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English name
  • Rick
Japanese name
  • Male
Anime DeckDragon
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 185185: "Unwanted Guest - Part 1"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (second series)
English voice
  • Pete Capella
Japanese voice

Rick is an amateur Duelist with an interest in Dragon cards.


Rick was first seen at the very beginning of the KC Grand Championship. He engaged in a Duel against KC DuelTek 760, but because of a mysterious hacker (whom later turned out to be Zigfried von Schroeder) he unwillingly had to face KC DuelTek 760 on its highest and most dangerous level. Luckily Yugi, who was close by, jumped in and took over the Duel and eventually won because of combining the effect of Rick's "Spirit Ryu" and "Heart of the Underdog", a card he gave to Rick shortly before the Duel. Afterwords, Yugi told Rick to balance his Deck more.


Rick's Deck mostly consists of monster cards and lacks a good balance of Magic, Trap and Monster Cards, with the only shown Magic and Trap Cards being "Dragon Treasure" and "Heart of the Underdog".


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  1. This card belong to Yugi, but he give it to Rick to improve his Deck.