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The Augmented Reality

An Augmented Reality Duel, usually abbreviated as AR Vision, is type of Dueling which uses augmented reality. It appears in the Yu-Gi-Oh! ZEXAL anime and manga. Duel Gazers and D-Pads are required to participate in an Augmented Reality Duel.

When Duelists engage in an Augmented Reality Duel, a virtual copy of everything around the Duelists appears. This allows monsters to appear to directly interact with the environment, but without actually damaging the environment, although the objects created in the Augmented Reality field appear to be solid during the Duel. With this the summonings and movements of monsters are far more realistic and most monsters have cries.

A Duel with Augmented Reality as shown in the manga

During the Duel, several screens in and around the virtual stage appear, but they were never shown to have any use.[1] When those inside the Augmented Reality field talk to each other, a virtual screen occasionally appears showing the player: Also, players can see Life Points/ATK/DEF/Level/Rank meters unlike the previous series, and can only be seen by those wearing Duel Gazers. The images created during an Augmented Reality Duel are realistic enough to make some people occasionally confuse AR vision with reality[2] and viceversa[3]

Roku showed more of what Augmented Reality Duels can do, from turning statues into monsters and recognizing wooden cards, to making the Duelist believe they turned into their monsters.[4] Fortuno used the same technology to make Yuma's friends believe they were standing in a pillar in the middle of a lava pit, when they were really just standing on a table in the middle of an empty room. Also, a player seems to be able to interact with a monster in the Duel, as Captain Corn defended against the attack of Yuma's "Number 39: Utopia" attack using his own sword, and then both he and the monster started fighting, while Corn activated his Trap Card.

Field Spell Cards can be of great use to the Augmented Reality. For example, when Striker's Field Spell Card, "Stadium of Dreams", was able not only to transform a big area into an enormous soccer field, but also transform the people's and even the monsters' attire and make the monsters "play soccer" instead of battling how they usually do.[5]

Augmented Reality Duels are somewhat alike to Solid Vision, giving the Duelists the vision of holographic cards. The only difference is the Duelist needs the D-Gazer to see the Duels and always chant when starting the Duel. After the chant, a computer-voice will say "AR Vision, Link established." and then the Duel will begin. In the English dub, a smoother voice will declare "Authentic Reality Vision Link established".


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