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Dark World Guardian - Gigori

Dark World Guardian - Gigori is a character appearing in some of the World Championship video games.

Dark World Guardian - Gigori
Dark World Guardian - Gigori
English name
  • Dark World Guardian - Gigori
Japanese name
RōmajiAnkoku Shugosha Gigori
  • Male
TeamDark & Pitch-Dark
WC 2008
  • Incoming Barrier
  • Dark Captor
  • Dark Disturbance
  • Fiend Mania
  • Pitch Dark Ordeal
WC 2009Dark World
Video game debutYu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008
Appears in
Nintendo DS
Gigori, World Guardian -, Dark



Yu-Gi-Oh! World Championship 2008Edit

Dark World Guardian - Gigori appears at the end of the Darkness Duel World with Underworld Guardian - Moley, challenging the player to Tag Duel against them in 5 possible setups, with each option having Gigori and Moley using different Decks. Defeating them 3 times allows the player to access the Order Duel World, while defeating all of their Decks unlocks Aster Phoenix as an opponent.

World Championship 2009Edit

Gigori appears as a downloadable Ghost Duelist for January 2010.


Unlike the other Guardians, Gigori's and Moley's Decks all revolve around DARK and/or Fiend-type monsters.

World Championship 2008Edit

World Championship 2009Edit