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Other Played Decks (online)[edit]

GX/5D's-era Structure Decks[edit]

Dragon's Roar
Zombie Madness
Blaze of Destruction
Fury from the Deep
Warrior's Triumph
Spellcaster's Judgment
Invincible Fortress
Lord of the Storm
Dinosaur's Rage Tyranno's Rage Dinosmasher's Fury
Machine Re-Volt Machine Dragon Re-Volt Machine Reactor
Surge of Radiance - Surge of Divine Light Wave of Light
Curse of Darkness - Curse of the Dark Lair of Darkness
Revival of the Great Dragon Rise of the Dragon Lords Revival of the Great Divine Dragon Rise of the True Dragons
Advent of the Emperor The Dark Emperor Advent of the True Monarch Emperor of Darkness
Undead World Zombie World Undead World Zombie Horde
Lord of the Magician Spellcaster's Command Lord of Magician Order of the Spellcasters
Warrior's Strike Warriors' Strike Warriors' Strike -
Machiners Command Machina Mayhem Machiners Command Mechanized Madness
Dragunity Drive Dragunity Legion Dragunity Drive -
Lost Sanctuary Lost Sanctuary Lost Sanctuary

Unreleased videogame exclusives[edit]

Tag Force / World Duel Carnival / Duel Links
Main Deck

Random stuff[edit]