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  • Toshihiko
  • Male
  • Career
  • Education
SchoolGoha 7th Elementary[1]
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did not place (with Yosh Imimi and Masahiko)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0088: "Post-Apocalypse and Napolitan"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Rikuya Yasuda

Toshihiko (トシヒコ Toshihiko) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is one of Yosh Imimi's friends in the Post-Apocalyptic Club at Goha 7th Elementary and the owner of Bochi.



Toshihiko is a short boy with hazel eyes, thick eyebrows, and short and spiky brown hair. He is generally seen in a cobbled-together outfit reminiscent of a stereotypical post-apocalyptic anime, grey hockey pads, grey glove-less gauntlets, grey shin-guards, and a grey hockey mask with a black visor, all of which he wears over a cream shirt, jeans, and black shoes.

As a Goha Enterprises employee, Toshihiko wears the uniform worn by the rank-and-file employees worn over it; a sleeveless grey knee-length jacket with the Goha Enterprises logo over his heart, a short-sleeved blue collared shirt over along-sleeved charcoal one, charcoal pants, black shoes and a black belt with a Goha Enterprises logo for the buckle.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Toshihiko, Bochi and Masahiko accompanied Yosh to settle his grudge against Luke and they cornered Luke, Yuga Ohdo and Gavin Sogetsu before a vending machine and refused to let them use it unless Luke Dueled Yosh. During the Duel Yosh told the group about his situation and vowed to have Luke convince his mother to let him Rush Duel, though Luke claimed he wouldn't be able to do so, as he was going to win the Duel and he defeated Yosh. After the Duel, Toshihiko, Yosh and Masahiko shared drinks with Yuga and his friends, Yosh gushing about the Rush Duel despite his loss and Toshihiko admitting how much fun he'd found the Duel. Yuga offered to help Yosh with one of his Roads, though Luke asked Yosh if he was sure that was what he wanted and Yosh declined Yuga's offer.[2]


Toshihiko was with Yosh and Masahiko when they watched Yuga and Nail Saionji's Maximum Monsters, "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" battling on their Duel Disks. Toshihiko was overjoyed when Yuga was able to re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Over Road" again after Nail returned it to his Deck and when Yuga defeated Nail, who erased the penalties on Yosh's Duel Disk after the Rush Duel.[3]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Toshihiko was with Yosh and Masahiko in the Post-Apocalyptic Club one day after school at Goha 7th Elementary when Luke came to ask Yosh to join his new Luke Club. Yosh declined due to his dedication to the Post-Apocalyptic Club, though Luke didn't seem to understand Yosh's declaration and left, telling him that he was member seven.[1]

Yuga, Luke, Gavin, Romin, Rayne and Rino were all forced to transfer to Goha 6th Elementary. The Newspaper Club came to Toshihiko and his friends with a warning that a caterpillar track was headed for the Road Laboratory, so they waited at the laboratory to defend it, but they were all easily disarmed by the caterpillar track's driver, Caterpillio Zomyoji, scaring Toshihiko and his friends away in embarrassment at having their costumes stripped from them.[4]

Toshihiko later witnessed Yuga's second Rush Duel with Asana Mutsuba from afar at Goha 7th Elementary.[5]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Toshihiko, Yosh and Masahiko learned about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal from Sweets Kakoko's announcement.[6] They decided to enter as a team, attending the registration at Goha Stadium.[7] They attended the opening ceremonies of the tournament, embarrassed by Luke's joining in of the Goha Rush chanting with the rest of the crowd. Roa interrupted the Goha President's opening speech and challenged her to a Rush Duel, as he wanted to talk with the incarcerated Otes. Roa defeated the President, who became woozy after the Duel and fell off her platform, though Yosh caught her and asked if she was okay.[8]

Toshihiko, Yosh and Masahiko made it through the first day of the tournament as the Post-Apocalyptic Conquerors.[9] On the second day, Rino contacted them and explained that Luke, Romin and Gavin required aid in their efforts to uncover the truth behind an organization calling themselves "Goha 66", so Toshihiko, Yosh, Masahiko and Bochi went with the Newspaper Club and the Gourmet Comrades Team to rescue them from a mob of defeated Duelists. At Scoop's suggestion, Saburamen, Nick and Sushiko accompanied Luke, Romin and Gavin, while Toshihiko, Yosh, Masahiko and Bochi remained behind with Scoop, Masaru and Nico to hold off the Duelists.[10]

Despite their efforts, Toshihiko, Yosh and Masahiko failed to place in the tournament, so they attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal on the third day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gavin's Duel against Nail, where Toshihiko was shocked by Gavin's new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin eventually returned to his normal persona after a power outage in the stadium and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[11][12]

Toshihiko watched Yuga and Luke's Rush Duel, and was stunned when Yuga Maximum Summoned "Hyper Engine Vast Vulcan" against Luke. Afterwards the power in the stadium began to fail again, revealed to be due to the Goha Duel Server being hacked, and Toshihiko witnessed the revelation of the Goha Duel Server on the moon and the Rush Duel Program contained within, under attack by Goha Enterprises Drones that were uninstalling it and had been all tournament.[13] Despite knowing their Duel would complete the uninstallation, Yuga and Luke continued to Duel, and Luke eventually won, resulting in the uninstallation of Rush Dueling. Fortunately Yuga and Nail were able to reinstall the program and install it in the Super Rush Robot to protect it from another attack. Toshihiko then watched Luke's coronation as King of Duels.[14]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

Toshihiko, Yosh and Masahiko watched the Rush Duel between Yuga and The☆Lukeman as it was being broadcast across Goha City, including Yuo Goha's demands for The☆Lukeman and Yuga to Duel seriously. During the Duel the Goha Meteor Shower began to occur and a meteor entered the atmosphere above Yuga. Yuga blocked the meteor with his Duel Disk and acquired the "Fusion" card contained within it, allowing him to defeat The☆Lukeman and free the Super Rush Robot.[15]

Goha Employee[edit]

Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Swirly, Rayne and Rino were hired by Goha Enterprises, and Luke hired Toshihiko, Yosh, and Masahiko to work in his Luke Division. The Newspaper Club interviewed Luke, who claimed they would plan their day around what their colleagues were doing. They observed Gavin stamping documents, Romin arguing with the Chef Drones, and Yosh's mother working in the Gohanium Section. However when they visited Yuga trying to present a new vending machine, Bochi ran off and Toshihiko tried to stop his pet, but Bochi urinated on the machine and Toshihiko and Masahiko were kicked out of the building as a result.[16]

A recreation time event was planned at Goha Enterprises, with the theme "Become a zombie". When the event began, Toshihiko, Masahiko and Bochi were quickly "zombified" and attacked Gavin, Rayne and Rino in a hallway. Yosh arrived and knocked his friends down, apologizing for failing to save them, and when the rest of the horde arrived, Toshihiko grabbed Rayne. Rayne, Rino and Yosh remained behind to let Gavin escape, allowing the horde to zombify them. Toshihiko and the horde later emerged on the helipad to find Gavin there as one of the last "survivors", and according to Yuga's orders as the "Zombie King", Zo Ikitenai challenged Gavin to a Rush Duel, Gavin vowing to Duel all the zombies if he had to. After Gavin defeated Zo, Toshihiko and the other "zombies" applauded his victory, and once the event ended at 3pm, Toshihiko removed his makeup and Mimi praised their acting.[17]


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