With 3 monsters in Defense Position, Akiza worries that Roman will be able to Summon his Earthbound Immortal next turn. Yusei activates "Advance Draw", Releasing "Road Fighter" and drawing "Iron Resolve" and "Turret Warrior". Roman sees this as a desperate move to lessen the amount of Defense Mode monsters. Yusei then Releases "Speed Warrior" to Special Summon "Turret Warrior", whose ATK rises to 2100. Using its "Revolving Shot" attack, Yusei has "Turret Warrior" attack "Grand Spider". "Spider Web" switches "Turret Warrior" to Defense Mode. Yusei Sets 1 card in his Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn, having reduced the number of Defense monsters to 1.

Trudge and Martha arrive at the flaming geoglyph and enter a building to get a better view. Inside they see that Yusei dueling Roman and then spot John and Mitch inside the geoglyph. Akiza calls up to Martha and Trudge to warn them that the boys will be sacrificed if the Earthbound Immortal gets Summoned. Martha starts to panic and yells at Yusei to stop playing around and save the children.

The Earthbound Immortal[edit]

Roman begins his turn and the second flame lights up on the Altar. He compliments Yusei on stopping him getting all 4 counters this turn, but activates "Offerings to the Bound Deity", which places the final 2 counters on the Altar at the cost of half his Life Points. Roman's Life Points drop to 1700. The Shrine implodes and blasts a purple beam into the sky. Inside the beam the Earthbound Immortal heart appears and begins to beat as it sucks up the black fog. Roman explains that the black fog contains the souls of the Satellite residents, which he is now using to Summon his Immortal.

Jack saves John and Mitch.

Yusei starts to sweat and looks over to John and Mitch, who begin to transfigure into purple light. As everyone starts to worry that it's too late for the boys, Jack appears on the scene on his Duel Runner. He ramps through the flames and makes his way over to the boys. He exits his Runner and puts his arms over the boys. His birthmark emits a bubble which protects the boys.

Roman calls forth his Earthbound Immortal, "Uru". A large black and glowing red spider rises up from a sea of purple flames. Uru stands behind Roman and higher than all nearby buildings. Leo, Luna, Mina and Blister appear on a nearby rooftop to witness the Duel. Jack tells Yusei to hurry up and crush the Dark Signer. (In the dub, while explaining Earthbound Immortal Uru's effect, there is a blank card that has a silhouette of "Gladiator Beast Samnite" on it.)

Roman laughs at their naivety with regards to facing an Earthbound Immortal. The Earthbound Immortal stands above all else, he says, just like the ultimate energy Ener-D. He fins it amusing to be facing none other than Dr. Fudo's son. Yusei questions Roman about how he knows his father and learns that Roman, along with his brother Rex Goodwin were his assistants at R.R.D.. Roman tells Yusei that it was Dr. Fudo who ordered the development on the Ener-D Reactor be stopped, due to the dangers associated with its negative rotations. Their sponsors and New Domino wouldn't allow that and placed Roman in charge of the project. After that, the Zero Reverse happened. Yusei asks Roman if he intentionally set off that explosion. Roman laughs and replies "who knows". Yusei loses his patience and demands Roman to answer why he did it and what went on between Roman, Goodwin and his father.

Roman says Yusei doesn't have enough time to hear the answer and orders "Earthbound Immortal Uru" to attack Yusei directly.


"Uru" descends.

"Uru" attacks Yusei, using its "Hell Thread" attack, which Roman believes will finish Yusei off. However Yusei activates his Trap, "Iron Resolve", paying half his Life Points to reduce the damage from the attack to 0 and end the Battle Phase. Roman Sets 1 card in is Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

The building Martha and Trudge are in begins to shake. Trudge grabs Martha before she falls over and hears Taka cry out overhead. The two of them make their way up to the roof, where they find Taka.

The rooftop slopes down, with Taka on the lower end and Trudge and Martha at the higher part. Martha begins to climb down and makes her way to the boy. Taka apologizes, but Martha says its okay, as he must be brave in order to join Security. Trudge reaches out his hand and helps Taka into the doorway, but Martha slips and slides to the other end of the roof. She tries to climb back up, but slides down again. She shakes her head and smiles realizing that she can't escape. Trudge tells her not to give up, but Martha calls back, telling him to take care of Takuya, he is his hero after all. Trudge admits that he's no hero as he would often insult people from Satellite.

