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  • Nico
  • Female
  • Career
  • Education
OrganizationNewspaper Club
SchoolGoha #7 Elementary
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did not place (With Scoop Pitman and Masaru)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 0055: "Breaking News!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors

Nico (ニコ Niko) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. She is a student at Goha #7 Elementary, and the photographer for the Newspaper Club.

An adult character resembling Nico and sharing her voice actor, Miranda Ichimaru, appears in Yu-Gi-Oh! GO RUSH!!.



Nico is a silm young girl with fair skin, short messy black hair with a single bang pointing straight up, and ovular glasses. She wears a white blouse, teal sleeveless jacket, navy blue pants that end above her ankles, white shoes, and a black belt with a silver circular buckle. She constantly carries a charcoal satchel and a camera, and she has the yellow and black newspaper armband around her left bicep.


Nico states that she is devoted to the truth, but her remarks can be somewhat insensitive when she is taking photos. She is unnerved by Kaizo's apparent interest in her.[2]


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Nico, Masaru, and Scoop interviewed Yuga Ohdo and Lucidien "Luke" Kallister about Rush Dueling. Although Luke claimed Rush Dueling turned common sense on its head and put one onto a new path, Scoop found Rush Dueling to be simplistic and shallow and published an article decrying it. Yuga, Luke, Gavin Sogetsu, and Romin Kassidy came to their office to order him to change the story, and Nico and Masaru fended them off despite Gavin using the authority of the Student Council against them until Yuga threatened to publish their paper online, where it would likely be censored by Goha Enterprises who had been doing the same to any digital content discussing Rush Duels. Scoop freaked out and revealed that he was the Chief to his visitors, and suggested they Duel to determine the content of the article.[2]

Luke accepted Scoop's challenge, and Scoop stated that he didn't mind using Rush Dueling rules. Before the Duel, Nico was approached by Yuga's modified Drone, Kaizo, who showed appreciation for Nico's appearance and briefly startled Nico away. Nico constantly took photos of both Duelists' expressions throughout the Duel. Scoop was able to bring out all three of his "Printing Pressers" and destroy all of Luke's monsters, but Luke was able to endure the turn by reducing the ATK of one "Toughroid", surviving with 100 LP. Nico believed Scoop had won the Duel, but Luke destroyed all of Scoop's "Toughroids" with "Dragonic Pressure", then brought out "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" and defeated Scoop. After Scoop's loss, Romin "interviewed" him, asking Scoop how he felt about Rush Dueling now, and Scoop admitted that he'd come to like the depth and fun of Rush Duels. Nico, Scoop and Masaru begged Yuga not to shut down their paper; Yuga agreed not to, and Scoop published a revised article that legitimately praised Rush Dueling; Nico and Masaru quickly distributing it the following morning.[2]

Gavin called Scoop to ask if he had any information on Yuga's "Sevens Road Magician", whose legality was being disputed as it was said to have been the reason for a Duelist being disqualified during the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament. Nico, Scoop and Masaru instead searched for information on the tournament itself, discovering a videotape with footage of the Duelist in question, Otes, being disqualified for being a Goha employee.[3][4] Yosh Imimi was sent to bring Nico, Scoop, and Masaru to the Big Seven Arena, where Yuga was Rush Dueling Roa Kassidy, and they arrived just as Kaizo was about to disqualify Yuga. Scoop showed everyone the footage of Otes's disqualification, which also showed Roa present in the crowd during the event, resulting in Roa revealing his animosity over not being chosen to become the King of Duels. With the legality of "Sevens Road Magician" cleared up, Yuga and Roa continued their Duel with the right to the King of Duels title on the line. Yuga was pushed into a corner, but he was able to win.[4]


Some time after Yuga and Roa's Duel, Scoop received a penalty on his Duel Disk.[5] Nico, Masaru, and Scoop and went to the Road Laboratory, where Yuga explained that Scoop and all his other friends had been penalized due to his challenge by Goha Duel Overseer Nail Saionji to retrieve the data of Yuga's Drone Kaizo, and if anyone in Yuga's group of friends lost a Duel, they would all be penalized and their accounts deleted if they received six penalties. The penalty had occurred when Yosh had defeated his mother Mimi, as Mimi had inadvertently become considered one of Yuga's friends; Nico took pictures the entire time. Despite the circumstances, everyone present agreed to help Yuga, given that all of their accounts were on the line, but then Yuga, Luke and Gavin were dropped into a pit leading to the Garden of Curiosity, with Romin and Saburamen also falling in.[6]

