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The following computer file about Yusei Fudo and his history was consulted by Z-one in the alternate future of the Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's anime.[1] It is currently one of the main sources of information regarding the in-universe original timeline's events. It also confirms that the anime takes place in the 21st century.

Original text[edit]

<Yusei Fudo 不動遊星>








■Ccapac Apu
■Aslla piscu

Translated text[edit]

Yusei Fudo[edit]

Duelist/D-Wheeler/Signer (see below)
Born in the Satellite District of New Domino City.
As a Signer, he fought against the Dark Signers and re-sealed the Earthbound Immortals.
He supported the evolution of Synchro Summon and pioneered Accel Synchro and its superior state Delta Accel Synchro.

Noteworthy Dueling records[edit]

Deck construction[edit]

His Deck was organized mainly for Summoning Synchro Monsters.
Together, he threw in his favorite "Junk" line of cards he used during his time at Satellite.
A special trait was the Dueling style in which he could effectively cope with any Deck concept.

Main cards used[edit]


Those with the ability to protect the world from the influence of the darkness of the Underworld.
By using the astral form "Crimson Dragon" as a source of power, they demonstrate special abilities such as telekinesis, telepathy, and space jumping.
The humans chosen to be Signers bear the Mark of the Dragon on their right arm as proof.
They utilize six astral forms in the shape of dragons known as the Signer Dragons, as their origin.
The Dark Signers exist as their subspecies.

Signers who fought alongside Yusei Fudo[edit]

Signer Dragons[edit]

Dark Signers[edit]

The subspecies to the Signers.
They use the power of the astral form feeding on the living force of humanity, referred to as the Wicked God, as their origin.
With a body having life, one cannot become a Dark Signer, and so they must die once.
They possess a power similar to the Signers and a Dark Mark on the right arm as a proof of their being Dark Signers.
They utilize astral forms called Earthbound Immortals, but rather, they often seem to be parasited by their spirits.
The Signers and Dark Signers wage war roughly every 5000 years, and in the event that this war is won by the Dark Signers, the world will fall to ruin as a result of the power possessed by the Wicked God.
The method of battle varies greatly through the ages, and in the 21st century, it was waged using the "Duel Monsters" card game as its medium.

Earthbound Immortals sealed in Nazca[edit]

Timeline changes[edit]

  • In the original timeline, Yusei travelled the world and won many tournaments, while in the altered one he decided to stay in New Domino City and study Ener-D like his father.
    • Oddly, in the file there is no mention of Team 5D's, which debuted in the World Racing Grand Prix; rather, Yusei formed various teams and tags to win the tournaments. Possibly, neither Team 5D's nor the WRGP were present in this original timeline.
    • On a side note, the document also implies there were two or more Fortune Cups, as the one Yusei won was named the "first".

Common major events[edit]

  • Yusei and the rest of the Signers still participated in the (first) Fortune Cup.


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