Menzaburo Oomori

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Menzaburo Oomori
Menzaburo Oomori
  • Menzaburo Oomori
Japaneseおおもり めんざぶろう
Base大森 麺三郎
Furiganaおおもり めんざぶろう
RōmajiŌmori Menzaburō
BirthJuly 11[1]
  • Male
Blood type
Favorite foodRamen[1]
  • Education
SchoolGoha 3rd Elementary[1]
  • Duelist
Tournament Position
Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal Did Not Place (With Sushiko Maki and Nick Yagi)
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS episode 6: "I Beg Your Noodle! Ramen Duel!"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS
Voice actors
  • Daisuke Nagumo[2]
Oomori, Menzaburo

Menzaburo Oomori (おおもり めんざぶろう Ōmori Menzaburō) is a character in the Yu-Gi-Oh! SEVENS anime. He is a student at Goha 3rd Elementary who loves ramen, including ramen-themed cards in his Deck and dreaming of creating Dueling rules that unite Dueling and ramen.



Full-body view of Menzaburo.

Menzaburo is a tan-skinned, yellow-eyed boy with navy hair in swept-back spikes. He dresses in a combination of ninja-style clothing and thick country-style clothes; a black jumper over a thick light yellow shirt, red overalls with a light yellow lining turned up at the ankles, white and maroon shoes, maroon arm wrappings, and a red mask over his eyes. Menzaburo also carries a ladle and a staff shaped like a pair of chopsticks.


Menzaburo is very upfront, introducing himself with a detailed statement of his personal information. He is incredibly respectful, speaking in formal linguistics similar to previous ninja-inspired characters in the series, though he can be broken out of this. When he feels he has done wrong, Menzaburo is incredibly apologetic and respectful. Despite his formal speech, Menzaburo is incredibly friendly with people he trusts, cheerfully greeting Yuga and his friends after they befriend one another.

Menzaburo is very dedicated to ramen, prioritizing it over friends and different types of noodles over others; disrespecting ramen is a serious affront to him. When Noodle Sorako offers to show him ramen across the galaxy, Menzaburo leaps at the chance to do so and finds himself torn over keeping his promise to help Yuga and his own desires. He eventually decides to stop hesitating and tosses aside any sentimental feelings in his actions, though he does seem to regret effectively sending Sorako away.


Birth of Rush Duels[edit]

Menzaburo makes his entrance.

Menzaburo heard of the tasty ramen at the Tahayasty Restaurant, so he went there to order a bowl of ramen, only to find Yuga Ohdo, Romin Kirishima, Gakuto Sogetsu and Kaizo there. Menzaburo recognized Yuga from the Goha 7th Elementary Newspaper and admitted his own desire to create rules that fused Dueling and ramen. He ordered a bowl of ramen, but was horrified to learn it would be the last bowl the restaurant made. Yuga asked if he could have the last bowl, as he found it tasty, though his statement that he preferred udon angered Menzaburo, who challenged Yuga to a Rush Duel for the last bowl. He Summoned "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Gockboot" on his first turn, and prevented Yuga from destroying it by reducing the ATK of his "Sevens Road Magician" with "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Cooking Pot", though he was distracted by the noodles the shopkeeper was using. On his next turn, Menzaburo reduced the ATK of "Sevens Road" and increased the ATK of his own monsters using the effect of "Gockboot" and his "Art of Masked Fiery Noodle Scorching Burner", but Yuga prevented the destruction of "Sevens Road" and managed to stay in the Duel. Menzabruo used another "Cooking Pot" to reduce the ATK of "Sevens Road" again and increased his own LP to 5000, but Yuga was able to reduce Menzaburo's LP, switch "Gockboot" to Defense Position and boost the ATK of "Sevens Road" and bolster it with "Piercing!", defeating "Gockboot" and Menzaburo. Yuga offered to share the last ramen with Menzaburo, but to Menzaburo's anger, Luke ate the ramen before they could, though fortunately the owner revealed he had been inspired by the Rush Duel and would try to stay open. Menzaburo helped him by telling Nick Yagi and Sushiko Maki about the Tahayasty Restaurant, and their word-of-mouth restored the restaurant's customer base. Yuga took Menzaburo to the Hologram Man's chamber to help him install his rules, but they found the chamber deserted.[1]

Menzaburo arrives at the RoaRomin concert to cater.

Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko were hired by Roa Kirishima to cater for a RoaRomin concert one weekend. Menzaburo rode in with ramen, and happily greeted Yuga and his friends, who were watching Gakuto and Romin Rush Dueling. Menzaburo watched in surprise as Romin entered a berserk state and defeated Gakuto, but she returned to normal after eating a chocolate bar ejected by her Duel Guitar.[3] After the Duel, Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko realized they had inadvertently aided in Gakuto's defeat and they apologized to him and Yuga, though Gakuto reassured them it wasn't their fault. Romin then tried to warn Yuga not to Duel Roa, though Yuga still accepted Roa's challenge. During the Duel, Roa called the legality of "Sevens Road Magician" into question after Yuga told them he had received the card from a Duelist disqualified from the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament who had taught him his current outlook. Yuga remained silent as the card's legality was debated, and Menzaburo and Gakuto began to doubt him until Luke convinced them that Yuga wouldn't cheat, as he wouldn't have wanted to make new rules if he didn't respect them. He rallied Yuga's friends to find information on "Sevens Road Magician", and Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko began asking Goha 3rd Elementary students if they had heard of the card. Menzaburo returned to the stage with Gakuto and Rinnosuke Nanahoshi, having been unsuccessful in finding any information.[4] Yuga drew "Sevens Road Magician", but then a Relic emerged from the ground and projected the Hologram Man, who introduced himself as Otes and revealed that he had chosen Yuga to become the King of Duels. The Goha 7th Newspaper Club then arrived and projected footage of Otes giving Yuga "Sevens Road Magician" and being disqualified, clarifying that he had been so due to being a Goha employee. Roa had been blocking the information on "Sevens Road Magician" and had also been at the 666th Goha Dueling Tournament when Otes gave "Sevens Road Magician" to Yuga. He asked Otes why he hadn't been chosen as King of Duels, and Yuga offered to continue the Duel with the title on the line, prompting Luke to suggest even he could become the King of Duels, though Menzaburo was skeptical. Yuga eventually defeated Roa, and Menzaburo congratulated Yuga, impressed by Roa's nerve in asking the audience to cheer for his victorious opponent. Afterwards, Otes and the Relic sank into the ground again.[5]


