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"Pets Peeved"
Roscoe with his fellow dogs.
Roscoe with his fellow dogs.
EnglishPets Peeved
Japanese name
RōmajiShukumei no Taiketsu! Kyatto-chan Bāsasu Doggu-chan
TranslatedThe Fated Showdown! Cat-chan vs. Dog-chan
SeriesYu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL
Japanese OP"BRAVING!"
Japanese ED"Longing Freesia"
English OP & ED"Take a Chance"
Animation directorJae-hyung Kim
Air dates
JapaneseJanuary 16, 2012
EnglishNovember 24, 2012
Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL episodes (season 1)
Previous"Double Jeopardy: Part 2"
Next"About Hart"

"Pets Peeved", known as "The Fated Showdown! Cat-chan vs. Dog-chan" in the Japanese version, is the thirty-ninth episode of the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime. It first aired in Japan on January 16, 2012 and in the United States on November 24, 2012.

Yuma's Heart Pieces are stolen by Pip, and Cathy Duels to get them back.


Yuma narrates how the WDC works while clips of the Duels Yuma has been in are shown in the background. Quattro, Shark and Trey are also shown. "It's the World Duel Carnival Preliminary Round! Using Heartland City as the battlefield, the strongest duelists from all around the world compete against each other, betting their Heart Pieces. You qualify for the Finals when you collect five Heart Pieces! I don't care who it is, just bring it on! I'm gonna bring it to 'em!" (Yuma's WDC narration is cut in the dub). In a abandoned warehouse, dogs have lined up. One howls, causing them all to run wildly into the streets.

Elsewhere, Yuma is talking to Bronk with Tori, Flip, and Astral, who is floating above his head. Bronk informs Yuma that he and the Class Rep are doing fine, and Flip comments that Yuma is the only one to have won a Duel in their group. Astral then says that the remaining contestants in the tournament must be quite the competition as only strong people remain. Tori says that they're forgetting someone. Then Cathy appears behind Yuma blushing a bit saying that she's also in the tournament and has two Heart Pieces. Yuma is surprised to see Cathy and congratulates her on getting the Heart Pieces, and then shows her the four that he's collected. He then argues with Tori, making Cathy jealous.

A dog then jumps and takes Yuma's Heart Pieces. Yuma runs after it. As the dog joins up with the others, Yuma stops. Cathy spins around and meows, causing all of the Cats from Heartland City run towards her. She asks them to go after Yuma's Heart Pieces. They find where the dogs are and report back to Cathy. Cathy asks where they are. As the cats take off running, the group follows them to the dogs' hideout.

They all enter and find Yuma's Heart Pieces on the ground guarded by some dogs, they all start barking. One emerges from the shadows and says "Stop it at once, ya'll", "What's all the ruckus about?", and tells the dogs off for stealing the Heart Pieces. Yuma and the others are shocked to find out that a dog can speak. Pip posing as Roscoe apologizes to them, while Cathy says that they are a bunch of thieving dogs and that they are all up to no good. The cats meow at the dogs, angering Pip who says that the peaceful looking cats are always scheming something, at which the dogs bark at the cats. Pip then shouts "Pipe down!" which causes the dogs and the cats to stop barking and meowing. Roscoe then decides that they should settle this with a Duel. Yuma, Tori, Bronk and Flip are all shocked, although Cathy replies "That's just what I wanted."

If Cathy wins, then the dogs will leave this city immediately. Roscoe comments that she'll throw those words back at them. Astral then says "I can feel it. This is a fated showdown between dogs and cats stretching over millions of years," while Yuma is crying over his Heart Pieces that the dogs haven't returned yet. Cathy and Roscoe both shout "Duel Disk, set!" and Cathy shouts "Duel Gazer, set!" "The AR Vision-Link is established." They begin to Duel, with Cathy taking the first turn saying "Cats always dash forward" and draws. While Yuma and the others are watching, a blue cat is watching from its perch on Bronk's head.

Cathy Summons "Stray Cat" in Attack Position, Yuma comments that it's such at weak monster only having 100 ATK. Astral realizes that Cathy is setting up a trap, as Cathy thinks to herself, "I need to find something fast that'll trick the Dog into sinking its teeth in," and "I'll place a Monster for it to Attack as a decoy and I'll counter it." She then Sets two cards face-down and ends her turn.

