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Goha Corp Logo

Goha Corporation (ゴーハしゃ Gōha-sha), usually shortened simply to "Goha" is a corporate entity that controls Goha City.[1]


The Goha Corporation control various aspects of citizens' lives, including food, clothing, shelter, and Duel Monsters, even down to restricting how Duelists can trade cards. Breaking these rules awards a penalty to a Duelist; after accumulating six penalties, a Duelist's account is banned and their Duel Disk is locked down.[1][2]


Image Character Description
GohaCEO.png President Goha President (formerly)
MimiAtachi.png Mimi Atachi/Number 6 Executive; "Top of Hexagon" (formerly), President
The Tops of Hexagon convene.png Tops of Hexagon Executives (formerly)
HologramMan.png Otes Development Department
NailSaionji.png Nail Saionji Goha Duel Overseer
165px Goha Corporation Drones Law enforcement
PresidentDrone.png President Drone Presidential aide.


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