Martha falls back after saving Taka.

Yusei and Jack call up to Martha. She shouts down to them that have been such good boys and she's sure that they will build the bridge between the city and Satellite. She then slides down and falls off the edge of the building. Before hitting the ground, her body transfigures into a blob of light, which is sucked into the Earthbound Immortal.

Trudge and Taka begin to slip down the roof, prompting everyone to tell Yusei to hurry up and win the Duel. Roman laughs that this in incredibly delightful. Enraged, Yusei says he can never forgive Roman and begins his turn.

Yusei Summons "Junk Synchron" and uses its effect to revive "Turbo Booster". Tuning "Junk Synchron" and "Turret Warrior", he Synchro Summons "Stardust Dragon". Roman teases the lower ATK of "Stardust Dragon", but with the wishes of his friends and Martha hanging in this Duel, Yusei swears he'll defeat Roman. Since the effect of "Uru" disallows it being selected as an attack target, Yusei can attack Roman directly. With its "Shooting Sonic" attack, "Stardust Dragon" attacks Roman. Roman activates "Spider Egg", negating the attack and Special Summoning 3 "Spider Tokens". Yusei Sets a card in his Spell & Trap Card Zone and ends his turn.

On the rooftop, Trudge manages to make it back to the doorway with Taka and reports to Yusei. Yusei nods and turns to Roman, saying all that's left now is to defeat him.


Roman laughs and changes into a purple glow, as he replaces himself with Rally. Rally stands motionless, bearing the spider dark mark and holding Roman's Duel Disk. Yusei starts to run over to Rally, but is stopped as he hears Roman laughing. He looks up and sees Roman standing on top of the web from "Spider Web". Roman remarks how it is ironic that another friend Yusei must save was here. Yusei damns Roman for controlling Rally. However, Roman says that Rally's will is free and he may fight if he wants to fight and lose if he wants to lose, but surrendering is not an option.

Rally forced to face Yusei.

Rally's free will is returned and he informs Yusei that the loser of the Duel will disappear. He says that Nervin, Tank and Blitz are all gone and it's the Dark Signers' fault.

Rally draws as he begins his turn, dueling in Roman's place. Yusei tries to stop him, but Roman laughs and tells Rally to fight, so he can survive. Using "Uru'" effect, Rally Releases 1 "Spider Token" to take control of "Turbo Booster". He then Summons "Turbo Rocket". Yusei catches on to what Rally is doing and tells Rally to stop and attack him. Rally says he can't attack him, as Yusei is the hope of Satellite. Tuning "Turbo Booster" and "Turbo Rocket", Rally Synchro Summons "Turbo Booster Cannon". He explains that the effect of "Turbo Cannon" destroys 1 monster and causes the controller to take damage equal to its ATK. He announces that he's using its effect to destroy "Earthbound Immortal Uru"

"Turbo Cannon" rises up and hovers across from "Uru". Using its "Final Shot" effect, "Turbo Cannon" blasts the Immortal, causing it to explode. Rally's Life Points drop to 0 and he's thrown back. Yusei races over and catches Rally. Rally tells Yusei to protect Satellite, before turning into black fog and crumbling away.


The Dark Signers confront the Signers and their companions.

Yusei screams out Rally's name, as the webs and geoglyph disappear. Leo, Luna, Jack, and Trudge dash over to him and the five Dark Signers appear overhead. Roman says that it was quite an interesting show, but this is where the battle between the Signers and Dark Signers comes to breaking point. Devack says that the battles will be decided by the stars of fate, Kalin feels the Yusei hasn't conquered his fear of Earthbound Immortals and laughs manically that there's still plenty of fear for him.

Yusei stands up and admits that he is afraid; afraid of his rage over how much he wants to beat them.

Featured Duel: Yusei Fudo vs. Roman Goodwin / Rally Dawson[edit]

... continued from previous episode.