Pip begins his turn and draws a card, while Yuma, Tori, Bronk and Flip are shocked that he could draw a card. He then summons "Tribulldog" in Attack Position and using its effect he can Special Summon another from his hand. He Special Summons another "Tribulldog" and then he activates the Spell Card "Doubulldog" allowing him to Special Summon another from his Deck. Yuma realizes that he's got three Level 4 monsters on his field. Pip overlays his three "Tribulldogs" and says "Come forth, legendary Dog from the older days" as "Sumo King Dog" is Xyz summoned. Yuma wonders how a dog can Xyz Summon, and says "Damn! How is it everyone has such good tactics to Xyz Summon so well?!" Astral comments "Perhaps its dueling tactics are better than yours, Yuma," which makes Yuma mad.

Back at the duel, Cathy thinks to herself "That's it! Go ahead and bite onto it, and become my prey!" She then activates the spell card "Pooch Party" and Special Summons two "Pooch Party Tokens" and she then activates the Equip Spell Card "Dogking" and equips it to "Sumo King Dog" it raises "Sumo King"'s attack by 500 points for each Dog monster on the field including itself. Its ATK rise by 1500, to 4100. Yuma and the others realize that if this attack hits, Cathy will lose the Duel. Pip calls this a "It's a WOOF-Turn Kill Elimination" and attacks "Stray Cat" with "Sumo King Dog" Luckily, Cathy activates her trap card "Cat Confusion" which would negates the attack and send "Sumo King Dog" back to the Extra Deck. But Pip has already anticipated this and activates Sumo King's" one Trap Card's activation and destroy it. Astral is shocked that Sumo King Dog had an effect like that, while the others say that it was really a One Turn Kill.

Pip then says "I win, ya'll", causing Cathy to say "Are you sure about that?" The smoke moves revealing Cathy, leaving Pip shocked. Cathy explains that she activated the Quick-Play Spell Card "Cat Food" the moment that Sumo King attacked by releasing "Stray Cat" she could special summon "Stray Cat Girl" in Attack Position. Thanks to its effect it when it's in Attack Mode it's not destroyed by battle, but Cathy still takes damage leaving Cathy's LP at 500. Pip comments "Quite a crafty way to do so, but you only got 500 of your Life remaining. You're about as good as dog food!" He sets a card face-down and ends his turn, Because of that the "Pooch Party Tokens" are destroyed by their own effects decreasing "Sumo King"'s ATK points to 3100.

Cathy says "Now you've done it! You saw through a human's trap, even though you're just a mangy dog", 2hich Pip replies with "Silence! Ya stupid cat girl". Cathy draws a card and says "Behold, you foolish dogs who can only obey humans! The noble spirit and the power of freedom cats possess", She summons "Cat Girl" and overlays her two Level 4 monster to Xyz Summon "Cat Girl Magician" in Attack Position and activates the Equip Spell Card "Catnip Turbine" and equips it to "Cat Girl Magician" raising her ATK points by 1200 to 3200. Yuma praises Cathy for getting a monster stronger than "Sumo King", Cathy then reveals that the monster that's been powered up by "Catnip Turbine" cannot attack a monster the opponent controls. Which Pip calls her foolish, She then activates "Cat Girl Magician"'s effect by detaching one Overlay Unit and by cutting her attack points in half to 1600 she can attack directly. She does and Pip's LP fall down to 2400. Yuma cheers for Cathy, Then she plays two cards face-down and ends her turn which activates "Cat Magician's" effect returning her Attack points back to 3200.

Cathy then says "Well?! Did you learn how foolish Dogs are yet?!". Pip replies but with a different voice "How dare you...! How dare a lowly cat rebel against us dogs?!". As Pip is sitting on Roscoe, Yuma and the others shout "A little girl?!" Pip then jumps of Roscoe's back and hides behind him. Tori wonders if the little girl was dueling and not the dog. Astral comments "In that case, it would mean a little girl's Dueling tactics are better than yours, Yuma", which makes Yuma mad. While Cathy asks what the little girl's name is. The little girl replies saying it's Pip quietly. Cathy asks again causing the little girl to talk into a headpiece causing her voice to change and says "I told you, it's Dog! I'm Dog-san!" (in the dub, she says, "I said my name is Pip, is that loud enough?!") she then turns red and hides behind Roscoe again.

Cathy asks why she is Dueling on the top of a dog. She answers that she's too afraid to talk with other people and she's always been alone. She then adds that Roscoe is her only friend but she liked to Duel she loved dueling, and she always used to duel against Roscoe all the time. Roscoe tried desperately to remember how to duel. He was finally able to draw a card. He dueled against her day after day, but she really wanted to duel against other people too. That's why she disguised herself as Roscoe and entered the tournament, but she was too scared to talk to other people she didn't know, after all.

