Hire Yureko

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Hire Yureko
Hire Yureko
  • Hire Yureko
RōmajiHaiyā Yureko
  • Female
  • Career
OrganizationOtes' faction
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 08888: "The Truth Behind the KGC"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
Yureko, Hire

Hire Yureko (ハイヤー Haiyā Yureko) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime and a minor antagonist. She resembles Celestia Noodlina, Finger Chikako, Sweets Kakoko and Flash Umiko; she and Konvoy Sagawa are introduced as their counterparts, and collectively work under Otes.



Yureko closely resembles her counterparts; she is a petite young girl with a light blue complexion in contrast to her counterparts' yellow, blond hair, and aqua eyes with blue pupils and yellow flame-shaped highlights.

Yureko has no visible legs, instead her torso terminates in a small card and a ghostly tail. She wears a blue suit jacket over a white collared shirt and black tie, and white gloves with triangular patterns on the backs of the hands, and a blue chaffeuer's cap with a hole for her spike of hair. She has the same "ring" of hair as most of her counterparts and her head ornament is a small cloud.


As with her counterparts, Yureko is chirpy and cheerful and extremely polite as her duty demands. She often adds the word "boo" on the end of her sentences.


King of Duels[edit]

Yureko stopped to pick up Yuga Goha, who was suffering from memory recall. When Yuga became suspicious, Yureko used chemicals to knock him unconscious and brought him to the Nanahoshi Insect Ninja Village, where she and her counterparts strapped him to a cross and introduced themselves, telling Yuga where he was. Otes then arrived to send a video message to Yuga Ohdo while informing Yuga Goha of his plans to destroy Dueling, and Yureko acted as his cameraman.[1]

Yureko and her counterparts joined Otes in the Otes Robot, waiting beyond the lunar horizon for Yuga Ohdo and his friends to arrive and attempt to stop the lunar Drones from overloading the Goha Duel Server. They acted to throw meteors at the kids' shuttle, but after the second the shuttle vanished and Yureko wondered if the kids had fled back to Earth. To their shock, the kids had commandeered the Super Rush Robot so Yuga could Rush Duel Otes.[2]


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