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Not to be confused with Ishizu Ishtar.
  • Isis
  • Female
  • Career
OccupationHigh Priestess
OrganizationHigh Priests
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 201: "Memoirs of a Pharaoh"
Appears in
Voice actors
  • Sumi Shimamoto
  • Sakura Nogawa (Younger)

Priestess Isis (神官アイシス Shinkan Aishisu) is a priestess that serves Pharaoh Atem in Ancient Egypt and wields the Millennium Necklace. Ishizu Ishtar is the modern day version of Isis. She is named after the ancient Egyptian goddess Isis.

Isis is a wise, kind and intelligent woman. She seems to share a close friendship with Mahad in the anime, as she converses with him before he goes off to fight Bakura for the Pharaoh's sake. She is able to sense his plight during the duel with Bakura, and utters his name with tears flowing down her cheeks. Isis alone senses Mahad's demise, and cries out his name tearfully, showing that she does care about him. Even three thousand years on, in the final duel with Atem and Yugi, when the Dark Magician makes his appearance, Ishizu notices "a deep pain in her heart". In the Japanese version, she dies while facing Zorc in an attempt to buy Mana enough time to give Atem his Millennium Puzzle.


Isis is a High Priestess serving Pharaoh Atem. She wields the Millennium Necklace. She attempted to fight off Bakura and his "Diabound", but failed, sacrificing her "Spiria" to save the other Priests who also tried to fight Bakura. Bakura fled when Atem Summoned "Obelisk the Tormentor". She was present during the Shadow Game at Kul Elna against Bakura and his "Diabound". "Diabound" was eventually destroyed, and Bakura died. However, Zorc Necrophades was successfully resurrected. During the Royal Court's fight with Zorc, she died to give Mana time to give the Priests their Millennium Items.

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