Vivian Wong

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Vivian Wong
Vivian Wong
English name
  • Vivian Wong
Japanese name
RōmajiVivian Won
Other language names
  • Female
Tournament Position
Grand Championship Did not place
Anime DeckKung Fu
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! episode 186186: "Unwanted Guest - Part 2"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! (second series)
English voice
Japanese voice
Wong, Vivian

Vivian Wong is the Asian Duel Monsters champion. In the English dub, it was stated that before that, she was a successful model, actress, and Kung Fu champion. She participates in Kaiba's KC Grand Championship.


Vivian wears a signature Chinese yellow dress and bracelets in her waist. Red high heels adorned her bare feet and her hair is put in two buns.


She is very whiny, hoping to get what she wants by obscure means. She is an avid fan of both Yugi and Kaiba to the point of obsession, especially Yugi, whom she hopes to turn into her "love slave", much to Téa's ire. She used her beautiful tactics and attacks to completely defeat her opponents.



During the Asian Duel Monsters tournament, she defeated the supreme Clan of Nine Dragons and later gained "The Duel Queen of Asia" title.

Grand Championship[edit]

To that point, she have a fierce rivalry with Rebecca Hawkins for Yugi's affections and had even gone so far as to blackmail Yugi into Dueling her outside the contest, threatening to leave Yugi's grandpa with an injured back if he did not accept. If she won, then Yugi would have to go on a date with her (become her "love slave" in the Japanese version); however, she lost all her Duels.

In the Japanese epilogue (not shown in the English version), Vivian is seen with Mai Dueling against the Paradox Brothers on the Great Wall of China.

Vivian was last seen as a cameo eating noodles when Maximillion Pegasus was recounting on how everyone played an important part in Pharaoh Atem's journey.


Vivian uses an Asian-themed Martial Arts Deck, focused around her ace, "Dragon Lady", supporting it through an array of Magic Cards. She generally uses beatdown and burn tactics through strong monsters like "Kung Fu Nyan Nyan" and cards such as "Mystic Eruption".


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Clan of the Nine Dragons Duelists 189 Win (x9)
Rebecca Hawkins 189 Lose
Yugi Muto/Yami Yugi 193 Lose
Para and Dox 224 Not shown (w/ Mai Valentine)


  • Vivian's personality and appearance is similar to that of Meiling Li from the anime Cardcaptor Sakura. Her Deck also reflects Meiling's passion for fighting.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! ARC-V second episode, there is a girl in the crowd that resembles Vivian.


  1. a b c d This card is sent from her Deck to the Graveyard via the effect of "Flying Dragon Whirl" during episode 193.
  2. a b c This card was seen in her hand during episode 189.