Some time after Yuga and Roa's Duel, Menzaburo received a penalty on his Duel Disk while he was eating ramen at a restaurant.[6] Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko went to the Road Laboratory, where they learned that they had been penalized due to a challenge that Goha Duel Overseer Nail Saionji had set to Yuga to retrieve the data of Kaizo; if any of Yuga's friends lost a Duel, as Mimi Atachi, a Goha Corporation executive who had befriended Yuga had, they would all be penalized. Menzaburo enthusiastically volunteered to help Yuga's honor, but Yuga, Luke and Gakuto were then dropped into the Garden of Providence; Menzaburo tried to save Romin from falling in himself, but failed and they both fell into the Garden as well. Once they were inside, Menzaburo heard someone moving in the shadows and threw chopsticks at the individual, who introduced herself as Advisor M and told them that they would find Nail's haven in the Gate of Providence. After three hours they were no closer to finding the Gate, though Menzaburo smelled ramen and led them to Space House, a ramen store in the Garden that was popular with Goha employees staffed by Noodle Sorako, who claimed to be an alien. Menzaburo was floored by the taste of Sorako's ramen and eagerly accepted her offer to travel the galaxy sampling the ramen of other worlds. Sorako then challenged them to a Duel, one that Menzaburo accepted. Though Sorako's "Outer Space" Field Spell Card posed him some initial problems, Menzaburo brought out "Gockboot" and gained a significant early lead, resulting in Sorako beginning to react strangely. Sorako revealed that her LP powered her ship, and Menzaburo realized that he would trap Sorako on Earth and prevent them from travelling the galaxy if he won the Duel. Sorako made a comeback with her ace monster, "Cosmic String Noodle-Druidess", destroying "Gockboot" with its effect and Summoning enough monsters to wipe Menzaburo out as Menzaburo continued to fret over what to do. Romin then asked Menzaburo what was bothering him, and Menzaburo blurted out his dilemma. Yuga commented that he would have chosen outer space in a heartbeat, but Menzaburo was the only person who could see his own potential and road. Seeing a new universe forming behind Yuga, Menzaburo saw his own Noodle Road stretching across galaxies, and he regained his resolve, defending himself from Sorako's final attack. On his next turn, Menzaburo summoned his new ace monster, "Masked Fiery Noodle Jonin Kaedama Gockboot", and he combined it with his Spells to manipulate the ATK of the monsters on the field and defeat Sorako. Afterwards, Menzaburo ran to Sorako, who admitted she would have to say goodbye now to return home and recharge her LP. She told Menzaburo she would never forget him as her mothership returned her home. After Sorako had left, Yuga suggested they continue their search for the Gate of Providence, though Menzaburo briefly remained at the Space House as he vowed to never forget Sorako.[7]

Menzaburo and Yuga were unable to find the Gate of Providence before being returned to the surface. A few days later, Menzaburo was eating ramen at the Tahayasty Restaurant shortly after receiving another penalty on his Duel Disk when Luke came to him and the owner and asked if they knew anything about Maximum Summoning, though Menzaburo had never heard of it before. Menzaburo later received three more penalties on his Duel Disk.[8] Menzaburo was with Nick and Sushiko when he witnessed Nail Maximum Summoning "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", which coiled around the Goha Corporation Main Office.[9] Menzaburo watched as "Yggdrago" battled with Yuga's own Maximum Monster, "Super Magitek Deity Magnum Over Road", expressing relief when Yuga was able to save it by returning it to his hand to negate one of Nail's attacks and commenting that it was an anxious situation. Yuga was pushed into a corner and reminded of the stakes of the match, which reminded Menzaburo that due to his five penalties his account would be deleted if Yuga lost the Rush Duel, though many other elementary students in Goha City declared their support for Yuga and were penalized as well. Menzaburo was pleased when Yuga was able to redrew his Maximum Monsters, but disheartened when Nail returned them to Yuga's Deck again, though fortunately Yuga was able to redraw them and Maximum Summon "Magnum Over Road" again. After Yuga defeated Nail, Nail erased the penalties on Menzaburo's Duel Disk.[10]

Goha 6th Elementary[edit]

Menzaburo, Sushiko and Nick attended the Rush Duel Training Camp for the Rush Duel Tournament, accompanying Goha 2nd Elementary's Dueling and Dinosaur Research Club and Goha 5th Elementary's Dueling Insects Club, meeting with Yuga, Luke, Romin and Gakuto when they arrived. That night as Nick was cooking meat for their dinner, Menzaburo entered the cabin to find Sushiko and Romin Dueling and expressed surprise that Romin's Dueling style required her to lose LP. Sushiko's strategy eventually frustrated Romin to the point that she awakened, though Menzaburo was more worried that she had snapped, though Romin returned to normal after seeing Princess G on an ad for Itamae's Case Files. Sushiko was able to survive Romin's attacks and make a comeback to defeat her, and Nick brought in his roast after the Rush Duel, which Menzaburo praised him on.[11] Menzaburo and his friends left the camp on the second night.[12]

Team Battle Royal[edit]

Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko learned about the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal from Sweets Kakoko's announcement.[13] They decided to enter as a team, attending the registration at Goha Stadium.[14] They attended the opening ceremonies of the tournament, though they were confused by President Goha initially laughing for her opening speech until she encouraged them normally. She was challenged to a Rush Duel by Roa, who wanted to talk with the incarcerated Otes and defeated her.[15]

Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko made it through the first day of the tournament as the Gourmet Comrades Team.[16] Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko received word from Rinnosuke that Luke, Romin and Gakuto required aid in discovering the identities of a group calling themselves "Goha 66", and they joined forces with the Newspaper Club and Post-Apocalyptic Club to rescue Team Lukeking Lukekings from defeated Duelists trying to rejoin the tournament; Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko accompanying Luke, Romin and Gakuto to Maximum Mountain at Bakuro Shinjitsu's suggestion. They eventually found a Stonehenge made from baking that the starving Romin and Luke began to devour, built by Sweets Kakoko, the tournament presenter, who Menzaburo believed to Noodle Sorako. To his dismay, Kakoko denied being Sorako and Menzaburo hid away in heartbreak, leaving Nick to Duel Kakoko. After the Duel, Nick became fond of Kakoko as Menzaburo had been of Sorako, but Kakoko also had to leave, leaving Nick in the same state as Menzaburo, and they comforted one another in their misery.[17]

Menzaburo, Nick, Sushiko, Romin, Luke and Gakuto continued on to the Abandoned Dorm, reaching it after Romin and Luke swam off their food when they fell into a river. However when they arrived they were opposed by Getta Taira, Ushiro Omaeno and Kaizo, now working for Goha 66. Kaizo had joined Goha 66 in revenge for his mistreatment by Yuga and Luke and challenged Luke to a Duel. Menzaburo was both shocked and impressed by Kaizo's business strategy during the Duel, though Luke was able to successfully destroy Kaizo's recovered Trap Card and defeat him. After the Duel Menzaburo, Sushiko and Nick examined Kaizo's new robot body, only to find that he had escaped. Luke disabled Kaizo and they brought him into Maximum Mountain where they found the Heavy Cavalry Duel Club and Luke's sister Tiger having defeated the members of Goha 66, and Luke used Kaizo's confession switch to force him to reveal that Goha 66 were trying to take over the main Dueling server and subsequently the Goha Corporation and the Dueling world; the server itself being buried in Maximum Mountain.[18] Menzaburo was surprised that Asana Mutsuba hadn't realized she knew Luke from her childhood and awatched as Tiger yelled everyone who spoke up into a wall as she wanted to settle a childhood rivalry with Asana; Menzaburo clamming up when Tiger asked if anyone else wanted to interrupt. Menzaburo watched the ensuing Rush Duel, where Tiger and Asana settled their rivalry after learning that Asana had separated from Tiger while they were trying to find a missing Luke in their youth to rescue Chevelle Kayama and Trapigeon. After Asana defeated Tiger, Tiger yelled Luke into a wall that shattered to reveal the supposed main server, but Kaizo revealed that it was too small to be the server Goha 66 sought.[19]

Menzaburo, Nick and Sushiko attended the finals of the Goha Rush Duel Team Battle Royal the next day, watching Romin's victory against Roa and Gakuto's Duel against Nail and his new "Gakuting" persona. Faced with "Yggdrago the Heavenly Emperor Dragon Tree", Gakuto eventually returned to his normal persona and forced a DRAW, leaving Yuga and Luke to have a final Duel.[20][21]


Menzaburo uses a Pyro Deck, composed of the "Masked Fiery Noodle" series of cards. His Deck revolves around continuously manipulating the ATK values of monsters on the field to maintain an advantage, often centered around the number of Normal Monsters in the Graveyards.


Opponent Episode(s) Outcome
Yuga Ohdo 6 Lose
Noodle Sorako 21 Win


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