Gavin later came to Nico, Scoop, and Masaru to ask them about Maximum Summoning, showing them a drawing of the Maximum Monster "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", though Nico had never heard of it.[7] Nico was with Masaru and Scoop in Goha City when they watched Yuga and Nail's Maximum Monsters, "Supreme Machine Magnum Overlord" and "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor" battling from the streets below. Yuga was forced to return his Maximum to his hand and was pushed into a corner, causing Nico to wonder if this would be the end of Rush Dueling. To Nico's shock, Ricky and Katsu Kobayakawa declared their support for Yuga and were also penalized five times, as were many elementary students around Goha City. Fortunately Yuga was able to re-Maximum Summon "Magnum Overlord" again, and after Yuga defeated Nail, he erased the penalties on Scoop's Duel Disk.[8]

Goha #6 Elementary[edit]

Nico was with Scoop and Masaru at the Newspaper Club after school one day when Luke came to them and asked them to join his new Luke Club, dubbing them members four, five, and six without their consent. Once Luke had left, Nico and her friends quickly agreed that they wouldn't be joining the club.[9]

Yuga, Luke, Gavin, Romin, Rayne and Rino were all forced to transfer to Goha #6 Elementary. A few days afterwards, Nico saw a caterpillar track driving through Goha City that was dismantling objects that it passed and she quickly informed Scoop of the track. The Newspaper Club discovered that the track was headed for the Road Laboratory, so they enlisted the help of the Post-Apocalyptic Club to defend it, but they were all easily disarmed by the caterpillar track's driver, Caterpillio Zomyoji, scaring Yosh and his friends away. Nico and her friends refused to flee even as Zomyoji's track bore down on them, but fortunately they were saved by Luke's sister Haruka "Tiger" Kamijo, who challenged Zomyoji to a Rush Duel. Nico tried to take pictures of Tiger throughout the Duel with her dismantled camera, but an annoyed Tiger continually sent her and Masaru flying away with a yell. Tiger eventually defeated Zomyoji, but despite his loss, Zomyoji tried to dismantle the lab anyway until he was stopped by Galian Townsend, another member of Goha 6th's Heavy Cavalry Duel Club. After they left, the Newspaper Club interviewed Tiger over her victory, and she noted that this wasn't the full strength of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club.[10]

Nico later witnessed Yuga's second Rush Duel with Asana Mutsuba, the leader of the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club, from afar at Goha #7 Elementary.[11]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Luke began to have Goha #7 Elementary painted blue, so Nico, Masaru and Scoop interviewed him as to why. Luke and Kaizo confirmed they were painting the school the color of "Multistrike Dragon Dragias" for a two-day celebration of his ascendance on the Student Council and they both began laughing as they reveled in their power, something Scoop called a scoop.[12]

Nico, Scoop, and Masaru learned about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal from Sweets Kakoko's announcement.[13] They decided to enter as a team, attending the registration at Goha Stadium and interviewing Janko Entant from Goha #6 Elementary's Student Council.[14]

Nico, Scoop, and Masaru made it through the first day of the tournament as Team Newspaper Extra.[15] On the second day, Rino contacted them and explained that Luke, Romin and Gavin required aid in their efforts to uncover the truth behind an organization calling themselves "Goha 66", so Nico, Scoop, and Masaru went with the Post-Apocalyptic Club and the Gourmet Comrades Team to rescue them from a mob of defeated Duelists. At Scoop's suggestion, Saburamen, Briscoe and Sushiko accompanied Luke, Romin and Gavin, while Nico, Scoop, and Masaru remained behind with the Post-Apocalyptic Club to hold off the Duelists, though they weren't thrilled by Luke's statement that he would only remember them for three days.[16]

Despite their efforts, Nico, Masaru and Scoop failed to place in the tournament, so they attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal on the third day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gavin's Duel against Nail and witnessing Gavin's new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Sky Emperor", Gavin eventually returned to his normal persona after a power outage in the stadium and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[17][18]

