Mythic Depths

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This article is about the TCG Skill Card. For Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links Skill, see Mythic Depths (Duel Links).
Mythic Depths
Card type Skill
Types Mako / Skill / Field Spell
Skill activation
At the start of the Duel, place this card in your Field Zone and flip it over.
All Fish, Sea Serpent, Thunder, and Aqua monsters on the field gain 200 ATK/DEF. All Machine and Pyro monsters on the field lose 200 ATK/DEF. This card's name becomes "Umi" while on the field.

English sets


2019-05-30SBAD-ENS02Speed Duel: Attack from the DeepSuper Rare

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Other languages

Language NameLore
French Profondeurs Mythiques

Tous les monstres Poisson/Serpent de Mer/Tonnerre/Aqua sur le Terrain gagnent 200 ATK/DEF. Tous les monstres Machine et Pyro sur le Terrain perdent 200 ATK/DEF. Le nom de cette carte devient "Umi" tant qu'elle est sur le terrain.

German Mystische Tiefen

Alle Fisch-, Seeschlange-, Donner- und Aqua-Monster auf dem Spielfeld erhalten 200 ATK/DEF. Alle Maschine- und Pyro-Monster auf dem Spielfeld verlieren 200 ATK/DEF. Der Name diese Karte wird zu "Umi", solange sie auf dem Spielfeld liegt.

Italian Abissi Mitici

Tutti i mostri Pesce, Serpente Marino, Tuono e Acqua sul Terreno guadagnano 200 ATK/DEF. Tutti i mostri Macchina e Pyro sul Terreno perdono 200 ATK/DEF. Il nome di questa carta diventa "Umi" mentre è sul Terreno.

Portuguese Profundezas Míticas
Activação de Habilidade
No começo do Duelo, coloque este card na sua Zona de Campo e vire-o.
Todos os monstros Peixe, Serpente Marinha, Trovão e Aqua no campo ganham 200 de ATK/DEF. Todos os monstros Máquina e Piro no campo perdem 200 de ATK/DEF. O nome deste card se torna "Umi" enquanto ele estiver no campo.
Spanish Profundidades Míticas
Activación de Habilidad
Al comienzo del Duelo, pon esta carta en tu Zona del Campo y voltéala.
Todos los monstruos Pez, Serpiente Marina, Trueno y Aqua en el Campo ganan 200 ATK/DEF. Todos los monstruos Máquina y Piro en el Campo pierden 200 ATK/DEF. El nombre de esta carta se convierte en "Umi" mientras esté en el Campo.

Sets in other languages


ReleaseNumberSetFrench nameRarity
2019-05-30SBAD-FRS02Speed Duel: Attack from the DeepSpeed Duel : L'Assaut des ProfondeursSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetGerman nameRarity
2019-05-30SBAD-DES02Speed Duel: Attack from the DeepSpeed Duel: Attack from the DeepSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetItalian nameRarity
2019-05-30SBAD-ITS02Speed Duel: Attack from the DeepSpeed Duel: Creature degli AbissiSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetPortuguese nameRarity
2019-05-30SBAD-PTS02Speed Duel: Attack from the DeepSpeed Duel: Ataque das ProfundezasSuper Rare


ReleaseNumberSetSpanish nameRarity
2019-05-30SBAD-SPS02Speed Duel: Attack from the DeepSpeed Duel: Ataque desde las ProfundidadesSuper Rare