Espa's brothers

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Espa's brothers

The brothers of Espa Roba are four characters in the Yu-Gi-Oh! anime.

In the Japanese version, the eldest three are credited as Roba's brother A (絽場の弟A Roba no otōto Ē), Roba's brother B (絽場の弟B Roba no otōto Bī), and Roba's brother C (絽場の弟C Roba no otōto Shī) and voiced by Mariko Nagahama, Mika Ishibashi, and Naomi Matamura, respectively. The youngest is a baby and has no dialogue.


During the Battle City tournament, the brothers helped Espa cheat by spying on his opponents and telling him what cards they had, knowledge which Espa accredited to acquiring due to extrasensory perception.[1]

Other versions[edit]


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