Nico watched Yuga and Luke's Rush Duel, where the power in the stadium began to fail again, revealed to be due to the Goha Duel Server being hacked, and Nico witnessed the revelation of the Goha Duel Server on the moon and the Rush Duel Program contained within, under attack by Goha Enterprises Drones that were uninstalling it and had been all tournament.[19] Despite knowing their Duel would complete the uninstallation, Yuga and Luke continued to Duel. Nico took several pictures when Luke eventually won, resulting in the uninstallation of Rush Dueling, but Yuga and Nail were able to reinstall the program and install it in the Super Rush Robot to protect it from another attack. Nico then watched Luke's coronation as King of Duels.[20]

Goha 6 Siblings[edit]

After becoming King of Duels, the power went to Luke's head again and he began bossing the other Duelists at the school around. Tiger leaked her brother's childhood manga "The☆Lukeman" to the Newspaper Club and had them publish it to give Luke's ego a much-needed check.[21]

The true Goha Presidents, the Goha Siblings, returned to Earth, evicted the current president, Mimi Imimi, and challenged Yuga and his friends to Rush Duels with the Super Rush Robot held hostage by Forced Gymnastics Armaments that would shake it apart unless Yuga defeated the six siblings.[22] Nico was in Goha City one night with Masaru, Scoop and the Post-Apocalyptic Club when she watched the Rush Duel between Yuga and The☆Lukeman, including Yuo Goha's rage after he believed Yuga and The☆Lukeman weren't taking the Duel seriously. To Nico's shock a meteor entered the atmosphere and plunged towards Yuga, having been dragged in by the Goha Meteor Shower, and Yuga blocked the meteor with his Duel Disk, acquiring the "Fusion" card contained within it and using it to defeat The☆Lukeman, saving the Super Rush Robot.[23]

Goha Employee[edit]

Yuga, Luke, Romin, Gavin, Swirly, Rayne and Rino were hired by Goha Enterprises, and after Luke hired Yosh, Masahiko and Toshihiko to work in his Luke Division, Nico, Scoop and Masaru went to the Goha Enterprises Main Office to interview Luke, hoping to interview all the Goha #7 Elementary students who had become Goha employees, though when Masaru interviewed Luke they were discouraged by his apparent lack of a plan for the day's work. Luke claimed they would plan around what their colleagues were doing, but after observing Gavin stamping documents, Romin arguing with the Chef Drones, Yosh's mother Mimi working in the Gohanium Section and Yuga trying to present a new vending machine, all that had been accomplished was Masahiko and Toshihiko being kicked out of the building after Bochi urinated on Yuga's vending machine. Tracker then arrived and led them to an underground stairway he claimed smelled of money. Tracker's nose led them to an abandoned Goha factory containing a Duel Card Manufacturer, which Scoop demonstrated by making "The★Luke Division Manager" for Luke and Nico made "Glasses Girl Nico". Tracker eagerly asked if the machine could make normal Duel Monsters cards, hoping to partner with Luke by making more Maximum Monsters and "Fusions". The others protested against the idea and Yosh tried to fight Tracker, but Tracker popped his cosplay suit and Nico took a picture of him, earning glances from her friends. Tracker suggested they settle the matter in a Rush Duel. Scoop gained an early lead, but Tracker Maximum Summoned "Great Imperial Dinocarriage Dynarmix" and easily destroyed all of Scoop's cards and depleted most of his LP. Scoop vowed that he would reveal the truth and Fusion Summoned "Lightning Speed, the Rumbling Report Warship", using his prior knowledge of Tracker's monsters in combination with "Tile Burn" and the effect of "Lightning Speed" to damage his LP and weaken "Dynarmix", defeating Tracker. Luke offered Tracker a job so he could have a real dream after the Duel, and the ceiling caved in and destroyed the Duel Card Manufacturer, an outcome Luke suggested was for the best. A metal pan also fell and hit Tracker on the head, Nico taking a photo of the classic gag, and they then found a Duel ID card in the rubble with the name "Yuga Goha".[24]


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
14 unknown Duelists 45 Win (with Scoop Pitman and Masaru)


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