Cathy asks if she wants to continue this Duel or whether she want to surrender how she is now. She hides behind Roscoe again, causing Cathy to say "Hmph. I guess this is all you dog lovers can do". Yuma says "H-Hey" about to tell Cathy that that wasn't very nice. Cathy says to Yuma "Be quiet!". The dogs start barking, Cathy asks Pip "Are you fine always hiding behind a dog's shadow?" The dogs bark more. Cathy asks "You'll be a loser dog for the rest of your life!"

Pip then replies "Hmph! You're wrong!" Cathy replies "But I'm not wrong am I? You're too scared to Duel on your own!", which causes Pip to tear up. Pip then looks at Roscoe and he nods. Pip then activates her Duel Disk and shouts "I challenge you!", using the LP and Cards they still have on the field. Astral comments "I can't believe it went from Dog vs Cat Girl to Dog Girl vs Cat Girl!" Pip draws "Raise the Woof" and activates it as she controls no Level 3 or lower monsters. She can special summon four "Woof Tokens" thanks to "Dogking" it raises "Sumo King's" attack points by 2000 its Attack points are now at 5100. She then uses "Sumo King" to attack "Cat Girl Magician".

Cathy then activates her trap card "Gold Coins for Cats" which if she controls a Beast-Type monster on her side of the field that is being attacked the attack target gains ATK equal to half the ATK of the attacking monster, causing "Cat Magician"'s ATK points to rise to 5750. But Pip activates the effect of "Sumo King" negating "Gold Coins for Cats" and destroying it, causing "Cat Magician"'s ATK points to fall down to 3200. Cathy then says "I've been waiting for that" and activates "Counter Meowsure". As one of her Trap Cards are destroyed she can destroy one of the opponent's Spell or Trap Cards and double the ATK of one of her "Cat" monsters.

She chooses "Dogking", which lowers "Sumo King"'s ATK to 2600 and doubles "Cat Girl"'s to 6400, Cathy then says that she's won. Pip thinks that she can't do anything right, she can't even win. Roscoe walks over to her and howls quietly, Cathy then says "Just give up! You're just a loser sog!" Yuma then shouts "Bring it to 'er!" ("Kattobingu" in the Japanese version, which causes everyone to turn around and look at Yuma, who says "Don't you ever give up! Kattgobingu Pip!" Tori then says "That's right, Pip! Bring it to 'er! Never give up and always challenge yourself!" Yuma says "Don't give up, Pip! Never, ever give up!" Pip then realizes that she has one face-down card left and then she says "Mm, that's right. I can't let myself give up! I am not a loser dog!" "I'm gonna dog it to 'em!" ("Doggabingu" in the Japanese version)

All of the dogs begin to howl as Pip activates her Trap Card "Superior Howl" destroying "Dogking" herself and returning the monsters on the field to their original ATK points. Cathy then says "You destroyed your own Equip spell. Good of you to come to that realization". Pip then uses "Sumo King Dog" to attack "Cat Girl Magician" and wipe out Cathy's LP. Pip wins.

Pip says to herself in disbelief "I won...?". Then she jumps in the air and shouts "I won! I won! I really won!". Yuma then says "You did it, Pip! That's the way!". He then tears up and says "My Heart Pieces!". A cat then walks over to Cathy waking her up and making Cathy smile. Yuma is now just like a statue just sitting there, Pip walks up to him returning his Heart Pieces. He takes them and tears up saying "My Heart Pieces!".

Cathy then says "And these are my Heart Pieces. Take them". Pip is shocked; "Eh...? But...". Cathy then says "You won them, didn't you?". Pip takes them and Cathy says "I once only had cats as friends. But once I worked up the courage, I started dueling, and I made some friends. I made friends with everyone through dueling". Pip then says "You became friends with everyone through dueling? Did you lose on purpose?". Cathy then says "Take a look". Pip turns around and sees the cats playing with the dogs, which makes Astral say Observation #18: "Cat it to 'em, Dog it to 'em. There are many ways to bring it to 'em waiting in this world. I wonder if there's a way to connect people around the world this way".

Yuma then gets up and says "Yes I'm gonna bring it to 'em with all I got tomorrow!". Yuma then jumps into the air and shouts "I'm gonna bring it to 'em!".

Featured Duel: Cathy vs. Pip[edit]

Turn 1: Cathy
Cathy draws "Stray Cat" and subsequently Normal Summons it (CG Star.svg1/100/300) in Attack Position. Cathy's hand contains "Cat Girl", "Gold Coins for Cats", "Catnip Turbine", "Cat Food" and "Cat Confusion". Cathy Sets two cards.