Yusei Fudo has 1600 Life Points and controls "Road Fighter" (3000/1500) in Defense Position. Roman Goodwin has 3400 Life Points and controls "Spider Web" in his Field Zone, and "Altar of the Bound Deity", with 0 Earthbound Immortal Counters, in his Spell & Trap Zone.

Turn 4: Roman
Roman draws "Offerings to the Bound Deity".[Notes 1] During Roman's Standby Phase, the effect of "Altar of the Bound Deity" places one Earthbound Immortal Counter on it for each Defense Position monster on the field. Yusei controls the Defense Position "Road Fighter", so Roman places one Earthbound Immortal Counter. Roman Normal Summons "Grand Spider" (0/1500) in Defense Position. Roman Sets a card.

Turn 5: Yusei
Yusei activates the effect of "Road Fighter", Special Summoning a Level 2 or lower Warrior or Machine-Type monster from his Deck. He Special Summons the Level 2 Warrior-Type "Speed Warrior" (900/400) in Attack Position. As Yusei Normal or Special Summoned a monster while Roman controlled the Defense Position "Grand Spider", Roman activates its effect, changing the Summoned monster to Defense Position. "Speed Warrior" is switched to Defense Position. Yusei activates the Spell Card "Advance Draw", Tributing a Level 8 or higher monster to dra two cards. He Tributes the Level 8 "Road Fighter" and draws "Iron Resolve" and "Turret Warrior". Yusei Tributes a Warrior-Type monster to Special Summon "Turret Warrior" from his hand via its own effect, and if he does "Turret Warrior" gains ATK equal to the Tributed monster's ATK. He Tributes "Speed Warrior" and Special Summons "Turret Warrior" (1200 → 2100/2000) in Attack Position. "Turret Warrior" attacks and destroys "Grand Spider". As a non-Insect-Type monster Yusei controlled attacked, the effect of "Spider Web" activates the end of the Damage Step, changing the monster that attacked to Defense Position and preventing its battle position from being changed until the end of Yusei's next turn. The Warrior-Type "Turret Warrior" is switched to Defense Position. Yusei Sets a card.

Turn 6: Roman
During Roman's Standby Phase, Yusei controls the Defense Position "Turret Warrior", so the effect of "Altar of the Bound Deity" places one Earthbound Immortal Counter. Roman activates his face-down Trap Card "Offerings to the Bound Deity", paying half his Life Points to place two Earthbound Immortal Counters on "Altar of the Bound Deity" (Roman: 3400 → 1700 LP). As "Altar of the Bound Deity" has four or more Earthbound Immortal Counters on it, Roman activates its second effect, sending it to the Graveyard to Special Summon an "Earthbound Immortal" monster from his Deck. He Special Summons "Earthbound Immortal Uru" (3000/3000) in Attack Position. As a Field Spell Card is face-up on the field, "Earthbound Immortal Uru" can attack directly, cannot be attacked by Yusei's monsters, is unaffected by Spell and Trap Cards, and Roman can Tribute a monster to take control of one monster Yusei controls until the End Phase. "Earthbound Immortal Uru" attacks Yusei directly via its own effect, but Yusei activates his face-down "Iron Resolve", paying half his Life Points to reduce any Battle Damage he takes to 0 and end the Battle Phase (Yusei: 1600 → 800 LP). Roman Sets a card. Yusei's hand contains "Spirit Force", one unknown Spell Card and one unknown Trap Card.

Turn 7: Yusei
Yusei draws "Junk Synchron". Yusei Normal Summons "Junk Synchron" (1300/500) in Attack Position. As "Junk Synchron" was Normal Summoned, Yusei activates its effect, Special Summoning a Level 2 or lower monster from his Graveyard in Defense Position with its effects negated. He Special Summons the Level 1 "Turbo Booster" (0/0). Yusei tunes the Level 5 "Turret Warrior" with the Level 3 Tuner "Junk Synchron" to Synchro Summon the Level 8 Stardust Dragon" (2500/2000) in Attack Position. As "Earthbound Immortal Uru" is the only monster Roman controls and cannot be attacked by Yusei's monsters, "Stardust Dragon" attacks Roman directly, but as Roman's opponent's monster declared an attack, Roman activates his face-down Trap Card "Spider Egg", negating the attack and Special Summon three "Spider Tokens". He Special Summons the "Spider Tokens" (0/0 for all three) in Defense Position. Yusei Sets a card.

