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English name
  • T-Bone
Japanese translatedIwamaru
Japanese name
  • Male
Previous organization
Anime DeckRock
Anime debutYu-Gi-Oh! GX episode 77: "J-Dawg and T-Bone"
Appears in
AnimeYu-Gi-Oh! GX
English voice
Japanese voice
  • Toshiharu Sakurai

T-Bone, known as Iwamaru (岩丸) in the Japanese version, is one of the four members of the Light Brigade.



T-Bone's linework.

T-Bone is a stocky young man with hazel eyes and brown hair that turns up at the ends under a large black sideways cap. He wears an orange hoodie over a white collared shirt, thick green pants, and large brown shoes.


T-Bone is the most friendly of the Light Brigade; getting along well with Jaden Yuki even while opposing him, and working well with his partner Blaze, in comparison to the argumentative and antagonistic Frost and Thunder. In the dub, T-Bone implies that he usually runs from his problems rather than dealing with them properly.

Voice and mannerisms[edit]

In the dub, T-Bone speaks in a stereotypical rap manner, reflected by his accent and choice of words, though this occasionally slips when he is surprised.


The "Iwa" portion of his name in the Japanese version is derived from the word "iwa" (岩), meaning "rock."


T-Bone demonstrates the ability to travel by surrounding himself and a person he is carrying in rock and disappearing into the earth.



T-Bone and Blaze both attempted to enter Duel Academy, but they failed the entrance exam.

Society of Light[edit]

He first appeared when called upon Frost (alongside his partner Blaze) after Frost defeated Syrus Truesdale and Tyranno Hassleberry; Frost intended to use them to drag their unconscious bodies to Kaiba Land to lure Jaden (then Duel him), but Sarina, unimpressed with the close-call nature of Frost's victory, sealed him away in a mirror. Intimidated by Sarina, Blaze and T-Bone left the lair to confront their target: Jaden Yuki. After befriending Jaden and his friends (not knowing their names) and challenging them to a Duel, Sarina sealed Blaze in a mirror and coerced T-Bone to Duel Jaden.

T-Bone pressured Jaden by manipulating the field with "Mine Golem" and "Granmarg the Rock Monarch", but Jaden fought back with "Elemental Hero Tempest", revealing during the Duel that Sarina would take his power if he lost after Jaden expressed anger that T-Bone was involved with the kidnapping of his friends. T-Bone gathered the other "Monarchs" by manipulating card effects with the effect of "Granmarg", bringing out "Demiurge Ema". Jaden was able to win by Summoning "Elemental Hero Neos" and powering it up through "Common Soul" and "Neo-Spacian Flare Scarab" and "Gift of the Martyr".

Following his defeat, Jaden reassured T-Bone that he could learn from the experience rather than run. Unfortunately, T-Bone was sealed in a mirror by Sarina. T-Bone was seen trapped in the Kaiba Land virtual world alongside the other Light Brigade Duelists, and he was freed after Jaden and Aster Phoenix defeated Sarina.


T-Bone uses a Rock Deck focused around "Guidance to Ore" and "Mine Golem". He also uses the "Monarch" series with "Demiurge Ema" as a contingency.


Opponent(s) Episode(s) Outcome
Jaden Yuki 77 Lose


  1. a b c d e f This card can be seen when he searched his Deck via the effect of "Dormant Volcano"