Turn 2: Pip
Pip draws "Tribulldog" and subsequently Normal Summons it (CG Star.svg4/1200/1100) in Attack Position. As she controls "Tribulldog", Pip activates its effect to Special Summon another "Tribulldog" (CG Star.svg4/1200/1100) from her hand in Attack Position. As she controls two "Tribulldogs", Pip activates "Doubulldog" to Special Summon a third "Tribulldog" (CG Star.svg4/1200/1000) from her Deck in Attack Position. Pip overlays her three "Tribulldogs" in order to Xyz Summon "Sumo King Dog" (Rank Star.svg4/2600/2100; ORU: 3) in Attack Position. Pip activates "Pooch Party" to Special Summon two "Pooch Party Tokens" (CG Star.svg1/0/0 each) in Attack Position. She then equips "Sumo King Dog" with "Dogking", increasing its ATK by 500 for each Beast-Type monster she controls ("Sumo King Dog": 2600 → 4100 ATK)

"Sumo King Dog" attacks "Stray Cat", but Cathy activates her face-down "Cat Confusion" (as she controls a Beast-Type monster) to return "Sumo King Dog" to Pip's Extra Deck. Pip activates the effect of "Sumo King Dog" to negate and destroy "Cat Confusion" by detaching one "Tribulldog" ("Sumo King Dog": 3 → 2 ORU). Cathy then activates her face-down "Cat Food" to Tribute "Stray Cat" and Special Summon "Stray Cat Girl" (CG Star.svg4/600/1500) from her Deck in Attack Position. A replay occurs and Pip uses "Sumo King Dog" to attack "Stray Cat Girl", but the latter is not destroyed due to her own effect (Cathy: 4000 → 500 LP). Pip Sets a card. On Pip's End Phase, the "Pooch Party Tokens" are destroyed due to the second effect of "Pooch Party" ("Sumo King Dog": 4100 → 3100 ATK).

Turn 3: Cathy
Cathy draws. She then Normal Summons "Cat Girl" (CG Star.svg4/1200/1600) in Attack Position. Cathy overlays "Stray Cat Girl" and "Cat Girl" in order to Xyz Summon "Cat Girl Magician" (Rank Star.svg4/2000/1800; ORU: 2) in Attack Position. She then equips "Cat Girl Magician" with "Catnip Turbine", which will increase its ATK by 1200 ("Cat Girl Magician": 2000 → 3200 ATK), though it will be unable to attack the opponent's monsters. Cathy activates the effect of "Cat Girl Magician", detaching an Overlay Unit ("Cat Girl Magician": 2 → 1 ORU) in order to halve its ATK ("Cat Girl Magician": 3200 → 1600 ATK) and allow it to attack directly this turn. "Cat Girl Magician" then attacks directly (Pip: 4000 → 2400 LP). Cathy Sets a card. On Cathy's End Phase, the effect of "Cat Girl Magician" expires ("Cat Girl Magician": 1600 → 3200 ATK). At this point, Pip reveals herself from the barrel Roscoe was carrying, revealing she was the one Dueling and Roscoe was the one helping her hold and use her cards for the Duel. After a conversation with Cathy, Pip decides to continue without Roscoe's help.

Turn 4: Pip
Pip draws "Raise the Woof" and subsequently activates it to Special Summon four "Woof Tokens" (CG Star.svg1/0/0 each) in Attack Position (as she controls no Level 3 or higher monsters), but she can't Tribute any "Woof Tokens" ("Sumo King Dog": 3100 → 5100 ATK).

"Sumo King Dog" attacks "Cat Girl Magician", but Cathy activates her face-down "Gold Coins for Cats" to increase the ATK of her Beast-Type "Cat Girl Magician" by half the ATK of "Sumo King Dog", until the end of the Damage Step. Pip activates the effect of "Sumo King Dog" to negate and destroy "Gold Coins for Cats" by detaching "Tribulldog" ("Sumo King Dog": 2 → 1 ORU). As a Trap Card was destroyed, Cathy activates her face-down "Counter Meowsure" to destroy "Dogking" and double the ATK of "Cat Girl Magician", but Pip activates her face-down "Superior Howl" to destroy "Dogking" and make the ATK of all monsters on the field become their original ATK, so "Counter Meowsure" resolves with no effect ("Sumo King Dog": 5100 → 2600 ATK; "Cat Girl Magician": 3200 → 2000 ATK). "Sumo King Dog" then destroys "Cat Girl Magician" (Cathy: 500 → 0 LP).

Differences in adaptions[edit]

  • Cathy licking her lips is cut from the dub.

Featured cards[edit]

The following cards appeared in this episode. Cards in italics debuted here.