Turn 8: Rally
At this point, Roman forces Rally to take his place in the Duel. Rally draws "Turbo Rocket". Rally activates the effect of "Earthbound Immortal Uru", Tributing one monster to take control of one monster Yusei controls until the End Phase. He Tributes a "Spider Token" and takes control of "Turbo Booster". Rally Normal Summons "Turbo Rocket" (0/0) in Attack Position. Rally tunes the Level 1 "Turbo Booster" with the Level 2 "Turbo Rocket" to Synchro Summon the Level 3 "Turbo Booster Cannon" (0/0) in Attack Position. Rally's hand contains "Reload". Rally activates the effect of "Turbo Booster Cannon", destroying one face-up monster on the field and inflicting damage to its controller equal to its ATK. He destroys the 3000 ATK "Earthbound Immortal Uru" (Rally: 1700 → 0 LP).

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.

Differences in adaptations[edit]

  • In the dub, the scene of Martha and Trudge running and Taka wondering where Jun and Mich are is cut.
  • In the dub, Roman says that "his web has caught a couple of flies" after spotting Jun and Mich and then asks Yusei if he's ready to continue the Duel, Roman (Rudger) said nothing in the original.
  • When Roman Summons "Grand Spider", Yusei worries that "Altar of the Bound Deity" will have two more Earthbound Immortal Counters by Roman's next turn in the original version. In the dub, Yusei asks if it's too much for Roman to summon a creature that only has two legs, hinting at his dub-only fear of insects.
  • In the dub, when Akiza is thinking about what Yusei is going to do next, the sound of crying in the background from Jun and Mich is reduced.
  • In the dub, the bullets that are shot by "Turret Warrior" along with the explosion which follows are recolored purple/pink.
  • In the dub, Trudge describes the Spider geoglyph as looking like it goes on forever. In the original, he simply notes that the flames must have been what Yusei & company must have been talking about earlier.
  • In the original, Martha tells Yusei not to "screw around", in the dub, she tells him not to even think about losing the Duel.
  • Roman's revelations regarding Zero Reverse and the old Ener-D Reactor due to his, Rex Goodwin, and Professor Fudo's work differ between versions. In the original version Roman truthfully tells Yusei that Professor Fudo became concerned of a possible accident due to the Ener-D's tendency to spin in reverse, but was unable to stop the project due to the investment of the sponsors and New Domino City and was replaced by Roman, after which Zero Reverse occured. Yusei asked in horror if the explosion was intentional, and Roman coyly suggested it might have been, leading Yusei to suspect Roman was responsible. In the dub, Roman lies to Yusei to upset him (revealing so during their second Duel) and claims Yusei's father was blind to the safeguards, hoping the Ener-D Reactor would make him rich, and this eagerness allowed Roman to sabotage the project and cause Zero Reverse; Roman outright admits he was responsible when asked rather than reply coyly. In addition, he also asks if Goodwin helped Roman and if this was his idea rather than Roman's, as opposed to simply asking what happened between the Goodwin brothers and Professor Fudo.
  • In the dub, when Rally speaks his voice echos.
  • In the original, Rally's last words to Yusei are to ask him to protect Satellite. In the dub, he reassures Yusei he can bring them back.
  • In the dub as the other Dark Signers arrive, Roman claims that the human race is going extinct due to their selflessness and Devack mockingly tells Roman to be nice, as the Signers just lost a friend to the shadows. In the original, Roman comments that Rally's choice was interesting and he and Devack both muse on the destined battles to come.
  • In the original, Yusei was afraid of his desire to defeat the Dark Signers; in the dub, he's afraid of what he wants to do to them and vows to destroy their Dark Decks.


  1. Roman is shown drawing "Grand Spider", but was shown to have it in his hand along with "Reload" in the previous episode, so he must have drawn "Offerings to the Bound Deity" here.
  2. This card was originally in Roman's hand, but it was placed in Rally's hand when Roman forced Rally to take his place.